The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 334

Chapter 334 Confronting The City Master

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Bolts of killing intent assaulted Su Yu.

It was an absolute power, capable of killing Su Yu at a whim.

The fighters hunting the demonic beasts did not dare take a breath, gravely staring at Su Yu, who was floating in the air.

Many of them were worried for Su Yu.

But what was surprising, was that Su Yu’s expression was calm, as he turned to look at the center of the city and said, “Since you have seen everything that happened between me and him, why did you not appear earlier?”

“Why did you not speak, when he was trying to steal my contribution while I was unprepared? Why did you not speak, when he tried to injure me? As the leader of the Tu clan and the master of Anyue City, does your action mean that we can use underhanded means to claim someone else’s credit? Does this mean that, in the process of killing demonic beasts, we can also kill someone else, unrestrained?”

The Anyue City master obviously could not let killing between citizens for contribution happen.

In the face of a grave enemy, fighting amongst each other was a great taboo. The Anyue City master wanted to fight against the beast tide, and naturally, understood this.

If the Anyue City master condoned this, the outcome would be disastrous.

The city center was silent for a moment. The crowd was nervous. Finally, a cold voice broke the silence, “My son was in the wrong!”

The crowd gasped. The Anyue City master was forced to bow his head by someone else!

But the Anyue City master was not finished, “But you were also wrong, for landing my son in a trap!”

They had both tried to harm one another. If the young master of the Tu clan was wrong, Su Yu was also guilty.

Su Yu let out a cold laugh, “He lusted over contributions and tried to garner fame and advantages. He did not discern the situation for himself, and so, plunged into the trap. What does that have to do with me? May I ask, if I had the duty of informing him that there was danger ahead? Let’s not even talk about the fact that he tried to kill me! Furthermore, who is he to me? My friend, or my benefactor?”

“If you think that not repaying kindness toward animosity is a huge crime, may I ask the Anyue City master to demonstrate by example?! Didn’t I, Yin Yu, injure many of the Tu clan’s men? Since that is the case, why don’t you repay kindness toward animosity by forgetting about this, and giving me some reward?”

“If you can’t do it yourself, why are you forcing others to repay kindness toward animosity? Not being able to do that is a crime, and so, this is really laughable!”

The confronting words made the crowd of fighters hold their tongues.

Palace Master Yin Yu was indeed under the suspicion of hiding the fact that there was danger present, and of plotting against the young master of the Tu clan. But his explanation was very reasonable.

The Tu family young master had not discovered the danger in front of him. Su Yu’s reminder would be an act of kindness, but he could not be blamed for not telling him.

After all, the Tu family young master was not friends with Su Yu. Instead, they shared a deep animosity toward one another. The young master had even tried to kill Su Yu.

Under these circumstances, there was naturally no need or expectation to tell him.

Anyue City was silent for a moment, before a cold reply was given, “What a glib tongue!”

“But what about that? My son was nearly killed by you. That is a reality, you cannot deny that!”

“Thus, you are guilty!”

“For fairness, the both of you will take the attack of my finger as punishment!”

The Anyue City master did not allow for any rebuttal, shooting out two bolts of spirit energy.

One of the bolts was shot toward the Tu family young master, who was being brought back to the city. The other was shot toward Su Yu!

The bolt shot toward Su Yu had a power comparable to Immortal Realm Level Three Upper Tier, nearing Peak!

Even though a strike like this would not kill Su Yu, it would still severely injure him!

If he was severely injured in the beast tide, what terrible fate awaited him?

This was hardly different than having killed Su Yu!

The only difference was that he would not be the one who directly killed Su Yu. The Empire of Darkness might not be able to convict them of any punishable crimes!

In reality, the spirit energy shot toward the Tu family young master was merely a fifth as powerful as the one shot toward Su Yu!

With the strength of the young master’s body, it would merely cause him some pain!

“He is already injured, so his punishment will be less severe. This is an act of fairness, you need not lament!” the Anyue City master casually said.

Su Yu laughed in anger.

