The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 339

Chapter 339 Stripping Him Of His Identity

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Wei Tianchen laughed sardonically: “Palace Master Yin Yu, you are merely holding the great flag of the Empire of Darkness. Stop trying to throw your weight around in front of us.”

Against his words, Su Yu shook his head disdainfully.

Back at the city’s entrance, who was the one who depended on his identity as the Snow Listening Tower’s Four Great Sons in order to cut the queue forcefully?

The ones who threw their weight about were they.

At that very moment, he made unfounded counter-charges that vilified Su Yu unreasonably.

“Holding the great flag? No one from the Empire of Darkness is here, so I have to hold the great flag! If you don’t believe, you can fight with me and find out! Of course, it will be a death match! Do you dare to do it?” Su Yu said indifferently.

Wei Tianchen’s expression turned serious as he evaded the topic: “Humph, Palace Master Yin Yu, don’t rely on the Empire of Darkness’ reputation to being savage, I…”

However, Su Yu interfered with his speech mercilessly: “I have asked you a question. Do you dare or do you not?”

“Don’t be presumptuous…” Wei Tianchen’s face twitched.

Su Yu laughed scornfully for a long time: “Even though I am alone, you don’t even have the guts to fight me. A coward like you can still call yourself the Four Great Sons? If people from the Snow Listening Tower are all trash like you, I can only say that the Snow Listening Tower is beyond hope!”

“Now, get out of my sight immediately! A person like you, who doesn’t even have the courage to fight with me, has no right to talk to me!”

This continuous satirization caused Wei Tianchen to become extremely furious, and a bit frightened.

However, he protected Zhen Yulian, who was behind him closely and refused to budge.

His gaze passed through Su Yu inconspicuously, and he revealed an anxious expression.

“Haha, have you bought enough time?” Suddenly, Su Yu sneered.

Wei Tianchen’s expression turned grave: “What are you saying?”

Su Yu shook his head and laughed: “Seems like I am totally right to say that you are a dirty rat, who only knows how to do things sneakily in the dark!”

“Even though you knew that you were not my opponent, you still continued to talk to me for a long time. Aren’t these the actions of a rat like you, who only knows how to hide behind the back of another person? It is obvious that you have made some plans beforehand. You are merely killing time with me and waiting for the Anyue City Master to make his move.” Su Yu shook his head and mocked.

Su Yu absolutely detested Wei Tianchen’s character.

“Since since you already know, why did you fall for it?” Wei Tianchen’s expression was a bit unpleasant.

Su Yu said coldly: “Because, I am also buying time!”

Whiz, whiz, whiz

At that moment, the movements at their location attracted even more onlookers.

Dozens of martial artists looked from the sky and were extremely shocked.

With that, many eyes were fixed on Su Yu. Would the Anyue City Master dare to kill a Deputy Palace Master of the Empire of Darkness in front of everyone?

“You are indeed crafty!” Wei Tianchen bit his teeth and was secretly filled with hatred.

He thought that he had successfully delayed Su Yu. To one’s surprise, Su Yu was also taking advantage of the opportunity to attract attention!

“You flatter me!” Su Yu put on a false smile. He then turned back and looked toward the Anyue City Master.

The Anyue City Master had already successfully rescued his clansmen. He was standing on top of the ice mountain and glaring at Su Yu tenaciously. However, he did not dare act recklessly!

How would he dare to take any action in front of such a big crowd?

“Tu clan’s Master, thank you for your boundless hospitality. I will bear it in mind!” Su Yu’s words were filled with a profound meaning, his eyes glowing with coldness.

If there were ever a day, where he made a breakthrough to Immortal Level Five, he would definitely kill this evil person!

“Next, Zhen Yulian and Wei Tianchen, have both of you made your preparations?” Su Yu’s eyes were filled with icy coldness and he had awe-inspiring murderous intents.

The situation was as such, and Su Yu was safe.

The next thing to do was to deal with both of them.

Wei Tianchen had a serious and unpleasant expression: “What do you want to do?”

Su Yu laughed nonchalantly: “I have already warned you to not get above yourself. It is a pity that you are like Zhang Xueyi. You are too full of yourself!! Since you like to meddle in someone else’s affairs, you must bear the responsibility of your actions!”

He thought that he had the Anyue City Master as his trump card and would definitely not lose.

At that very moment, he did not have anything that he could rely on and became anxious.

“Stop it! There are no grudges between us. Why must you be so ruthless?” As Wei Tianchen spoke, he retreated, trying in vain to mix in with the onlookers.

Su Yu said apathetically: “This is a personal grudge between me and Wei Tianchen. If there is anyone who wishes to help him, please step out.”

Whiz, whiz

The crowd dispersed in all quarters, with a speed faster than rabbits.

As they were not associated with Wei Tianchen, why would they offend the ruthless and unreasonable Palace Master Yin Yu for his sake?

