The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 329

Chapter 329 Refining The Silver Bow

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Compared to the Divine Ice Threads, Su Yu had to admit that Yun Yazi was right.

Even a hundred low grade divine artifacts could not be compared to a middle grade divine artifact!

Hua Zhilan was stunned for a long time. She then reacted, and her face was filled with excitement: “Let me try again!”

Buzz, buzz

With a flash of her body’s fluorescent light, a figure created by pure light appeared beside her.

That was the clone of the light body!

It had the same cultivation base as the main body.

The light body held Hua Zhilan’s hands. Both of them then revolved their spiritual energies at the same time and pulled the bowstring.

As such, it was the same as two Immortal Level Three Upper Tiers drawing the bow at the same time.


A small angle that could be seen by a naked eye finally appeared on the bowstring.

Compared to a moment ago, the angle was doubled.

Hua Zhilan and her clone released their hands at the same time.

At once, an indistinct spiritual arrow of the size of a nail appeared on the bow.

Following the bowstring being released, the spiritual arrow was shot toward the wall opposite them!

Rumble, bang

In an instant, the whole wall vibrated.

An explosion-like giant hole, ten Chinese feet broad, appeared in front of them.

Zi Yunxiang was extremely shocked: “The power of an Immortal Level Three Lower Tier!”

Many big forces were unable to nurture a strong martial artist of Immortal Level Three, even after hundreds of years.

However, at their current location, by pulling the bowstring slightly, it exhibited such strong abilities!

This was as to be expected of an ancestor garrison divine artifact of a super force!

However, Hua Zhilan and Su Yu could not help but be a bit disappointed.

Hua Zhilan sighed and returned the bow: “It is a bit unrealistic to put our hopes on the divine artifact.”

Rumble, bang

At that moment, perhaps because it had realized the movements in the secret room, that Immortal Level Four demonic beast banged the iron door even more violently!

The whole secret room was shaking continuously.

From the looks of it, it would not hold for more than five days!

“I can only take a gamble!” Su Yu crossed his legs and sat down. He then took out a jade bottle, which contained a droplet of red liquid.

It was that droplet of the Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid that had been diluted!

Tu Minghua tried in vain to use it in exchange for the silver bow. However, he did not expect that, in the end, the silver bow would fall in the hands of Su Yu. The diluted Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid also fell in the hands of Su Yu.

With a flash of murderous intent, Su Yu bit his finger and squeezed out a droplet of blood. After which, he mixed the diluted Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid and blood together to create a droplet of mixed liquid.

After that, he allowed the mixed droplet of liquid to drip onto the silver bow.

A miraculous scene appeared.

The mixed droplet of liquid seeped into the silver bow, without any hindrance.

The extremely heavy silver bow shook slightly.

Straight away after that, a droplet of blood was forcefully squeezed out by the silver bow.

Hua Zhilan was surprised: “Are you trying to refine the silver bow?”

The Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid could wash away the blood of the original owner. Su Yu’s blood could then take advantage of that opportunity to seep into the silver bow and refine it.

However, looking at the results, he had failed completely!

All of Su Yu’s blood was squeezed out, and he was unable to refine the bow.

As expected, the effects of the diluted Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid were too weak.

Even if it were the original liquid, ten droplets were required to completely wash the seal away.

“No!” Su Yu’s gaze turned serious. He smelt the blood, which had been squeezed out: “Ninety-nine percent of the blood is mine. However, the remaining one percent is the blood of the original owner!”

“In other words, one percent of my blood has entered the silver bow!”

Su Yu stared at the silver bow. His gaze flashed and he grabbed the silver bow.

Filled with anticipation, Su Yu tried to carry the silver bow.


What Su Yu did not expect was that the silver bow, which was originally as heavy as an eight thousand foot tall mountain, was actually as light as a small mountain!

As Su Yu grabbed the silver bow with all his strength, he used too much strength and his body almost flipped over!

“This is… the results of refinement?” Su Yu was extremely delighted.

The silver bow was still heavy, like before, and it could probably kill hundreds of normal human beings with its weight.

