The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 342

Chapter 342 Massacre

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Wei Tianchen’s face was red, “Yin Yu! Do not be too insolent! The demonic beasts are launching a massacre on the city. As a member of the human race, you do not fight together with us, but instead take the opportunity to kill your own brethren. Do you wish to be a sinner of the human race?”

While he was spouting words of justice, Wei Tianchen turned to run!


Just as he was about to escape, a woman screamed behind him.

Turning back to look, a finger had pierced through Zhen Yulian’s stomach, her flesh bloody. But the attack had not struck her most vital point. She was merely hurt, but not on the verge of dying. She was in a pathetic situation!!

Zhen Yulian grabbed her stomach with her remaining hand, her pale forehead forming large beads of sweat. Her eyes were once again filled with fear and pleas, “Palace Palace Master Yin Yu, spare me I was really under orders!”

Su Yu placed his finger between her brows, coldly shaking his head, “Do you think your excuses would still work? Just now you said that I am merciless. Have you thought that you were under orders just now?”

“If you would rather commit suicide than be killed by me, I would have given you some respect. It’s too late to plead for mercy!”


Su Yu released spirit energy, splitting open a bloody hole on Zhen Yulian’s fair forehead, killing her.

The person who had put Su Yu through two dangerous situations had finally been killed.

Wei Tianchen was immensely fearful after seeing this scene. He no longer had any hesitation, turning to flee.

“Hehe, Sir Tianchen, an innocent person has been killed by a demon. As a warrior of justice, you are not exacting heaven’s will, but are instead turning to flee? Are you not afraid of sullying your heroic reputation?”

The boundless sarcasm came from behind him.

Wei Tianchen had interfered in the animosity between Su Yu and Zhen Yulian in the name of justice, saving her from Su Yu.

He had also jumped forward and reprimanded Su Yu for being immortal, when Su Yu was going to die!

“Palace Master Yin Yu, forgive and forget. Being so overbearing, are you not afraid of karma and retribution?” Wei Tianchen was anxious.

Su Yu let out a mocking smile, “Retribution? Are you making fun of yourself?”

“You were the one who said that I was committing crimes under the banner of the Empire of Darkness! You were also the one who relied on the Anyue City master to malign me! Now,the person that is going to be killed has changed from me to you!”

“This is truly karma and retribution!”

Wei Tianchen’s expression was one of shame and anger, “You twist your words! You are now not considering the safety of the human race, but stubbornly trying to kill your brethren and not looking at the big picture. Do you still have the human race in your heart?”

“Hypocrite!” Su Yu mercilessly replied.

“In the half a month that the beast tide descended, have you killed any of the demonic beasts, despite having a cultivation level of Immortal Realm Level Three Upper Tier? No! I have killed several demonic beasts and indirectly saved many humans. When I was attacked by all of you, have you ever considered that killing me would endanger the human race? No! You claim that you cannot stand seeing me kill the innocent and saved Zhen Yulian. But, when she was killed by me, have you stepped forward, instead of trying to flee for your own life? No!”

Su Yu continued, “So, you are just a selfish, sinister coward that has made no contributions to the human race. You are of no benefit to the safety of the human race, killing you would have no effect on their safety!”

The fighters fleeing for their lives around them understood when they heard these words.

Wei Tianchen claimed to be one of the Four Great Sons of the Snow Listening Tower, but was merely causing a ruckus with his status within the human race.

He had not helped in anyway since the beast tide appeared.

The life or death of a person that would only think of himself has no effect on the human race.

Even Wei Tianchen could not say anything, despite how glib his tongue was.

“Accept your fate. From today, the Four Great Sons of the Snow Listening Tower will become Two Great Sons. Do not blame me, I have given you many chances!”

Su Yu’s killing intent was ice cold and determined. He pulled the silver bow. The arrow chased after him for several miles!

After the arrow sliced through the air, met with a pathetic wail, Wei Tianchen’s chest was completely destroyed as he was killed.

Su Yu’s killing intent was at its peak, after killing two people in succession.

He swept his gaze to the final person he needed to kill!

“Only you are left in the crystal clear eyes of the crowd, Inspector Bai He!” Su Yu turned his head to look at him, his gaze cold.

Inspector Bai He did not show any signs of fluster.

He had a mocking look, staring at Su Yu with his hands behind him, “You, are finally finished doing what you needed to do? Too slow! You took such a long time to kill them, despite my allowing you to do so, you really disappoint me!”

“Haha You still want to save face!” Su Yu let out a long laugh, mockingly shaking his head.

