The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 317

Chapter 317 Mountain River Dragon

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“Even if it were the original liquid, ten droplets are required to completely wash off the divine weapon’s Master’s seal. As for the Diluted Liquid, about a hundred droplets are required.”

Atop the auction’s stage, Tu Minghua said elegantly: “That’s right. This is the Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid, and if you possess a divine artifact, one concentrated droplet of the original liquid can wash away the Master’s seal forcefully.”

“This is the first and last time that the Tu family will bring it out and auction it!”

The people beneath the stage were in an uproar and were extremely shocked.

Acquiring that liquid was the same as acquiring a divine artifact!

To many forces, divine artifacts were already familiar to them.

Even if they had never obtained a complete divine artifact before, they had obtained incomplete divine artifacts before.

However, the divine artifacts had recognized their Master a long time ago and were unable to be of use.

If they could obtain a droplet of the original liquid, this meant that they had succeeded in getting a divine artifact!

Even Su Yu, at the very moment, was also extremely interested.

When the Divine Ice Threads were in his hands, during their peak, he could only exhibit thirty percent of the power.

“What is the price, I want it!” It was Wei Tianchen again.

After he spoke, the people beneath the stage were dissatisfied.

“Wait! Why is it only you? I also want the Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid!”

“Please tell us, what is the price that we have to pay for it?”

The eyes of the people beneath the stage were completely red, and the atmosphere became extremely lively.

Compared to the first Beast Controlling Manual, the audience was more than twice as lively!

Tu Minghua laughed: “The price is simple. A divine artifact!”

A divine artifact to exchange for one droplet of the Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid!

The audience reacted as if the moment had been ruined and they were deathly silent.

Such a transaction was really not worth that.

Even Wei Tianchen was a bit hesitant and said after some time: “Is the divine artifact that you are referring to a complete divine artifact or incomplete divine artifact?”

Tu Minghua said: “Of course, a complete divine artifact. What’s the use of an incomplete divine artifact?”

Even the magnanimous Wei Tianchen was a bit hesitant. A complete divine artifact could only be found by chance. Hence, such a deal was a reckless waste of divine artifacts.

At that moment, a leisure voice could be heard from another distinguished guests’ room: “I have a divine artifact and am willing to exchange it for the Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid.”


A small bronze cauldron flew out from the distinguished guests’ room. The small bronze cauldron was used to make spiritual elixirs.

However, after merely taking a glance at it, Tu Minghua flicked his finger and shot the divine artifact back: “I’m sorry, but I cannot do the exchange.”

“Why?” The people within the distinguished guests’ room were still able to suppress their anger.

Tu Minghua looked around: “What I want is not low grade divine artifacts. Instead, I want middle grade divine artifacts!”

After hearing what was said, the crowd exploded in anger!

“Has the Tu family gone crazy from thinking about divine artifacts? He even thought of getting a complete middle grade divine artifact!”

“The north continent’s Three Great Super Forces only possessed a middle grade divine artifact each, and these divine artifacts were their ancestor garrison treasures. Hence, why would anyone take out his middle grade divine artifact and make the exchange with them?”

“This is so funny. A middle grade divine weapon is equivalent to the remnant of a manual of a legendary level cultivation technique, and its worth is incomparable to a droplet of the Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid!”

“Haha. The Tu family wants to try its luck and see if anyone is willing to be taken?”

The crowd gradually became quiet and Tu Minghua felt a bit disappointed: “This good has failed to make the exchange! Next item!”

Su Yu could not help but look toward the distinguished guests’ room, which had tossed the small bronze cauldron out. His eyebrows then twitched: “That is Han Jianglin, right?”

Zi Yunxiang clenched her fists tightly: “Yes! I will never forget his voice for the rest of my life.”

As expected, it was him.

Also as expected, Han Jianglin took the trouble of travelling a long distance to come to the Anyue City personally for the auction.

However, they did not know which item he wanted.

The auctioned items after that were nothing special.

Even if it were the better items, Su Yu was not really very interested. He was still gazing around for the Phoenix Cabinet.

However, like what the old man at the entrance had said, the Phoenix Cabinet did not answer to the invitation.

“The last item! The ultimate item that everyone has been looking forward to!!”

Even though the item had yet to appear, the crowd was already seething with excitement.

In this auction that was held once every half a year, every ultimate item was a shocking item.


