The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 315

Chapter 315 The Auction Master

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The leader of the guards sneered: “You dare to create trouble at the Tu family’s auction house? Before coming, shouldn’t you find out what the Anyue City is known for?”

He had seen many people, who were crude and ignorant, like Su Yu.

“Capture them and bring them back for interrogation!” the leader of the guards stood by the side and said nonchalantly.

The nine other guards were quick about their task. They immediately attacked Su Yu and his group of people from different directions.

Su Yu found that it was pointless to dwell on the matter further.

There was only one way to communicate with such people.


“Tribulation of Ice and Thunder!” Su Yu gave a light shout. A dark cloud was formed in the sky at once.

A purple thunder dragon whistled down. With Su Yu and his group of people as its center, the purple thunder dragon roared crazily.


Puff, puff

The nine Immortal Level One guards, who surrounded Su Yu and his group of people, were sent flying by a purple dragon, even before they could react!

The pupils of the leader of the guards, who stood with his fists cupped, shrank until they became as small as a needle!

One attack sent nine strong martial artists of Immortal Level One flying?

After his body turned stiff for a moment, the leader of the guards started to react. His heart began beating extremely fast, and he swallowed his saliva firmly. He then berated in a threatening manner, but was cowardly at heart: “Insolent! You actually dared to injure the guards of the Tu family!”

Su Yu’s silver hair fluttered and his eyes were overflowing with sharpness and swiftness: “Are you joking with me? If I don’t injure them, does that mean that you want me to wait for them to injure me?”

After his speech, Su Yu walked toward the leader of the guards.

The leader of the guards forced himself to remain calm: “What do you want to do? If you injure me, the Tu family will not let you go!”

Su Yu shook his head disdainfully: “This is not something a guard should say!”

“As a guard, you should protect your Master and not count on your Master for support!” Su Yu said apathetically. As he spoke, he walked forward and pointed his finger toward the leader of the guards.

The leader of the guards had the jitters and dealt with the situation hurriedly: “Don’t think that I am afraid of you!”

After some time, he calmed down slightly.

A moment ago, he was shocked by the Tribulation of Ice and Thunder. At that very moment, when he sensed carefully, he discovered that Su Yu was only at Immortal Level One, which was far inferior to him.

“Triple Wind Breaking Patterns!” The leader of the guards gave a light shout. His palms were like the wind and brought about continuous layers of fragmentary shadows in the sky.

An immortal level cultivation technique of Stage One Lower Class!

Su Yu had a nonchalant expression, and a small thunder ball was formed at his fingertip.

“Thunder Star Finger!” Su Yu merely used thirty percent of its power.


Rumble, rumble

As soon as the attack collided, the palms of the leader of the guards were injured to the point that his flesh turned blurry.

Rub, rub, rub

The leader of the guards was forced to retreat by about three steps, then turned pale in astonishment: “An immortal level cultivation technique of Stage One Top Class! Who, who are you?”

A sixteen-year-old young man could actually comprehend an immortal level cultivation technique to Stage One Top Class?

For him to have such an exceptional level of comprehension, it was impossible for him to not have any forces nurturing him.

Su Yu laughed: “Eh? You have stopped trying to capture me for interrogation. Instead, you are trying to find out about my background?”

Su Yu shook his head. He walked forward and extended his finger!

The palms of the leader of the guards were in extreme pain. Hence, it was impossible to defend himself against Su Yu’s attack. After retreating hurriedly, he roared sorrowfully: “Don’t be too much!”

Su Yu could not help but laugh sardonically: “Too much? Just now, who was the one who wanted to capture me after our communication failed? Moreover, who was the one who did not give me any chances to ‘resort to sophistry’ and who also asked me to leave?”

“You took my items forcefully and wanted to capture my people. All the good things in the world were seized by all of you!”


Another Thunder Star Finger headed for his chest directly.

After giving a miserable groan, the leader of the guards was injured to the point that he fainted on the ground.

“Even though your abilities are as such, you still dared to seize other people’s items by every possible means?” Su Yu shook his head, and his cold eyes looked toward the old man!

At that moment, the old man realized the situation was bad and was about to make his escape.

