The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 328

Chapter 328 The Power Of The Silver Bow

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“You should recuperate where you are. You have not moved for half a month, so it is not surprising that your body is so rigid!” Hua Zhilan flipped her eyes.

The two of them had completed their heart strengthening in two to three days. Only Su Yu had to take a whole half a month.

The more complicated his heart was, the longer the process of strengthening would be.

The two of them could not understand what kind of heavy memories Su Yu was holding on to.

Half a month? The two short memories had taken him half a month?

In that moment, Su Yu had a deep sadness within him.

Silently circulating his spirit energy to recuperate, Su Yu discovered in surprise that his cultivation level had broken through several levels!

He had reached Immortal Realm Level Two Upper Tier from Immortal Realm Level One Peak!

This effect did not pale in comparison to the Spirit Fate Elixir!

Looking over, Hua Zhilan had reached the Upper Tier from Immortal Realm Level Three Lower Tier. Her expression was laced with an added layer of nobility, which was an effect of the heart strengthening.

Zi Yunxiang had also broken through to Dragon Realm Level Seven Upper Tier from Dragon Realm Level Five Upper Tier. She had broken through two entire levels, which was akin to reaching the heavens in a single bound!

Even Su Yu had not experienced something like this, to have his cultivation level increase so greatly.

Her beautiful features now had an added spiritual quality, which was an effect of the waters of the pond.

The three of them had benefited greatly from the heart strengthening.

At this moment, Su Yu tried to gain more insight into the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters, as well as the Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air. He found that the portions that were hard to understand in the past had been simplified and become clear.

The barrier that had been obstructing him for the longest time was about to collapse.

He could achieve a breakthrough, with just a little more time.



But at this moment, the entire basement shook violently.

Hua Zhilan had a look of worry, “Darn it, it’s here again?”

Su Yu’s expression turned grave, “What is happening?”

Zi Yunxiang was pale, “It is a demonic beast! There have been demonic beasts gathering here since the fifth day we came in. They tried to attack the steel gate and enter the basement. They have been attacking for the past ten days.”

“Is it the beast tide?” Su Yu’s pupils dilated.

When they were heading here, Palace Master Ling had told them that there was going to be a beast tide.

But unexpectedly, it had arrived a month early!

They were at the borders of the Forest of Darkness.

If there were demonic beasts here, that would mean that Anyue City had already been attacked by the demonic beasts!

“The demonic beast attacking us is no ordinary monster. It is rumoured that the third vice palace master had once tried to attack the steel gate, but it did not move an inch. This demonic beast can shake the entire space!” Hua Zhilan’s expression was serious.

Su Yu’s gaze flickered, “Third vice palace master? What is his cultivation level?”

The fourth vice palace master An Fang was Immortal Realm Level Three Lower Tier, then the third vice palace master

“Immortal Realm Level Three Peak!: Hua Zhilan enunciated every word.

Su Yu was shocked, gasping as he said, “That is to say that the attacking demonic beast is possibly Immortal Realm Level Four?”

Immortal Realm Level Four. In the face of such overwhelming power, their only fate was to be reduced to dust.

Even with the three of their abilities combined, they could do no damage to a single hair of this demonic beast!


The demonic beast continued attacking. The basement shook with every attack.

“There is not much time left. The steel gate can only last for another five days! After that, there will be nothing between us and the demonic beast!” Hua Zhilan had a grave look in her eyes.

Even though Hua Zhilan and Zi Yunxiang did not say anything, Su Yu understood that he was the one who had dragged them into this situation.

If they had left earlier, how would they have been obstructed by this demonic beast now? It was because they had waited for Su Yu that they were met with this situation.

“Give me some time.” Su Yu sat crossed legged, his mind spinning.

The only plan they had now was to increase their battle abilities. This was the only way they could fight against the Immortal Realm Level Four demonic beast.

In terms of cultivating techniques, Su Yu was not confident of cultivating the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters to the Lower Class in just five days.