Ten strong martial artists of the Immortal Realm used their spiritual energy and took out a silver-colored big bow with difficulty.

There was only a bow, no arrows.

A silver dragon was carved on the bow, and the dragon looked alive.

The bow had great Spiritual Qualities, as if it was a living item.

Apart from the Broken Divine Spear, that was a divine artifact with the greatest Spiritual Qualities that Su Yu had ever seen!

“The last item is…” Tu Minghua kept the audience in suspense and said excitedly: “A middle grade divine artifact, the Mountain River Dragon Bow!”

“This bow has no arrows. The user needs to use the spiritual energy from his body to create the long arrows. The power that it exhibits is dependent on how strong the spiritual energy is. The stronger the user, the more powerful the arrow.”

The audience was deathly silent.

All of them were shocked!

“A middle grade divine artifact. How is that possible? A super valuable treasure like this is actually being auctioned?”

“Hiss! Am I dreaming?”

“In all the previous auctions, the most valuable items that had been auctioned were not as exquisite as the bow in front of us!”

“Is this trying to create a great war in the north continent?”

The bow was worth so much, they could fight for it.

“The Snow Listening Tower wants this bow!” Wei Tianchen stood up openly. His heart was beating extremely fast. When he stared at the long bow from the distinguished guests’ room, he breathed rapidly.

A middle grade divine artifact was too shocking!

“I’m sorry. This bow belongs to the Hundred Territories Alliance!” Han Jianglin stayed composed and did not give in.

Two of the north continent’s Three Great Super Forces appeared!

The audience became even more deathly, no one dared compete with them.

Su Yu’s eyes were burning with fire, and he was excited.

It was actually a bow!

The first weapon that Su Yu used was Xia Jingyu’s scarlet big bow.

At the very moment that his Divine Ice Threads were destroyed, a big bow, which was a middle grade divine artifact, appeared in front of him. Could it be the Heaven’s will?

Wei Tianchen gave a cold hum: “Alliance Master Han, upon the orders of the Snow Listening Tower’s Master, I have come here to get this bow. I hope that Alliance Master Han can be generous and give it to me!”

Han Jianglin laughed apathetically: “A small doll has the right to advise me to back down? It would have been better if the Snow Listening Tower’s Master came down himself. You are far from being able to advise me!”

“Master Tu, can you please tell us the bow owner’s conditions of the exchange?”

Tu Minghua’s smiled: “The conditions of the exchange are simple. A fire-based divine herb!”

When the two words “divine herb” fell onto the ears of the audience, it was as if there was a sudden clap of thunder.

“Divine herb? The rumored legendary item that is said to be able to exchange for a remnant of a manual of a legendary level cultivation technique.”

“How would such a divine herb exist in this world?”

“Could it be that the bow’s owner knew beforehand that there were no divine herbs and took out the bow intentionally to create trouble?”

In no time, there were many different views among the audience.

Wei Tianchen’s expression changed and he said with an unpleasant expression: “Only divine herb?”

It was obvious that Wei Tianchen was baffled.

Tu Minghua nodded his head: “The other party has specially mentioned that he would only exchange it for a fire-based divine herb.”

Wei Tianchen clenched his fists and gave up with dissatisfaction. However, he observed everything closely.

Han Jianglin had an indifferent expression. He took a jade box. The jade box contained a glittering scarlet herb, which looked like a jade sculpture.

The only flaw was that thirty percent of the herb was destroyed, and it was not complete.

“Raging Flame Heaven Jade Herb, a fire-based divine herb!”

The audience was in an uproar!

“Is that a fake? It was understandable, if he happened to have a divine herb. However, he happened to be able to take out a fire-based divine herb!”

“This cannot be a coincidence! It has obviously been decided that this middle grade divine artifact would go to Han Jianglin!”

“That’s right. If my guess is not wrong, the bow’s owner already had intentions of giving the bow to Han Jianglin. This auction is merely part of the process.”

Su Yu had a grave expression. Who was striking a deal with Han Jianglin?

For him to use a middle grade divine artifact to make an exchange, what kind of being was he?

Should he compete with Han Jianglin?

At that moment, Yun Yuzi’s urging voice could be heard from the jade box in Su Yu’s chest: “Little kid, why are you not competing? There is a high possibility that there is a secret within the silver bow, and on the surface, it is not just a normal middle grade divine artifact.”

“Find a way to get that bow. You will definitely not suffer any losses!”