The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 346

Chapter 346 An Unexpected Defeat

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He did not expect that someone would barge into the Yinyu Area, when he returned half a month later!

What angered Su Yu even more, was that he could understand if the other party had some animosity with him, like Palace Master An Fang.

But he had no animosity with Palace Master Xiao Guang. In fact, they had never even met each other.

The other party had shown up without reason, killing his guards. He had destroyed his manor and was even abducting one of his people!

One should not be so overbearing, even to an ordinary person, much less to Su Yu, who was also one of the Ten Great Deputy Palace Masters. They would have dealings with each other, sooner or later.

Just what was Su Yu in his eyes? A beast without pride, that he could kill with the flick of his wrist?

Palace Master Xiao Guang looked at the horizon, toward Su Yu, who was flying over. He pushed Zi Yunxiang away, his face had a mocking expression: “Coward! Even though you are nothing before me, but to appear from hiding only now. As his men, you all should be ashamed!”

In his heart, he was insistent that Su Yu had already returned, only hiding because he feared him.

Zi Yunxiang landed on the floor with a thud, her fair face filled with surprise.

The injustice and grief she felt dissipated.

Su Yu had finally returned from the chaotic Anyue City. She could finally let go of her worry!

“If he is a coward, there would no longer be a brave person in this world. You do not understand him!” Zi Yunxiang shook her head, showing a gentle smile.

Her gaze did not shift from the figure flying over.

“Brave? Him? Hehe, if we were comparing the size of his throat, the volume of his words, the killing intent in his voice, your Palace Master Yin Yu is indeed the bravest!” Palace Master Xiao Guang crossed his arms as he laughed.

He looked down on Su Yu.

Zi Yunxiang still had her gentle smile, “See, you do not understand him.”

Licking his lips, Palace Master Xiao Guang grunted, silently waiting for Su Yu to land.

A few moments later, Su Yu arrived in the skies of the Yinyu Manor.

Scanning the surroundings, he could clearly see the collapsed buildings and the injured guards.

Palace Master Xiao Guang arrogantly lifted his head and said, “Alright, since you mustered a little courage to stand before me with much difficulty, I won’t bother to tear apart the last amounts of pride you have. Pack your things and come with me.”

After saying this, he did not bother looking at Su Yu anymore, turning to leave the manor.


A bolt of energy shot toward him from Su Yu’s direction.

Palace Master Xiao Guang froze for a moment, asking, “What are you doing?”

Su Yu had nonchalantly descended from the sky, shooting out a palm toward him!

“Are you deaf, I have already said that I would grant it, since you are asking for death!” Su Yu’s body was covered with a light flickering glow, as he shot out a palm toward Palace Master Xiao Guang.

Palace Master Xiao Guang was shocked, then demanded, “Are you mad? You should do everything based on your abilities. You striking someone like me, with your average levels of perception and abilities, is not insanity, it’s stupidity.”

Casually lifting a palm, Palace Master Xiao Guang had no trouble retaliating: “Forget it, to a person like you, who has never seen the power of an Immortal Realm Level Three, you have no way of understanding what it means to attack me.”

“This time, I’ll teach you a bit of a lesson. Remember to grow some brains next time.”

Crash Crash

The two of them speedily crossed fists.

But when they collided, Palace Master Xiao Guang’s relaxed expression suddenly turned rigid. He was surprised: “A cultivation level of Immortal Realm Level Three Lower Tier? You’ve broken through!”

During their collision, Palace Master Xiao Guang had no chance to raise his spirit energy, unable to defend himself as he took the blow.


A slight bone-cracking sound came from his palm. Palace Master Xiao Guang took three steps back, the blood in his body agitated. A metallic taste filled his throat.

In his carelessness, he had suffered quite a big loss.

Su Yu landed lightly on the ground, his expression hard to discern under the glow around his body. But everyone could hear his voice of disdain, “Is Immortal Realm Level Three very remarkable? You talk about Immortal Realm Level Three as being a very remarkable level. This arrogance is only present in second-rate, average fighters like you.”

Hearing this, Palace Master Xiao Guang laughed, “You learned how to be this arrogant, just by taking others by surprise and gaining a little advantage? Has anyone ever taught you about blind imitation?”

“I can be this arrogant because my abilities lord over the rest. You being this arrogant is you just being a clown!” Palace Master Xiao Guang had a look of disdain.

Su Yu calmly shook his head, “A person beneath you being arrogant, you call a clown, yet you call your arrogance an act of lording over the rest. By your own logic, you are merely a clown, when you are in front of someone more powerful than you!”

“It is truly appropriate to call you a second-rate, average fighter.”

Palace Master Xiao Guang’s expression turned rigid: “It does not matter how others see me, I do not wish to know. The only thing I can tell you is that the current you is merely a clown in front of me!”

“Both being Immortal Realm Level Three, you would not understand the difference between Lower Tier and Upper Tier! You surprised me and gained a little advantage, but this is your limit!”

“Now I’ll teach you just how great the difference between Lower Tier and Upper Tier is!”

Palace Master Xiao Guang let out a grunt, striking ferociously.

“Six Illusions!”

Palace Master Xiao Guang’s spirit energy pulsed, materialising six illusory glows around him. Looking at the scene, it looked like six figures were standing beside each other, making it hard to discern his real figure.

All the figures struck together, their palms overlapping rapidly. It was as if the oceans and mountains were exerting all their pressure on Su Yu.

Su Yu did not speak, retaliating with all his power!

He did not use any techniques, merely using his battle experience and spirit energy to defend himself!

Even though the abilities he displayed were far from Immortal Realm Level Three Upper Tier, when coupled with his immense battle experience, its power was still a force to be reckoned with.

One stroke!

Two strokes

Three strokes!

After nineteen strokes, Palace Master Xiao Guang had the advantage of initiating the attack, his attacks becoming more and more ferocious.

On the other hand, Su Yu found it hard to keep up, barely being able to defend himself towards the end.

Palace Master Xiao Guang let out a low grunt, “It ends now!”


Palace Master Xiao Guang’s spirit energy increased drastically, his abilities rising to his peak.

Under the intense attack, Su Yu finally succumbed, a palm striking his chest.


Su Yu was sent flying several hundred meters back, crashing into the debris.

“Palace Master Yin Yu!” The Yinyu Manor was shocked.

Their palace master had been defeated, and so decisively!

The undefeatable figure of the palace master in their hearts crumbled.

When had Palace Master Yin Yu suffered a defeat?

From the time with Palace Master Feng Qing and Xue Yao to the Black Water Pirates, when had Palace Master Yin Yu not surprised all of them, defeating the enemy in dominating fashion?

They could not accept this scene of defeat.

Palace Master Xiao Guang gradually suppressed his spirit energy, stabilising his boiling blood. He was quite surprised.

Even though his opponent’s cultivation level was far from his, he had plenty of battle experience. He managed to hold up against twenty of his attacks, while not using any techniques. It was only after he used his full power that he managed to keep the battle within twenty moves.

In terms of the difference in their cultivation levels, he would definitely be laughed at for such a result.

Thinking about this, Palace Master Xiao Guang had a sinister expression, “Great! To last twenty moves against me, just on battle experience alone, you can be proud of yourself!”

“But you are merely average! Do you see, this is the difference between Lower and Upper Tier. In front of me, you can only look up to me!”

Palace Master Xiao Guang stared at Su Yu: “Now that you know your place, shut your mouth and come with me. Don’t be like a clown jumping around!”

Shaking his head, Palace Master Xiao Guang turned to leave the Yinyu Manor.

But his body froze, as if struck by lightning!