The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 32

Chapter 32: An Era of Suppression

"Fine!" he coldly answered. Fang Qingzhou leapt on stage and whispered into his father's ear.

Fang Yun's expression remained solemn, glancing over to Su Yu. He took a moment for deliberation.

After considering, he coldly uttered, "It is the duty of martial arts training institutes to gather talents from all over the land. Individuals of questionable character naturally have no place here!

"I, with my powers as an inspector, announce that Su Yu is hereby expelled! From now on, he is no longer a student of the Xianyu prefecture martial arts training institute!"


The crowd exhaled. The most severe punishment a martial arts training institute can give out is expulsion. This was equal to destroying Su Yu's future. It would be impossible for him to make a comeback.

The martial arts training institutes established by the empire are he cradle for cultivating talents. There was no other comparable path.

Xia Linxuan protested, "Please reconsider, Inspector Fang. To be able to overcome the Gold King! This man's potential is limitless!"

Fang Yun calmly said, "A person's talent might be important, but so are their morals. There is no place in the Xianyu martial arts training institute for a person who has committed such an unpardonable crime!"

The Duke of Xianyu was startled. He glanced over at Su Yu and thought to himself, Beating the Gold King at the age of fourteen?

He had a stroke of inspiration, but his expression did not change.

Fang Yun saw that Xia Linxuan was still indignant, and wanted to protest further, thus silencing him. "Hmph! You dare defy my orders?"

Xia Linxuan was furious, but he could not do anything about the situation. He could only follow the orders of the sanctuary. He let out a sigh, feeling pity in his for the loss of a genius.

The crowd was silent.

The celestial being, her eyes full of hatred, glared intently at Fang Qingzhou, who was wearing a sly smile. She knew that her pleas had achieved the opposite effect. She opened her mouth, wishing to continue pleading with the Duke of Xianyu.

At that moment, Su Yu's expression was that of gratitude. He laughed, "Fairy, my life is not worth much. You do not need to plead for me anymore."

The celestial being's nubile body shuddered. She was feeling deeply indignant for Su Yu. He was kind hearted enough to save the young princess. Why has this fate befallen him?

He had had a hard time establishing his reputation, only to have his prospects cut off, potentially facing a lifetime in jail.

"But you"

Su Yu lightly waved his hands, his gaze locked on the horizon. He let out a sigh. A helpless sigh. An indignant sigh. A somewhat satisfied sigh. "Forget it. My life was not worth anything. Now that I've had my moment of glory, I feel content. I was fated to die three months ago. To be able to live till today was already a miracle."

With a laugh, Su Yu said, "I was lonely, weak and poor all my life, truly worthy of being abandoned by my lover. But at the lowest point of my life, you gifted me a bow. I shall forever remember this act of charity. Fortunately, I have returned this favor during my time at the Twilight Mountains. My only regret is that I have yet to know your name."

The celestial being shuddered. Her gift of pity on that day was returned with such immense gratitude. Why must someone like Su Yu meet his end this early into his life?

The celestial being teared up, lips wavering, announced, "Jingyu Xia Jingyu."

"Xia Jingyu. Still rain of the summertime" Su Yu rambled with a smile on his face, "A radiant face with beautiful eyes, a beautiful name for a beautiful person There is nothing holding me back anymore. I no longer have any regrets."

The celestial being, Xia Jingyu, slumped her shoulders as grief overcame her. The celestial being hated her powerlessness. She hated the unjust world. Why had fate dealt Su Yu such a cruel blow?

Unexplainably, the hearts of many people resonated with her as they watched on. Was Su Yu saying goodbye to this world?

Jiang Xueqing put her hands together, pain welling up her chest. Su Yu, in his moment of demise, only had Xia Jingyu in his heart. There wasn't a single trace of her.

They had been together for 10 years, but in his heart, she was incomparable to a bow.

He had really gotten over me A deep disappointment and a profound loneliness gripped her.

A bout of grief was born. The deepest form of loneliness was not physical separation, it was being forgotten.

The Su Yu she had abandoned did not move far away from her, but instead chose to forget her. A silent grief blanketed her heart.

"Duke of Xianyu!" Su Yu turned to face the duke. His face was calm, without hatred. "You can choose to be ungrateful and spare a thought for your daughter. But it will not be that easy to capture me!"

The Duke of Xianyu's face remained solemn and did not speak.

The young princess of Xianyu gently bit her lips. She had a deep crease on her nose, pulling on the duke's sleeve, whining, "Forget it father They make me look like the bad guy instead"

The Duke of Xianyu remained impassive. He looked over to Xia Linxuan and callously said, "You should be responsible since he was a student in your institute. Capture him and I shall issue his punishment."

"You with the surname Su! It turns out it was you that day in the Twilight Mountains!" Fang Qingzhou's eyes were filled with hatred.

From Su Yu's words, he realized that the person who had foiled his plans and saved Xia Jingyu was Su Yu!

Qin Feng leapt to the stage. Together with Fang Qingzhou, they unleashed a pinsir attack on Su Yu.

Two generations of Gold Kings working together to suppress the Silver King! Su Yu was not mad, instead laughed, "Haha! Come at me!"

"Kneel!" Both Fang Qingzhou and Qin Feng lashed out.


"Continuous Eight Trigram Finger!" Fang Qingzhou's fingers weaved as quick as lightning.


