The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 344

Chapter 344 The Coming Out Of The Wu Clan

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If Su Yu had been present, he would have definitely recognised the green-robed elder as being Elder Huang!

The young master before him was Wu Yaoyue!

Wu Yaoyue had surprised everybody back at the Alliance Meet, defeating the geniuses of the Hundred Territories Alliance and becoming an exceptional dark horse that captured the attention of many. He fought to be champion, trying to obtain the Flesh Regeneration Elixir.

But he was defeated by Lu Jun, who had concealed his identity. He abandoned the contest, as he was not able to obtain the top place, which meant that he no longer had a chance at the Flesh Regeneration Elixir.

After which, he ordered the green-robed elder, Elder Huang, to kill Su Yu and obtain the elixir.

Now he appeared here.

Wu Yaoyue had his sword in his arms, wearing a mighty expression: “Hmph, the Wu Clan would ultimately shake the world. Why would we need a bridal ceremony to announce our name to the world?”

“I merely came to tell the entire world that Mo Wu belongs to me, Wu Yaoyue! No matter who she liked in the past, no matter who fancied her, from now on, she is the woman of Wu Yaoyue!”

Elder Huang’s wrinkled face lifted: “Hehe, beautiful women have always been paired to heroes in the past. Miss Mo Wu is a great fit for the young master. Other than the young master, there is no one else in the world more deserving of her.”

Wu Yaoyue spoke with an arrogant expression, “That is natural!”

Surveying the surroundings, Wu Yaoyue shook his head: “We have to go back and make preparations. The Wu clan will need a cleansing of blood, before we show ourselves to the world again. We have to tell everyone that we are back!”

Su Yu hurried over this half a month, back to the sub palace.

On the way back, he consumed the Spirit Fate Elixir.

This was already the third Spirit Fate Elixir Su Yu had consumed this month, its effects were diminished greatly, far from the first time he had consumed the elixir.

Su Yu had merely broken through the bottleneck of Immortal Realm Level Two Peak, his cultivation level reaching Immortal Realm Level Three Upper Tier, merely increasing by two tiers.

The effects of the Spirit Fate Elixir had diminished greatly from the multiple times he had consumed the elixir before.

But Su Yu was still satisfied.

A normal deputy palace master could only get one Spirit Fate Elixir every month, but Su Yu had already consumed three.

His cultivation level had unbelievably rose from Dragon Realm Level Seven to Immortal Realm Level Three Upper Tier in the short span of two months!

This speed of improvement was unprecedented in the sub palace of the northern continent.

Of course, it would not be too ridiculous if only his cultivation level had achieved the breakthrough. More importantly, Su Yu’s improvement, in terms of his techniques, were equally shocking.

His immortal level and legendary level, as well as Divine Decree, all had massive improvements.

Recently, he even obtained the Second Grade Clone Technique that inspectors cultivated!

In these past two months of cultivating the technique, Su Yu realised that this immortal level technique was surprisingly easy.

Perhaps this was due to the effects of the cleansing of the soul from the Fantasy Glazed Pond during his training. Su Yu did not find any obstructions, as when it came to gaining insight into the technique, his progress was rapid.

In half a month, he had already had a massive breakthrough.

This Second Grade Clone Technique was a fragment of an immortal level technique, merely having two stages. The third stage was nowhere to be found.

With Inspector Bai He’s status, it would not be hard for him to cultivate a complete immortal level technique.

But he was insistent on choosing a fragment. This clearly showed how special this technique was.

Su Yu had cultivated the technique for half a month, cultivating the technique to Stage One Peak.

He could use thirty percent of his spirit energy to create a spirit energy clone with battle abilities at seventy percent of the original.

Its cultivation level would reach Immortal Realm Level Three Lower Tier, only one tier lower that Su Yu’s Immortal Realm Level Three Upper Tier.

The only imperfection was that the clone was unable to use the techniques of the main body. He needed to pick out other techniques for the clone.

But, even without the cultivation of any other techniques, the battle power of the clone was still very shocking.

Finally, to Su Yu’s surprise, he had achieved a breakthrough in the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters!

Su Yu had a stroke of inspiration during a thunderstorm at night!

He had managed to enter the Lower Class from the Beginner Class!

He had gained insight to the second character of the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters Bing!

In terms of power, ‘Bing’ was far stronger than ‘Lin’. If the two were to be compared, it would be akin to the difference between a small stream and a vast ocean.

Su Yu remembered that, when he released the character ‘Bing’, the lightning that descended onto earth was sent back into the clouds.

