The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 333

Chapter 333 Demonic Beast King

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“Haha, do you think we are in the Empire of Darkness? Without your identity, you can only cry without tears” The Tu clan’s Young Master laughed grimly and pointed his finger toward the leader of the birds.

Their current location was the Anyue City, the territory of the Tu clan. To them, a mere Deputy Palace Master was not worth mentioning.

“Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters. Lin!” Su Yu gave a light shout.


A roaring sound, which shook the spiritual energy of the universe, descended, as if it was a great force from Heaven.

The figure of the Tu clan’s Young Master, who laughed grimly and was about to attack the leader of the birds, an eagle, was enshrouded by a great force of the universe. His whole body then turned stiff: “You”

After Su Yu made a breakthrough to Immortal Level Two Upper Tier, although it was the same legendary level cultivation technique, his power was naturally greater than before.

Rumble, rumble

The sound wave, which engulfed all directions, was like a substance where wave-like spiritual waves were formed in the void.

It’s prestige and power were magnificent, as if it were that of a landslide.

The Tu clan’s Young Master’s pupils shrank. Such a power had already achieved his level!

“Emperor’s Weapon!” In imminent peril, the Tu clan’s Young Master shouted loudly. His body glowed with a green light and nine small swords came out from his body!

What caused everyone to be shocked was that every small sword was a low grade divine artifact!

There were a total of nine low grade divine artifacts. Moreover, they were controlled by the Tu clan’s Young Master with ease!

As was expected of the Tu clan’s Young Master, he actually possessed nine divine artifacts which recognized him as owner!

Looking at his cultivation base, almost no one sharing his same cultivation base could defeat him!

The nine small swords changed into nine fragmentary threads, which were invisible.


Suddenly, a small space was ripped open within the rippling sound waves that filled the sky.

A small sword showed itself and was sent flying by the sound wave forcefully.

Straight after that, the eight remaining small swords ripped open the sound wave in succession. The rippling sound waves which filled the sky were ripped open, to the point that they were torn into pieces.

Whiz, whiz

The nine small swords returned, and the Tu clan’s Young Master had a serious expression.

Although he had successfully dispersed Su Yu’s attack, he found it unbelievable that, after half a month, that Palace Master Yin Yu back then who had been severely injured, unable to retaliate, and at death’s door, could actually match him!

Such a reality had caused him to be extremely shocked.

The Deputy Palace Master who he looked down upon actually possessed abilities on par with him!

Su Yu’s eyes were filled with coldness: “If you want to lay your hands on contribution points, you must go through me first!”

Taking advantage of the situation where the two of them were fighting, that intelligent bird escaped crazily and disappeared into the horizon.

None of them got the prey!

The Tu clan’s Young Master stared at the leader of the birds, which had flown far away, and he had a gloomy expression.

The contribution points, which were about to be his, were snatched by others!

As the Tu clan’s Young Master, everything in the Tu family would become his in the future. Hence, to him, the contribution points were not important.

However, the important thing was that the former Young Master, Tu Long, had returned, and this caused the clansmen to have differing opinions.

If he did not frighten his clansmen quickly, there would definitely be some trouble.

Hence, using the beast tide to display his power and gain their trust was the best option.

If he could obtain number one, in terms of the contribution points, by suppressing all the talented martial artists, no one would interfere with his position as Young Master.

“Palace Master Yin Yu! Let me give you a piece of advice. Don’t meddle in my matters, or else” The Tu clan’s Young Master’s eyes were filled with extreme fear.

Hua Zhilan and Zi Yunxiang had returned. If Palace Master Yin Yu was met with any mishaps in the Anyue City, it would be difficult for the Tu clan to claim that they were not responsible.

That time, when the Empire of Darkness questioned whose fault it was, the Tu clan would be unable to bear the responsibility.

At the very least, the current moment was not the correct time to pick a fight with the Empire of Darkness openly.

Su Yu laughed instead: “Who was the one who was meddlesome just now? When it became your turn, you threatened others and asked them to not be meddlesome? I’m sorry, but I will definitely meddle with your matters!”

“You had better know when to stop!” The Tu clan’s Young Master was furious. He was a bit remorseful that he had provoked Su Yu earlier.


At that moment, sharp chirping noises could be heard from the distant sky again.

There were a total of three Immortal Level Three demonic beasts!

