The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 319

Chapter 319 The Empires Lurking Danger

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At that moment.

“Haha, Palace Master Yin Yu, what arrogance!” Mocking words could be heard from deep inside the corridor.

Gao Cang, the traitor of the Shentian Manor, could be seen standing beside the Mountain River Dragon Bow. He was looking at Su Yu and laughing coldly.

A group of people carried the silver bow in front of him. Gao Cang took a light breath, revolved the spiritual energy in his body, and carried the bow with difficulty.

He was at Immortal Level Two Peak and could indeed carry the bow with his full strength.

Su Yu’s gaze turned cold: “Haha, just now, didn’t you say that your Tu family wanted this bow? In the blink of an eye, you gave the bow to someone else?”

Tu Minghua lifted three of his fingers and said nonchalantly: “Since the silver bow had become the Tu family’s possessions, I think that an outsider like Palace Master Yin Yu has no right to be gossipy!”

“I will start counting now. One!”

Tu Minghua put down one of his fingers and held a cold expression.

Like what he said, the greater one’s heart was, the broader his future was.

A mere phoenix’s feather was not worth enough for him to cast his greedy eyes upon it. An Empire’s Deputy Palace Master was not in his eyes either.

However, a divine herb equivalent to a legendary level cultivation technique that was used to exchange for the Mountain River Dragon Bow was worthy enough for him to take a risk, and for such, he would shed all pretences of cordiality with the Empire of Darkness.

Gao Cang held the silver bow and laughed coldly: “Palace Master Yin Yu is rich and arrogant. Hence, I don’t think you mind helping the Hundred Territories Alliance buy a middle grade divine artifact for once, right?”

Looking at the big picture, Han Jianglin did not even pay any price and still managed to obtain the Mountain River Dragon Bow.

It was Su Yu who paid the shocking price of a legendary level remnant of a manual so that he could obtain the bow.

However, right then, as the Tu family sided with them, they did not pay any money and still managed to get the bow successfully.

In other words, Su Yu paid for the bow on behalf of them!

“This shall be considered repaying the Hundred Territories Alliance. After all, you came from the Alliance. A person cannot be too ungrateful!” Gao Cang laughed evilly, carried the divine artifact, tore open the heavy curtain and headed outside.

Su Yu laughed disdainfully: “Hearing the word ungrateful from an ungrateful traitor is really an indescribable satirization!”

“You really enjoy enduring the hardships of being Han Jianglin’s lackey!” Su Yu sneered and despised Gao Cang from the bottom of his heart.

A person could be poor, but he could not be unambiguous.

Not only was Gao Cang poor, he was even more unambiguous!

Gao Cang’s face turned slightly gloomy. He clenched his fists, resisted his urge to attack recklessly, and cast a sidelong glance at Su Yu: “You can continue barking over there. I shall accept your silver bow on behalf of Alliance Master Han!”


After finishing his speech, Gao Cang tore open the heavy curtain with his palm and was about to leave.

Su Yu’s smile was filled with coldness: “Who allowed you to leave?”

As Su Yu spoke, he turned his head and looked toward Zi Yunxiang: “If I kill a traitor for Housemaster Zi, will Housemaster hold it against me?”

Gao Cang’s defecting over to the enemy’s side had caused Zi Yunxiang to be filled with disappointment and detestation.

Moreover, Gao Cang bragged unblushingly and even admonished her to surrender to Han Jianglin. Against such an unrepentant person and beast, which took human form, Zi Yunxiang only felt hatred.

“Go ahead and kill him. Even if you didn’t do it, if father was here, he would clean up the place. Such a disloyal and dangerous scoundrel should be put to death. If father finds out about this, he will thank you for it.”

Su Yu nodded his head with relief: “If that is the case, then I shall undertake this difficult job that is beyond my power. I will dirty my hands once on behalf of Housemaster Zi!”

Zi Yunxiang’s response caused Gao Cang’s heart to feel stung. At the same time, he was burning with endless flames of fury and could not help but laugh sardonically: “Yin Yu! After becoming a Deputy Palace Master, you think that you are very impressive?”

“You are so arrogant, to the point that you wish to kill me? You are just like a frog trying to eat the moon, and you overestimate your own abilities!”

At that moment, Tu Minghua’s expression turned even colder. He put down his second finger and words came out from the space between his teeth: “Two!”

“No need to count anymore!” Su Yu’s right eye was filled with a red light!


A space energy appeared beside Gao Cang all of a sudden.

Which strong martial of the Alliance did not know about Su Yu’s magical space power?

Gao Cang’s expression changed, and he held the silver bow tightly. He then said coldly: “Don’t even think of trying to transport my silver bow away!”

