The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 312

Chapter 312 Enemies Meeting

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Saying this, she stepped forward, mockingly saying, “If you are willing to take off your mask, I’ll give you a kiss.”

How could she not be curious about the mask Su Yu would not take off?

For some reason, through their interaction during the journey, she felt that Su Yu was someone familiar to her.

But she could not recall who Su Yu was.

She could not be blamed for not recognising Su Yu.

Firstly, when they met at Shenyue Island, Su Yu’s raspy voice had not healed. His voice now was vastly different from his voice then.

Secondly, there was a great difference in their cultivation levels. When they met at Shenyue Island, Su Yu was only Dragon Realm Level Five, but now, he was Immortal Realm Level One Peak. The difference between then and now made it hard for her to draw a connection.

Su Yu flipped his eyes. He wanted even more to return to his room, now that he was being teased.

Secretly taking a breath, Su Yu took advantage of the fact that he was still calm and stepped out of the door, “Rest senior, I’ll return to my room.”

Just as Su Yu was about to pull the door open, the voice of the innkeeper sounded outside the door.

“The two of you are here. I’m sorry, please understand. This inn has been reserved, could the two of you live somewhere else?” The innkeeper was in a difficult position, “I cannot afford to offend the people who reserved the place, please understand. I am willing to pay you double what you paid.”

Su Yu raised his brows, “Oh, reserved? By who?”

If they had not already entered the inn, they naturally would not mind if someone had reserved the entire inn.

But they had already settled down in the inn. Now there was a person reserving the entire inn in such an overbearing manner, forcing them out. It seems that this person had an overbearing way of doing things.

Thud Thud

Several footsteps could be heard coming from the stairway.

“It is, of course, someone you cannot afford to offend! Letting you leave now is for your own good. You might not even leave if you wanted to later!” The insolent words had arrived, even if that person had not yet reached the room.

Following this interchange, a short man, slightly plump, glanced at the innkeeper with his hands behind him, “Useless! You can’t even do something like this well!”

He was about twenty years old, his cultivation level average, only at Dragon Realm Level Five.

Su Yu seemed to have seen this person before, perhaps having glanced at him in a crowd.

“Did you hear me, letting you leave now…” The plump youth was extremely arrogant, glancing at Su Yu and the rest of the people.

But when his gaze landed on Su Yu, it suddenly froze.

His arrogant expression became rigid, gradually turning pale. He was trembling slightly, his throat releasing the sounds of him swallowing rigorously.

He stared at Su Yu, his eyes wide. Deep within his eyes were fear and hatred, “You, you are.. Yin Yu!”

Hatred? Su Yu had killing intent in his eyes, coldly saying, “You recognise me?”


Being questioned by Su Yu, the plump youth turned red, shrieking as he rushed down the stairs.

The group looked at each other.

Zi Yunxiang, who came after hearing the commotion, looked at the fleeing figure, thinking as she said, “I think he is called Duan Yu? He fought me once at the Alliance Meet. He was only Dragon Realm Level Four then, and I think he had been recruited into the Shentian Manor.”

Duan Yu? Su Yu felt that the name rang a bell.

But if there were members of the Shentian Manor here, that meant…


Multiple bolts of wind came from the stairway, one of which was similar to teleportation, arriving at the second level before the others.

His build was muscular, his appearance handsome and stern.

When he saw Su Yu, he released a great killing intent!

A horrifying aura similar to Ling Xiaotian’s spread throughout the surroundings.

Zi Yunxiang’s breathing halted, as she found it hard to take a breath. Her figure turned rigid, but her eyes were filled to the brim with a deep hatred, “Han! Jiang! Lin!”

Han Jianglin had destroyed her family!

Who would have thought that they would meet today?

This deep animosity nearly made Zi Yunxiang lose her cool.

At this moment, a large hand gently placed itself on her shoulder, relieving her from the aura that made her unable to move.

Su Yu looked directly at Han Jianglin, visibly surprised.

As the alliance master of the Hundred Territories Alliance, what business did he have at Anyue City?

“Hehe, Alliance Master Han, how are you? We have not met in half a year, but you are as handsome as ever. You are still bullying people.” Su Yu had a faint laugh, not burdened by the other party’s aura.

Back then, Han Jianglin’s striking at close distance had made him turn rigid, the spirit energy in his body halting, rendering him unable to retaliate.

But now, he could hold up against it.

Han Jianglin’s eyes were filled with a massive killing intent, but he forcefully suppressed it.

Now, Su Yu was a vice palace master of the Empire of Darkness, his status extraordinary. If he killed him in front of everyone, what awaited him was the full wrath of the Empire of Darkness. That was something he could not withstand.

“Yin Yu!! Your progress over this half a year is large, very worthy of congratulations!” Han Jianglin clenched his teeth, forcefully suppressing his urge to kill Su Yu.

Su Yu had his usual smile, “Same to you, I wonder how your son’s injuries are?”


Han Jianglin clenched his fists tightly, releasing killing intent all around his body.

He was at his limits!

His eyes were bloodshot, as if he was a beast on the brink of exploding. The teeth in his mouth grinded, “Thanks to you, he is dead!”

Back then, he had been heavily injured by Su Yu, clinging to his last breath.

The important Flesh Regeneration Elixir was also won away by Su Yu during the Alliance Meet.

Other than death, there was no other fate for his son.

Su Yu rubbed his ears, “I see, my condolences.”

Thud Thud Thud

At this moment, two people stepped up.

A man and a woman.

The man was a youth of about twenty years of age, his appearance ordinary but his demeanor a little sinister. His squinty eyes gave off an impression not unlike a venomous snake.

But his abilities were at Immortal Realm Level Three Lower Tier!

The other woman was a little older, about thirty years of age.

Her appearance was ordinary, her expression proud, distancing everyone away from her.

But her abilities were ridiculously strong, at Immortal Realm Level Three peak, just a few steps away from Immortal Realm Level Four.

The man had not even had the time to see Su Yu and his group, when he surprisedly said, “Teacher, did that Yin Yu really come?”


Zi Yunxiang, who was standing behind Su Yu, shot a fierce gaze towards the man, her hatred rising once again as she mocked, “Gao Cang of the Three Great Heavenly Kings of the Shentian Manor changed his attitude so quickly and admits this villain is his master?”

“My father did not mistreat you while he was still at the Shentian Manor!”

The male youth was Gao Cang.

Hearing this, he glanced sideways, his expression turning grave, “Yun..Yunxiang.”

The daughter of the housemaster, who was the most beautiful woman of the Shentian Manor in the past. Who in the alliance had not sought her beauty?

Gao Cang grew up poor. Housemaster Zi was a legend who he looked up to.

His daughter was beautiful and pure, her status noble. He had, on multiple occasions, secretly wished to marry Zi Yunxiang and become Housemaster Zi’s son-in-law.

But today, the condition of Housemaster Zi was unknown. Han Jianglin had become the one with the highest authority in the Hundred Territories Alliance.

When Han Jianglin asked him if he wanted to take him as his teacher, he did not consider for long before submitting himself under Alliance Master Han.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for him.