The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 335

Chapter 335 A Great Scheme

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The ground, which was filled with bits and pieces of flesh, emitted a shockingly cold energy.

Within a mile’s vicinity, everything had turned into ice.

Many living creatures maintained their appearances before they died. This showed how quickly and violently they were frozen, such that they did not even have the time to react.

“Hiss, so cold!” Su Yu gasped. The Fire Cloud Seal on his forehead twitched continuously, like a lump of raging flames.

Looking at the bits and pieces of limbs that were scattered everywhere, Su Yu was astonished: “As expected of an Immortal Level Four demonic beast. The cold energy within its blood is incomparable to that of a normal demonic beast.”

Moments ago, it was this demonic beast that had almost annihilated the human martial artists.

If the Anyue City Master did not take action, the Anyue City would have been destroyed in the blink of an eye!

“If I absorb the cold energy within the blood, I wonder how much will the cold energy within my body grow.” Su Yu’s eyes were filled with anticipation.

Ever since the incredible ice lake, Su Yu did not have any opportunity to come across any stronger cold energy.

The blood of the demonic beast in front of him was by far the strongest cold energy he had come across.

If he could absorb it and make it his…

With a flash of his figure, Su Yu approached a droplet of blood that had fallen on a stone.

The blood appeared to be glittering. It was transparent, like a gem, and it did not contain any impurities in the slightest.

However, the rock beneath the blood was frozen and looked like a grain.

Due to the cold energy, the rock barely maintained its shape.

When Su Yu went ten Chinese feet closer, his whole body was filled with white frost and felt icy cold.

Su Yu took a step forward. When he had taken half a step, his muscles were stinging. The cold energy felt like steel needles pricking his flesh!

After giving a groan, Su Yu bit his teeth and grabbed the droplet of blood.


At once, Su Yu’s whole body was covered by the ice and became stiff on the spot.

His body’s energy was swallowed quickly.

Moreover, his soul also felt cold!

His vision became slightly blurry, and his consciousness also started to freeze.

A droplet of blood contained such a frightening power!

At that moment, the Fire Cloud Seal on his forehead twitched hurriedly and swallowed the great amount of cold energy.

Su Yu’s Icy Heart Core also twitched crazily.

The ice on his body gradually melted. A white, cold mist was formed as a result, making the surroundings look like a wonderland.

After an hour, Su Yu’s body was no longer in the frozen state.


With a shake of his body, Su Yu took huge breaths, abruptly. His face turned extremely red and his eyes were filled with fear: “What a frightening cold energy! A droplet of blood is more than enough to freeze me to death!”

Although he had some confidence that he could refine that droplet of blood, it was still extremely dangerous, and mere moments ago, his life had been hanging by a thread.

However, his gains were huge.

The Fire Cloud Seal on Su Yu’s forehead changed from the initial scarlet color to a red and crystal color. Looking at it, it looked like a gathering of two-colored raging flames, which were extremely peculiar.

At the same time, there was three times as much cold energy in Su Yu’s body!

As he breathed, he released enough cold energy to put someone at death’s door.

However, it was still insufficient!

With a flash of his figure, Su Yu walked for tens of miles. He took many hours to collect as much blood as he could.

He sat down with his legs crossed inside a hole under a tree. He was holding a jade box, which was so icy cold that the coldness reached his bones and left him with a remorseful expression.

“Most of the cold energy has been destroyed by the Anyue City Master, and there are only nine droplets of blood left.”

As the time was tight, Su Yu swallowed one droplet of blood on the spot.

His body was covered by the cold energy again. Although it was not as dangerous as before, it froze more than half of Su Yu’s life!

After finishing absorbing the cold energy, Su Yu took a rest for a while. After which, he bit his teeth and continued to swallow the cold energy.

Half a day passed.

With Su Yu as its core, everything within ten miles surrounding him was covered by the frightening cold energy.

Even the beast tide made a detour. All the beasts that entered the ten-mile radius of Su Yu became frozen.


Suddenly, a white cold current was like a tsunami and rushed toward the direction of Anyue City.

