The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 332

Chapter 332 Claiming The Credit

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This person was none other than the Inspector Bai He, who wanted Su Yu dead!

To think that Palace Master Ling had failed to kill him after activating the palace garrison divine artifact.

Even though Su Yu suppressed his killing intent, his gaze was ice cold.

His current abilities were not enough.

Even though Inspector Bai He’s cultivation level had been reduced to Immortal Realm Level Three Peak, he was still much stronger than Su Yu.

“Old thing, it doesn’t matter if you managed to survive by the skin of your teeth, but to still set your sights on me? I shall remember this!” Su Yu grunted.


A crisp sound rang out in the sky, signalling for people to gather.

Action broke out in the city, with large groups of people flying toward the eastern gate to gather.

Su Yu used his crystalline pupils to observe the situation outside the city, his expression turning grave.

At the borders of the Forest of Darkness, demonic beasts of different sizes and cultivation levels swarmed toward Anyue City like a tide of black water. They were like hungry ghosts, charging forward when they caught the scent of the human race.

What made Su Yu’s pupils dilate, was that a small group of humans were escaping from within the Forest of Darkness. They were fighters that had registered for the demonic beast hunt. They were trying to hunt smaller demonic beasts before the tide arrived to gather points of contribution.

They had escaped the forest with much difficulty, following the sudden attack of the beast tide, rushing for Anyue City for their lives. But they had not even made it out three miles, when they were swallowed up by the beast tide. They did not even have the time to scream, their corpses completely ravaged.

Atop the city walls, many fighters turned pale, unable to mask the fear in their hearts.

“That was Wang Youting’s group! It consisted of one Immortal Realm Level Two Lower Tier and five Immortal Realm Level One fighters!” a fighter gasped.

The abilities of the demonic beasts were not too strong, with only a rare few at the Immortal Realm. Most of them were at the Dragon Realm.

But there was a great disparity between their numbers. It was to the point that they could not even retaliate before being exterminated, not even their corpses remained.

The power of an individual was inconsequential in front of the beast tide. The entire horizon was laced with the black tide, assaulting Anyue City like a tsunami.

The atmosphere in the city was tense. Multiple fighters were feeling unease, regretting that they had signed up for this hunt. These people were not among the minority.

“Listen to orders, fighters of the city! Since you have already accepted the bounties, you are free to attack whichever demonic beasts you want. You are not to flee from combat, so as to prevent gaps in the defenses, implicating those around you!”

“Fighters will monitor each other. You may kill those who try to escape. The Tu clan will send inspectors to patrol the surroundings. Those who dare try to escape will be killed without question!”

Words filled with killing intent came from a secret location in the city.

“It is the Tu clan master! That’s great, he has finally shown himself!” The group of fighters was visibly excited. It is the most powerful fighter in Anyue City, Tu Xie!

His cultivation level was at Immortal Realm Level Five, his battle abilities alarming. Not many people from the northern continent could stand up to him.

His appearance had motivated the fighters, boosting their confidence.


Tu Xie let out a loud roar, shooting out a thousand zhang long bolt of horrifying spirit energy, piercing through the air toward the beast tide!


The explosion shot up dust and debris, forming a mushroom cloud a hundred zhang tall. Following which, spots of black rain fell, turning into minced meat.

He had reduced a hundred demonic beasts to dust in that instant!

Su Yu’s pupils dilated!

This was the power of an Immortal Realm Level Five? There were only five levels in the Immortal Realm.

The master of Anyue City, Tu Xie, had already reached the peak of the Immortal Realm! Only a step further, and he would have reached the mysterious, unknown realm!

At the same moment, Su Yu could not help but think about the mysterious leader of the Black Water Pirates. His abilities were on par with Tu Xie’s!

He felt lucky thinking that he had survived against such a horrifyingly powerful opponent.

This attack shocked the human race. Too scary! Just how scary were the abilities of the legendary Tu clan master Tu Xie?

But at the same time, this action gave the human race a large boost of confidence! Even Su Yu felt more confident.


