The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 323

Chapter 323 Heartless And Ungrateful

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Zhang Xueyi was so furious that he was about to explode. He bit his teeth to the point that a crunching sound could be heard: “I will say it one last time! Hand over the Mountain River Dragon Bow!”

“Haha…” Su Yu sneered: “Since you failed to be a knight-errant who draws his sword and renders help, you changed your appearance immediately and became an evil bandit, blocking our way, so that you could rob us?”

“Are the Snow Listening Tower’s Four Great Sons this kind of trash?”

Zhang Xueyi was furious and shouted violently: “Yin Yu! You are presumptuous!!”

As he roared furiously, he spun his strong spiritual energy and created many spiritual energy shockwaves, which caused Su Yu’s silver hair and long robe to flutter crazily.

But no matter how furious he was, Su Yu did not move in the slightest and said disdainfully: “Do you think that you are good, just because you are shouting loudly? Snatching items is dependent on your abilities and not your throat!!”

Zhang Xueyi was completely furious: “You are the one who forced me!”

However, at that moment the horizon was filled with dots, and many figures flew over!

From the looks of it, there were about twenty people!

Moreover, all of them were strong martial artists of the Immortal Realm.

Their lowest cultivation base was Immortal Level Two!

Moreover, the leader was actually an Immortal Level three!

Among them, there was a person who wore bloody clothes. His whole face was filled with hatred and anxiety. Who else could it be besides Tu Minghua?

Su Yu turned his eyes and looked over. His gaze then became slightly serious.

When his gaze fell on Tu Minghua, he sighed slightly: “Indeed, to eradicate the trouble, I must eradicate the source of the trouble!”

Tu Long, who was by the side, wore an ashamed and anxious expression.

It was evident that Su Yu had spared Tu Minghua’s life. However, he mistook Su Yu’s goodness for badness. He gathered a group of people and pursued Su Yu and his group of people!

Thump, thump

The twenty of them descended like a mighty current of iron and steel.

The leader was a big and tall man, who wore a suit of armor. He had a beard and a ferocious expression.

Tu Long had a slightly serious expression: “Palace Master Yin Yu, please be careful. He is Tie Shi, the second in command of Anyue City’s city guards! Not only are his abilities high, he also has plenty of experience in close quarter combat. Hence, he is extremely dangerous! Moreover, he has personally nurtured iron-willed troops, who are ready to sacrifice themselves. Although there are not a lot of them, all are strong martial artists of Immortal Level Two. Everyone who has heard about them is terror-stricken!”

Su Yu nodded his head secretly. In addition to Tie Shi, there were two strong martial artists of Immortal Level Three present on the scene.

If Su Yu only had to focus his attention on one person, he had a ninety percent guarantee that he would be victorious.

However, it would be a bit difficult to deal with Tie Shi and Zhang Xueyi at the same time.

What made it even more difficult was that there were nineteen other Immortal Level Two city guards, who were glaring like tigers eyeing their prey.

Once Su Yu fights with the both of them, he would have no time to deal with the remaining people.

Perhaps Tu Long could defend himself. However, Zi Yunxiang and Hua Zhilan were both at the Dragon Realm. In front of the Immortal Realm, they did not even have the right to retaliate.

Would they be captured alive or be killed on the spot? The situation was bleak.

Their only plan was to escape.

“Surround them from all directions and seal off all routes of retreat!” After Tie Shi descended, he gave his orders immediately.

The nineteen Immortal Level Two city guards, who were very experienced, surrounded Su Yu and his group of people in the center.

Even the escape route was lost? Su Yu’s heart sank.

Tu Long wore an anxious expression and said: “Master Tu, Palace Master Yin Yu has already spared you once. Why are you so ruthless that you want to exterminate all of them?”

Tu Minghua shot his gaze toward Tu Long and his face looked tense: “Humph! He dares to kill me? He only restrained himself because of my Tu family’s prestige! Even if we give him guts, he will still not be bold enough to kill me!”

It was evident that Tu Minghua’s life was only spared because Tu Long knelt down and kowtowed for him.

At that very moment, he turned hostile and refused to acknowledge the debt!

Tu Long’s eyes were filled with endless disappointment: “Master Tu, for my sake, please let it go!”

Tu Minghua’s gaze became swift and fierce. He then gave a hum with his nose: “You say that you are Tu Long? That Young Master, who ran away from home? He went missing a long time go. You passed yourself off as him and came to the Anyue City. Even though I haven’t gotten even with you, you actually still had the face to beg for mercy on behalf of the enemies?”

His words caused Du Long’s heart to feel chilly.

How could Du Long not be clear that the members of the Tu family did not hope for him to return?

However, although Tu Minghua knew that he was Tu Long, he questioned Tu Long intentionally. That had indeed caused everyone to have an unpleasant feeling.