He was clearly trying to kill him, but was telling him to not pay attention to the lack of fairness in the punishment.

“Scram! If you wish to kill me, come at me directly. You wish to do so, but have no guts. Are you worthy of being the master of a clan?” Su Yu let out a furious laugh.

With the existence of the Empire of Darkness, the Tu clan master could not take the risk and openly kill Su Yu.

Thus, he could only employ these sneaky schemes.


A glow flickered in his arms. A silver bow appeared in his palm.

“Open!” Clenching his teeth and letting out a growl, Su Yu used all of his strength to pull back the Mountain River Dragon Bow!

With an arc of about an inch, a thumb-sized arrow of spirit energy was faintly visible!


He released his finger. The arrow was like a rainbow, piercing through the air, flying toward the other party’s spirit energy.

The collected Anyue City master finally let out ice cold words, “Darn it! You actually managed to refine one part of the bow!”

He had promised to give this bow to Han Jianglin.

Now that Su Yu had managed to refine the bow, it would be troublesome for him to take the bow back!

Boom Creak

The spirit energy collided with the arrow, pushing back the clouds.

The resulting energy whipped up a typhoon, killing multiple demonic beasts. Blood rained down onto the ground.

The fighters in the surroundings retreated in fear.

“That is the power of the Mountain River Dragon Bow? Just a casual attack could rival the abilities of an Immortal Realm Level Three Upper Tier?” The crowd was immensely shocked.

Su Yu stood in the air, looking over at the city. With a cold laugh, “If I wanted to kill your son, do you think he would still be alive for you to save?”

This attack had undoubtedly proved that he could kill the Tu family young master.

In the battle just now, Su Yu had the ability to kill the young master.

“But this was his only chance. If he meets me in the future, I’m going to kill him!”

Saying this, Su Yu turned to look at the deep corners of the Forest of Darkness.

He had wished to use upright means to gain the most points of contribution during this hunt, in order to exchange it for a promise, then ask for Tu Long.

But judging from the character of the Anyue City master, even if he had gotten first place by following the rules, he would not have been able to follow through with his plan!

Since he couldn’t use correct ways, he could only use underhanded means!

“You dare retaliate against my punishment, then that is another crime! Now you even dare to run from the formation! Did you forget what I said, just now?” An unfeeling voice came from within Anyue City.

Those that dare escape death!

Su Yu could not help but laugh in anger. He would die if he stayed and accepted the punishment. He would also die if he gave up hunting the demonic beasts!

No matter what, the Anyue City master had no intentions of letting Su Yu live!

“Then you can try to kill me!” Su Yu let out a cold laugh.

If the other party really had the guts to kill him, he could do so at a whim, using the power he used to kill the Immortal Realm Level Four Demonic Beast King. Why would he have talked to Su Yu until now?

“When did I say that I wanted to kill you? I merely needed to severely punish you!” The Anyue City master defended himself.

Following which, a bolt of spirit, energy equal in power to an Immortal Realm Level Three Peak attack, pierced through the air, heading toward Su Yu!

Seeing the spirit energy about to strike him, Su Yu’s gaze turned cold, “Open!”

Once again, an arrow of spirit energy was released.


The resulting explosion was more deafening than before!

The power of the two spirit energies mostly cancelled each other out. A fragment of spirit energy made its way toward Su Yu!

“Time Manipulation!” At that critical moment, Su Yu accelerated time, his movement technique tripling in speed!

With a flicker, he managed to cover several miles, narrowly avoiding the spirit energy.

Following which, he did not hesitate as he escaped into the horizon.

In the blink of an eye, he had completely disappeared.

Su Yu had managed to escape!

The Anyue City master wanted to chase after him, but how could he be distracted from the beast tide?

Multiple miles away, Su Yu stopped, his gaze ice cold, “Tu clan master, I would definitely have my revenge!”

But with a stroke of inspiration, Su Yu flew to the ground, silently walking back.

He walked until he was beside the corpse of the huge thousand zhang bird!