The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 321

Chapter 321 Meddling In Other Peoples Business

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What caused everyone to be surprised was that Tu Long bent his knees and knelt down in front of Su Yu.

Both his hands and his forehead touched the ground. He said earnestly: “I know that I have no right to beg for your forgiveness. I am willing to serve you for three years. Please spare his life!”

A real man would not kneel down easily.

Tu Long was the former Young Master of the Tu family, as well as the Second Head of the Black Water Pirates. He once held a high position and looked down on all living creatures. Moreover, he was also worshipped by the people.

However, at this very moment, he knelt down in front of Su Yu and begged for forgiveness for an unfamiliar clansman.

Su Yu was shocked: “Is it worth it? They might not have you, the Young Master, in their minds.”

Tu Long could no longer return to the Tu family.

Tu Long laughed at himself: “I feel ashamed to return to the Tu family. However, I still have their blood.”

“I have been an unworthy descendant for ten years, and I feel ashamed to return. However, I beg you to allow me to serve you for three years. I want to do whatever I can to help my clansmen continue the family line. Palace Master Yin Yu, please grant my wish!” Tu Long kowtowed again.

The sound of the kowtow was loud, deep, and bitter.

Perhaps that was the last thing that a wastrel, who was unable to return, was able to do for his clan.

A man could still survive without his heart. However, he would die without his roots.

Perhaps his clan was one of the very few emotional entanglements that Tu Long had in his life.

A fox dies with its face toward its den, what about man?

Su Yu withdrew his finger slowly and turned his body around quietly: “Let’s take our leave. Just this one time.”

Tu Minghua stared at Tu Long, who kowtowed deeply and said with a hoarse voice: “You are the Young Master, Tu Long?”

Tu Long stood up slowly. With his back against Tu Minghua, he said apathetically: “You still don’t want to leave?”

Tu Minghua’s eyes flashed, and he escaped with difficulty.

“You can leave as well,” Su Yu said nonchalantly: “There is no longer anything between both of us, and I don’t need you to serve me for three years.”

Su Yu respected people who valued relationships highly.

Tu Long laughed at himself: “My body and cultivation base are completely crippled. However, my heart is not crippled yet. I, Tu long, have never once gone back on my words.”

Su Yu looked at him deeply and sighed profoundly: “I will leave it up to you. I hope that you will not regret this.”

After his speech, Su Yu returned to the auction’s stage.

He had still yet to deal with the Shentian Manor’s traitor, Gao Cang!

However, Gao Cang was no longer at his original position.

He must have escaped while Su Yu was fighting a moment ago.

Su Yu’s eyes were glowing with a cold light, and he was filled with icy cold murderous intent: “I have said that I will kill you today. No matter who is protecting you, it’s useless!”

Su Yu shot his gaze toward the distinguished guests’ room that Han Jianglin was within. However, only Han Jianglin and that thirty-year-old woman were present.

Gao Cang made enemies with the Empire’s Deputy Palace Master openly. Hence, Han Jianglin would naturally not appear in person to support Gao Cang.

As expected, Gao Cang escaped to a secret place. After waiting for Su Yu to leave, he would then be retrieved by Han Jianglin.

However, as everywhere in the auction house could be seen, he could only escape outside!


With a flash of his figure, Su Yu penetrated the roof and floated high up in the sky. He revolved his crystalline pupils, and fifty miles around him was within his control.

After sweeping past the surrounding area, a figure, which had mixed in with the crowd and was dragging his heavily injured body, was reflected in Su Yu’s eyes.

“Follow me!” Su Yu turned back and gave a light shout. Hua Zhilan and Zi Yunxiang then flew over in succession.

At the distinguished guests’ room.


With a thumping sound, the wooden chair that Han Jianglin was sitting on turned into a lump of sawdust that could fill the sky.

He clenched his fists tightly as murderous intents surged deeply within his eyes.

Su Yu actually snatched his silver bow and pursued his disciple with the intention to kill him!

Thinking about the hatred present when Su Yu killed his son, Han Jianglin wished that he could tear Su Yu’s body into shreds.

However, he could not attack openly.

“Yulian, it’s your turn! Remember, unless you are sure that you can kill him, don’t show yourself!”

The thirty-year-old woman beside him nodded her head indifferently: “Understood! I will definitely complete my task!”

Han Jianglin nodded his head: “Yes, with your abilities, you can definitely kill him with one attack. Although he has honed his immortal level cultivation technique to Stage One Top Class, in your hands, it is impossible for him stay alive.”

Zhen Yulian was the Deputy Alliance Master of the Hundred Territories Alliance and was ranked number three. She had a cultivation base of Immortal Level Three Upper Tier.

With Su Yu’s abilities, he would definitely be unable to escape!

Within the crowd, Gao Cang realized something. When he turned his head and looked at the horizon, he gasped in astonishment and his expression changed!