One of them was the bird, which had escaped previously. The remaining two were support!

One of them was an Immortal Level Three Lower Tier, while the other one was an Upper Tier!

The Tu clan’s Young Master’s expression changed, and his eyes were filled with happiness!

How rare were Immortal Level Three demonic beasts? Three of them appeared at once, as if they were prepared for him!

However, the best thing was that the abilities of the three demonic beasts were still at a level that he could deal with.

However, Su Yu’s reaction was even faster. Almost as if, at the moment where the chirping noises resounded, Su Yu revolved his crystalline pupils, realized their presence, and pursued them immediately.

The Tu clan’s Young Master’s expression was slightly cold. He bit his teeth and gave chase: “You are not worthy enough to snatch my contribution points away!”

However, Su Yu ignored him and gradually got closer to the birds with his fast speed.

However, the pitiful thing was that, after all, the Tu clan’s Young Master had a cultivation base that surpassed Su Yu. With a frightening spiritual energy, his movement technique surpassed Su Yu.

The distance between the two of them was closed with a speed that could be perceived with the naked eye.

The Tu clan’s Young Master mocked: “Looks like you need to cultivate another movement cultivation technique in order to match my speed!”

Su Yu had a calm expression and one could not tell whether he was elated or enraged. He continued to pursue the three birds with his fastest speed like before.


Finally, Su Yu was caught up by the Tu clan’s Young Master easily.

“Haha, your contribution points are mine. My contribution points are still mine!” The Tu clan’s Young Master turned back and sneered jokingly.

At the very moment, he was already a thousand Chinese feet within the demonic beasts!

With his abilities, the three demonic beasts would no doubt be his.

However, at that moment when the Tu clan’s Young Master turned back, his expression turned serious!

Su Yu’s silhouette was actually not behind him!

Su Yu, who he had overtaken just a moment ago, actually retreated continuously instead, and Su Yu had retreated about one mile away!

Compared to when the Tu clan’s Young Master was chasing him, Su Yu’s speed was more than three times as fast!

“Since Tu clan’s Young Master is so insistent on getting them, I find it difficult to bear the responsibility of competing with you.” Su Yu retreated about three miles away and his face wore a mocking smile.

Not good!

A flash passed through the Tu clan’s Young Master’s mind and he realized that something was not right immediately.

Why would an unreasonable person like Su Yu, who never gave way, give up for no reason?


At that moment, five miles within the vicinity, the universe’ spiritual energy shook violently and an icy cold energy descended from the sky, like the Milky Way.


The Earth, which was enshrouded by the cold energy, turned into ice. Similarly, in an instant, flowers, plants, trees, insects, fishes, birds, and beasts, as well as the three Immortal Level Three demonic beasts, including that Upper Tier demonic beast, turned into frozen statues, without even having the chance to resist.

Appearing in the sky, was a glittering and translucent ice statue-like giant bird, which was ten thousand Chinese feet big.

When it flapped its wing, a frightening cold energy that froze the universe was released.

Even if the Tu clan’s Young Master reacted, he would be unable to escape the cold energy which had descended. At once, his whole body was covered in ice, and his life was taken from him in a shocking speed.

Including his abilities, which could control nine divine artifacts, his life came to an end in an instant!

The martial artists who pursued the Immortal Level Three birds stopped moving immediately, their eyes filled with fear.

“That is an Immortal Level Four demonic beast!”

Immortal Level Four!

In the north continent, Immortal Level Fours were legendary.

Looking at the north continent, there were very few people who could match an Immortal Level Four!

According to the records of the history, in a beast tide, the strongest demonic beast that had appeared was an Immortal Level Three Peak, and that was the limit.

This time round, a Demonic Beast King actually appeared, and its existence was that of a frightening Immortal Level Four!

It was rumored that a demonic beast that had achieved Immortal Level Four had high intelligence, and that its intelligence was not really inferior to that of a human being.

Moreover, another rumor was that, when they made a breakthrough to a certain level, they would be able to speak the human language!

“Ah! Escape quickly!” The martial artists gave loud cries. In an instant, their bodies, which were seething with excitement, were covered by a layer of ice.

In front of an Immortal Level Four, they only had a fate of being killed!


The ice bird in the sky revealed a human-like disdainful expression. It then opened its mouth and chirped sharply.

In that instant when it opened its mouth, cold energy that could blot out the sky and cover the earth engulfed all directions!

