The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 331

Chapter 331 The Mastermind

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Yin Yu had caused a lot of trouble for the Tu family, and had also killed countless strong martial artists of the Tu family. Yet the Tu clan did not kill him, as they feared the Empire of Darkness. However, Yin Yu actually came of his own will!

Su Yu questioned in reply: “Is that a no?”

The old man thought to himself for a moment, as things were made difficult for him. In the end, he bit his teeth, recorded down Su Yu’s name, and gave Su Yu a jade pendant.

“This is a white stone. After you have killed a demonic beast, it will record your points of contribution! In the end, your contribution is decided by the white stone. Take care not to lose it!” The old man reminded him, while tossing the white stone over.

When Su Yu was about to catch the white stone, a cold hum could be heard from the side: “Wait!”

The old man looked over. It was Huang Qishan, and so the old man wore a respectful expression.

The old man had the abilities of an Immortal Level One. However, Huang Qishan had the abilities of an Immortal Level Two Peak!

It was rumored that he was once the Faction Master of a force of the Hundred Territories Alliance.

Because his ways of doing things were ruthless and he had killed countless people, he angered the forces around him. Hence, those forces teamed up and destroyed his faction.

His faction was completely massacred. Only he alone managed to fight his way out, barely escaping to the Anyue City. Ever since then, he had never left the Anyue City.

In the Anyue City, he had a good reputation.

He had also participated in the Demonic Beast Extermination Project, and was now looking for teammates.

As Su Yu was an Immortal Level One Peak, he was “ignorant”, “young”, and “inexperienced”. Hence, he would easily become the best target.

“Is there a problem?” The old man spoke with a bit of respect.

Huang Qishan pointed a finger toward Su Yu from far away: “He doesn’t have the right to participate in the Demonic Beast Extermination Project. I recommend you reject his participation!”

The old man felt resentful. A mere outsider actually dared to interfere in the Tu clan’s affairs?

Under normal circumstances, Huang Qishan would have already been taught a lesson on how to be a person!

However, current things the way they were, the Tu family could use as many people as possible. In particular, Huang Qishan was a strong martial artist of Immortal Level Two Peak. Hence, how could the old man give him the cold shoulder?

“Haha, his abilities are strong. How is he not fit for the job?” The old man smiled.

Huang Qishan gave a light hum: “His abilities are strong? He is just a mere Immortal Level One Peak. When the beast tide comes, he will be the first one to die!”

“However, it’s fine even if he dies. What if he implicates the martial artists who are close to him? Wouldn’t it be him causing trouble to both himself and the others? Hence, I strongly suggest you reject his participation!”

The old man was a bit furious and had already given Huang Qishan a lot of respect and time already.

However, Huang Qishan did not know when to stop.

With a slightly cold expression, the old man said: “What if I insist?”

Huang Qishan laughed grimly: “Then, I can only say that I’m sorry. For my own safety, I will not participate!”


Huang Qishan banged the white stone on the table: “If he’s in, I’m out. Pick your choice!”

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay. Was Huang Qishan crazy? Did he need to go to that extent?

The old man was also stunned. When he regained his senses, he secretly hated Huang Qishan, to the point that he bit his teeth. Since things had come to the current stage, how could he get out of his predicament?

“Are you sure?” The old man bit his teeth and said.

Huang Qishan nodded his head: “That’s right. Do you want him to participate or do you want me to participate? Among both of us, you can only choose one!”

The old man’s expression changed continuously. After a long time, he nodded his head furiously: “Understood! If that’s the case, I will grant you your wish!”


While many people were stunned, the old man actually took it seriously and took back Huang Qishan’s white stone.

After which, it was Huang Qishan’s turn to become stupefied on the spot: “You, you… choose him?”

Huang Qishan found it unimaginable and could not accept the fact in front of him.

The old man took a glance at him from the side and tossed the white stone belonging to Su Yu to Su Yu: “I wish you all the best.”

Su Yu nodded his head nonchalantly. He then turned his body, took his leave, and waited for the day when the beast tide would descend.

“Wait! You cannot leave!” How was it possible for Huang Qishan to accept such a fact?

Having felt the faintly discernible mocking expressions, Huang Qishan flew into a rage from shame.

“What’s the matter?” Su Yu said apathetically.

Huang Qishan said with dissatisfaction: “Why did you choose him and not me?”

