The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 310

Chapter 310 Anyue City

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A month later.

The intersection between the northern and eastern continents.

Standing on the clouds, the horizon was covered with an endless forest.

It was like a wave, swaying in the sky.

It was dense, the trees tall and packed together, giving off a pressuring aura.

That was the Dark Forest.

It was a primitive land, unexplored by man for the past ten thousand years.

It was rumoured that multiple demonic beasts gathered deep within the Dark Forest, making it a forbidden place for humans.

Other than the rare members of the human race, those with special talents who could live there, ordinary humans could not return once they entered.

At the end of the Dark Forest stood a tall, massive object. It looked like the last fort protecting the borders of the land of the human race, tall and majestic.

Looking at it, one could see streams of people entering and exiting, creating a bustling and busy scene.

Hua Zhilan looked out on the horizon, her tone respectful, “The Anyue City is filled with powerful fighters and is not under the control of any of the powerhouses in the northern continent. Once we enter, our status is no longer important. Remember to act with caution.”

The geographical location of Anyue City was unique, similar to that of the Empire of Darkness.

The three superpowers of the northern continent, Snow Listening Tower, Cabinet of the Nine Phoenixes, and the Hundred Territories Alliance cannot govern this city independently.

Thus, there were many powerful fighters with unknown backgrounds gathering at Anyue City.

There were traitors of the superpowers, as well as powerful fighters who chose to hide their identities amongst them.

There might even be people like them, people who belong to a superpower but are passing by Anyue City to train in the Dark Forest.

Tu Long looked at the familiar Anyue City, letting out a sigh, “I have not been back for tens of years, who would be longing for me to come home?”

En? Su Yu raised his brows. It seemed that Tu Long was willing to return to the Tu family, but still had some reservations.

Could it be that he did not have the courage to return?

Shaking his head, Su Yu arrived with the rest at the entrance of the city.

The entrance was heavily guarded. They had strict rules on who was eligible to enter.

“Must we give them some gold before we can enter?” Su Yu said.

Some cities asked for gold from people entering in order to amass their wealth. This was not strange.

Hua Zhilan pointed at the entrance, toward a stone plate almost as high as the city walls, “We do not need to use gold, we only need to prove our strength.”

“Anyue City is filled with many complicated people. If you enter without enough strength, you’ll probably meet a pathetic end. Thus, there is a criteria on the minimum cultivation level for anyone entering. Those who do not meet it are denied entry, so as to prevent troubles and bullying in the city.”

“You can enter as long as you are at the Dragon Realm or above. This is tested by placing your palm on the stone plate and gathering all of your spirit energy on the palm. The stone plate would give a corresponding result. Only those who pass may enter.”

The group nodded, silently joining the queue.

They patiently waited a full hour under the scorching sun before it was their turn.

“I’ll go first.” Hua Zhilan demonstrated, placing her clean hand on the stone plate, silently gathering her spirit energy in her palm.

Buzz Buzz

The green stone plate suddenly gave off a buzzing sound.

“Dragon Realm Level Seven Peak, pass! Enter!” An Immortal Realm Level One elder beside the stone plate calmly said.

Hua Zhilan stepped into the city, waiting for Su Yu within.

“Next.” The elder did not look up, proudly sitting beside the stone plate as he ordered.

Su Yu was just about to step forward.

At this moment, a cold wind blew from beside him, pushing Su Yu away.

It was a green robed youth about twenty years old. He had a handsome face and a suave demeanor.

His cultivation level was not weak, reaching Immortal Realm Level Three!

Immortal Realm Level Three at merely twenty years old!

In terms of potential, he was even better than the fourth vice palace master, An Fang!

He had a fan in his hand, the end of the which gently tapped at Su Yu’s chest, forcefully pushing his body away to open a wide path.

At the same time, he placed the fan on Su Yu’s chest, preventing him from moving forward, without knowing any better.

He had never once looked directly at Su Yu, elegantly looking backward, “Senior Wei, you first.”

Su Yu creased his brows. It was alright if he skipped the line, it was a trivial matter.

But to place the fan on his chest and forcefully grab the position for someone else, that was overbearing!

“Let go!” Su Yu was still calm.

But the youth disregarded him, smiling as he looked at Senior Wei, slowly making his way toward the stone plate.

It was as if he did not hear a person speaking beside him.

At this moment, Senior Wei followed the path as he approached.

He was twenty, his frame muscular and tall. He had a head of smooth black hair, his facial features sharp. He had an exceptional demeanor.

What was even more horrifying was the aura he was faintly releasing.

Immortal Realm Level Three Upper Tier!

Wherever he passed, people turned to look. The females in the queue had fanciful looks in their eyes.

Wei Tianchen seemed to enjoy the looks, slowly walking toward the stone plate.

The elder guarding the entrance creased his brows, his gaze unfriendly. But sensing the powerful aura the two of them gave off, he could only tolerate it.

Wei Tianchen stepped in front of the stone plate, casually placing his palm on the stone plate and gathered his spirit energy.

In that moment, the green stone plate released a red light.

“It’s the Immortal Realm!”

“Green represents Dragon Realm, red represents Immortal Realm!”

“What terrifying talent, to reach the Immortal Realm despite being only twenty!”

Buzz Buzz

The stone plate buzzed, a line of text flickering.

“What? Immortal Realm Level Three, Upper Tier!!” The crowd gasped!

The impatient elder’s face trembled, his eyes filled with fear and respect.

He involuntarily stood up, his expression one of respect, “Immortal Realm Level Three, please enter!”

His tone was completely different from when he was treating Hua Zhilan.

Wei Tianchen was enjoying the attention everyone was giving him, his expression peaceful. He walked into the city with his hands behind him, surrounded by the silence of the crowd.

But at this moment, a disruptive tone suddenly sounded.

“Are you deaf, I told you to move your arm!” Su Yu’s brows lifted as he repeated.

His volume was not loud, but in the silent atmosphere, everyone could hear him!

The gaze of the crowd all shot toward the silver haired, silver masked youth.

They could not discern his appearance, but his unique silver hair attracted everyone’s attention.

Even if the youth pointing his fan toward Su Yu’s chest tried to pretend he did not hear Su Yu, he had no choice but to turn his head.

His handsome face retained his faint smile, but it was not a kind smile, but a mocking smile, “So you were talking to me?”

The youth observed Su Yu, shaking his head as he laughed, “Remember to speak up next time, when you are unassuming, you have to learn how to shout with all you have. Only then can you attract the attention of everyone.”

In other words, Su Yu was too insignificant in front of him.

“I only asked you to take your fan away, where is all this nonsense coming from?” Su Yu disregarded him, the spirit energy in his body shaking.


Exerting his strength suddenly, the spirit energy got transferred through the fan to the youth’s palm.

Not expecting it, the youth involuntarily retracted his hand, after feeling the pain in his wrist.

“Lad, you…” The youth flicked his painful wrist. His mocking smile had disappeared, replaced with a cold expression.

But Su Yu interrupted him, letting his arms down, “See, now you moved your fan away? I asked you kindly to move your fan away, but you nag on. Are you satisfied, now that I injured your hand?”