Within ten miles of the bird, the temperature became more than ten times colder!

The spiritual energy of a number of martial artists with a low cultivation base stagnated, and they lost their abilities to fly. They then fell, as they gave horrible shrieks. However, they did not fall to their deaths. Instead, they became the beast tide’s food!

In just a short moment, more than hundred people either died or were injured!

Such a frightening power caused the human martial artists to completely lose their fighting spirit, and they collapsed like a landslide.

The Fire Cloud Seal on Su Yu’s forehead emitted an icy cold energy, which covered Su Yu’s body.

Even with that, Su Yu still felt very cold.

“This is an Immortal Level Four? Compared to an Immortal Level Three, it is at a completely different realm!” Su Yu was shocked.

Although the differences in abilities were huge for realms before Immortal Level Three, it was not entirely hopeless.

However, the abilities exhibited by Immortal Level Threes and Immortal Level Fours, as well as Immortal Level Fives, had exceeded the domain of the human martial artists and were comparable to that of a celestial god!

What kind of realm would it be after the Immortal Realm?

Would that be the realm of god?

At that moment, the ice statue-like bird lowered its head and looked below. When it saw the Tu clan’s Young Master, whose life was about to come an end, it revealed a mocking expression.

Without a doubt, it was setting a trap!

The three Immortal Level Three birds were merely a trap for it to attract strong human martial artists, so that it could kill the human martial artists conveniently with an attack!

When Su Yu revolved his crystalline pupils, he realized the existence of that frightening King.

In order to trick the Tu clan’s Young Master, Su Yu pretended to compete with him. This caused the Tu clan’s Young Master to be careless and charge into the most middle part of the range of ambush.

More than half of his life had been extinguished.

“A mere evil creature dares to be a savage!” At that moment, a mighty voice could be heard from the Anyue City.

What accompanied the voice was a spiritual energy that was ten thousand Chinese feet long. The spiritual energy was like an extremely sharp arrow which penetrated the vast sky and headed straight for the ice statue-like giant bird!

The ridiculing expression in the eyes of the giant bird was changed into one of a grave expression at once.

After shivering and giving a shriek, it turned its body and escaped!

Bang, rumble

However, the speed of the ten thousand Chinese feet spiritual energy was too fast, and its power was too great!

Even though it was the Demonic Beast King, its body was penetrated and transparent blood splashed all over the sky. Finally, it gave a painful and horrible shriek.

Its big body was like a mountain which turned sideways and fell toward the horizon.

The human beings, who escaped due to fear, gasped!

An attack caused the Demonic Beast King to become half dead?

Moreover, the attacker did not show himself?

Su Yu’s pupils became slightly serious, and his heart shook continuously!

That was an Immortal Level Five? His attack actually caused such a frightening Immortal Level Four demonic beast to become half dead!

The most critical thing was that the attacker attacked casually!


At that moment, the ice bird which was about to fall actually struggled, flew up the sky again with difficulty, and headed far away quickly.

“You think you can leave?” A loud voice could be heard from within Anyue City.


An unforgettable scene appeared!

The body of the giant bird, which had flown twenty miles away, exploded, and as if it were a water bag which exploded due to there being too much water, it exploded into pieces and died!

The abilities of the Anyue City Master were frightening!

The hair of everyone on-site stood up.

Even though he was not on-site, he could kill someone ten miles away!

If he had murderous intents, the lives of everyone on-site would weigh on his decision!


At that moment, the cold energy on the Tu clan’s Young Master’s body dispersed. His face was pale and his icy cold body fell out from the ice.

A lump of majestic spiritual energy flew out from the city. It engulfed the Tu clan’s Young Master and returned.

Everyone’s heart could not calm down, even after a long time.

The abilities of the Tu clan’s Master, the Anyue City Master, were too frightening!

Was that really a human martial artist?

At that moment, there was a sharp gaze from the city.

In the places that the gaze passed through, the sky shook and spiritual energy surged.

A gaze could create a huge force in the universe. What kind of abilities were these?

The gaze was not shot toward anyone but Su Yu!

A hoarse and cold voice could be heard from the city: “Plotting to harm the Tu clan’s Young Master, Palace Master Yin Yu, do you still have me in your eyes?”

At once, the universe became quiet.

Everyone held their breath and did not dare to breathe deeply.

The beast tide also froze at that moment!