The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 327

Chapter 327 Strengthening The Mind

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Zi Yunxiang bit her lips lightly: “Can I enter as well?”

Hua Zhilan frowned slightly and did not consider Zi Yunxiang’s feelings: “Bringing you here is already giving respect for the fact that you are Yin Yu’s follower. Only Deputy Palace Masters have the right to enter the pond.”

Those words caused Zi Yunxiang’s ears to turn red, and she lowered her head subconsciously.

“Since the pond is big enough, let her come in.” Su Yu gave a pleasant smile.

Hua Zhilan looked at Su Yu with dissatisfaction: “Do you know how difficult it is to earn the right to enter the spiritual pond? This pond is only formed once every five years, and the Ten Great Deputy Palace Masters would do anything to come in!”

“If another person enters the pond, the pond’s effects will become slightly weaker. Will you take responsibility if she affects the effects on the strengthening of my mind?”

Su Yu said: “We will be unable to utilize this spiritual pond completely. Wouldn’t that be a waste? Let me let her in. She will be beside me and not affect you. Is this alright?”

Having that said, what could Hua Zhilan do? Hua Zhilan curled her small mouth and revealed an expression full of inconvenience: “Really, why is it that I have to go through so much trouble to come in, while both of you get the chance so easily!”

Su Yu smiled: “Yunxiang, come in.”

Zi Yunxiang’s eyes shone brilliantly. She was filled with gratitude, while her bright red face was filled with self-reproach. She entered the pond curiously and stayed extremely close to Su Yu, so as to not disturb Hua Zhilan.

Su Yu took a few deep breaths. After he calmed down, he closed his eyes and attempted to strengthen the so-called mind.

After Su Yu closed his eyes for a short while, the dizzy feeling that he felt became even stronger.

Along with a feeling of pain in his head, threads of memories and comprehension flowed through his head, as if it were time flowing quietly.

Xianer’s lively and beautiful figure appeared in his mind quietly.

They first met in the Twilight Mountains. When they met again, she became his fiance.

When they first met, she looked pretty and lovable. When they met again, she had a crystal-clear and enchanting expression. When they were about to be separated from one another, she was indecisive, lonely, and had no one to rely on.

Every scene was like time flowing. Every scene was also like dust that covered every corner of his mind.

Fanciful feelings and tender affections caused his heart to feel stung. These fragments of memories that filled his life became weak rays of light, which could never disappear.

Amidst the pond, Su Yu covered his chest.

He could feel pain from that area.

He felt worried, guilty, and also missed her.

At that very moment, was Xianer doing fine? Was she happy? Was she lonely?

When she was lonely, was there anyone who was by her side? When she missed her father, was there anyone who consoled her? When she cried, was there a shoulder that she could lean on?

Was she still doing well, even though Su Yu was not by her side?

A droplet of tears came out from the corner of Su Yu’s eyes. The red water vapor was glowing with an illusionary light.

He had been separated from Xianer for too long!

It was time to get her back!

This thought circled around a deep part of Su Yu’s soul until it reached his mind. This caused the feelings deep within his soul to surface.

“I… want to meet Xianer…” Su Yu murmured.

At that moment, his thoughts came together, as if his mind, which was choked with silt, had been cleared.

A clear feeling of realization appeared on Su Yu’s face.

His feelings for Xianer were what was hidden in his heart.

The suppressing of those feelings for a long time had become his emotional entanglement, which affected his comprehension of cultivation techniques and the Divine Decree.

At that very moment, those suppressed feelings became his power to fight and caused his faith to be unobstructed.

However, it was still not enough!

When the memories of Xianer dispersed, another figure appeared quietly.

Just like her name and character, she was gentle, refined, and stood aloof from worldly strife. She was like a fairy that had been banished for life and was also like a celestial beauty.

Xia Jingyu.

A woman who caused Su Yu’s heart to shake as well.

Her character was like her name. She was like a quiet rain during summer, which moistened everything silently.

At some point in time, she had left a deep impression in Su Yu’s soul. It was impossible for Su Yu to get rid of those feelings, as those feelings were unforgettable.

Would she do everything that Su Yu said, or accompany him quietly and gracefully? Also, was she someone that Su Yu never realized that he had feelings for?

When they first met, she bestowed a bow upon Su Yu. When they met again in the historical remains, Su Yu saved her. When they met again, Su Yu was besieged on all sides and she came to his aid. In addition, in the Evil Forest, that beautiful figure, which always stood by his side, the tears which she shed for him, that coldness she displayed when she drew her sword against the Holy King…

Moreover, there was still that promise, where she would see everything in the world on his behalf.

Amidst his memories, which were like flowing water, Su Yu felt as if he were standing on the Earth, watching her get on a big bird and fly away.

At that moment, Su Yu realized that, when she left, she was crying.

At that very moment, those misted beautiful eyes, that extremely clear shadow, and that memory were like surging dust, like fluctuating waves, and like heavy rain which stirred Su Yu’s mind.

He realized that in his life, there was once a woman who would have done anything for him at any cost.

Now, he realized why that impression she left behind in his soul was so deep and unforgettable.

Where was she at that very moment? Was she doing well?

Or was she smiling firmly alone, using her eyes to see everything on behalf of Su Yu?

Su Yu had owed her too much, to the point that he could not bear all this gratitude.

If Xianer were a love that he found difficult to bear in his life, Xia Jingyu would be the friend that he found difficult to bear in his life.

Su Yu felt as if he had gone through life again, where he saw Xia Jingyu clearly again and experienced what he went through with her again.

He felt an indescribable pain, which did not go away even after a long time, on his chest.

At the corners of his eyes, a droplet of tears trickled down.


Sounds of great waves could be heard from deep inside his soul, as if a long river that had been quiet for a long time started to flow again.

Su Yu’s soul became extremely clear and relaxed, like never before.

Having realized what his mind thought of, and having realized his true feelings, his soul was strengthened.

Those memories vanished.

Su Yu regained his consciousness. However, he continued to be stuck in that lifelike memory, which felt like yesterday, and he was unable to free himself from it.

The pain in his chest, and the feelings that kept surging within his mind, were like tears that never stopped trickling down from the corners of his eyes.

It was only after a long time when Su Yu’s eyelids twitched slightly and he slowly opened his teary eyes.

The eyes, which were once deep, were now filled with grief and feelings of yearning for someone.

Ever since he left Shenyue island, his mind was never as free and transparent as they were that very moment.

“Xianer, Xia Jingyu…” Su Yu murmured hoarsely. He only felt that his mind was open and spacious, as if it were the sky, still and lonely.

After standing for a long time, Su Yu clenched his fists secretly.

After his current journey was over, at the very least, he wanted to see Xianer and resolve this emotional entanglement.

“Finally woken up? I had thought that you would never wake up again.” He could hear Hua Zhilan’s complaints.

When he looked around, she and Zi Yunxiang had already gone ashore.

Moreover, the spiritual liquid in the pond had been depleted, to the point that it was now only at his ankles’ level.

Su Yu stood up. However, he realized that his body was as stiff as carved stone.