The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 316

Chapter 316 Treasure Of An Ancient Clan

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Their identities exposed, Su Yu naturally would not attempt to hide it any longer, “Thank you!”

With a word of thanks, Su Yu and his group entered the VIP lounge, under the guidance of a maid.

Seeing Su Yu and his group leave, Tu Minghua’s smile gradually faded, replaced by a sinister expression.

“Do you know why I slapped you just now?” Tu Minghua said, with his hands behind him.

The elder had his hand on his face, saying, “I did not determine their statuses properly, and offended the wrong people.”

Unexpectedly, Tu Minghua shook his head, “What is a mere vice palace master? Unless Ling Xiaotian personally came here, we, the Tu family, have no need to fear two brats! Killing them would only require a thought!”

“I slapped you because you are too small-minded! You use these schemes for a mere phoenix feather! It is not worth it!” Tu Minghua looked at the elder with disappointment.

“Your future depends on how big-minded you are. If you wish to accomplish something great, you need to dare to dream and dare to put it into practise!” Tu Minghua preached.

The elder shivered, agreeing with him, his head hanging low.

“Also, did you pay attention to the man with the severed arm?” Tu Minghua’s eyes suddenly squinted.

The elder froze, thinking back carefully, his expression slowly changing, “It seems that he is similar to… the Young Master of the past! Tu Long!”

Tu Minghua had a glimmer in his eyes, “It is him, indeed!”

Thinking about it for a moment, Tu Minghua had a cold look in his eyes, “Since he had already left, why did he have to come back and worry all of us?”

“Go, immediately notify the master, and let him decide!”

The elder noticed the gravity of the situation and dared not dawdle, leaving immediately.

At the VIP lounge.

The lounge was wide and comfortable. It was situated higher up, allowing for participants to observe everything that was going on at the auction.

Sitting on the soft chair, Su Yu had a thoughtful look.

The Tu family was ultimately a threat to the Empire of Darkness, so why did the King of Darkness leave them a chance of survival back then?

With the spirit of the King of Darkness, he was not one to show sympathy. But why did he not exterminate the Tu family?

If you slice off grass without severing its roots, it would naturally grow again.

Could it be that the King of Darkness had other considerations back then, and did not dare destroy them?

But the King of Darkness was an unparalleled fighter within the continent, surpassing the previous kings.

Who could stop the King of Darkness?

He was deep in thought, when Tu Long let out a depreciating laugh, “It looks like I should not have returned.”

As intelligent as he was, how could he not have noticed the foreign look in Tu Minghua’s eyes?

Su Yu did not answer. This was Tu Long’s choice.

The auction was starting.

The crowd on the lower level started to move. They came from different powerhouses from the northern continent, their cultivation levels varying greatly.

Under the expectant looks of many, Tu Minghua returned to host the auction.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the anticipated auction officially begins!” Tu Minghua’s voice was high, “May we have the first piece?”

Whoosh Whoosh

The curtains were drawn. Two beautiful maids were holding a piece of a torn ancient scroll, slowly walking forward.

“The first piece is a beast taming scroll from one of the Eight Great Ancient Clans, the Yue family. It’s completion level is only at thirty percent!”

Hearing this, the crowd broke into a commotion.

The Eight Great Ancient Clans were of absolute secrecy, to more than ninety percent of the members of the Shenlong Continent.

Only a rare few people were privy to their legends.

Who would have thought that the first auction piece of the auction would be an item passed down by the now extinct Yue family of the Eight Great Ancient Clans?

“As everybody knows, the Yue family of the Eight Great Ancient Clans are adept at beast taming, and could control beasts for their own purposes.”

The crowd had already broken into discussion.

There were many people waiting for the starting bid.

Even if it was only thirty percent of the scroll, and its results possibly not immensely shocking, it was hard to overlook the name of the Eight Great Ancient Clans.

“I do not have to talk more about the significance of this scroll. The person who passed this to us has only asked for an immortal level technique, but it must be the complete technique.”

Hearing this, half of the commotion under the stage died down!

Immortal level techniques were not hard to come by, at least for a moderately influential powerhouse in the northern continent.

What was difficult, was obtaining a complete version!

The immortal level techniques passed down from ancient times were mostly remnants or fragments of a scroll.

Completed versions were extremely rare.

Other than the three superpowers, the sub palaces of the Empire of Darkness, as well as one of the Eight Great Ancient Clans, the Tu family, no one could guarantee that they were in possession of a complete immortal level technique.

This high price deterred many of the people.

Now, a few people had hesitation in their eyes.

“I wonder what kind of technique the other party wants?” The question popped from within the crowd. There was someone who was willing to accept the offer.

“That’s right. Let’s first talk about the type of technique he asked for. There is a stark difference in value between an attacking technique and a supporting technique. Attack type techniques of different varieties will also differ largely in price. It’s hard to determine if only a complete immortal level technique was specified.”

Tu Minghua smiled, wishing to answer.

Suddenly, a calm voice came from the VIP lounge.

“I have whatever technique he wants, that scroll belongs to me.”

This sound was familiar to Su Yu. Wasn’t it one of the Four Great Sons of the Snow Listening Tower, Wei Tianchen?

His words were quite crazy.

To not ask what kind of technique the other party wants, determining on his own that he was in possession of it!

That was enough to show the amount of completed immortal level techniques the Snow Listening Tower has!

“A fire based attack type immortal level technique.” Tu Minghua looked at the VIP lounge.

The lounge was silent for a moment.


A fiery red scroll was tossed out from the lounge.

Tu Minghua raised his hand to grab it, flipping through it with a smile on his face, throwing the broken scroll toward the VIP lounge, “Congratulations, the deal is done.”

The crowd looked at Wei Tianchen’s lounge, their expressions full of shock.

Su Yu was surprised. Did Wei Tianchen carry scrolls around with him?

Hua Zhilan had a serious expression, “He lives up to the name of the Holy Scribe Wei Tianchen! It is rumoured that he has a photographic memory! He can remember what he sees for an eternity.”

“Furthermore, he cultivated a special technique that could withdraw his memories from his brain and print them on paper. This is why people call him the Holy Scribe.”

There were people with such strange talents in the world.

Su Yu was secretly surprised.

The auction continued.

But the successive items were all normal items, far from being as attractive as the first.

That is, until the appearance of one item.

“Next we have an item from the Tu family.” Tu Minghua took out a small jade bottle from his robes. A fiery red drop silently laid within.

The moment it appeared, the Divine Ice Ring on SU Yu’s finger suddenly activated.

Su Yu was slightly surprised. The Divine Ice Ring was a broken divine artifact, largely destroyed, and having already lost over half of its spiritual qualities.

Even if that was the case, it was still activated, its spiritual qualities excited.

Just what was that red liquid that was so terrifying?

The crowd that had been silent for a long while now broke into fanfare once again, “My god! It is the Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid of the Tu family!”

“It is rumoured that a divine artifact would be wiped of memories of its master, after being bathed by it. It is the unique item of the Tu family, one of the Eight Great Ancient Clans!”

Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid!

Tu Long had an expression of longing, “The Ten Thousand Soldier Pool generates a drop every ten years. If you can obtain it, you can cleanse your divine artifact. There was once a small pond, full after ten thousand years of accumulating, but it was taken away by the King of Darkness. In these hundreds of years, the amount the Tu family had accumulated was miniscule.”

“For example, the drop that you see before you is only a diluted liquid with ten percent of the original.”