Su Yu’s right eye emitted a red light and a magnificent dim light burst forth: “Who told you that I am transporting the bow? What I am transporting is you!”


Suddenly, a sound of the space being torn open could be heard. Gao Cang and the bow were then sucked into the boundless space energy.

When they appeared, the space in front of Su Yu became distorted and a figure emerged from it.

Before Gao Cang could see the situation surrounding him properly, he heard a cold shout: “Thunder Star Finger!”

Even though Su Yu had only exhibited sixty percent of its power, it was still frightening.

Gao Cang then realized all of a sudden that a destructive power of a thunderbolt was extremely close to him.

While his heart was beating extremely fast, he wore an astonished expression and blocked the attack hurriedly!

However, how could he block the extremely destructive power of the thunderbolt?

Rumble, rumble

A thunder, which shook the Heaven, tore open the heavy curtain. As a result, the backstage and auditorium were no longer separated!

The audience, who were about to leave, were shocked. They then turned their heads to take a look. What they saw was that Gao Cang spit out blood and crashed onto the master’s stage with great force.

Straight away, a silver-haired figure moved in front of Gao Cang almost instantaneously and picked up the silver bow, which had fallen onto the ground.

When Su Yu touched the Mountain River Dragon Bow, he could feel that it was extremely heavy.

By relying on his raw strength alone, he was actually unable to move it. The silver bow was as though it was growing on the ground and did not move in the slightest.

As he could not move it, he revolved his spiritual energy and barely managed to pick it up. However, it was difficult for him to straighten his back.

The feeling the bow gave Su Yu was that its weight alone was equivalent to an eight hundred foot tall mountain!

Just holding it was already so difficult. Hence, wouldn’t it be more difficult to draw the bow?

Moreover, he was in front of a formidable enemy. Hence, be it escaping or fighting, the bow was in the way.

With a flash of his gaze, Su Yu thought of an idea. His chest became slightly hot.

After which, the silver bow on his palm disappeared abruptly.

Cosmos Mirror!

The item that he obtained from the historical remains. In the whole Zhenlong continent, less than five people possessed that mirror.

The mirror had a space of ten square meters. Hence, the space was more than sufficient to keep the silver bow.

Gao Cang wiped his blood away and his pupils shrank: “Where did you hide the bow? Blast it all! It’s your magical space power!”


After he had finished speaking, Su Yu came over with a flash and stepped on his chest.


Gao Cang opened his mouth and spit out a mouthful of blood. All his internal organs were crushed.

“What you should be concerned about is not the bow. Instead, you should be concerned about your life! I have said before that I will clean up the place on behalf of Housemaster Zi!” Su Yu had a dull expression, his eyes were indifferent.

He felt that there was no burden that he had to bear for killing such a person.

However, at the moment when he was about to kill Gao Cang…


A sharp noise broke the silence without any warning, coming from behind him.

Su Yu sneered and his head slanted slightly toward the side. He had actually taken precaution beforehand and avoided a black dart.

The tip of the dart was smeared with a green liquid. That green liquid was likely to be poison!

The Tu family even dared to kill the Empire of Darkness’ Deputy Palace Master. Their excessive boldness had exceeded everyone’s expectations!

Where did their confidence come from?

In the end, the Tu family was still the Empire of Darkness’ lurking danger. If they were not gotten rid of, they would continue to be the Empire of Darkness’ nemesis!

A thread of murderous intent covered Su Yu’s eyes. He turned his body around and sneered: “Why have you stopped your counting? There is one more ‘three’. You haven’t finish counting yet!”

Tu Minghua’s face turned slightly red.

How would he know that Su Yu had hidden his abilities?

Firstly, Su Yu had taken his enemy by surprise using space transportation. After which, when his enemy was caught off guard, he injured his enemy fatally!

In Tu Minghua’s eyes, Su Yu’s actions were like a surprise attack. However, even though he was close to Su Yu, he actually failed to rescue Gao Cang. Moreover, he also allowed Su Yu to snatch away the Mountain River Dragon Bow, its whereabouts were still unknown.

That was indeed a huge disgrace!

From the very start, if he had used his abilities, instead of thinking that everything was within his control and insisting on counting to three, the situation might have turned out differently.

“Do you still have a sense of shame? Moreover, you still have the nerve to say that you are a Deputy Palace Master of the Empire of Darkness! You snatched other people’s items and injured them. You killed people and snatched their treasures. You are guilty of countless crimes and deserve to be punished. Aren’t you scared of tarnishing the reputation of the Empire of Darkness?” Tu Minghua walked over furiously.