The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Slaying the Enemy with the Holy Decree

Su Yu stood with his hands behind his back, observing his opponent. The silver haired youth was about 17.

He had a recollection of the day in the depository. The silver haired youth thought that the presence of a silver student was polluting the environment, then turned to leave. Even now, he thought that the presence of Su Yu was polluting his line of sight.

His level of arrogance was the same as his. However, he had the right to be this arrogant! His abilities were at Level Five Lower Tier of the Martial Path, and he was ranked fourth in the 10 great demon students, slightly lower than that of Xia Jingyu.

"If you think that I am polluting your line of sight, you are free to close your eyes or blind yourself, no one is stopping you." Su Yu calmly said.

The youth's expression was cold, "Make your move! Do not waste my time with your blabber, silver trash!"

Su Yu smiled, but did not say a word.

Level Five of the Martial Path was powerful indeed! Since he had dared to step onto the stage, he must be confident in dealing with the likes of the Ray of Diabolic Light.

His ability Tempest had not reached Stage Three. While it was effective in dealing with Level Fours, it would stand no chance against a Level Five. It looks like his only choice was to use that move.

"You dirty trash! I let you have the first move, and yet you hesitate. You no longer have the chance to strike!" The silver haired youth felt as though standing on the same stage as Su Yu was sullying himself. He lashed out.

"Star Destroying Finger!" An advanced level technique was displayed. His fingers circled, as if tracing the orbits of planets. It was radiant and unfathomable. An untameable gale, coated with terrifying vital energy, trembled its very surroundings.


The attack of his finger brought forth a heavy pressure to its surroundings. Su Yu did not move, his starlike eyes captivated. A unique rhythm enveloped his body.

He was the same person, but it was as though he had become one with nature. It was as if he had become one with his surroundings. Like a painting, Su Yu's presence faded. He became like a character in a painting. Fang Yun's cool smirk turned into a grave expression.

Xia Linxuan squinted. Ye Xuan could not believe what he was seeing and broke into bouts of heavy breathing. The Duke of Xianyu's eyes displayed a show of excitement.

Xia Jingyu covered her mouth, "This is"

The thick browed youth exhaled. "Out of the 10 great demon students, only the top could use this. The Holy Decree!"

The Holy Decree was one of the prerequisites to entering the realm of the Holy King. There were many who cultivated themselves to Level Six, Seven, Eight and even Nine but were unable to attain the Holy Decree, never fated to enter the realm of the Holy King.

For example, of those who are present, Fang Yun, Xia Linxuan, and even the duke of Xianyu were unable to gain insight into the Holy Decree. It is only with incredible perception, such as those found in demon students, who could gain insight into the technique.

Out of the 10 great demon students, only the top had gained insight to the basics of the technique. The rest of them had not been able to. The Holy Decree, sought after by tens of thousands of top notch martial artists, had been displayed by a 14 year old, a junior of only Level Four of the Martial Path!

Everyone was shocked! To be able to attain the Holy Decree was to hold a key to the doors to the Holy King. As long as Su Yu continued to grow, he had the potential to be the next generation's Holy King.

Atop the stage...

Shao Li attacked with his finger, suddenly realizing the change in the temperament of his opponent. A bout of uneasiness enveloped him.

"The Heavenly Finger!" Su Yu immersed himself in the state the elder in the wall painting was in, striving to achieve the same state of mind as him. He involuntarily moved his finger.

This finger was ordinary, without gimmicks or magnificence. The air in the surroundings however danced wildly, gathering towards the finger. Nature's rhythm and its unparalleled awe were clearly displayed at the tip of his finger. Everyone in the audience was captivated, faintly feeling more in tune with the flow of nature.

Su Yu moved his finger through the air. Shao Li was still three meters away.

But his advanced technique, the Star Destroying Finger, was countered!


Shao Li violently threw up blood, a new bloody gash forming on his chest. He flew backwards, heavily landing below the stage. His arrogant eyes were etched with shock.

Su Yu kept his finger, his gaze gradually becoming clear.

He had a small enlightenment, gaining further insight into the technique.

At the same time, the Purple Star Thunderbolt that he had had so much trouble understanding became much clearer. Perhaps with a little more cultivation he could start using it at the beginner level. Unfortunately, he did not have the time to start cultivating the technique.

With his hands behind his back he made his way to the edge of the stage. From the higher vantage point, he looked down at the bloodied Shao Li, calmly shaking his head. "You really are part of the 10 great demon students? You hang the words 'silver trash' in your mouth, and I thought you were really powerful. But you are not even at the level of silver, such weakness."

Shao Li angrily threw up another round of blood before slipping into a coma. He was immensely proud, but he had lost to a silver trash. The audience was dead silent.

Shao Li, who was ranked fourth in the 10 great demon students, could not take a single stroke of Su Yu's technique.

Countless people held their breath as they looked at Su Yu's purple silhouette. It was as if they saw an unbeatable battle figure.

Jiang Xueqing was in a daze, her mind blank as a sheet. She actually abandoned a student of the caliber of a demon student.

Xia Jingyu and the thick browed youth were equally dumbfounded.

Ye Xuan's breathing was hurried. He clenched his fists and anxiously reminded, "Lord! We cannot tolerate this any longer! Fang Yun, in order to save face, would definitely get rid of this genius who has the potential to be the Holy King! How could we condone this mistake?"

Xia Linxuan had the same intentions. "Inspector Fang! Please reconsider his expulsion! If he did not commit any major mistakes, there is no need for the expulsion!"

