The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 340

Chapter 340 Legendary Demonic Beast Emperor

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A deputy palace master was appointed by the master of the sub palace. As an inspector, his role was to observe the sub palace. He did not have the authority to interfere with the day to day affairs of the sub palace, much less interfere with something important, like stripping the title of a deputy palace master.

“Hmph! Before I came, I had been granted the authority to award punishment from Lord Bai Luo!”

“Your actions are deplorable, killing the innocent. You have an evil character. I, as an inspector, think that you are not suitable to take up the role of deputy palace master! Now, with the name of Lord Bai Luo, I declare that you are stripped of the status of deputy palace master!”

Just now, he had declared his using the name of an inspector. Now that he was exposed, he changed it to the name of Lord Bai Luo.

Even if Lord Bai Luo had given him the right, Inspector Bai He was still stripping the status of a deputy palace master without consulting Ling Xiaotian.

Otherwise, why would Lord Bai Luo have to go through the trouble to request for the ten deputy masters under Ling Xiaotian to fall under his command? Couldn’t he have just issued an order?

Inspector Bai He was just fooling the crowd. Stripping his status as a vice palace master was just to give the Anyue City master the chance to strike.

“Anyue City master, Yin Yu is no longer a member of the Empire of Darkness. The animosity between you two is of no concern to the Empire of Darkness. You need not care about me. Settle the score how you intend to!” Inspector Bai He cupped his fist toward the Anyue City master.

The crowd felt a sense of injustice for Su Yu, they were going overboard!

Even though they did not know of the animosity between Inspector Bai He and Palace Master Yin Yu, the situation before them was clearly one in which Inspector Bai He was using his official duties to exact revenge, forcing Su Yu into a corner!

What was even more shameless, was that he did not hold back his words, saying that the Anyue City master did not need to give him any respect!

It was as if he was behaving too righteously and upright.

The Anyue City master cupped his fists as he said, “Since that is the case, I shall not hold back.”

“This person killed and snatched someone else’s treasure in Anyue City. He has done much evil, killing my son, despite only a small disagreement. This vermin’s actions shall not be condoned!!”

What? The fighters were shocked. The young master of the Tu clan, one of the young masters of the Eight Great Ancient Clans, had been killed by Yin Yu!

It was clearly the Anyue City master that killed his own son. But now he was announcing to the world that Su Yu did it!

The two of them cooperated with each other, painting a picture that Su Yu deserved a thousand deaths.

Facing the shamelessness of the two of them, Su Yu did not bother to explain.

Su Yu laughed. He laughed loudly, “Haha Merciless? You are right! I am merciless and barbaric, I am used to killing, so what?”

His cold eyes had an arrogant light. Harsh winds blew around him, causing his robes to flap in the wind.

His head of silver hair danced wildly, his eyes filled with a dense killing intent.

Wei Tianchen let out a cold laugh, “You even admit that you are merciless and barbaric. Your actions cannot be condoned. Everyone should have the right to kill you!”

“Anyue City master, I plead with you to get rid of this vermin for us, in the name of justice!”

He was gutless and weak, and did not dare step forward, but was egging someone with righteous words on from the side.

Zhen Yulian saw the situation changing, her fear subsiding. Her eyes flashed once again with a vicious glow, “That’s right! This person will only harm the innocent, if left alive!”

“Please Anyue City master, get rid of this vermin for us!”

It was clearly her who had tried to assassinate Su Yu twice, and who was now accusing Su Yu of being merciless.

The members of the Tu clan nearly died in the ice, their gazes furious, “Please master, exact heaven’s will and get rid of this vermin for us!”

“Exact heaven’s will and get rid of this vermin…”

“Get rid of this vermin”

The loud voices reverberated around Anyue City.

The forceful voices of a hundred people were like a current, piercing through the skies as they spread to all corners of Anyue City.

What was even more shocking, was the determination of the people to kill Su Yu!

Three people were enough to form a tiger, much less a hundred people.

At this moment, none of the fighters dared to step out to stand up for Su Yu.

Everyone knew Su Yu was forced. Everyone knew that Su Yu had to die.

For everyone wanted to kill him!

Feeling the will of the people who wanted to kill him; feeling the steely determination of the people; feeling the situation of despair, with no way out…

Su Yu stood at his original position, his silver hair dancing wildly. The hair could block his deep starlike eyes, but it could not block his spirit-like cold glare!

“Since everyone says that I am merciless, that I am barbaric, and wants to kill me, I shall let you all see what a truly merciless person looks like!”


An alarming killing intent suddenly shot out from Su Yu’s eyes.

The silver hair that was blocking his eyes was suddenly lifted.

The once deep eyes were now like an abyss, spreading an alarming chill, dragging in the souls of everyone present.

“I want all of you dead!”

The cold voice, as if it came from hell, filled with the ice cold threat of death!

The hearts of those scanned by Su Yu trembled. Those deep eyes were like the portals to a dark hell, dragging them unto their deaths.

Even Inspector Bai He’s pupils dilated, scared by his gaze.

“What a terrifying gaze!” the crowd of fighters gasped!

“They might have overdone it!”

The muscles around his neck twitching, Inspector Bai He let out a low grunt, “The eyes of the crowd are crystal clear. Since they want you dead, it is enough to see that you have committed heinous crimes and deserve death!”

Su Yu let out a cold laugh, “The crowd? Then I’ll just kill the crowd!”

He wanted to kill the members of the Tu clan, as well as the people who had wronged him!

“Anyue City master, you may strike! You need not be polite!” But Inspector Bai He retreated quickly, not intending to attack personally.

The Anyue City master’s eyelids twitched. He did not know why his heart rippled when he heard Su Yu’s words filled with killing intent.

The eyes full of killing intent had made the Anyue City master a little regretful.

Did he have a little responsibility to bear, now that the situation had come to this?

But that thought passed quickly.

Su Yu had lost his status of the Empire of Darkness and was no more than a cockroach in his eyes now. He could kill him just by stepping on him.

“Sigh, Yin Yu, you are still unrepentant now that it has come to this. You do not stop your desire to kill. I can only follow the wishes of the people and exact heaven’s will. I hope that you can start anew in your next life!”

The Anyue City master sighed lightly, taking a step forward.

But the very moment he took the step, a horrifying aura suddenly appeared in the skies of Anyue City!


When the aura appeared, fighters of the Dragon Realm immediately spat out blood.

Hundreds of fighters locked in combat with the demonic beasts did not expect this, falling into the beast tide. In the blink of an eye, their corpses disappeared into the bellies of the beasts.

The Immortal Realm fighters also felt the blood in their body tremble, their spirit energy going haywire. They could not stop their bodies from trembling.

It was as if a giant mountain was pressing onto them, making it hard for them to breathe.

“This is” Inspector Bai He’s expression changed drastically, “Immortal Realm Level Five Demonic Beast Emperor!”

The emperor of ten thousand demons, the rumoured legendary demonic beast!

According to rumours, its intelligence was well above an average human’s, and the being could use words. It was about to breakthrough its final barrier and attain a human form!

But these were merely rumors.

The existence of the demonic beast emperors were merely tales passed down through word of mouth. There were hardly any records in historical annals.

This was because demonic beast emperors were too rare, a rarity not lower than an immortal beast!

Who would have thought that there would be the appearance of a legendary demonic beast emperor in this beast tide?!