The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 336

Chapter 336 Destroying His Cultivation Level

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The Tu clan’s young master said with a deep voice, “If that is the case, that would mean that it was fated for the Tu clan!”

“But could it be that you worry too much, father? Once the plan succeeds, there will be immense benefits for the Tu family!”

“Furthermore, I can personally claim the head of that Palace Master Yin Yu!”

The Anyue City head’s expression was stern, “Perhaps I am too paranoid. But after the plan is done, I will have to personally scout the Forest of Darkness.”

The Tu clan’s young master creased his brows, “Why do you not directly ask a powerhouse in the Forest of Darkness?”

“After all, the Tu clan is not the only clan that exists in the Forest of Darkness, there are still small to medium sized clans scattered throughout the forest. Perhaps they know something.”

But the Anyue City master immediately shook his head in rejection, “It’s no use! The beast tide this time was swift and powerful. With the magnitude, I’m afraid that those powerhouses will have already been destroyed.”

“But father, isn’t there a Wu clan? According to rumors, the Wu clan is the most powerful clan amongst those powerhouses, and is situated extremely near to the deepest parts of the forest. Perhaps they are still alive and know of something.”

“Wu clan?” The Anyue City master lifted his brows, his expression extremely grave. “The Wu clan is too mysterious! A few hundred years ago, they only had two people in their clan. But now, they have strengthened themselves, their numbers reaching a hundred people!”

“They managed to prosper in the dangerous depths of the forests with their abilities. It is very unusual. They probably have an extremely strong presence backing them. There is a reason why I have been reluctant to have dealings with them all these years.”

The Anyue City master was extremely cautious of the Wu clan!

The young master of the Tu clan understood, “The Wu clan is indeed ridiculously mysterious. They are lucky that the Tu family has not set its sights on such an undeveloped land. Otherwise, considering their threat, they would have been eradicated long ago.”

“Alright, you need not ask any further questions. Focus on recuperating. I’m afraid that I would have to show myself this time around.” A shocking aura came from outside the room, causing the Anyue City master’s expression to change.

The young master of the Tu clan was shocked, “The Demonic Beast King has appeared again!”

The appearance of another Immortal Realm Level Four Demonic Beast was shocking indeed!

“No, this time there are nine!” The Anyue City master creased his brows, his eyes full of surprise.

“Nine?” The Tu clan’s young master gasped.

This beast tide was terrifyingly strange!


The Anyue City master left the city for the first time, appearing at the front lines!

Nine Demonic Beast Kings. Even he had to take this seriously.

The Tu clan’s young master thought for a moment, his expression nervous, “Housekeeper, have you prepared all of the important items of the clan?”

As a precaution, the Tu clan had already packed their belongings.

“I have already prepared them as ordered. The clansmen and important items are ready to be transported! But” The housekeeper hesitated, “But how do we deal with Tu Long? He is still in the jail.”

Tu Long? The Tu clan’s young master released killing intent.

As expected, the return of Tu Long had members of the clan asking for Tu Long to take the helm of young master again.

In terms of intelligence and potential, Tu Long, being the elder brother, was far above him, and was more suitable to lead the Tu family.

But Tu Long had given up his status as a member of the Tu family, and hence, did not have too much of an influence.

Ultimately, his punishment was to be forever imprisoned in jail, unable to set foot outside for an eternity.

A cold light circled within the Tu clan’s young master’s eyes. His lips parted to form a smile filled with killing intent, “I’ll tend to it myself! You guys stand down!”

As a precaution, he should eliminate Tu Long quickly. Only then could he have peace of mind.

Neither the young master or the Anyue City master were aware of a transparent soul standing beside them, taking in the entirety of their conversation.


Outside the yard of the Tu clan.

Within a dry shrub, a person with no life force suddenly opened his eyes.

Su Yu’s eyes were filled with surprise, “Wu clan? What clan is that? What was the Tu clan’s master plan? What are they prepared to do?”

But there was no time to think about this now. Su Yu made his way to the underground jail.

There was an underwater cell in the underground jail, which had been made specially to house felons.

Tu Long’s limbs were secured by thick chains, his body sealed within a pond with water levels reaching his waist.

Thud Thud Thud

The Tu clan’s young master arrived, his expression merciless. He was standing in front of the underwater cell, his hands behind his back.

Hearing the noise, Tu Long lifted his head with difficulty. His eyes were dry and lifeless, but his lips still had a self deprecating smile, “You have come to send me off.”

How wouldn’t he realise that this was his fate?

The young master could not allow Tu Long to survive.

The Tu clan’s young master laughed, “Wouldn’t killing you give an opportunity for those supporting you to find trouble with me?”

That was obvious. Who would benefit the most from Tu Long’s death?

It was naturally the young master!

Anyone with a brain could deduce that it was the young master who killed Tu Long.

The Tu clan’s young master would not do this kind of things.

“Hehe, you wouldn’t come here just to reminisce with me.” Tu Long let out a cold laugh.

The Tu clan’s young master had a mocking smile, “I wouldn’t claim your life. But I could still make your life a living hell!”

“Guards, destroy his dantian!”

What? Tu Long’s pupils dilated, laughing sarcastically, “You sure have spirit, as the young master! I am being imprisoned here forever and can never leave. But you still fear that my cultivation level will affect you!”

“You do not dare kill me, but are still afraid of my existence. Is this the future master of the Tu clan? Hehe, you sure are a chip off the old block! The way you do things is completely the same, hiding in the shadows. Gutless vermin!!”

Tu Long was filled with self deprecation.

He had thought that he had returned to redeem himself, fully knowing that the Tu family would no longer have a place for him.

He did not mind kneeling to plead for mercy for a fellow member of the clan. But what he received in return for his kindness was animosity.

His uncle, the master of the clan, did not even consider his act of kneeling, dealing him a huge punishment instead, forever imprisoning him in the underwater cell.

“You are a natural rebel! What is your intention for maligning the master and young master? You do not even regard the Tu clan as your home. In my eyes, your pleading for Tu Minghua by kneeling is merely a show put on to deceive Palace Master Yin Yu!”

Tu Long could not help but laugh in fury. They were going to destroy his cultivation level, but did not even allow him to have any grievances.

If he had any grievances, it would mean that he had thoughts of rebelling!

“You can destroy my cultivation level if you want. Why give yourself so many excuses to make yourself look righteous? There was never a separation between good and evil. Fighting for one’s benefit is the nature of humans, why do you need to hide that?”

The Tu clan’s young master stood with his hands behind him, his expression cold, “To prevent an unloyal person, like you, from escaping and harming the clansmen in the future, I think it is best to destroy your cultivation level!”

“Guards, destroy his cultivation level!”

At this moment, a human figure silently appeared, “You wish to destroy cultivation levels? I shall grant you your wish!”

Silver hair dancing in the air, Su Yu’s figure was like a ghost, standing behind the Tu clan’s young master. Icy light shot out from his cold gaze.

The Tu clan’s young master trembled, his head turning rigidly. What entered his vision was Su Yu’s face!

“Long time no see, Tu clan young master! I have told your father that I would kill you when I saw you again!”