The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 330

Chapter 330 In Exchange For Contribution

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“We should leave quickly, in case we get obstructed by demonic beasts again!” Su Yu collected his thoughts, placing the silver bow back into the Cosmos Mirror as he flew out of the basement.

The land was ravaged outside the steel gate. Every corner was burnt black.

“What kind of demonic beast is that?” Hua Zhilan’s expression was grave as she looked at the scene of destruction.

Su Yu utilised his crystalline pupils, but he could only see a great red light vanishing in the distance.

“Let’s return to Anyue City!” Su Yu’s gaze flickered.

Half a month had past. They did not know of Tu Long’s fate!

The group flew toward Anyue City in a hurry.

Along the way, there were not too many demonic beasts.

“It looks like the Immortal Realm Level Four demonic beast that we encountered was just the vanguard. The true beast tide has not approached yet! But it should be coming soon!” Su Yu and the group passed by a horde of demonic beasts.

Four Dragon Realm Level Five demonic beasts were fighting over a human corpse.

The corpse belonged to a female child only ten years old!

Beside her was her father, who had already been reduced to bones and scraps of flesh.

The corpse of the child suffered the same fate.

The bulging eyes had long turned dull, her eyes now only reflected the blue sky that was faraway.

Her corpse became a feast for the demonic beasts.

Su Yu stopped, staring at the pair of eyes, his heartstrings tugging.


He killed the four demonic beasts with a transparent bolt of spirit energy.

Hua Zhilan had a cold expression, “Let’s go.”

Humans and demonic beasts cannot coexist.

Similar scenes occurred during the rest of the journey. The vast Forest of Darkness was filled with a metallic scent. At this moment, the place had been reduced to a living hell! This was merely the precursor to the beast tide! The true beast tide would be even more gory than this.

With a heavy heart, the group entered the city. What appeared before their eyes was a desolate scene. Half a month ago, this place was bustling with activity, a prosperous place for humans. Now, the doors to the shops were shut tightly with nobody on the streets. And even if there were, they were all hurrying somewhere, perhaps out of the city toward the northern continent.

Groups of guards were rushing to the city walls, their expressions cold as they prepared for a fight. Killing intent was present in all of Anyue City. From the air, a big group of humans was fleeing Anyue City, like the receding of a tide. Only ten percent of the fighters chose to stay.

“Most of them are here for the bounty!” Su Yu’s group stood in front of the city’s notice board.

Half a month ago, the Anyue City master had issued bounties. Those who contributed to fighting the beast tide would receive rewards: Killing a Dragon Realm Level One demonic beast would get you one point of contribution. Killing a Dragon Realm Level Two demonic beast would get you two points of contribution. And so on.

Killing a Dragon Realm Level Seven demonic beast would get you seven points of contribution, but killing an Immortal Realm Level One demonic beast would get you a hundred points of contribution.

Killing an Immortal Realm Level Two demonic beast would get you a thousand points of contribution, and killing an Immortal Realm Level Three demonic beast would get you ten thousand points of contribution!

If they could kill an Immortal Realm Level Four demonic beast, they would get a hundred thousand points of of contribution! A thousand points of contribution would be able to be exchanged for a fragment of an immortal level technique.

What was most shocking was that ten thousand points of contribution could be exchanged for a complete immortal level technique! How precious was a complete immortal level technique? Even superpowers in the continent did not have many copies of these techniques.

It was apparent that the Tu family spared no expense in their attempts to defend Anyue City, even taking complete immortal level techniques out! But there was a final caveat! A hundred thousand points of contribution would allow you to get a treasure of your choosing from the Tu family treasure vault!

The Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid of the Tu family is said to rival a medium grade divine artifact.This was how the Tu family got its reputation. If one could get a hundred thousand points of contribution, wouldn’t they be able to get the Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid? Even disciples of superpowers would not be able to resist this, much less regular powerhouses!

Su Yu had a flicker of inspiration in his eyes. He had experienced firsthand the benefits of the Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid, so how could he not understand how precious the Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid was, and how beneficial it was to him?

But it was impossible to kill an Immortal Realm Level Four demonic beast, unless the Tu clan’s master personally attacked! This caveat seemed to be very tempting, but in reality, outsiders could never hope to achieve this.

They had decided to announce it to attract fighters to help them fend off against the oncoming beast tide.

Su Yu thought for some time, “Senior Zhilan, I alone am enough to save Tu Long, take Yunxiang back to the Yinyu Area.”

Hua Zhilan raised her brows, “The danger of the incoming beast tide is unknown. It’s too dangerous for you to be alone.”

“It is precisely because it is too dangerous that you should not stay!” Su Yu gravely said, “We could perhaps handle the situation, but Yunxiang”

“Furthermore, I already have a plan to save Tu Long. Too many people might meddle with my plans. Return, there is no need speak any longer.” Su Yu was determined.

Hua Zhilan thought for a moment, stroking her chin, “Alright, take care of yourself!”

Unexpectedly, Zi Yunxiang stood at her original position, unwilling to move, her expression one of shame. She had burdened Su Yu once again!

“Yunxiang, when you go back, immediately ask about the thing I tasked you to do. Search for two people, the first being your father, the second” Su Yu did not continue.

Hua Zhilan was beside him. It was her who took Xia Jingyu away.

If Su Yu had said any more in front of her, Su Yu’s identity would undoubtedly be exposed.

His animosity with Hua Zhilan was small. What was more important was the danger Shenyue Island would face, should his identity be exposed.

Hearing this, Zi Yunxiang’s expression became less unpleasant, followed by obedient nodding, “En, I’ll await your return!”

Staring deeply at Su Yu, Zi Yunxiang and Hua Zhilan took to the skies and left.

After they left, Su Yu turned to look at the notice board.

A moment later, at the manor of the master of Anyue City.

Fighters were huddled together, squeezing in upon each other as they made their ways toward the center of the hall. There were several helpers bustling around, receiving the fighters in a hurry.

“Hey pal, my name is Huang Qishan, are you here to register to hunt the demonic beasts? Do you want to form a group with me?” a muscular youth said passionately.

This place was the registration point for the demonic beast hunt. It was drawing to a close, but there were still many fighters stepping forward to register. One could see how tempting the bounties issued by the master of the Anyue City were.

Su Yu pretended to consider before he shook his head to reject the offer, “It’s ok, I am used to doing things alone.”

It was more dangerous to form a group with strangers.

The muscular man was unhappy, staring at Su Yu, “Hey lad, the beast tide is more dangerous than you may have imagined. With your slender body, you wouldn’t even make for a good toothpick for the demonic beasts!’

“You depend on your parents at home, but depend on friends outside. You are still young and do not know the dangers of this world. Do you understand?”

Su Yu creased his brows, a little impatient.

“I’ll say it for the last time, there’s no need!’ Su Yu grunted, rejecting vehemently now.

Huang Qishan lost his patience, his expression unfriendly after failing to convince Su Yu, “Lad! I asked you to join me because I had faith in your abilities! Don’t be so shameless!”

“It is alright if you don’t want to join me. Would I care for a baby like you?”

Su Yu creased his brows. He would not bother with a brute like that.

Su Yu’s expression was calm as he joined the line.

Huang Qishan had a ball of fire in his chest, staring at Su Yu’s back with ill intentions.

Soon, it was Su Yu’s turn.

“You really want to register?” The person who served him was an elder, his expression weird.

It was none other than the elder who tested Su Yu’s abilities at the city gate such a time ago. He had been taught a lesson by Su Yu back then.

When the elder saw Su Yu once again, his lips twitched.