The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 325

Chapter 325 Crisis

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As Su Yu saw the shadow of death, his left eye emitted a magnificent purple light!

“Seal of Time!”

An invisible purple dragon bound the person behind him on the spot.

That black shadow, which was approaching him, froze at that moment.


A singled-armed shadow came from the side, supported Su Yu with its arm, and lept away.

“Palace Master Zhilan, please escape with Palace Master Yin Yu. I will cover your backs!” Tu Long leaped over, passed Su Yu over to Hua Zhilan, who was coming over, and shouted energetically.

Hua Zhilan was a bit stunned. Cover our backs? With the frightening abilities of the black-clothed woman including that she could kill people unconsciously, there was no chance of Tu Long surviving.

Moreover, whether he could buy time or not wasn’t worth mentioning.

He was sending himself to his own tomb.

“I should have died a long time ago. However, Palace Master forgave me. For the time being, treat this as me returning my life to Palace Master Yin Yu!” Tu Long felt as if he had been relieved of a heavy load.

His body was handicapped, his cultivation base was half-crippled, and it was difficult for him to return to his clan.

He no longer yearned for the past.

Hua Zhilan nodded her head. She then carried Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang in both her hands and flew away.

At that moment, the distorted black shadow recovered from its frozen state.

One could faintly tell that the distorted black shadow had the outline of a woman with a surprised expression.

“You wish to leave?” The woman gave a cold shout. Her silhouette became distorted, changed into a light shadow, and gave chase.

Tu Long bit his teeth and hit his own chest with his palm.

Under the great force, he spit out a mouthful of blood, which fell endlessly.

As the blood fell, an almost transparent silhouette came into contact with a few droplets of the blood, and it was now heading toward Hua Zhilan hastily!

“I have found you!” Tu Long used the method of injuring himself and barely located the silhouette of that black shadow. He then pursued the black shadow quickly.

“Scram!” The woman was furious and shot a lump of spiritual energy effortlessly.

Tu Long blocked the attack with his full strength. However, he was sent flying hundreds of meters away on the spot. As he was sent flying, he spit out blood continuously. In an instant, he was fatally injured and left half-dead.

Su Yu lifted his eyelids with difficulty and looked over. His eyes were filled with shock: “Tu Long!!”

They were supposed to be enemies.

Due to a strange combination of circumstances, they became half enemies, half friends.

Just then, in front of a great enemy, Tu Long sacrificed himself to create an opportunity for Su Yu to escape!

How was it possible for Su Yu to not be moved?

Su Yu’s eyes were overflowing with a thread of hatred, and he looked directly at the woman!

She took advantage of the opportunity when Su Yu was fatally injured to launch a surprise attack. Every attack of hers was deadly and she almost killed Su Yu!

This person had to die!

Perhaps it was because of the fact that blood had come into contact with her, the distorted black light shadow, which enshrouded her body, weakened, and her real body was gradually revealed.

“It’s you! Han Jianglin’s man!” Su Yu had some memory of that woman.

Together with Gao Cang, she accompanied Han Jianglin to Anyue City!

The expression of that woman changed.

She had taken advantage of the opportunity when Su Yu was severely injured to launch a sure-kill attack.

However, she failed on the verge of success, and her identity was exposed!

If she did not kill everyone on sight and the Empire of Darkness found out about the incident…

At that time, there was no need for the Empire of Darkness to pursue her, as she would be killed by Han Jianglin to cover for himself.

“I will not let a single one of you escape!” That woman was naturally Zhen Yulian!

She was skilled in assassination techniques. Although she was only at Immortal Level Three Upper Tier, she could kill people unconsciously and was not inferior to an Immortal Level Three Peak in the slightest!

However, at that moment, the horizon changed abruptly!

A tyrannical aura, which shook the Heaven and Earth, could be felt!

A hundred strong martial artists of the Immortal Realm appeared. They were as vast as dense as dark clouds.

A matchless aura oppressed all living creatures.

A hundred strong martial artists of the Immortal Realm? Such a strong lineup was more than sufficient to compete with the north continent’s Three Great Super Forces head to head!

Zhen Yulian revealed a doubtful expression: “The Tu family?”

Zhen Yulian bit her lip and had no choice but to leave.

Even though Han Jianglin was in contact with the Tu family, if the Tu family found out that Zhen Yulian wanted to kill the Deputy Palace Masters and used that fact against them, the situation would become even worse.

The light shadow became distorted and Zhen Yulian escaped on the spot!

The expression on Hua Zhilan’s face changed as well, and she escaped hurriedly with Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang.

However, she was not good in movement techniques. In addition, she was carrying two people. Hence, she was unable to escape too far away and was completely surrounded by the hundred strong martial artists of the Immortal Realm of the Tu family.