How could he give up on a genius that had gained insight into the Holy Decree?

Fang Yun's expression changed, his face turned fiery hot. He stared at his son with a hint of criticism. If not for his son, how would he have the heart to expel such a genius? As an inspector, the performance of the Xianyu prefecture martial arts training institute was of grave significance to him.

He would definitely become a laughing stock if he got rid of a genius who had gained insight into the Holy Decree. But he had already announced the Su Yu's expulsion to everyone. To retract his orders would invite mockery by everyone.

After much contemplation, he decided that only by killing Su Yu could he save his reputation. The Duke of Xianyu had come all guns blazing anyway. The Duke of Xianyu would not object to killing Su Yu here.

Finalizing his plan, Fang Yun rose from his seat. He put on a show of impartiality and howled, "Insolence! Instead of surrendering, you heavily injure the students of the institute. I, as an inspector, cannot forgive you!"


Vital energy of terrifying proportions broke through the atmosphere from meters away, shooting towards Su Yu. Only a Level Seven of the Martial Path could release his vital energy outwardly. There was no escape for Su Yu.

Su Yu let out a groan. He could no longer continue the battle.

"No!" Xia Jingyu had tears in her eyes. She escaped her binds and flew over to the stage.

The young princess of Xianyu's face turned red with worry, "No! I did not have the intention to kill him. Please stop"

Countless onlookers sighed in their hearts. A genius who had just displayed his powers was going to be struck down like that.

In the moment of crisis, a gust of energy shot forward. While it was incomparable to the vital energy of Fang Yun, it did manage to alter the path of the bloodthirsty vital energy Fang Yun had released.


The vital energy grazed past Su Yu and hit an unoccupied seat in the spectating area, turning it into dust.

If that had hit Su yu, he definitely would have been obliterated.


At that moment, a person flew to the stage, and stood in front of Su Yu. This person was not Xia Linxuan, nor was he Ye Xuan.

It was the Duke of Xianyu! The person who wanted Su Yu dead was the Duke of Xianyu! But now, the person saving Su Yu was also the Duke of Xianyu!

The crowd was perplexed. Even Xia Linxuan and Ye Xuan could not comprehend the situation.

Fang Yun froze for a moment, then politely asked, "Duke of Xianyu, what is the purpose of this? I am helping you capture this rebel."

"Haha" The Duke of Xianyu let out a large laugh towards the heavens.

He turned with a sparkle in his eyes, then cordially put his hands on Su Yu's shoulder, his face full of vitality. "It is I who lacked consideration, causing this misunderstanding. Su Yu is my prospective son-in-law. To put out a warrant for him was a bad idea indeed."

Son-in-law? The son-in-law of the Duke of Xianyu?

The entire hall was flabbergasted. They could not react to this wild turn of events.

Just previously, the duke of Xianyu had been issuing a manhunt, threatening to kill. And now, he announces that Su Yu is his son-in-law?

The Duke of Xianyu maintained a calm expression and said, "My daughter and Su Yu were brought together by fate. My daughter has not been able to forget your help in saving her life. I, as her father, could only come up with the idea of a manhunt to search for Su Yu amongst the thousands of people in the city. Luckily, we have finally found you!"

The Duke of Xianyu was incredibly joyful, patting Su Yu's shoulders and harboring a smile, "Su Yu! My daughter is smitten over you, do not disappoint her."

Su Yu felt as though he was struck by lightning. He had thought that he wouldn't be able to escape death. To think that there was such a turn of events!

Soon, Su Yu understood.

In the beginning, the Duke of Xianyu had really wanted to capture him. However, after he had discovered his talent, he took advantage of the situation and changed his stance, using the excuse of finding a son-in-law to keep Su Yu for himself.

Fortune follows after surviving an adversity.

Su Yu thought quickly. His performance today had been stunning. Qin Feng and Fang Qingzhou would definitely think of ways to get rid of him. The martial arts training institute had no way of protecting him.

With Fang Yun's influence, even Xia Linxuan and Ye Xuan, as much as they wanted to, could not do anything. This was evident in that series of events.

Only the Duke of Xianyu, a member of the royal family, could provide a backing. This way, even Fang Yun or the Duke of Qin could not touch him. Su Yu did not have a choice.

"Who am I to receive such grace from the duke and the young princess?" Su Yu put on a show of humility.

The Duke of Xianyu put his hands together and laughed, "Haha You've attained the Holy Decree and have the possibility of becoming the Holy King. Such a dragon among man is naturally worthy of my daughter.

"Great! Since this is the case, I shall take it that you accept. In half a month, we shall hold a wedding for you and my daughter!" The Duke of Xianyu was joyful. He looked around and said, "When the time comes, I hope that all of you will attend!"

The young princess of Xianyu was dumbfounded, pointing at her own nose in her daze. What? I cannot get over Su Yu? What? They are going to hold a wedding for me? This perverted man is going to be my fiance?

The young princess of Xianyu angrily pouted her lips, loudly shouting, "I I"

Her servant, Xiaozi, shot her a look, hurriedly covering the young princess's mouth, softly whispering in her ear, "Young princess, don't cause a ruckus, or the duke will be embarrassed."

Xiaozi turned her gaze to Su Yu on the stage. He was suave and had incredible ability. She was envious. The young princess was really lucky. In a strange twist of fate, she had managed to get herself such a capable husband. The future Holy King. How many girls could only dream of marrying someone like that. The young princess did not know a blessing when she saw one If only she was the young princess.