The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 318

Chapter 318 Taking All The Advantages

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What … the main body of the medium grade divine artifact was but a front, there was another trap within the silver bow?

Without hesitation, Su Yu said, “Master Tu, may I ask how you would determine who gets the item, if there was another fire based divine herb? Could it be that the owner of the silver bow is present?”

Tu Minghua’s expression turned rigid, but he relaxed quickly, “We would, of course, look at the value, and the person who offered the better offer would get the item. That has always been our motto.”

He naturally would not hide that facts about such an important affair.

“Since that is the case, I also have a fire based divine herb to offer.”


He threw a jade box over, within it was a herb that was burning with intense flames.

It was the Ice and Fire Herbs.

Su Yu had kept the Ice Herb, the Fire Herb was being used in the exchange.

The crowd’s expression changed, “Another fire based divine herb! My god, what a day, two consecutive divine herbs!”

“Look at that, be it due to the degree of perfection, freshness, or energy harboured, the second one was vastly superior than the first one!”

Tu MInghua’s expression turned rigid, not knowing what to do in that moment.

But he reacted quickly, smiling as he tossed Han Jianglin’s herb back, “Hehe, the highest bidder wins. Congratulations, this Mountain River Dragon Bow is yours! This bow is extremely heavy, please come and claim it backstage.”

Saying this, he did not give Su Yu a chance to speak before he put the bow back behind the curtains.

Su Yu and his group left the VIP lounge to go backstage.

The so-called backstage was merely a narrow corridor.

Its only separation from the spectator’s area was a curtain.

At this moment, Tu Minghua was waiting for Su Yu with a smile on his face.

“Where is the bow?” Su Yu said immediately. All he saw were immortal level fighters carrying the bow, walking deeper into the corridor, without any intention of handing it over to Su Yu.

“What is the meaning of this?” Su Yu’s expression turned cold!

Tu Minghua had a friendly smile, “Hehe, do not be angry Palace Master Yin Yu, listen to me.”

“The Tu family has set its sights on this Mountain River Dragon Bow, and it would naturally be taken by us, the Tu family. This was always the case in the previous auctions. The Tu family would have priority in obtaining the items,” Tu Minghua explained.

Su Yu froze for a moment, his expression turning ice cold, “You mean that the auction was invalidated?”

Tu Minghua nodded, “You could say that. I’m sorry to have alarmed Palace Master Yin Yu. We will give you a suitable compensation later.”

Su Yu was angry, but could not fight back against this decision.

The Tu family auction was in the Tu family’s territory. The rules were naturally set by them.

As an outsider, if you did not want to get into conflict, you could only tolerate this overbearing rule.


Su Yu’s eyes were laced with a cold glow, “Since that is the case, return my divine herb.”

Tu Minghua let out a slight laugh, “Palace Master Yin Yu, that is the case, I have already given your divine herb over to the customer. He has already left. I think it would be very difficult to catch up to him.”

“What?” Zi Yunxiang was shocked, “Since you do not wish to transact with Yin Yu, why did you give his item to someone else?”

Tu Minghua laughed as he said, “Regarding this, we can only try our best to compensate.”


Tu Minghua took out a jade bottle. Within it was a drop of the Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid.

“The value of this Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid is not lower than that of a medium grade divine artifact. Seeing as how we were in the wrong, we will have to give this to Palace Master Yin Yu as a form of compensation,” Tu Minghua said, pushing the item into Su Yu’s palm.

Then he cupped his fists and turned to join the group escorting the silver bow.

Su Yu laughed loudly, “Master Tu, are you joking with me?”

“You took my item in exchange for someone else’s silver bow, then throw me a Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid that no one wants in order to push me away? Do you really think that I am a pushover?”

If Tu Minghua had not been willing to exchange the silver bow with Su Yu, and returned the divine herb, Su Yu would not have held too many grievances, no matter how unhappy he felt.

But Tu Minghua had handed his item over to the customer. That meant that Su Yu and the customer had completed the exchange.

The divine herb belonged to the customer.

The silver bow belonged to Su Yu!

But the Tu family overbearingly got themselves involved, and took the silver bow that belonged to Su Yu, throwing him a drop of Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid that had been diluted ten times!

This liquid had invited much mockery during the auction just now.

Even if it was the original liquid, its value paled in comparison to a medium grade divine artifact.

Furthermore, the Tu family had tempered it in secret, diluting it ten times and lying to the crowd!

This was too much!

Hearing this, Tu Minghua looked back, his expression unhappy, “Palace Master Yin Yu, must you cause trouble? I have already given you the precious Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid as compensation. By normal logic, we have suffered a loss during the auction!”

Su Yu laughed angrily, “You wish to pacify me with a drop of something nobody wants? Since you think that you have had a loss, fine, I’ll return this to you. Hand over my silver bow!”

Tu Minghua’s expression gradually turned cold.

“Palace Master Yin Yu, I gave respect to your status as a palace master, do not be unreasonable in my territory! Otherwise, this is not the sub palace of the empire!” Tu Minghua finally showed a shred of his true personality.

Su Yu could not help but laugh, “Unreasonable!”

“Using diluted garbage to trade for my medium grade divine artifact! And claiming that I have profited from this transaction!” Su Yu could not stop laughing in fury, “Tu Minghua, do not force me to attack!”

“I’ll count to three, leave immediately. Otherwise, don’t blame me for using force!”

He had used garbage to trade for Su Yu’s treasure, and still had the cheek to chase Su Yu away!

Su Yu’s lips formed a cold smile.

“There is no need to count, I have already been too nice to the Tu family! Do not blame me, you force me to do this!”