However, to Su Yu, it was already a lot lighter, and he only felt that it was very heavy. Compared to moments ago, where he could barely carry it, it was a lot better!

Hua Zhilan’s beautiful eyes were filled with astonishment. They were also filled with envy: “Quick, try drawing the bow and see how powerful it is!”

Su Yu nodded his head. He placed his fingers on the bowstring, spun all his spiritual energy, and pulled slowly!

At once, the bowstring moved one inch!

It moved twice as much, as compared to the combined efforts of Hua Zhilan and her clone!

A spiritual arrow the size of a little finger appeared on the bowstring.

As Su Yu released his fingers, a black fragmentary arrow swept past the air and pierced the stone wall.

Rumble, rumble

The whole basement vibrated slightly.

An explosion-like hole that was twenty Chinese feet broad appeared on the stone wall!

“The power of an Immortal Level Three Upper Tier!” Zi Yunxiang could not conceal the surprise within her heart.

She was amazed by the power of the silver bow, as well as by the changes that resulted after Su Yu refined the silver bow.

The power that Su Yu exhibited was more than double that of the power that Hua Zhilan and her clone exhibited when they teamed up!

Comparing the past, where the bowstring could not even be pulled, to the present, the power that Su Yu exhibited was twenty times more powerful!

However, it was far from enough to deal with that Immortal Level Four demonic beast!

Even if only a thread of the silver bow was refined, it was still not enough?

Just when everyone’s heart started to sink, the silver bow suddenly glowed with a silver light!

The illusion of a silver feather arrow appeared in the sky.

Under the holy and pure light, was an exceptional murderous aura that caused everyone to have the jitters!

The tip of the arrow glowed with a cold light that was as icy as frost. It was so cold that the coldness reached the bone, even the soul!

The whole basement shook with a trembling sound and the stone walls cracked. It was as though the arrow wanted to destroy all quarters of the world!

That boundless, murderous aura could dominate the world and kill all human beings. It could be said that it was matchless!


At that moment, that stubborn ferocious demonic beast, which had banged the iron door for half a month, gave a cry and started to groan with fear.

Noises of something treading on the Earth could be heard, as the demonic beast escaped hastily.


The illusionary arrow disappeared with a flash and seeped into the silver bow again.

Hua Zhilan and Zi Yunxiang found it difficult to comprehend what they saw. However, Su Yu’s heart trembled.

Yun Yazi had said before that the silver bow itself was just the surface and that there was another secret within the silver bow!

Could it be that illusionary silver bow?

“Master? What secret does this silver bow have?” Su Yu questioned.

Within the jade box in his chest, Yun Yazi laughed indifferently: “Haha, your luck is commendable. You have really picked up a treasure.”

“If I am not wrong, this Mountain River Dragon Bow is not arrowless. Instead, it has an arrow, which has been sealed within the silver bow by the bow’s owner! The arrow will only be released when at least half of the silver bow has been refined!”

“Moreover, the grade of this silver arrow is much higher than the silver bow itself!” Yun Yazi laughed.

Su Yu’s heart started to beat extremely fast: “How much higher is the grade?”

Yun Yazi had a real yet fake smile: “In your mind, it will be considered a lot higher and not lower. At the very least, it is not lower than Palace Master Ling’s palace garrison divine artifact, the Broken Divine Spear.”

What? Su Yu was extremely surprised!

The silver arrow’s grade was actually comparable to the palace garrison divine artifact?

That day, that palace garrison divine artifact gave a fatal blow to all quarters, and Su Yu could not forget that power which killed Inspector Bai He easily.

There would actually come a day where he could obtain such a frightening weapon?

“Haha, think of a way to get the Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid and release the silver arrow. That will then become your trump card! Even that legendary level cultivation technique of yours might not be comparable to it.”

Su Yu was extremely shocked and could not calm down, even after a long time.

A palace garrison divine artifact was sealed within the silver bow!

He must definitely get his hands on the Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid!

A deep part of Su Yu’s eyes was glowing with a swift and fierce light.