The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 322

Chapter 322 Dropping The Pretense

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Zhang Xueyi’s footsteps paused, and he was laughing as he said, “What’s the matter?”

“Am I on close terms with you?” Su Yu stood with his hands behind him, calmly asking.

Zhang Xueyi’s smile turned rigid, then instantly relaxed, “No, but I am one of the Four Great Sons…”

He did not expect Su Yu to cut him off, “Since we are not familiar with each other, why should I trust you? What do you have to do with anything that is happening here? Since there is no connection, how do you have the right to settle this issue and meddle in someone else’s affairs?”

Zhang Xueyi froze on the spot, slightly frustrated.

From the first time he had seen Su Yu until now, Su Yu had greatly displeased him.

But he had never once thought that he was the one causing trouble in both occasions.

Suppressing his frustration, Zhang Xueyi forced a smile, “I am one of the Four Great Sons, you cannot trust my reputation?”

“As for meddling in your affairs, hehe, I am merely helping, when I see injustice. Isn’t that my duty as a martial artist?”

Su Yu shook his head, “The Four Great Sons are very reputable? I am sorry, I’ve never heard of you! Even if I had, let’s talk about me trusting you when the master of the Snow Listening Tower comes down personally!”

“As for helping when you see an injustice, a dog catching mice is also helping with injustice, you do not need to meddle in our affairs.” Su Yu did not hold back.

Zhang Xueyi could not suppress his anger, after being rejected continually. He spoke, his smile gradually fading, turning into an icy expression, his expression unfriendly, “Hmph! I came with goodwill and tried to dissolve the animosity between the two of you. But you fail to see this, and instead, insult me!”

“I am determined to meddle in this affair!” Zhang Xueyi waved the fan in his palm, his expression one of anger.

Su Yu could not help but let out a mocking laugh, “Goodwill? You sure know how to flatter yourself. In reality, you are merely lusting over the Mountain River Dragon Bow in my hands.”

“Must I really make it this clear, before you would stop?”

Zhang Xueyi laughed, arrogantly saying, “A mere vice palace master of the empire wishes to smear my name with a few words?”

“Would I, Zhang Xueyi, one of the Four Great Sons, commit such a lowlife act? I merely cannot stand to see you bullying him, just because you have the numbers advantage, and so I am voicing out this injustice for him.”

Zhang Xueyi clearly had other intentions and was trying to take the Mountain River Dragon Bow, but insisted that he was fighting for justice. This blatant lie made Su Yu chuckle.

If not for the scene at the city gate, Su Yu might have believed that there was a ten percent chance that he was really committing an act of heroism.

Unfortunately, judging from the past, how could an arrogant person like him stand up for someone else?

“Fine, tell me how you intend to resolve this situation?” Su Yu faintly smiled.

Zi Yunxiang was secretly anxious. Why would he let someone else handle the situation?

The other party was clearly trying to defend Gao Cang!

Hua Zhilan raised her brows. Yin Yu’s change in attitude was a little unexpected.

Tu Long also did not understand. In his eyes, Yin Yu was not one to back down, why would he agree to such an unreasonable request?

Zhang Xueyi had a wide smile, “Hehe, looks like you finally thought it through!”

“Since that is the case, I’ll interfere and help you resolve your animosities!”

Zhang Xueyi slowly said, “In my opinion, we have to look back, all the way to the beginning, to resolve your animosities!”

“Palace Master Yin Yu, you were the one who injured Gao Cang and stole his silver bow. This is the reason the conflict arose.”

Hearing this, Su Yu laughed, “If I remember correctly, you were at the scene, too. Who was it that paid the divine herb as a price to complete the transaction? Why does the silver bow belong to him, in your words? Was I wrong to injure him for snatching my silver bow?”

Zhang Xueyi laughed as he shook his head, “Apologies, I only saw you handing over the divine herb. I was not sure whether the silver bow completely belonged to you! As the organizer, the Tu family clearly handed the silver bow to Gao Cang, meaning that the item naturally belonged to Gao Cang. How reasonable was it for you to injure him and snatch his item?”

Zhang Xueyi was distorting the facts, flipping right and wrong. It was very laughable indeed.