"Monumental Buddha's Palm!" Qin Feng's palm was forceful and unpredictable.

Su Yu's starlike eyes shone brilliantly.

"Diabolic Piercing Stare!" From Su Yu's eyes shot out a formless ripple, penetrating the brain of Fang Qingzhou.


Fang Qingzhou wrapped his hands around his head and let out a pathetic howl. A broad fist connected with Fang Qingzhou's face, knocking multiple teeth out of his mouth. He flew back, face bloodied.

The power behind the fist was immense. Fang Qingzhou tumbled down the stage, fainting from his heavy wounds. Qin Feng seized the opportunity and struck with his palm.

He was confident in trapping Su Yu, for he had lasted 100 rounds against him previously.

"Tempest!" Su Yu utilised his vital energy. This was the first time he was incorporating his vital energy into his techniques!

Qin Feng's palm broke in that split second, the immense power impacting his organs. He vomited blood and flew backwards, immediately entering a coma. In the time it took to take a breath, both the Gold Kings had been defeated.


The crowd exhaled. Xia Linxuan, Ye Xuan, Fang Yun and even the Duke of Xianyu all had a look of shock on their face.

"A Sliver King making such quick work of two generations of Gold Kings Just how powerful is Su Yu?"

"So this is Su Yu's true ability! He did not show everything he had in the previous match with Qin Feng."

Such power!

Fang Yun's expression turned grave, "What are you waiting for, Jiang Zhishi? Capture that rebel!"

Jiang Zhishi was dumbfounded for a moment. After he managed a reaction, his eyes filled with caution and fear. This man's potential was too great. He should not be allowed to remain.

"Challenging the authorities! Your punishment would be more severe should you dare to continue resisting!" Jiang Zhishi let out an angry howl, his aura at the peak of Level Four of the Martial Path blanketed the arena.

This scene was strikingly similar to that during the Silver Assessment. It was the same abuse of power. The same heartlessness. The only difference was that this was no longer the Su Yu of the past.

"Get lost, old fogey!"

A dark glimmer shone across Su Yu's cold eyes.

"Ray of Diabolic Light!" A black light materialized and shot out.


Jiang Zhishi could not react in time and was hit at close distance.

The Ray of Diabolic Light was a dangerous technique, for it impacts the soul of its enemies. In the best case, it injures the soul of the enemy. In the worst case, the enemy dies.

In an ordinary fight, Su Yu would hesitate to use the technique.

A tormented howl broke forth from the lips of Jiang Zhishi


"Tempest!" Su Yu landed a kick on the old man's face.

As if in a boat collision, Jiang Zhishi bled from his forehead, falling to the ground with his fate unknown.

The crowd was in uproar!

Jiang Zhishi, a judge who was at the peak of Level Four of the Martial Path, had been defeated in one strike. After overcoming the two Gold Kings, he had managed to defeat the powerful Jiang Zhishi!

Everyone thought that they were dreaming. The Silver King was literally defying fate.

Chen Tiannnan's face was pale, his expression surprised, "Ray of Diabolic Light? How could it be? I trained for three years. How long did he train for? Furthermore, the power behind his technique was at least triple mine!"

Fang Yun, Xia Linxuan and the duke of Xianyu were in a state of disbelief.

To think that he would manage to attain Stage Two of the Demonic Eyes!

If this is the case, wouldn't he be a rare Prodigy of Souls? A Prodigy of Souls was the most mysterious and terrifying kind of martial artist. They could kill without a trace and had unfathomable abilities. They were geniuses that many would fight to cultivate.

However, these people had to be born with such abilities. They cannot be nurtured through practice, making them extremely rare.

For example, Chen Tiannan, a Prodigy of Souls with decent talent, was the only one of his kind in the Xianyu prefecture martial arts training institute. To think that Su Yu was also a prized Prodigy of Souls!

Xia Linxuan shot a look of surprise at Fang Yun. A student of such caliber had to be expelled from his institute! The institute would definitely become a laughing stock in the future!

The sparkle in the Duke of Xianyu's eyes brightened. Xia Jingyu shared her surprise with the young princess of Xianyu. Jiang Xueqing also had her mouth open. Su Yu was too powerful! Fang Yun had an awful look on his face, for it was him who announced the expulsion of Su Yu!

In the end, the display of Su Yu's talent and ability had lost him face. He had to capture Su Yu fast.

However as he opened his mouth to speak

"A silver trash dares to be so insolent?" A silver haired youth leapt to the stage, his body ice cold.

Xia Jingyu was as surprised as the thick browed youth. "What are you doing, Shao Li?"

The silver haired youth rose with his hands behind his back, frost gathering under his eyes. "I can't stand a silver trash being so arrogant in front of my eyes, polluting my sights."

The crowd caused a commotion.

"The silver haired Shao Li. Ranked fourth of the institute's 10 great demon students. His talent is terrifying!"

"This man is far too arrogant. How detestable."

Even the demon student made a move. This proved Su Yu's abilities to be powerful indeed.

Xia Jingyu stood up at the thought of flying over, but was blocked by the thick browed youth. He smiled and said, "He had once declared Su Yu as trash. But now Su Yu had become unexpectedly strong. Only by going up and defeating Su Yu can he regain his face. There is no need to stop him. Su Yu might not lose too horribly."