The cold current extended for tens of miles, and all the flowers, plants, and trees became lumps of cold ice.

Looking at it from afar, it looked magnificent, as if a stormy sea had been frozen.

At the source of the stormy sea, under a tree, a young man, whose whole body had been enshrouded by ice, opened his eyes slowly.

His black eyes were like glittering and translucent ice pearls, glowing with endless cold light.


When Su Yu took a deep breath, white cold energy covered all quarters.

“I guess my limit is eight droplets of blood?” Staring at the remaining droplet of blood in the jade bottle, Su Yu revealed a surprised expression.

His body and soul had reached the limit where they could no longer absorb any more cold energy. If he continued to absorb the cold energy, his body would explode and he would die.

Su Yu then kept the droplet of blood carefully. He was very satisfied with the effects of the icy cold blood.

With just the cold energy alone, exhaling a breath casually was enough to cause strong martial artists of Immortal Level Two to freeze into ice statues on the spot.

When he exerted his full strength, Immortal Level Three Peaks also would need to retreat.

Looking at it, it could be said that his abilities, as a whole, had gone up by one entire level.

In addition, surprisingly, the strong energy within the blood had caused Su Yu’s cultivation base to make a breakthrough to Immortal Level Two Peak.

He was very close to attaining Immortal Level Three.

Su Yu stood up slowly. He then shot his gaze toward the Anyue City like electricity: “I hope that all of you will not make me stain my hands with your blood!”


With a flash of a white light, Su Yu turned into a lump of ice and disappeared without a trace.

At the Anyue City.

The beast tide came endlessly, and the martial artists did their bests to retaliate against it.

In front of the city was filled with countless bodies of the demonic beasts. More than twenty percent of the human martial artists had died as well.

As for the remaining human beings, all of them were exhausted. They had overused their spiritual energy and physical strength.

The beast tide this time around was much stranger than the previous beast tides!

Not only did the beast tide come half a month in advance, its scale was more than five times greater than in the past!

In addition, the Demonic Beast King, an Immortal Level Four demonic beast, which had never appeared before, now appeared.

The strangest thing was that, in the beast tides of the past, it was a situation where the demonic beasts were overly startled and scattered in the direction of the human beings.

Hence, the beast tide would normally continue for a short while.

However, this time around, the beast tide continued for one whole day, showing no signs of stopping in the slightest.

A great number of demonic beats streamed out from the core of the Dark Forest endlessly.

Moreover, the abilities of the demonic beasts became even greater. Strong demonic beasts of Immortal Level Three had appeared in succession. Moreover, Immortal Level Three Peak demonic beasts, which were in existence close to a Demonic Beast King, appeared as well.

The Anyue City Master took charge of the situation and killed all those Immortal Level Three demonic beats, so as to prevent a huge number of people from being injured or killed.

However, in the end, there was only one of him. As for the demonic beasts, there were hundreds of millions of them, making the struggle endless, if he were to kill all of them by himself.

A number of martial artists had already retreated. If not for the fact that a few of the martial artists, who had escaped just before going into the battle, were killed, and that this frightened the people, perhaps the human beings would have already been defeated or dispersed.

At the Tu clan’s house.

“If this goes on, a Demonic Beast King might appear again!” The Tu clan’s Young Master covered his injured abdomen and said in a serious tone.

In front of him was the Tu clan’s Master, who had assumed command from the middle of the city. He was the Anyue City Master, the strongest martial artist of the Anyue City!

The Anyue City Master wore a slightly worried expression: “The Demonic Beast King is not frightening. The frightening thing is the cause of this beast tide. What happened deep inside the Dark Forest, that it has resulted in such a strange beast tide?”

“I am worried that something big happened deep inside the Dark Forest.”

The Tu clan’s Young Master said surprisingly: “Is father worried that there is an unknown danger that can threaten the Anyue City? That our Anyue City might be destroyed?”

The Anyue City Master shook his head and said solemnly: “Our great scheme is about to be completed. The Anyue City is no longer of any importance. Even if we were to lose it, it will not affect our family much.”

“What I am worried about is that this unknown, big change might affect our great scheme!”