The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 341

Chapter 341 The Demonic Beast Emperor Destroys The City

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“Haha, foolish human beings. Even though you are faced with an imminent disaster, you still fight amongst one another. How sorrowful and funny.” Atop the sky, a normal gold-colored bird flapped its wings.

The bird was shaped like a kingfisher. It looked petite, delicate, and adorable.

Under the sunlight, dazzling golden light was reflected from its gold-colored feathers.

It bore a remarkable resemblance to a bird that was carved by gold!

On its head, there was an indistinct shadow of an imperial crown, which flashed before everyone from time to time.

It was as if it were a legendary king, which stood at the peak of hundreds of millions of demonic beasts, causing it to be the emperor of the hundreds of millions of demonic beasts!

However, what caused everyone to be shocked was that the golden bird could actually speak the human language!

Its scornful and detesting expressions were extremely lifelike, and its intelligence was not lower than that of the human beings in the slightest!

The Anyue City Master’s expression changed greatly: “Demonic Beast Emperor! What exactly happened in the Dark Forest, such that even the legendary Demonic Beast Emperor showed itself?”

With that, even an idiot understood that big and unusual changes had occurred deep inside the Dark Forest! It was to the extent that even the Demonic Beast Emperor was frightened out of the Dark Forest.

“Humph! Petty and lowly human beings, Master Wu had descended upon the world and was about to dominate it. All of you shall submit yourself to him at once, and follow me to meet him!” The golden bird looked down upon everyone coldly.

Even the expression of a strong martial artist like the Anyue City Master changed greatly!

The Master of the Demonic Beast Emperor? Within the world, what kind of people had the right to enslave the Demonic Beast Emperor?

Looking at the north continent, the number of martial artists who could match the Demonic Beast Emperor could be counted with five fingers!

Such a legendary demonic beast was actually a spiritual pet? What kind of divine being was that so-called Master Wu? In the Zhenlong continent, to everyone’s knowledge, there was only one person who had such a right. That person was the King of Darkness!

Could it be that in Zhenlong continent, someone who could go head-to-head with the King of Darkness existed?

“My time here is limited. I will give all of you three breaths’ time to consider. Those who are willing to submit to my Master shall follow me into the Dark Forest. As for those who are unwilling, die!” The golden bird’s eyes were overflowing with a ruthless and cold light.

What did not match its adorable body was its extremely ruthless nature!


The golden bird opened its mouth. However, no one responded. It was not because of the fact that the martial artists were extremely brave. Instead, it was because everything that happened was too absurd.

A demonic beast forced all the residents of the city to pledge loyalty to a Master that they did not know. If they declined, they would be killed.

The city was deathly silent and no one responded.

The golden bird’s eyes overflowed with murderous intents: “I have finished counting the three counts. Seems like all of you insist on resisting! Since that is the case, I shall destroy the city!”

It was evident that the golden bird had only counted once. However, as it did not get the response that it expected, it made things difficult immediately!

It actually threatened to destroy the city!


The golden bird was extremely determined, its action showing its determination!

After giving a sharp chirp, a destructive sound, which was ten thousand Chinese feet long and shaped like an earth-shaking thunderbolt, descended from the sky with overwhelming force!

Rumble, bang

The city wall, which the beast tide did not manage to destroy, even after half a month, collapsed like a thin piece of paper!

That was the power of the Demonic Beast Emperor!

Moreover, that sound wave’s force did not decrease and it swept past the Anyue City!

In its path, all the buildings collapsed, everyone ran for their lives, and a fierce wind swept across the area crazily. In an instant, countless people either died or were injured!

The Anyue City Master was both shocked and furious: “Presumptuous!”

With a loud roar, the Anyue City Master took action and counterattacked against that power which could destroy the city!

The spiritual energy of the Anyue City Master came out from his body and changed magically into a giant net. The Anyue City Master then tossed the giant net into the sky to suppress the Demonic Beast Emperor’s sound wave.