Having felt the piercingly cold murderous intents, Hua Zhilan’s crescent moon-like clear eyes gradually became cold: “The Tu family actually hid themselves so deeply? During the hundreds of years, your strength grew secretly?”

The Tu family stayed in the Dark Forest throughout the year, and it was difficult for outsiders to find out how strong they were.

Who could expect that, within the hundreds of years, the Tu family actually nurtured such a great force secretly, to the point that they could become the fourth super force of the north continent.

With regards to that point, perhaps the Empire of Darkness did not expect it either.

The Tu clan of the former Eight Great Ancient Clans had regained ten percent of its forces!

“Haha…” An indifferent laughter could be heard from within the crowd.

Rustle, rustle, rustle

The hundred strong martial artists of the Immortal Realm of the Tu family lowered their heads and opened up a pathway. Together, they shouted so loudly that they could shake the earth: “Let’s welcome the Young Master!”

The Tu family’s Young Master?

Since Tu Long gave up the position of Young Master, naturally, someone took over his position.

As they were giving their welcome, a young man, who wore silk flower clothes, walked over with his hands clasped behind his back.

He was about twenty years old and looked normal. He looked thirty percent similar to Tu Long.

He had extraordinary magnanimity. He had a grave expression and wore an evil smile.

“It is rumored that Palace Master Zhilan is as beautiful as a goddess. However, she has never shown her true face. I really wish to see under the veil, so that I can ascertain whether the name matches the reality!” The Tu clan’s Young Master stared at Hua Zhilan with an evil smile, and looked her up and down secretly.

Hua Zhilan’s eyes were completely filled with coldness. However, she still wore a smile: “How can you believe the rumors? Since I have never shown my true face to anyone, how will outsides know that I am as beautiful as a goddess? Hence, the rumors are merely incorrectly relayed by meddlesome people.”

“As for your Tu family, you have surrounded the Empire’s Deputy Palace Masters openly. What do you intend to do to us?”

The Tu clan’s Young Master shot a glance toward the late Tu family city guards and Gao Cang. He then grinned menacingly.

“You have killed the city guards, created a mess in the auction house, and killed your competitor. As someone who manages the Anyue City, I will naturally want to bring all of you back, so that you can give us an explanation!”

“No matter who you are, if you violate the rules of Anyue City, you will be given a fitting punishment. Your identities as the Empire’s Deputy Palace Master might hold some importance in other places. However, in my Anyue City, it is not even worth mentioning!”

The other party was determined to put them at death’s door.

Hua Zhilan laughed profoundly: “When did the Empire of Darkness become unworthy of being mentioned in front of the Tu family? Seems like after hiding your capacities and biding your time for hundreds of years, you have become very confident!”

Hua Zhilan sighed lightly and said systematically: “Your auction house tried in vain to embezzle the treasures of your customers. After which, your auctioneer sent people to pursue us. As such, we had to retaliate!”

“The people who had violated the rules of the Anyue City are all of you, and not us!”

The Tu clan’s Young Master stood with his hands clasped behind his back and smiled intimidatingly: “The rules of Anyue City? Haha, the rules of this place are that, if the Tu clan can create rules, they can violate the rules as well!”

“Not mentioning casting greedy eyes on your treasures, even if we want your lives, that still conforms to the rules! Do you understand?” The Tu clan’s Young Master grinned grimly.

Hua Zhilan was about to speak again. However, she was stopped by Su Yu: “He is right. The person whose fist is bigger represents the rules. It is pointless to say anything else!”

“You can put me down.”

Hua Zhilan carefully supported Su Yu’s arm and stood up with difficulty.

Su Yu raised his eyes and looked toward the Tu clan’s Young Master dully: “Leave immediately, before you make us fight to our deaths. Your Tu clan will still have a hope of surviving if you do that!”

The Tu clan’s Young Master’s eyes were filled with disdain: “Ridiculous! Now that things have come to this, do you think that I will allow all of you to live?”

“Also…” The Tu clan’s Young Master looked Hua Zhilan up and down with an evil smile. After which, he looked at Zi Yunxiang: “These two beautiful women seldom have the chance to come Anyue City. How can I not give them good treatment?”

He also had his eyes on both of them!

“Palace Master Yin Yu, just give up. Even if you knelt down and begged me, it would still be pointless! Attack! Capture them!”

However, at that moment, Su Yu shook his head and said: “Who told you that I am begging you?”

“I am only giving you a chance!”

The Tu clan’s Young Master sneered: “Just look at yourself. Do you think that you still have the chips to negotiate with me? Just because of your proud identity of being the Empire’s Deputy Palace Master?”

