The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 313

Chapter 313 The Tu Clans Auction

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As for the two remaining Heavenly Kings, they declined Han Jianglin’s symbol of peace and were imprisoned as a result.

That was the treatment toward the super geniuses. The remaining students, who did not obey him, were all killed!

Hence, the number of students in the Shentian Manor was reduced by half!

Facing Zi Yunxiang again, Gao Cang’s hopes diminished. He was only left with regret over the fact that he had not been fully satisfied yet.

“Yunxiang, listen to my explanation! Alliance Master Han is a great person and is very ambitious. Under his guidance, the geniuses in the Hundred Territories will have an opportunity to make a name for themselves!”

“Yunxiang, put down your hatred and bear with Alliance Master Han. Alliance Master Han is not as narrow-minded as you think. If you are willing to come back, Alliance Master Han will definitely give you a chance…”

Zi Yunxiang was so furious that she could not say anything.

When her father was still present, he did whatever he could to help the Three Great Heavenly Kings and gave priority to them!

However, Gao Cang turned his back against Housemaster Zi and accepted the enemy as his Master!

If that was the case, then so be it. However, he actually flattered her father’s enemy. Could it be that, when her father was present, there were no opportunities in the Shentian Manor?

Moreover, he actually gave high-sounding excuses with stern righteousness, and wanted her to forgive the enemy who killed her father!

Because of that, Zi Yunxiang was extremely furious!

Seeing that Zi Yunxiang was silent, Gao Cang thought that he had caused her to be moved. His tone became gentler, and he was filled with love: “Yunxiang, please come back. Rather than roaming about in the outside world, why not return to the Shentian Manor? You will be the princess, who is way above many people, just like before. If you are willing, I can keep you company for the next half of your life…”

While he exuded tenderness and love, a cough destroyed the atmosphere.

“Cough, cough… That is Gao Cang right?” Su Yu held Zi Yunxiang’s shoulders to allow her trembling beautiful body to calm down gradually.

“Although Housemaster Zi treated you kindly, you turned your back against him and joined the enemy. That is considered being ungrateful. No need to flatter Alliance Master Han to prove your innocence. For your whole life, you will always be an ungrateful disciple, and this fact can never be washed away!”

“Admonishing Zi Yunxiang to forget the debt of her father’s death… You are utterly devoid of conscience and are worse than a beast. Stop being shameless and convincing other people to become like you.”

Su Yu shook his head in disappointment and looked toward Han Jianglin: “Your judgment is commendable. Since he can betray Housemaster Zi today, this means that he can betray you tomorrow. In fact, this kind of ungrateful thing, who lives off one person and secretly helps another person, is worse than a beast. Alliance Master Han, is it that when you are hungry, you eat whatever is there? Because of that, you accepted all kinds of trash as your disciples?”

The continuous satirization, which hit the nail on the head, caused Gao Cang’s whole face to turn red.

What was considered taboo to him was people mocking him by saying that he was ungrateful!

“Shut up! I am just considering the interests of Zi Yunxiang. Who do you think you are? You are merely spreading fallacies to deceive everyone. Also, remove your dirty hands from Zi Yunxiang!”

Su Yu continued to hold Zi Yunxiang’s shoulders like before. After feeling her body gradually become at ease, he felt relieved and removed his hands subconsciously.

However, Zi Yunxiang leaned onto Su Yu like before, as if she were a helpless girl, unwilling to give up a safe harbor.

This scene caused Gao Cang’s heart to feel stung!

The number one goddess of the Hundred Territories Alliance, as well as the fairy in the dreams of countless people, had already become Yin Yu’s possession?

“Do you need me to say it again? Stop…”

Su Yu interfered mercilessly and frowned with detestation: “Even though you can do ungrateful things, you cannot tolerate other people talking about it?”

“Look at yourself in the mirror and look at your face. Everyone who sees you detests you!”

To Su Yu, who valued relationships highly, ungrateful people were the people he hated most.

“You…” Gao Cang was extremely furious and his eyes were about to breathe fire.

Han Jianglin, who was off to the side, had an unpleasant expression: “Yin Yu, I have booked this whole place. All of you can leave now!”

He did not want to get involved with Su Yu. At the very least, that very moment was not the correct time.

