The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 320

Chapter 320 A Son Returns

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No matter what, he had to sully Su Yu first, to maintain his moral high ground.

After all, there were representatives from all the powerhouses of the northern continent present. The image of the Tu family could not be destroyed.

Su Yu was calm, standing with his hands behind him, “Oh? I snatched someone else’s item? Are you talking about the Mountain River Dragon Bow? Master Tu, why don’t you say in front of everyone present, was it me or Gao Cang, who successfully bid on the bow?”

“Why did the silver bow that I paid a hefty price for become Gao Cang’s item, in your words? Why was something that belongs to me in Gao Cang’s hands?”

“You think that I am barbaric and unreasonable. Is everyone here barbaric and unreasonable?”

Tu Minghua’s expression turned rigid. In the presence of so many people, any overbearing actions he made would damage the Tu family’s reputation.

Unfortunately, the crowd had already broken into a chatter.

They were all rather intelligent, to be able to represent their factions and families by attending the event.

Even though they did not know the details, they could more or less deduce what was going on.

“Hehe, even the Tu family auction house would covet the treasures of someone else? Furthermore, they set their sights on the vice palace master of the Empire of Darkness. The guts they have is rather surprising!”

“Hahaha, as expected, the Tu family would not pass up a medium grade divine artifact. But what was unexpected, was that they dared set their sights on a vice palace master of the Empire of Darkness. I wonder where they got their guts from? It’s been several hundred years, have they forgotten the pain, now that the scar has healed? Don’t they fear they would offend the King of Darkness and bring about the destruction of the Tu family?”

“I think what was even more strange, was how Palace Master Yin Yu’s silver bow landed in Gao Cang’s hands. The details involved must be very interesting.”

“If I am correct, the Tu family must have reached an agreement with Han Jianglin. In fact, they might even have told the request of the owner of the silver bow to Han Jianglin, so he could come prepared.”

“Thus, when Palace Master Yin Yu interfered midway and snatched the silver bow, the Tu family tried every possible means to hand the bow over to Han Jianglin.”

“But they did not expect this Palace Master Yin Yu to act quickly, souring the relationship on the spot to reveal such a scene.”

Tu Minghua noticed the severity of these comments.

He had to salvage the situation quickly, otherwise the Tu family’s reputation would be completely destroyed by these comments.

The only plan he could use now was to capture Su Yu immediately, then make a public explanation so they could try to possibly fool them. Otherwise, the results would be disastrous!

“Palace Master Yin Yu! The Tu family has already given you our clear explanation. You were unreasonable and slandered the Tu family. You cannot be this insolent, even if you are a vice palace master of the empire!”

“Why not make a trip down with us, and we can iron out any differences?” Tu Minghua advanced with large steps, his expression cold.

The crowd broke into a commotion.

“Does the Tu family not value their lives? To dare to treat a vice palace master of the Empire of Darkness this way?”

“This will become a good show, let’s see what unfolds!”

Su Yu calmly laughed, “Capture me, then take out that frivolous excuse of yours?”

Tu Minghua advanced with large steps, his aura as an Immortal Realm Level Two Peak thick and heavy.

Shaking his head, Tu MInghua calmly said, “Unrepentant! We, the Tu family, do not mind teaching you a lesson for the Empire of Darkness!”

“Heaven Water Seal!”

Tu Minghua’s figure shuddered, his body forming a light vapour before scattering into the surroundings.

Under the effects of spirit energy, the vapors condensed to form water seals about the size of a palm.

Su Yu smiled but did not speak, his right hand forming a ball of lightning.

Purple arcs of thunder shot out from the ball, releasing a destructive energy.

Tu Minghua shook his head, “Unfortunately, you cannot launch your sneak attack a second time.”

But Su Yu still smiled without speaking, standing at his original position.

It wasn’t until the sky full of water seals assaulted him, that Su Yu stuck out a finger.

At that moment, the ball of lightning doubled in size.

A destructive power, far superior than just now, danced in agitation!



A ball of water seals came into contact with the purple thunder, immediately turning into vapor.

The ball of lightning struck Tu Minghua’s body unobstructed.


With a dull thud, Tu Minghua was sent flying back into the curtains, crashing into the wall. The wall was broken, multiple cracks forming on its surface.

Tu Minghua’s eyes bulged, his figure blaster open with injuries on multiple spots.

With a mere strike, he had been reduced to a heavily injured, half dead state!

The crowd was immensely shocked!

“To be able to blast an Immortal Realm Level Two Peak fighter back in a direct confrontation?”

“Ssss! If I am not wrong, this Palace Master Yin Yu is only sixteen years old!”

“What terrifying talent!”

“Wait! How did the cultivation level rise so quickly, as at the Alliance Meet, I heard that he was only at Dragon Realm Level Five? He managed to breakthrough to Immortal Realm Level One Peak, with abilities not lower than Immortal Realm Level Two Peak in just half a year?”

“He could be considered a super genius, rivaling the best of the northern continents with such talents. It is hard to understand why Han Jianglin was intent on killing Yin Yu back then!”

“Haha, no matter what the reason, I think Han Jianglin’s expression must be very ugly now. Someone that should have been the super genius of the Hundred Territories Alliance is now the vice palace master of the Empire of Darkness!”

At the VIP area.

Han Jianglin’s expression was sinister and ugly.

How did an ant that he could have killed with the flick of his fingers back then display the power of a super genius?

At merely sixteen years old, he could rival one of the Three Great Heavenly Kings of the Shentian Manor, Gao Cang!

No matter the reason, from the point of view of outsiders, Han Jianglin had personally handed a super genius to someone else.

The battle power that Su Yu displayed shocked everyone.

Tu Minghua’s eyes were bulging from pain and shock.

A vice palace master, who he could have easily killed in his eyes, had hidden abilities that could kill him!

Su Yu walked toward him, his gaze cold, “I can defeat you in a direct confrontation easily! Why would I need to launch a sneak attack?”

At this moment, Tu Minghua’s pupils were dilated, secretly filled with fear.

At this moment, he thought back to his disciple.

When he was taken advantage of by Su Yu, his disciple’s recollection was that he misjudged Su Yu.

But he had told his disciple that Yin Yu was worth nothing, his mistake was that he was too small-minded.

Now that he recalled this, how laughable was that?

The true person who misjudged Su Yu was himself!


Su Yu walked forward, striking a palm toward Tu Minghua’s chest, wishing to kill him.

“No! I can apologize!” Tu Minghua’s expression changed as the words escaped his mouth.

This shout made everyone in the crowd understand.

It was indeed Tu Minghua that was in the wrong!

But Su Yu was not as benevolent, “I do not need your apology!”

But just as he was about to kill Tu Minghua, a figure came forward, blocking Tu Minghua. It was none other than Tu Long!

With bitterness, Tu Long pleaded, “Palace Master Yin Yu, please have mercy on him, judging from the consideration that he is from the same clan as I am!’

Su Yu’s figure slowed down, his expression cold, “Move away!”

He must be thoroughly eradicated!

If not for the fact that his abilities were above the rest, the person dead today would be him.

If that was the case, would Tu Minghua let Su Yu off, if Tu Long stepped in to plead for him?

The answer was no!

“You should know why you are still alive now!” Su Yu did not have any mercy.

Tu Long’s bitterness grew deeper. His crime of assassinating a vice palace master was a grave one, and should have been met with execution.

It was Su Yu who spared him and gave him a chance to come back to Anyue City.

His little favor for Su Yu had long been repaid a hundredfold. He no longer had the right to plead with him.