Having landed himself in a hopeless situation, where there was no one he could rely on, Wei Tianchen was filled with hatred and regret: “Palace Master Yin Yu, why must you be so ruthless? Nothing good will come out of killing me. Instead, it will just affect the relationship between the Empire of Darkness and the Snow Listening Tower.”

Su Yu had a calm expression. However, his expression was filled with an indescribable satirization: “When you were about to put me at death’s door, you never thought about the relationship between both of our organizations. Now, when it’s your turn, you became worried about the future of our organizations.”

“Could it be that my life is not a life, while your life is extremely expensive and highly respected?”

“Don’t worry. Even if I kill all the Four Great Sons, the Snow Listening Tower can only take it lying down! From the very beginning, why did all of you plan to kill me?” Su Yu was determined to kill him.

After pulling the silver bow, Su Yu created a spiritual arrow, aiming it toward Wei Tianchen and Zhen Yulian!

The Anyue City Master could only look on from the side, he did not dare act recklessly.

As for normal martial artists, they did not dare meddle with the affairs of the Empire of Darkness.

However, at the moment when the matter was about to come to a close…


A tyrannical spiritual energy pierced through the City Master’s Manor and headed straight for Su Yu’s face.

Su Yu’s expression changed. He switched from attacking to defending, blocking the lump of spiritual energy.


Su Yu somersaulted a few times in the sky. The blood within his body surged, as he looked toward the source of the spiritual energy. His gaze could not help but become narrower: “As expected, it’s you, old crow!”

A green-robed old man with a white face wore a gloomy expression. He placed both his hands in his robe and walked over with big strides.

That person was none other than Inspector Bai He!

As expected, at the critical moment, this old crow took action!

“What a thick-headed brat. In the Empire of Darkness, you committed crimes, killed people indiscriminately, and even killed your fellow Deputy Palace Master. At the training place, you also dared to be presumptuous!” Inspector Bai He had a stern face. As everyone focused their attentions on him, he came over.

The Anyue City Master’s pupils shrank firmly, and he wore an extremely fearful expression: “You are Bai He, who is ranked number four among Empire of Darkness’ Four Great Inspectors?”

“What? It’s him?” Everyone gasped and had the jitters.

In the Empire of Darkness, Palace Masters, Inspectors, and Lords were an existence that was considered frightening.

It was rumored that every Inspector had earth-shaking strength. They stood at the peak of the continent and were legendary martial artists.

Such an honorable and illustrious person actually descended upon the Anyue City!

The Anyue City Master was extremely shocked for a moment. When his gaze swept past Inspector Bai He and Su Yu, he felt at ease, his eyes filled with anticipation.

Having seen that Inspector Bai He pinned labels on him indiscreetly, Su Yu answered back sarcastically: “Haha, Inspector Bai He is the same as before. As an Inspector, you can still put down your identity and launch a surprise attack on a junior like me!”

Everyone’s expressions turned strange at once. Su Yu’s way of speaking actually revealed a concealed piece of information that was not known to anyone!

Ling Xiaotian actually injured Inspector Bai He severely?

Even though he had been exposed by Su Yu in front of everyone, Inspector Bai He did not have any unusual expressions. Instead, he became even more dignified: “A mere Deputy Palace Master dares to start a rumor to create trouble!”

“You have killed your fellow Deputy Palace Master. Even though I gave you a chance, out of kindness, I did not expect you to be unrepentant and to unleash your murderous intents in the training place. Indeed, it is hard for one to change his nature! I will absolutely not forgive you!”

“In the name of Inspector, I declare that Palace Master Yin Yu of the north continent’s Sub Palace is a bloodthirsty person. He is cruel, ferocious, and has no principles. As such, in effect from now, he is expelled from the Empire of Darkness! Everything regarding him will not be related to the Empire of Darkness in the slightest!”

After investigations, it was evident that Su Yu was innocent, and that it was Inspector Bai He who had launched a surprise attack in order to assassinate him secretly. At that very moment, he spouted nonsense unblushingly, saying that he had given Su Yu a chance out of kindness!

Moreover, he also wanted to strip Su Yu of his identity as the Deputy Palace Master!

His words caused everyone to be shocked.

He actually announced on the spot that he wanted to expel a Deputy Palace Master?

As an Inspector, he supervised the Four Great Sub Palaces and had a lot of authority. If he declared personally, he really had the right to strip Su Yu of his identity as the Deputy Palace Master!

From then on, Yin Yu would no longer be a Deputy Palace Master of the Empire of Darkness!

The Anyue City Master’s eyes were overflowing with swift and fierce murderous intents: “Inspector Bai He, are your words for real?”

Inspector Bai He spoke sternly, out of a sense of justice: “I am entitled to deal with a person who has violated the law! If Anyue City Master has a personal grudge against him, that will be a matter between the both of you, and the Empire of Darkness will not interfere!”

This was forcing Su Yu into a hopeless situation!

The Anyue City Master wanted to kill Su Yu, and there was no longer anything restraining him from doing so!

Su Yu looked at Inspector Bai He coldly: “Old crow, who do you think you are? You think you have the right to strip me of my identity?”