The shouts became more prominent in the crowd. Human figures shot out from the city, charging toward the demonic beasts.

Su Yu stood on the city wall, using his crystalline pupils to survey the surroundings. Even though there were many demonic beasts before him, their abilities were not that strong.

Su Yu wanted to kill at least an Immortal Realm Level Three demonic beast. This way, he could amass a hundred thousand points of contribution and ask the Tu family for any favour!

But Immortal Realm demonic beasts were incredibly rare, much less Immortal Realm Level Three ones? Every time an Immortal Realm demonic beast appeared, a group of fighters would swarm and kill it.

Creak Creak

Suddenly, an alarming roar came from within the Forest of Darkness.

Looking over, one could see it was a large swarm of flying beasts, assaulting from the horizon!

The expression of the fighters in the city changed. There were only twenty flying beasts, but the weakest of them was at Immortal Realm Level One. There were also five Immortal Realm Level Two beasts. The strongest of them was the leader at Immortal Realm Level Three Lower Tier!

One Immortal Realm Level Two would give them a thousand points of contribution, five would give them five thousand!

But the most precious of them was the Immortal Realm Level Three demonic beast. It was worth ten thousand points of contribution!

His expression changing, Su Yu did not hesitate. His figure flickered as he vanished from where he stood.

It was only a moment later that the other fighters noticed the situation with the flying beasts!

“Immortal Realm Level Three demonic beast!” A group of fighters exclaimed.

An Immortal Realm Level Three demonic beast that could be exchanged with an entire immortal level technique! Furthermore, it was the lowest tier of Immortal Realm Level Three! How could anyone miss such a great opportunity?

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh

A thousand fighters charged toward it in an instant. Amongst them were several Immortal Realm Level Three fighters! But they arrived one step later than Su Yu. When they were still ten miles away, Su Yu had already charged into the flying beasts.

“Tribulation of Ice and Thunder!” Su Yu pointed a finger at the sky as a purple dragon roared in descent.

Surrounded by the continuous painful wails, ten Immortal Realm level One demonic beasts turned into dust. At the same time the lightning struck down, Su Yu shot out four bolts of transparent spirit energy, killing the rest of the four Immortal Realm Level One demonic beasts.

At this point, the fourteen Immortal Realm Level One demonic beasts were all killed by Su Yu, garnering him a thousand four hundred points of contribution!

“Thunder Star Finger!” But Su Yu did not stop, turning to kill the other six demonic beasts that were fleeing in terror.

The five Immortal Realm Level Two demonic beasts were slower and could not escape successfully. But the Immortal Realm Level Three demonic beast not only had an edge in cultivation level, its movement techniques were also better than Su Yu’s, by virtue of it being a flying beast.

The moment’s pause had allowed it to fly ten miles away! Seeing how he was about to let it escape, Su Yu made a swift decision. His left eye released a red glow, “Space Transportation!”


The Immortal Realm Level Three demonic beast that was flying away rapidly was forcefully pulled back, despite its shrill shrieks, just three zhang away from Su Yu!


Sensing the danger, the Immortal Realm Level Three flying beast opened its mouth to shriek, releasing a destructive soundwave. At such a close distance, Su Yu could not defend himself.


He used his Thunder Star Finger, its explosive destructive power reducing the power of the soundwave by half. But the reflected power caused Su Yu’s blood to curdle, making him retreat a few steps!

The power of the Thunder Star Finger was enough to deal with Immortal Realm Level Two Peak fighters, but was nowhere near enough to deal with a Level Three! Taking a deep breath, Su Yu gathered a destructive soundwave in his mouth. He wanted to use the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters to kill the beast.

But just as he was about to succeed, a familiar sinister laugh reached his ears.

“Hehe, sorry to trouble Palace Master Yin Yu, you can leave the rest to me. I am more suited for the role of exterminating demons!”

“You can look from the side.”

It was the young master of the Tu clan, chasing after them from within the crowd! He had arrived faster than the rest of the people, just in time for when Su Yu had used his abilities to teleport the beast back!

“You dare!” Su Yu’s expression turned cold, his killing intent showing!