However, the Demonic Beast Emperor’s sound wave was so frightening, that it exceeded his expectations.

The spiritual net merely suppressed the sound wave for a short while. After which, it was torn into pieces by the sound wave!

The remaining sound wave struck the Anyue City Master’s body and sent him flying thousands of meters away at once!

There was a long stretch of splattered drops of blood, leaving such a shocking scene!

Within the ruins, the Anyue City Master got up with difficulty, his whole face filled with astonishment: “You… are about to become god?”

The Anyue City Master was extremely shocked!

As Inspector Bai He stared at the Demonic Beast Emperor, his old face was filled with fear: “Immortal Level Five Peak. It is only a step away from becoming god!”

The city became deathly silent!

Everyone’s mind had only one thought!


Run for our lives!

Even the strong Anyue City Master, who was matchless, collapsed at the first blow of the Demonic Beast Emperor!

“With such abilities, you do not have the right to go against Master,” the Demonic Beast Emperor said disdainfully. “If I destroy the city, no one can stop me! All of you must die!”


The Demonic Beast Emperor looked up and chirped again. A sound wave, three times more frightening than the previous sound wave, descended rapidly!

Not good!

The martial artists turned pale with fright. They scattered and escaped hurriedly!

The Anyue City Master’s eyes were filled with hatred!

That was his city. If it were destroyed by the Demonic Beast Emperor, would he still be able to save face in the future?

“Evil creature, don’t try to be a savage! I shall deal with you!”


The Anyue City Master took action and rushed toward the horizon!

However, when everyone felt that the Anyue City Master was about to go head-to-head with the Demonic Beast Emperor, a shocking scene appeared!

After the Anyue City Master rushed to the horizon, without even turning his head, he escaped at once!

He was not the Demonic Beast Emperor’s opponent!

Moreover, behind the Demonic Beast Emperor, there was also Master Wu!

He had two choices. Either sink down to a level of a doll, where he was at the mercy of others, or be killed!

Hence, he chose the third option!

Escape without fighting!

Abandon the Anyue City, abandon its residents, and abandon his… clan!

He would drag out an ignoble existence and escape by himself!

When Su Yu saw his back as he escaped, Su Yu did not feel surprised in the slightest bit.

A person who could kill his biological son would be cold-blooded by nature. Hence, it was extremely normal for such a person to abandon his clan and residents.

The Demonic Beast Emperor sneered scornfully: “You wish to escape from my palm? You are too nave!”


The golden bird changed into a golden fragmentary thread and chased after the Anyue City Master.

A nonchalant voice echoed throughout the sky: “Petty and low human beings, all of you have a short time to linger on in a steadily worsening condition. Value it while you can!”

The martial artists in the Anyue City felt extremely humiliated. How shameful was it to be looked down upon by a demonic beast?

However, the abilities of the Demonic Beast Emperor were too frightening, and thoughts of getting revenge did not even come into their minds.

Their only thought was to… find a way to drag out an ignoble existence!

The expressions of Inspector Bai He, Wei Tianchen, and Zhen Yulian changed rapidly. They bit their teeth and prepared to escape from the city!


However, at that moment, a shadow blocked their path.

“Haha, didn’t all of you want to right wrongs in accordance with Heaven’s decree? A person like me, who is guilty of the most heinous crimes, is standing right in front of all of you. Why are all of you escaping?” Su Yu laughed apathetically, with his hands clasped behind his back. He wore an indescribable mocking expression.

“All of you kept on saying that I relied on the Empire of Darkness. Now that all of you no longer have the Anyue City Master, can you right wrongs in accordance with Heaven’s decree justly and forcefully?”

“I have said before. I will kill all of you, the so-called ‘masses’ who abhorred evil as your deadly foes, and I will not leave a single one of you alive!” Su Yu smiled grimly, a smile icy and cold!