“The only reason you stayed behind is that you came in all guns blazing just now and wanted to punish me. Now you cannot put down your high reputation in order to escape!”

“But you glorify your actions, claiming to give me time. You made it seem like I could only have killed them because you allowed it!”

Su Yu had his usual faint smile, “You should be lucky that you were standing at the side, scraping the barrel, so you can live for a moment longer!”

Inspector Bai He’s expression did not change, “Laughable, arrogant. I can kill you like I am culling a dog!”

“Since it is so easy for you to kill me, why did you not attack me personally, instead of using so many ploys to get the Anyue City master to do it? The palace garrison divine artifact of Palace Master Ling had long-lasting effects on an old man like you, didn’t it?!”

With Su Yu’s cultivation level, it was not hard for him to notice that Inspector Bai He’s cultivation level had dropped from the horrifying level he had seen in the past, to Immortal Realm Level Three Peak!

“Hng hng, Ling Xiaotian had used the divine artifact without approval, attempting to rebel against the empire. He cannot escape punishment!”

“Furthermore, even if my cultivation level has dropped, trash like you cannot compare to me!” Inspector Bai He coldly said.

“I can kill you with the flick of my wrist!”

Su Yu coldly said, “Do you really think that I am the same lad that could only flee for my life back then?”

Back then, Inspector Bai He had launched a sneak attack. In front of him, Su Yu did not even have the means to retaliate. He did not even have the chance to attempt to flee.

If not for Ling Xiaotian, having expected such an action and following him in secret, Su Yu would have died by his hands.


Inspector Bai He laughed, “I really cannot see any difference between the you in the past and the you now. You still cannot withstand a blow!”


He had just finished his words, when Su Yu pointed between his brows, unleashing a long arrow made of chilly energy and propping it on the Mountain River Dragon Bow.


Releasing his finger, the arrow of ice shot toward Inspector Bai He.

The power of the chilly energy was enough to kill an Immortal Realm Level Three Peak fighter, and even more able after its power was amplified by the Mountain River Dragon Bow!

Inspector Bai He’s expression changed, as he subconsciously tried to dodge. But he had been belittling Su Yu, how could he dodge now?

“Mirrored Flower Water!” Inspector Bai He forcefully increased his spirit energy, materialising a large water mirror in front of him.

The fantasy-like mirror could redirect the attacks of an enemy.

Using this technique at his peak, Ling Xiaotian would not be able to defeat him without using the palace garrison divine artifact.


The ice arrow collided with the water mirror just as it appeared.


Multiple cracks suddenly formed on the water mirror that Inspector Bai He was so proud of.


A moment later, the mirror completely shattered with a crash.

The ice arrow pierced through it, onto Inspector Bai He’s chest.


He was sent flying like a projectile, blasted several hundred meters back.

The cloth on his chest was torn to shreds by the resulting blast. His white hair was disheveled.

Fresh blood flowed from his nostrils down his chin, covering half his face.

With a mere strike, Inspector Bai He was put in an awkward position.

“Hehe, inspector, it looks like you are not as strong as you imagined,” Su Yu muttered.

Inspector Bai He wiped the blood off his nose. His ancient face was laced with fury, but his expression was one of disappointment, “The power was average. You did not even manage to injure me, even though I intentionally held back. Your entering the Martial Paths is but a waste of time.”

He was clearly haggard, but still refused to admit it.

“Is that so?” Su Yu had a cold gaze. A scene of nature descended around him.

An extraordinary aura, in harmony with nature, circled around Su Yu.

Looking at him now, Su Yu was not like a person from the mortal world, but instead appeared as if a ravishing deity.


Clouds gathered at the sky above his head, heeding the call of the scene of nature, forming a thicker, black cloud.

Within the cloud was a purple lightning dragon. Its stance was overbearing, as it flew within the clouds.

Everytime it appeared, earth-shaking lightning sounded.

At the same time, snow floated within the dark cloud, falling onto the earth.

This was different from ordinary snow. Ordinary snow would melt when it came into contact with the earth, but this snow froze everything it came into contact with!

Other than Immortal Realm Level Three fighters that could defend themselves, the rest of the people were reduced to beautiful ice sculptures when they came into contact with the snow.

“Ah! Run quickly!”

A fighter understood, shouting in fear as he activated his movement techniques to escape.

But his figure was frozen in the moment, his lips still in the shape of his exclamation. His legs were apart, trying to flee for his life, but his entire body was covered in ice, forever sealed.