“Even though you are about to die, you still refuse to put down your pointless dignity. How pitiful!”

However, at that moment, an invisible vortex energy enshrouded Hua Zhilan and Zi Yunxiang silently.

“Haha… This is the Contortion of Space, which can send them far away! When they return to the Empire of Darkness and report whatever happened here, what do you think will happen to your Tu clan?”

The Tu clan’s Young Master’s pupils shrank, and he had a serious expression: “Exactly how many magical powers do you possess?”

If any one of them escaped, to the Tu clan, it would spell their destruction.

Su Yu laughed nonchalantly: “You only have two choices. Firstly, I will transport both of them away, and what awaits your Tu clan then is destruction by the Empire of Darkness! Secondly, before the matter gets worse, get out of this place immediately!”

The Tu clan’s Young Master stood stiffly on the spot, and his expression changed continuously.

If he insisted on killing Su Yu, Hua Zhilan and Zi Yunxiang would escape and report back to the Empire of Darkness.

The crime of killing a Deputy Palace Master openly would cause the King of Darkness to become extremely enraged! Especially since the King of Darkness showed mercy and let the Tu clan unpunished.

If the Empire of Darkness takes revenge, there was a high possibility of the Tu clan being destroyed completely!

The only plan at the moment was to stop before causing visible injuries to the two Deputy Palace Masters. With that, the Empire of Darkness might not necessarily go into war with them.

However, if he let Su Yu off just like that, not mentioning the Mountain River Dragon Bow, a middle grade divine artifact which shocked the north continent, the fact that Su Yu killed the Tu clan’s people was already unforgivable.

The Tu clan’s Young Master bit his teeth and had an unpleasant expression.

Did he still have a choice?

As rationality triumphed over feelings, the Tu clan’s Young Master glared at Su Yu coldly: “You win!!”

Although Su Yu and his group of people created a huge mess in the Tu clan’s territory, the Tu clan’s Young Master could not do anything!

“We shall take our leave!” The Tu clan’s Young Master felt extremely humiliated. He turned his body and left.

When he passed by the fatally injured Tu Long, a thread of murderous intent flashed past his eyes: “Bring him along!”

Su Yu’s expression changed: “Stop it! He is my man!”

“Shut up!” The Tu clan’s Young Master turned his head coldly: “He is a traitor of my Tu clan. Bringing him back to receive the clan’s punishment is part of my clan’s affairs. Do you have the right to interfere?”

“You had better take care of yourself first. Don’t push your luck!”

As the new Young Master, it was obvious that the Tu clan’s Young Master would not allow the former Young Master, Tu Long, to live.

However, if he executed Tu Long in front of everyone, it would result in gossips.

Hence, it was better to bring Tu Long back to the clan and let the clan deal with him!

As for the crime of colluding with Palace Master Yin Yu, even if he did not die, he would pay a huge price!

When Su Yu saw the people of the Tu clan bringing Tu Long, who was fatally injured and half dead, away, his heart was secretly filled with hatred.

Even if he were not injured, he would still be unable to stop them.

As Su Yu saw them gradually getting further away, he clenched his fists.

If not for Tu Long, he would have died at the hands of Zhen Yulian.

If Su Yu did not repay Tu Long’s kindness for saving him, he would forever be filled with regret.

Hua Zhilan sighed with a light sound: “Although Tu Long had been a robber for ten years, he still valued relationships highly. This kind of people should not die here!”

“We will go to the training place and raise our abilities. After which, let us think of an idea to save him!”

Su Yu looked toward the direction of Anyue City coldly: “Understood! I will remember this debt for now!”

Snatching his silver bow, forcing him to the point that he became heavily injured, and even attempting to kill him .. if he did not take his revenge, he would not be a man!

“However, before we leave, shouldn’t we take care of those two scums?”

Su Yu swept his cold eyes past the area. His gaze was like a sharp arrow and it shot toward Zhang Xueyi and Tu Minghua, who were lying on the ground.

Tie Shi was brought back by the people of Tu family. As for Tu Minghua, he was severely injured to the point that he could not talk and was overlooked.

“For the both of you, didn’t one of you want to draw a sword and render help, and didn’t one of you think that I dared not kill you?” With Hua Zhilan’s support, Su Yu’s eyes became filled with murderous intents.

Half of his injuries came from the shameless Zhang Xueyi! It was evident that he had cast his greedy eyes on the silver bow. However, he used justice as an excuse and attacked forcefully!

The other half of his injuries came from Tu Minghua, who repaid good with evil! Tu Long had knelt down and begged for Tu Minghua’s life to be spared. However, the heartless and ungrateful Tu Minghua had tossed that kindness behind his brain and brought along soldiers in pursuit of them.

These two people could not be left alive!