An area of ten miles surrounding Su Yu was leveled by the character ‘Bing’!

Even Su Yu was cautious about the heavenly power that technique had.

Did this legendary level technique really belong to the Zhenlong Continent?

Merely Stage One Lower Class had such heavenly power. This power that was equal to the heavens was too ungodly.

If he could cultivate this technique to the highest level, wouldn’t he be able to rule over everything?

This was another doubt in Su Yu’s heart.

Other than this, Su Yu was also satisfied with the progress of his Nine Fingers of Imaginary Thunder. This technique was merely a small step from the second stage.

He had understood the entirety of the technique. All he needed was some practical usage before the technique would breakthrough to Stage Two Upper Class!

The first stage, the Thunder Star Finger, already had extraordinary power. Su Yu was filled with anticipation for how the second stage would be.

Finally, the Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air.

He had long cultivated that technique to Upper Class, but was unable to breakthrough to Stage One Peak for the longest time.

But recently, Su Yu’s intuition told him that he was about to breakthrough to Peak!

Cultivating that technique to the peak, he could use his soul for out of body combat.

Su Yu was also filled with anticipation for that technique.


The winds howled. Su Yu left behind a string of afterimages in the air, finally reaching the central area of the sub palace a few days later.

At Lingxiao Palace.

“Palace Master, I have returned.” Su Yu naturally had to pay his respects to the palace master, now that he had returned.

When Su Yu greeted him, Ling Xiaotian was deep in thought, with his hands behind his back, his brows locked tightly. It was not hard to see his look of worry.

Hearing Su Yu, he turned around to show a faint smile and said, “It’s good that you returned safely.”

Observing Su Yu’s cultivation level, Ling Xiaotian spoke with a relieved expression, “You have not disappointed me!”

Su Yu’s improvement in cultivation level did not escape his eyes.

With a faint smile, Su Yu thanked him, “It is all thanks to your nurturing me.”

Su Yu knew how much Ling Xiaotian had helped him.

If he had been silently cultivating by himself, how would he have come across so many opportunities? He probably would not have been able to break through to the Immortal Realm.

“Palace Master, I have an urgent matter to report,” Su Yu gravely said.

Ling Xiaotian smiled: “Is it about the Tu clan? You need not worry about it. They sure have the guts to try to kill a deputy palace master! It looks like the Tu clan has had too much stability over these hundred years. They have forgotten their lowly status!”

“Come with me to Anyue City in a few days. I’ll personally exact justice for you! I will claim from them ten times the amount of pain and blood they took from you!”

Su Yu had a warm feeling in his heart. He had been under both the Liuxian Faction and the northern continent sub palace. The treatment he received was like night and day.

The Liuxian Faction master had not even viewed his life as important. If not for Su Yu’s good luck, he would have already became an ice cold corpse.

In fact, the Liuxian Faction had tried to execute him for a treasure they had no idea of.

Comparing the two, it was clear how much Ling Xiaotian had done for Su Yu.

“Palace Master, there is no need.” Su Yu shook his head.

Ling Xiaotian coldly said, “The members of the northern continent sub palace should not have to swallow their pride when they are bullied! I must punish them ten times over, for what they did to you!”

Su Yu’s expression gradually turned grave: “This is exactly the matter I wanted to report. Anyue City has been destroyed!”

“What?” Ling Xiaotian’s pupils dilated, finally grasping the gravity of the situation: “Tell me the specifics!”

Following which, Su Yu reported everything that he had seen and heard.

“A demonic beast emperor descended?” Ling Xiaotian had a rare grave expression. “According to what I know, there are not more than ten demonic beast emperors in the entire continent.”

“Out of the ten, nine of them occupy the eastern, western and southern, more prosperous continents.”

“The northern continent is comparatively poorer, having only one, the Golden Feather Demonic Beast Emperor! It occupied the center of the Forest of Darkness, commanding the demonic beasts of the northern continent. It is incredibly strong!”

“Even I cannot stand up against it without the palace garrison divine artifact in my hands. Why would such a demonic beast emperor appear above the continent?”

Su Yu thought for a moment, gravely saying, “There is one more thing. This demonic beast emperor said the word ‘Master’!”

“Master You mean that it still had a master?” Ling Xiaotian’s expression was unprecedentedly serious.

Gasping, Ling Xiaotian said in a serious tone, “It looks like we need to inform the king. This matter is out of the jurisdiction of the sub palace!”

To think that they had to activate the strongest fighter in the continent, the King of Darkness!