Even if the Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air broke through to Stage One Peak, it might not be enough to stand up against an Immortal Realm Level Four being.

The Divine Decree was an even greater unknown.

There was only one way to increase his battle abilities!


Su Yu had a thought. A flicker of light appeared in his hands. A silver glow was released, shaking the ground.

It was as if a giant mountain had suddenly dropped down on the space.

Hua Zhilan and Zi Yunxiang were alarmed. They looked in surprise, “Mountain River Dragon Bow? Didn’t you teleport it somewhere? Why is it on you now?”

Su Yu had no time to reply, gravely gripping onto the bow.

His cultivation level was at Immortal Realm Level Two Upper Tier, but it was still taxing for him to lift up the bow.

He could only barely lift the bow by gathering all of his spirit energy at his palms.

“We can only depend on this,” Su Yu gravely said, placing one end of the bow on the ground. He placed his right hand on the string of the bow.

This bow did not require arrows. One only needed to pour spirit energy into it to shoot arrows made of spirit energy. Its power was unknown.

This was, after all, a medium grade divine artifact that superpowers covet, its power should not be too weak.

But as Su Yu was pulling the string, his expression turned rigid.

He had gathered all of his spirit energy into his palm, but was unable to move even an inch of the string!

It was as if what he was pulling was a giant mountain.

With shock in his heart, Su Yu gave up, handing the bow over to Hua Zhilan, “You try.”

Hua Zhilan was Immortal Realm Level Three Upper Tier. There might be a chance she could do it with her cultivation level.

Stroking her fair chin, Hua Zhilan was visibly excited, “Hehe, pitiful junior, you can’t even use the treasure you own. Look at how your senior does it!”

It would be a lie, if she said she was not interested in a medium grade divine artifact.

Circulating ten percent of her spirit energy, Hua Zhilan grabbed the bow in her palm. Even though it was a little taxing, she did not have much difficulty gripping the bow.

The difference in the amount of spirit energy between an Immortal Realm Level Two and an Immortal Realm Level Three was like night and day.

Ten percent of her spirit energy was equivalent to all of Su Yu’s spirit energy.

If not for the fact that Su Yu was in possession of a legendary level technique, he would definitely have died, when he pitted against Immortal Realm Level Three fighters.

Hua Zhilan propped her slender fingers on the bowstring, letting out a little force.

She lifted her brows. The bowstring did not move.

Thinking for a moment, she circulated thirty percent of her spirit energy, equivalent to three Su Yus pulling the string.

But the bowstring did not move an inch.

Hua Zhilan’s expression finally turned serious.


Her spirit energy doubled. She was circulating sixty percent of her spirit energy!

But what was shocking, was that the bowstring remained stationary!

Hua Zhilan’s ears were burning as her face turned red. She clenched her teeth, refusing to give up. She circulated all her spirit energy, “Move!”

All her spirit energy was equivalent to ten Su Yus pulling at the bow!


The bowstring released an extremely faint sound.

There was a ripple on the bowstring. It had been pulled back a distance not more than an inch!

If one did not look closely, they would not have noticed that the bowstring had been pulled back.

She had finally pulled back the bowstring, but only such a short distance!

Hua Zhilan was very surprised, “What bowstring is this? I can’t even pull it back!”

With her full strength, she could only pull the bowstring back to such a small degree. Hua Zhilan found it hard to accept this.

Reluctantly releasing her fingers, Hua Zhilan’s face was full of frustration.

But at this moment, the slight arc of the bowstring returned to its original position, shooting out a bolt of energy!


A power, now lower than an attack from an Immortal Realm Level Two Upper Tier fighter, suddenly erupted, shooting toward the opposite wall.

A hole, half a zhang in radius, was blasted open on the wall of the basement that was being shot at.

Zi Yunxiang’s eyes bulged, “There is such a terrifying power, just by pulling it back an inch? If it was pulled back completely”

Su Yu and Hua Zhilan froze where they stood, staring at the opposite wall, their eyes full of shock.

This was the power of a medium grade divine artifact?