That old face gave off an aura of dignity and was deathly pale. His expression turned green while he ran inside the auction house in a flurry.

“You wish to leave?” Su Yu walked as if he were on wings. His silhouette was like an illusion, and he grabbed the old man’s neck after catching up to him.

“Let… Let go!” The old man was in pain.


Su Yu fished out the jade box from his chest and laughed coldly: “Even though you are already so old, you still use these kind of tricks. Don’t you think that’s embarrassing?”

In fact, Su Yu’s heart was like a clear mirror.

An old Treasure Appraiser Master, like the old man, had examined countless treasures. In addition, he had also examined countless people!

He knew fully well which person’s treasure he could cast his greedy eyes on and which person’s treasure he could not.

The abilities of Su Yu and his group of people were not high and they looked unfamiliar. Moreover, they were young and there were no elders with them. Hence, they were the best people to bully.

He did not expect Su Yu’s abilities to be greater than how he looked on the surface, and this caused him to suffer a setback.

“I am the Tu family’s Treasure Appraiser Master. It is still not too late, if you stop now. If not, the Tu family will not…”


Su Yu thrust out his palm and slapped the old man to the point where his eyes saw golden stars.

“Unrepentant!” Su Yu said coldly.

“I have told you many times that the phoenix’s feather came legally. At that time, you should have casted your greed aside!”

“I have tolerated your nonsense many times. At that time, you should have stopped before going too far!”

“It’s a pity that you challenged my patience again and again, until things came to this. Do you think that you can resolve everything with your identity as the Treasure Appraiser Master?”

Su Yu threw him on the floor. The old man, not having a very high cultivation base, was plunged on the ground and spit out blood. He covered his back and gave a horrible shriek.

“You said that we tried to cheat you and that we are substandard. Don’t you realize that you are the real person who is substandard? Because you cast your greedy eyes on other people’s items, you used unscrupulous means to obtain them!” Su Yu kept the phoenix’s feather and revealed a thread of murderous intent.

Su Yu lifted up his leg and was about to teach this old crow a lesson that he would never forget.

At that moment, an old man came out hastily from the auction house.

He was close to fifty years old. Half of his hair was white, and his black hair was mixed with a great amount of that white hair.

He wore a gray, long robe. He also projected a natural dignity and power.

“Please stop it!” the gray robed middle-aged man shouted stridently.

Su Yu lifted his eyes and looked over. He then gradually put down his leg: “What, have you come to take revenge?”

The gray robed, middle-aged man’s abilities were not weak. He had achieved Immortal Level Two Peak and was many times stronger than the leader of the guards.

The old man on the ground, who was wailing mournfully, looked as if he had discovered his savior. He then crawled and rolled over to the gray-robed, middle-aged man at once: “Master, please stand up for your disciple. This person is fierce and cruel by nature. He is trying in vain to force his way into the auction…”


However, before he could finish talking, a giant palm slapped his face ruthlessly.

Under the great force, some of the old man’s teeth fell out and his whole mouth was filled with blood. He opened both his eyes big and glared: “Master, why did you…”

“Idiot! You still don’t want to apologize? The people standing in front of you are Palace Master Zhilan and Palace Master Yin Yu!” The gray-robed, middle-aged man was filled with regret that his disciple did not live up to his expectations.

The old man’s whole body turned stiff and his teeth grinded against one another: “Palace… Master!”

His lips shivered. The old man then looked toward Su Yu and Hua Zhilan. His face was filled with fear: “I, I’m sorry…”

Su Yu did not bother to look at him. Instead, his attention fell on the gray-robed, middle-aged man, and he felt amazed secretly.

He had only been Palace Master Yin Yu for three months, and had only officially shown his face in public in the Sub Palace a month ago.

However, this person was able to identify both him and Hua Zhilan.

A thread of vigilance circled Su Yu’s heart.

The Tu family was entrenched in the Dark Forest. However, they were still well-informed!

The Tu family was not satisfied with the status quo!

“I am Tu Minghua, Auction Master of the Tu family’s auction house. The Tu family is honored that both of you have decided to participate in the auction. If it is alright with you, please take a seat in the distinguished guests’ room.” Tu Minghua smiled brightly and clearly.