The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 337

Chapter 337 The Assassin Appears Again

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“It’s you… You actually dare to charge into the Tu clan?” The Tu clan’s Young Master was speechless. How would he expect Su Yu to actually take the risk and sneak into the Tu clan?

To one’s surprise, Su Yu pointed one of his fingers at the Tu clan’s Young Master’s back. His other hand pulled out a bronze bell full of cracks from the Tu clan’s Young Master’s robe.

That was an imperial spiritual bronze bell. Once it was broken into pieces, it would inform the person who possessed the other bronze bell.

The bronze bell was already broken into pieces and an emergency beacon had been sent out!

He talked to Su Yu, so as to delay Su Yu and wait for reinforcements!

“You wish to delay me. Haha, Young Master, such a small trick is insufficient to deal with me.” Su Yu’s finger exerted strength abruptly: “You can go to the afterlife with ease.”


A strong spiritual energy penetrated the Young Master’s back and passed through his Dantian. The spiritual energy then came out from his abdomen and left behind a bloody hole.

As the Young Master cried out in pain, his Dantian was shattered into pieces. His spiritual energy leaked out, making it impossible for him to train again.

“My, my Dantian!” The Tu clan’s Young Master had a shocked expression and could not accept the reality in front of him.

In a world of martial artists, and amid a ruthless family, what did a crippled person signify?

It signified that he was as good as dead!

Su Yu should have killed him, as it would have been better.

“Enjoy living a life without your cultivation base. Consider this as repenting for the previous half of your life!” Su Yu said dully. He then kicked open the cage and rescued Tu Long.

Tu Long looked at Su Yu absent-mindedly, not believing the scene in front of him. Su Yu actually came to rescue him!

“Palace Master Yin Yu… You, why did you go so far for me?” Su Yu laughed indifferently: “If you can use your life to protect me, why can’t I take the risk and rescue you?”

“Now, let’s leave the chatting for later on. The Tu clan’s Young Master’s reinforcements are about to arrive soon. We need to leave this place at once.” Supporting Tu Long with one of his arms, Su Yu used his other arm to carry the Tu clan’s Young Master, leaving the cage hastily.


However, at the moment when he left the cage, he saw a figure standing with his hands clasped behind his back. That figure’s back was against the both of them and he stood silently.

Although he stood quietly, he caused everyone to feel suffocated.

Tu Long’s pupils shrank, until they became needles, and he had a ghastly pale expression: “Mas…ter!”

The person who possessed the other bronze bell was the Anyue City Master, the strongest martial artist in Anyue City!

Although both of them could not see the face of the person whose back was against them, the cold murderous intents made it especially obvious!

“What happened to him?” The Anyue City Master’s words were dull, and there was not the slightest bit of anger within his words.

Su Yu threw the Tu clan’s Young Master on the floor calmly and stepped on his back: “Just like what I have said. If I come across him again, I will not hold back!”

If not for the Anyue City Master being overly aggressive and wanting to kill Su Yu, why would Su Yu go to such extremes?

Originally, both of them did not hold any grudges that would result in any killings.

However, the Anyue City Master thought that he had everything under his control. He added fuel to the flames, which had resulted in the current situation.


The Anyue City Master took a deep breath and forced his body to stop trembling.

Clearly, the fact that the Tu clan’s Young Master had been crippled was a huge blow to him.

The child, whom he had nurtured for his whole life, had been crippled, forever doomed to be a disabled person. Hence, how would his heart not feel pain?

“Since he is as good as dead, then, Palace Master Yin Yu, you shall accompany him!” The Anyue City Master turned his body around.

Tu Long’s face trembled vigorously!

Due to hatred and anger, the Anyue City Master’s face had become so distorted, like a ferocious ghost.

A pair of extremely red eyes stared at Su Yu persistently: “I absolutely regret not killing you earlier!”

“You should feel remorseful that you pushed others too far!” Su Yu shook his head slightly. Since things had come to this, the Anyue City Master did not feel remorseful at all.

Tu Long felt worried for Su Yu: “Uncle! Please think carefully. If you kill a Deputy Palace Master, the consequences will be serious!”


The Anyue City Master grinned hideously: “Have you forgotten that he had snuck in secretly? If I kill him secretly, who would find out?”

Tu Long had an anxious expression. In front of the Anyue City Master, Su Yu did not even have the ability to retaliate.

To one’s surprise, Su Yu had a calm expression: “Oh? You don’t want the life of your son?”

He was in Su Yu’s hands.

However, after Su Yu finished talking, a frightening spiritual energy attacked the bottom of Su Yu’s feet.

The oncoming force was ferocious, leaving Su Yu no choice but to dodge.

Rumble, puff

The Tu clan’s Young Master became mincemeat!

“If he is better off dead, then I shall send him to the afterlife!” The Anyue City Master spoke was a hoarse voice.

Su Yu and Tu Long’s hearts shook!

Even a tiger does not eat its own cubs. The Anyue City Master’s way of doing things was ruthless!

This kind of person would either be an ordinary person or a fierce and ambitious person for his whole life!

The past King of Darkness had really left behind a calamity!

“Do you still have your honor?” the Anyue City Master said indifferently. That’s right. His words were so dull, to the point that it did not sound like a human being.

Su Yu’s eyes were also filled with dullness: “I had never planned to use him as my hostage, from the very beginning.”

“Ice Hell!” Su Yu gave a light shout.


Suddenly, the walls of the Tu clan’s main entrance became frozen with an infinite amount of ice.

The frightening cold energy was like a tsunami, pouncing on the Tu clan, turning everything in its path into ice.

Many members of the Tu clan could not even react in time and were also turned into ice on the spot.

In the blink of an eye, one third of the Tu clan became a world of snow and ice.

The lives of tens of members of the Tu clan were extinguishing hastily.

“My hostage is the whole Tu clan!” Su Yu said apathetically. “Will you kill me or will you rescue your clansmen?”

The Anyue City Master’s expression finally changed: “It’s the blood of the Demonic Beast King!”

“I will kill you!” The Anyue City Master shouted furiously. He shot two lumps of majestic spiritual energy, with intentions to kill Su Yu quickly, so that he could save his clansmen immediately.

“Space Transportation!” Su Yu gave a light shout. He enshrouded Tu Long and himself, preparing to transport outside Anyue City.

However, during that critical moment, Su Yu had an extremely bad feeling!

A stinging, chilly feeling could be felt on his back!

He had experienced a similar death-approaching feeling not long ago!

“Zhen! Yu! Lian!” Without turning his head, Su Yu knew that the person who launched the surprise attack was her!!

Of all times, she attacked at the most critical moment, where they were about to be transported!

Zhen Yulian revealed her distorted figure and smiled gloomily: “Your life is mine!”

She, who had concealed herself for a long time, finally found the best opportunity!

Su Yu’s eyes were filled with coldness: “Do you think that it will be as easy as last time?”

“This time around, you need not return anymore!”