In particular, Tu Minghua’s life was only spared because Tu Long knelt down and begged for it, without any regard for his own dignity.

“Master Tu…”

Su Yu gestured his hands in disapproval and stopped him from begging: “To someone who is heartless and ungrateful, he had lost his conscience. Your imploration is the same as you trampling on yourself for no reason.”

“One cannot implore for dignity. It can only be forced out with fists!”

Tu Long blamed himself: “Because of my soft-heartedness, I have caused all of you trouble!”

Although he saved Tu Minghua’s life, he implicated Su Yu and his group of people by landing them in a hopeless situation!

Zi Yunxiang had an anxious expression. Although Su Yu was strong, he would still be unable to fight against so many enemies. The situation at the moment was not one that looked optimistic.

As for Hua Zhilan, her two crescent moon-like clear eyes were laughing.

“Haha, little Junior, you are really good at inviting trouble for Senior Sister!” Hua Zhilan looked around and said surprising words: “I will leave all the Immortal Level Two brats to you. As for the two Immortal Level Threes, Senior Sister will take care of them for you.”

Eh? Su Yu was shocked.

Hua Zhilan only had a cultivation base of Dragon Realm Level Seven Peak. Even so, she actually boasted that she could take care of two strong martial artists of Immortal Level Three at the same time?

When Su Yu recalled that Palace Master Ling thought of her highly, he harbored suspicions secretly.

It was rumored that Hua Zhilan was worth being known as the child prodigy of the Hundred Territories Alliance during her generation. Regarding that point, An Yurou considered herself to be inferior to Hua Zhilan.

After which, Hua Zhilan joined the Empire of Darkness and was nurtured by Palace Master Ling with such great care that he would bring her out personally.

The strangest thing was that Palace Master Ling actually said that Su Yu was Hua Zhilan’s rival, in terms of their training speed.

Buzz, buzz

While Su Yu was thinking deeply, Hua Zhilan’s body emitted a thin fluorescent light.

Su Yu had seen that scene before.

When Inspector Bai He attacked them, his attack dispersed her body into fluorescent light. After which, the fluorescent light gathered and took on the shape of a person. It was strange and shocking.

“Light Shadow Art!” Hua Zhilan murmured softly.

Her whole body emitted a fluorescent light, as if it was a dazzling blazing sun, and this made it difficult for people to look at her.

Tu Minghua revealed a grave expression: “This is… the rumored light body!!”

“By absorbing sunlight, one’s cultivation base can grow continuously? Moreover, one can create a second body! Two bodies training together?”

After hearing what was said, Su Yu was astonished!

There was actually such a thing in the world!

Buzz, buzz

An unusual scene appeared when the endless sunlight dispersed.

Hua Zhilan stood at her original position, like before. However, a dazzling shadow appeared behind her.

The shadow’s whole body emitted a white light, as if it was a substance that was created by light. Looking at it on the surface, it looked almost the same as Hua Zhilan!

That was the second light body!

The most shocking thing was that, after letting out her second body, her cultivation base rose!

She made a breakthrough from Dragon Realm Level Seven to Immortal Level Three Lower Tier in one shot!

Tu Minghua gasped: “When the light body sealed the second body within itself, it had actually sealed its cultivation base as well!”

In other words, Hua Zhilan’s real cultivation base was Immortal Level Three!

At that very moment, she let out her second body, which caused her real cultivation base to be revealed!

The most important thing was that the second body created by the light was the same as Hua Zhilan at Immortal Level Three!

In the blink of an eye, Su Yu’s side had two additional strong martial artists of Immortal Level Three!

Moreover, Su Yu was of an existence which could kill an Immortal Level Two Peak. Hence, they were relieved of their danger to a large extent!

This Hua Zhilan was indeed not normal.

Su Yu felt much more at ease and laughed apathetically: “Senior Sister, I will leave the nineteen city guards and the protecting of both of them to you. You can leave the two Immortal Level Three brats to me!”

Such a decision was made in consideration of Su Yu.

It would be a bit taxing for him to deal with the nineteen city guards and protect Zi Yunxiang at the same time all by himself.

As for Hua Zhilan, she could leave the protection of Zi Yunxiang to one of her clones, and her other clone could kill the remaining city guards.

Two Hua Zhilans looked at Su Yu at the same time, and their beautiful eyes turned inside out: “You can deal with Immortal Level Threes?”

“Although your level of comprehension is commendable, such that your immortal level cultivation technique has achieved Stage One Top Class, Immortal Level Three and Immortal Level Two are like Heaven and Earth.”

Su Yu laughed indifferently: “You are not the only one hiding your abilities!”

Hua Zhilan’s crescent moon-like eyes shrank deeply: “You are still hiding something?”