Su Yu did not bother to argue, raising his shoulders as he said, “Alright, then how do you want to resolve the animosity between the two of us?”

Zhang Xueyi laughed, “It is easy to settle, since you admit to your wrongdoings!”

“To resolve the animosity between the two of you, first you must return the silver bow that you snatched from him! Second, you owe him an apology, since you injured him!”

“You must definitely complete the first task. As for the second..” Zhang Xueyi looked at Gao Cang, “Can you give me some respect, and forgive the other party, since you were the one who did not clear things up, igniting this misunderstanding? That is some mistake on your part. Could you forgive the other party?”

How could Gao Cang not accept this amnesty? He nodded in a daze, “Alright, alright, I’ll forgive him. He need not apologize!”

Su Yu would have no choice but to bow down under the presence of a powerful fighter, like one of the Four Great Sons of the Snow Listening Tower?

Zhang Xueyi had a smile on his face as he looked at Su Yu once again, “Hehe, how is that? You need not apologize, just return the bow to him.”

Su Yu said, “Is there anything else, other than this?”

“No, this is enough! The animosity between the two of you will be resolved, just like that!” Zhang Xueyi calmly laughed.

Su Yu nodded, “Alright!”

After saying this, he took a step forward.


Fresh blood splattered everywhere, flesh flying into the air.

Gao Cang’s head exploded as it was stepped on, turning into mush.

He did not even have the opportunity to scream, before he was stepped on and killed!

The crowd was silent, shocked by Su Yu’s sudden action.

A splash of blood was splattered on Zhang Xueyi’s robes, in stark contrast with his pale face.

Shocked for a moment, Zhang Xueyi’s expression instantly turned sinister, the words coming from his mouth cold as ice, “What are you doing?”

Su Yu retracted his leg, gently shaking the blood away.

Hearing this, he casually raised his leg, “I was killing him, of course, didn’t you see that?”

Zhang Xueyi’s expression grew more sinister, “I was asking why you did not follow my suggestion? I have already helped you resolve your animosity with him!”

Su Yu crossed his arms, “Animosity? I have never thought about resolving my animosity with him. Wouldn’t killing him settle the score between the both of us?”

“Weird, it was clearly an animosity that could be settled by stepping on him, but you suggested the method of handing over the divine artifact and apologizing.”

“From the first time I met you, I thought that you were very long-winded. You even take such roundabout ways to settle things!” Su Yu shook his head, turning to Zi Yunxiang as he said, “Sorry, I wanted to let you kill him.”

Zi Yunxiang froze for a moment, then smiled, “It’s alright, you were also a student of the Shentian Manor for a short amount of time, so you can technically be called my father’s disciple. This can also count as clearing the household name.”

“Hehe, if that is the case, I need not worry. Alright, let’s go.” Su Yu looked at the sky. It was already night. They had to hurry to the training grounds of the Empire of Darkness.

Hua Zhilan glanced at Su Yu. She had thought that Su Yu had really submitted, to think that…


A vast and horrifying aura suddenly exploded from behind them.

Zhang Xueyi’s expression was immensely sinister, fury burning on his face, “Yin Yu! You played me!”

At this moment, was there anymore explanation to give?

He had intentionally given Zhang Xueyi a chance to mediate, but in the end, killed the person he was defending, right before his very eyes.

Su Yu could not help but turn his head, his lips forming a mocking smile, “Played you? You were so insistent on helping, what has that got to do with me?”

“No one asked you to meddle in our affairs. You brought on your own humiliation, who else can you blame?”

Killing intent flashed past Zhang Xueyi’s eyes, “You, stop right there!”

Su Yu disregarded him, turning to leave.

“I said stop!” A loud roar came from behind him.


Zhang Xueyi was fast as lightning, blocking them with a sinister expression.

“Hand over the Mountain River Dragon Bow!” Zhang Xueyi forcefully suppressed his killing intent.

He had finally dropped the pretense and shown his true intentions.

Su Yu laughed in disdain, “Oh? Gao Cang is already dead, are you going to continue helping Gao Cang keep the silver bow?”