To everyone’s surprise, Su Yu remained calm. He then cupped his fists and stood up: “Do you think I will leave, just because you ask me to? I came here first. All of you have to put up with me if you want to stay here.”

Gao Cang shouted angrily: “Don’t be stupid enough to reject a face-saving offer. We already talked to you in a kind manner. Don’t you know how to show some appreciation?”

Su Yu looked around apathetically: “Since all of you are so good, you can book the whole Anyue City. Since all of you are so capable, why do you want to seek shelter within a small inn?”

Looking at it, this inn was ordinary and not eye-catching. Hence, one would be unable to enjoy anything luxurious there.

However, Han Jianglin booked the whole place at once, causing Su Yu to make secret guesses as to his reasons why.

It was as if Han Jianglin was unwilling to do things openly. He even chose to reside in such a remote and quiet place.

Moreover, he booked the whole place, so that there would not be any strangers.

Could it be that he wanted to make some illegal dealings?

Gao Cang was humiliated, his whole face red. If not for Han Jianglin, who was with him, he would have already thrown himself on Su Yu and shut him up completely.

Han Jianglin glared at Su Yu coldly: “There is always a way out. Yin Yu, you had better look out for yourself! We will leave!”

“Wu had made a ruckus at the inn, and there was a higher possibility of Alliance Master Han being exposed. Hence, there was no point in continuing the argument at the inn.”

Gao Cang’s whole face was filled with resentment. However, he could only suppress his pent-up frustration and leave with Han Jianglin.

After the crowd had left, Su Yu’s gaze flashed: “Young waiter, did anything big happen in Anyue City recently?”

The waiter was stunned: “Could it be that the few of you are not here for the Tu family’s auction?”

Eh? Su Yu and Hua Zhilan’s eyebrows twitched at the same time.

The waiter could not help but laugh: “So all of you really don’t know about it?”

“The Tu family’s auction is held twice every year. They will give out invitation cards to invite forces from each part of the continent. You must not belong to any forces. As such, you did not receive the invitation.”

When Su Yu recalled about the Fourth Son of the Snow Listening Tower, he understood.

If this was the case, would there be people from the Phoenix Cabinet? Would Xianer come? Su Yu’s heart became warm, and he was filled with anticipation all of a sudden.

Hua Zhilan said after thinking: “The Tu family’s auction? How special is it?”

In response to her question, the waiter shook his head to indicate that he did not know anything.

“Haha, there is nothing special about the Tu family’s auction. It is merely close to the Dark Forest. Hence, there are many Universe’s Miracle Mineral Plants that are hard to obtain in the outside world.”

“The martial artist can entrust his item to the Tu family, who will then auction it and receive some expenses in the process. That is about it.”

“Because the auction is only held every half a year and is very near to the Dark Forest, good quality treasures appear quite frequently. As for why the Empire’s people, like all of you, did not get an invitation, I’m afraid Palace Master Zhilan is more knowledgeable about that.”

Hua Zhilan pouted indifferently: “Humph, the Tu family is merely frightened, after being defeated by the Empire of Darkness.”

“Regarding the Eight Great Ancient Clans, Qin, Shi, Ming, Yue, Gui, Tu, Wan, Li, which was in the same generation as the Empire of Darkness, during their peak, they were a super force that could go head to head with the Empire of Darkness.”

“In the tens and thousands of years of history of our Empire of Darkness, every time we were on the descent, one of the Eight Great Ancient Clans would definitely be on the rise. When our Empire of Darkness was on the rise, the Eight Great Ancient Clans would be fading.

“The Tu family is one of the Eight Great Ancient Clans. Why would they send us an invitation?”

After hearing what was said, Su Yu understood the situation. The Eight Great Ancient Clans and the Empire of Darkness actually had such a history.

“Then, right now, between the Empire of Darkness and the Eight Great Ancient Clans, who has the upper hand?” Su Yu was intrigued.

Hua Zhilan was furious toward Su Yu: “Of course it is us, the Empire of Darkness! The current King of Darkness has shocking abilities and has surpassed all the previous Kings of Darkness. Under his lead, we managed to suppress the Eight Great Ancient Clans like never before!”