Su Yu actually led his people and was headed towards him!

Gao Cang had wanted to escape to the inn quietly. However, looking at it, he could only escape as far away as possible!


Gao Cang dragged his heavily injured body and attempted to escape desperately.

As death was about to descend upon him, Gao Cang suppressed the pain from his injuries. He increased his speed and moved as fast as lightning. In the blink of an eye, he had moved many miles away.

Su Yu pursued him, fast on his heels.

After two hours.

Su Yu had chased Gao Cang out of Anyue City and into the Dark Forest. With the help of the forest, Gao Cang hid himself and made things difficult for Su Yu.

However, in the end, he was unable to endure the pain of his injuries and Su Yu managed to catch up to him.

“Yin Yu! Why must you be so ruthless? There is no extreme hatred between us!” Gao Cang collapsed onto the ground after staggering. He had a ghastly pale expression and his eyes were filled with despair.

Su Yu descended slowly with a cold expression: “Since things have come to this, is there any point in begging for mercy?”

“Han Jianglin took charge of the Shentian Manor. Because of that, in consideration of your own life and your future, you could not help but submit yourself to Han Jianglin and become his disciple. This, I can understand.”

“However, what I cannot understand is that you did not have a guilty conscience and are still unrepentant! Instead of feeling ashamed, you took pride in it! Moreover, you also shamelessly admonished Yunxiang to be like you and surrendered to the enemy!”

“When you were serving Han Jianglin, I did not see any feelings of remorse from you at all. Instead, you endured the hardship gladly! Have you ever thought of having gratitude toward Housemaster Zi, for nurturing you?”

Su Yu walked over, his eyes glowing with a cold light: “A traitor must pay a price for his betrayal. Since Housemaster Zi is not here, I will act on behalf of him!”

Feeling Su Yu’s intentions to kill him, Gao Cang knew that he would undoubtedly die. However, he was still filled with anger.

“Yin Yu! So what if I have become a traitor? So what if I am ungrateful? Is that your problem? Do I need you to meddle in my business?” Gao Cang gnashed his teeth and roared furiously, as though he wanted to eat human beings.


Su Yu’s eyes turned cold. He penetrated Gao Cang’s Dantian with one finger and crippled Gao Cang’s cultivation base.

“Indeed, I have no right to do anything. However, it would be alright if it’s Yunxiang, right?” Su Yu retreated by one step and allowed Zi Yunxiang to come over.

Zi Yunxiang’s beautiful eyes were filled with coldness, and she did not take pity on Gao Cang at all: “Do you still have anything to say?”

Gao Cang’s expression turned serious. Zi Yunxiang was the Housemaster’s daughter. If she did not have the right, no one else would have the right.

“Since you have nothing to say, die!” Zi Yunxiang gave a light shout and attacked resolutely.

However, at that moment when she was about to kill him…

“Haha, don’t you think that it is shameful for a group of people to bully a defenseless person?” A graceful and indifferent laughter could be heard from a big tree not too far away.

An elegant young Mister with a fair complexion, as if it were a crown, was atop a tree trunk and smiled while looking down.

Su Yu had a deep impression of him.

When entering the city, in order to earn the favor of Senior Wei, not mentioning the fact that he cut queue, he even pointed his folding fan on Su Yu’s chest and forced Su Yu back unreasonably.

That person was not just anyone. He was one of the young men of the Snow Listening Tower’s Four Great Sons.

He had a cultivation base of Immortal Level Three Lower Tier and his abilities were commendable.

Su Yu swept his cold eyes over: “So what? This has nothing to do with you. Stand by the side and keep your mouth shut!”

Although Su Yu did not have any murderous intent toward him, Su Yu found it hard to have a good impression of him.

Moreover, it was evident that he followed Su Yu all the way from the auction house, his motive obvious: Wei Tianchen was very determined to get his hands on the Mountain River Dragon Bow.


The young man descended slowly, elegantly, and leisurely.

He wore a genial smile, and the previous unpleasant attitude toward Su Yu was as if it had disappeared. He then introduced himself: “I am Zhang Xueyi, the Fourth Son of the Four Great Sons of the Snow Listening Tower.”

The Fourth Son?

Zi Yunxiang and Hua Zhilan were secretly shocked.

How would anyone who lived in the north continent not know of the Four Great Sons of the Snow Listening Tower?

The current generation’s strongest super genius was at the Snow Listening Tower and was the most dazzling in existence.

Even if it were Zhang Xueyi who was ranked the fourth among the Four Great Sons, looking at the north continent, there were very few people who were more talented than him.

As if he had realized that the two beautiful women were shocked, Zhang Xueyi took his time and smiled indifferently: “Since all of you already know my identity, if you trust me, can you let me, Zhang Xueyi, handle the matter in front of us?”

As Zhang Xueyi spoke, he walked over.

“Wait!” Su Yu opened his mouth abruptly.