The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 324

Chapter 324 Unparalleled Killing Intent

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Even though she did not say anything, Hua Zhilan had been secretly shocked by the surprising abilities Su Yu had shown along the way.

At merely Immortal Realm Level One Peak, he was able to defeat an Immortal Realm Level Two Peak. If she had not seen it for herself, it would be very hard to believe.

Hua Zhilan was especially impressed by Su Yu’s mastery over his techniques.

But because of her personality, she feigned ignorance.

Now, hearing that Su Yu had been hiding part of his ability, how could she not be surprised?

Tu Minghua gravely said, “Leader Tie Shi, be careful!”

Tie Shi stared at Hua Zhilan, “Do I need you to remind me? You will be punished by the family for causing such a commotion at the auction hall!”

Tu Minghua was embarrassed, shooting a hateful gaze at Su Yu. If not for Su Yu, everything would have gone smoothly!

Tie Shi shot a fierce glare at Zhang Xueyi, his voice booming, “If I am not wrong, you are one of the Four Great Sons of the Snow Listening Tower, Zhang Xueyi?”

“If you wish to get the Mountain River Dragon Bow, you will have to join forces with me first! Whoever gets the bow in the end will be decided by our abilities.”

Zhang Xueyi did not hesitate, immediately nodding, “Alright!”

Hua Zhilan, who suddenly upgraded herself, had shocked him.

Comparable to two Immortal Realm Level Three, he could only flee in terror, if he was facing off against her battle abilities alone.

“I, one of the Four Great Sons of the Snow Listening Tower, would gladly help in dealing with such a merciless person!” Zhang Xueyi laughed.

Tie Shi’s gaze was locked onto Hua Zhilan, never once leaving her figure, “Sir Xueyi, let us start!”

But just as they were about to launch a pinsir attack on Hua Zhilan, her main body turned into a ball of light and vanished into thin air!

When she appeared again, she was behind the nineteen guards, flailing her hand in the air!

Thud Thud Thud

Suddenly, three Immortal Realm Level Two guards were casually sent flying several hundred meters back!

They did not even have time to let out a wail before the three Immortal Realm Level Three guards died pathetically!

“Hehe, too weak, you need to buck up.” Hua Zhilan’s crescent eyes held traces of cold, “In this hundred years, the Tu family has become a little too arrogant. Let me refresh your memory!”

Saying this, she flailed her hand again, killing another three guards instantly!

Tie Shi’s expression changed drastically, wishing to defend the guards but hearing Zhang Xueyi gravely saying, “Leader Tie Shi, let us both join forces and deal with the clone first!”

Instantly changing his decision, Leader Tie Shi clenched his teeth as he attacked the clone of light alongside Zhang Xueyi.

The clone of light was protecting Zi Yunxiang and Tu Long behind her.

Just as the two were approaching them, a silver haired figure flew in front of them.

“Your opponent is me!” Su Yu stood with his hands behind him, taking the two Immortal Realm Level Three fighters head on!

Zhang Xueyi was not worried, but was rather elated, “Are you sending yourself to die?”

Su Yu coldly shook his head, “Hehe, you are so righteous, teaming up with someone to attack a person. I, a small vice palace master, must definitely do the evil thing and help them.”

In other words, the two of them were shameless for teaming up against the clone.

“Hm! She is in cahoots with you and clearly not a good person. Everyone has the responsibility to rid the realm of people like you!” Zhang Xueyi defended himself.

Tie Shi creased his brows, “You spout too much nonsense! Strike immediately! Kill the both of them!”

Su Yu creased his brows secretly. The Tu family dared to threaten to kill a person of the Empire of Darkness so readily. It could be seen that the Tu family had gained some confidence and dared to face off against the Empire of Darkness.

Zhang Xueyi grunted, attacking alongside Tie Shi!

Su Yu did not move, only his deep starlike eyes gradually frosted with a cold glow.

Finally, the two of them appeared three zhang away from Su Yu at the same time!


Su Yu finally moved, suddenly taking in a deep breath!

In that moment, the spirit energy in the surroundings moved violently. A horrifying destructive energy was brewing in Su Yu’s mouth.

Finally, the energy turned into a destructive current, charging toward the both of them.


The expressions of Tie Shi and Zhang Xueyi changed drastically!

They had both placed their attentions on the clone, never once taking Su Yu seriously.

How could they defend themselves against Su Yu’s powerful attack, which they had not expected?

“Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters. Lin!”

The destructive soundwave spread in all directions!

Dust and debris were sent flying. The spirit energy in the surroundings billowed violently.

The destructive soundwave shot out with all the power in the world.



Two figures were shot back, like falling leaves.

Along the way, blood splattered into the surroundings, and their flesh was burned and bloody. They were both heavily injured!

Su Yu lifted his head to spit out a mouthful of blood, his figure was sent flying backwards.

They had shifted the focus of their attacks, from the clone to Su Yu, in a hurry.

Even though it was in a hurry, it still packed about half their original power.

With the two of them striking at the same time, the power was not weaker than a full powered strike from an Immortal Realm Level Three!

Buzz Buzz

A ball of light flew forward, enveloping Su Yu. It was the clone helping.

Not having the opportunity to evaluate his injuries, Su Yu said in a hurry, “Go, destroy their cultivation levels, or kill them quickly!”


The clone turned into a ball of light, flickering behind Tie Shi and Zhang Xueyi in the blink of an eye. She destroyed their cultivation level, before bringing them before Su Yu.

Hua Zhilan’s main body had already killed all of the guards.

The clone was dragging two heavily injured bodies.

This battle had resulted in no deaths or casualties, but Su Yu was heavily injured!

The critical situation had been resolved so easily!

But at this moment …

“I have waited for this moment for a long time now!” A raspy female voice floated over from the unknown.

It was hard to decipher where the voice came from!

Surveying the surroundings, they could not see the existence of a human figure!

Su Yu’s heart thumped wildly, his eyelids twitching uncontrollably. The ice cold threat of death descended without any warning!

Not good!

“Time Manipulation!” Su Yu let out a low grunt, slipping his body into time that had been accelerated three times.

Sweeping his gaze, a scene that made his pupils dilate appeared!

Behind the clone was a dark, contorted shadow!

It was like the figure of a ghost, crawling behind the clone!

What was even more frightening, even though the clone’s abilities were at Immortal Realm Level Three, it did not realise its presence!

She was completely oblivious, flying toward Su Yu while dragging two heavily injured bodies.

“Careful!!” Su Yu let out a loud roar!

The clone was startled and confused, but the contorted shadow behind her had already made its move.

A pitch black palm pierced through the chest of the clone.

The clone looked down in disbelief, her body slumping as it turned into spots of light, completely revealing the black glow!

It was a black human figure, but extremely contorted!

“It is your turn, Palace Master Yin Yu! No one can save you…” The black raspy voice was heard, as if coming from a fierce ghost.


The black figure suddenly vanished.

Su Yu could not even capture her actions!

But sharp as he was, he could already feel a warm current blowing on his ears behind him!

The figure had already made its way behind him!

Hua Zhilan was still a hundred zhang away, unable to make it in time to help!

No, more accurately, she was lucky that she was not anywhere near Su Yu!

The clone had not even realised the existence of the black figure, before she was easily killed.

If Hua Zhilan had approached, she would not even be able to retaliate, before being killed by the strange black shadow!

As for Su Yu, his body was heavily injured after suffering the combined attack from two Immortal Realm Level Three fighters. He could barely move his body with his heavy injuries!

“Die!” The cold raspy voice came from behind him.

A cold feeling welled up within his soul!

Death had never felt so close!