The old man’s eyelids twitched: “Haha, it’s simple. You are inferior to him!”

“I’m inferior to him?” Huang Qishan opened his eyes so big that they almost fell out: “Old bastard, are you blind? How can I be inferior to this kind of trash?”

The old man’s face twitched as he said profoundly: “I advise you to be careful with your words. A loose tongue spells trouble.”

That silver-haired young man was Palace Master Yin Yu!

Be it his abilities or his identity, both were way above Huang Qishan’s.

“Him? Haha. I really wish to see how impressive he is.” Huang Qishan took a step forward and grabbed toward Su Yu’s collar: “A brat like you, who passes yourself off as someone strong, even though you are weak, also has the face to participate in the Demonic Beast Extermination Project?”

“Let me teach you how to respect others!”

His claws headed toward Su Yu ruthlessly. However, Su Yu did not even turn back.

When Huang Qishan was about to grab Su Yu, Su Yu extended one of his fingers conveniently.


A purple thunder arc descended. The big and muscular Huang Qishan became like a thin paper. He was sent flying for a hundred meters and crashed into the wall. After which, he spit out a mouthful of blood abruptly.

His expression was filled with astonishment: “You are…”

If it had been in the past, an immortal level lightning cultivation technique would not be considered famous.

However, recently, it represented the name of a person!

“Hahaha, what an idiot. He actually had the face to teach someone else how to be a person, even though he failed to recognize Palace Master Yin Yu!”

“This is so funny! There is actually someone who headed for Palace Master Yin Yu’s hands of his own accord. Is he tired of living?”

A group of martial artists secretly watching the funny show finally could not take it anymore and convulsed with laughter.

Not all the people who participated in the auction that day had left the Anyue City. With a glance, they recognized that the person who Huang Qishan found trouble with was that fierce and tough Palace Master Yin Yu.

Tu Minghua, the Auction Master, was almost killed by Su Yu with his finger.

Similarly, Gao Cang was almost killed.

Both of them were Immortal Level Two Peaks and were the same as Huang Qishan.

Hence, they could tell what fate was awaiting Huang Qishan.

The old man, who was in charge of the application, wore a mocking smile. He intentionally refrained from mentioning Palace Master Yin Yu’s name, as he thought that it was a good idea.

“Wh… What? You are Palace Master Yin Yu?” Huang Qishan gasped, and his whole face was filled with fear.

Su Yu looked at him indifferently. As Su Yu was too lazy to deal with him, he turned his body and left.

As everyone looked at him with a joking expression, Huang Qishan left gloomily. However, he did not go very far. Instead, he wore an angry expression and walked toward a nearby alley.

“Old jerk, you sabotaged me? Even though you knew that that was Palace Master Yin Yu, why didn’t you tell me? If I had known that was him, would I have agreed to test his abilities?” Huang Qishan pointed toward an old man, who hid within the darkness in the alley, and berated him furiously.

The old man said nonchalantly: “If he can injure you, this means that his abilities are roughly about Immortal Level Three Lower Tier. That is good. This means that I can kill him personally!”

Huang Qishan was extremely furious: “Old crow, are you listening to me?”

“In order to test his abilities, I purposely made trouble. Not only did I get mocked, I was almost killed. I don’t care, I want the reward to be doubled!”

The old man, who was within the shadow, nodded his head slowly: “No problem. On this day next year, I will burn twice as much money for you.”


Without seeing the old man’s movement, a bloody hole appeared on Huang Qishan’s forehead and he died on the spot!

“Firstly, I don’t like someone to bargain with me! Secondly, anyone that is worthless will be discarded!” The old man stood with his hands clasped behind his back. He then gradually proceeded deeper into the small alley.

Twenty miles away, within the clouds in the sky, Su Yu stood with his hands clasped behind his back. His crystalline pupils had seen whatever transpired in the small alley.

The thought that Huang Qishan looked for trouble for no reason by using a ridiculous excuse to fight with Su Yu forcefully…

Would a former Faction Master do such things?

There must be something behind such unusual actions. After Su Yu left, he immediately hid somewhere far away and observed secretly.

As expected, there was a mastermind behind the incident!

Looking at it, Su Yu’s pupils shrunk, until they became needles, and his eyes were glowing with coldness: “It’s you! Old crow, you actually didn’t die!