The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 347

Chapter 347 Defeating The Enemy With One Move

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Under a tree in front of him, within the gentle breeze, there was a Moon White Long Robed young man standing leisurely.

Beneath his mask was a handsome face, as if he were not someone from the mortal world.

His silver hair fluttered about, as if he were a divine being.

The people of the Yinyu Manor were attracted by the unusual expression of Palace Master Xiao Guang. They followed his gaze, and could not help but be shocked.

That appearance and that figure. Who else could it be besides Palace Master Yin Yu?

“Palace Master Yin Yu! It’s our Palace Master Yin Yu!”

“Oh god, what’s happening? Why is he uninjured?”

What? Palace Master Yin Yu?

Palace Master Xiao Guang was at a loss.

If he were Palace Master Yin Yu, who was the fluorescent person that he was fighting just a moment ago?

“Humph! What is your Yinyu Manor up to? Could it be that the real Palace Master Yin Yu is being a coward and hiding somewhere else?”

The Su Yu beneath the tree had a calm expression: “Palace Master Xiao Guang, how did you feel when you fought my clone?”


The people of the Yinyu Manor were extremely astonished!

That fluorescent figure from a moment ago was actually Palace Master Yin Yu’s clone!

Among the Ten Great Deputy Palace Masters, there was only one Deputy Palace Master who possessed a clone, and she was Palace Master Zhilan!

Palace Master Yin Yu actually possessed such a secret technique!

Similarly, Palace Master Xiao Guang was shocked.

He was shocked that, just a moment ago, the person who he fought with great effort and defeated after twenty moves was actually Su Yu’s clone!

In general, the abilities of a clone were much lower than the main body.

If his clone possessed such frightening abilities, what kind of abilities did his main body possess?


The fluorescent light of Su Yu’s clone glowed, changed into spiritual energy, and returned to Su Yu’s body.

Su Yu looked at Palace Master Xiao Guang nonchalantly: “I have seen the gap between Lower Tier and Upper Tier. Now, please enlighten me. Both of us are Immortal Level Three Upper Tiers. Let me see how great is the difference between our abilities.”

Palace Master Xiao Guang bit his lip and had a cold expression: “Palace Master Yin Yu, I came to look for you, because I have something to consult about with you. Why are you so rude and unreasonable?”

After hearing what was said, Su Yu looked at his destroyed mansion, the severely injured guards, the guard who died a tragic death, and at Zi Yunxiang, who was shocked dully and said indifferently: “This is your so-called consultation?”

In the world, where would you find a person, who was like an eternal enemy and destroyed the other party’s mansion, killed the other party’s people, and took the other party’s people as hostage, even though he came to discuss some matters?

He was merely afraid of Su Yu’s abilities and changed his attitude temporarily.

However, it was a pity that he was too unreasonable previously. The change at this very moment was just ridiculous.

Palace Master Xiao Guang’s embarrassed expression appeared for a moment then disappeared straight after: “Your servants were the ones who were disrespectful toward me first, thus arousing my anger unnecessarily. As such, I destroyed your mansion to a certain degree and injured some of your guards.”

After hearing what was said, the people of the Yinyu Manor could not help but be secretly furious.

It was evident that it was Palace Master Xiao Guang who did not listen to their advice and charged in unreasonably.

He paid no attention to their lives. He killed, even after he said so and casually destroyed half of Yinyu Manor.

From the beginning to the end, was there anyone who disrespected him in the slightest bit?

With his identity as the third Palace Master alone, no one dared commit a breach of etiquette against him.

At that very moment, he made a false countercharge, saying that they were the ones who offended and angered him!

Zi Yunxiang said furiously, “Palace Master, Palace Master Xiao Guang charged in of his own accord. We did not harbor any ill intentions at all, from the very beginning. Palace Master, please make a judicious judgment.”

“Shut up! Do you have the right to interfere, when I am talking?” Palace Master Xiao Guang shouted coldly. “After all, I am a Deputy Palace Master. Will I accuse you?”

Between one’s servants and a Deputy Palace Master, whom should he believe?

It was natural that the answer was the latter.

However, it was a pity that the person in front of him was Su Yu!

“Oh, is that so?” Su Yu said apathetically, while walking out from under the tree.

Palace Master Xiao Guang said vigilantly, “Why, you don’t believe me?”

“You would rather believe your servants than me, one of the Ten Great Deputy Palace Masters?”

Su Yu shook his head: “I believe you. I would naturally believe you. Perhaps my people had really angered you with their words, which resulted in this misunderstanding at the moment.”

After hearing what was said, Palace Master Xiao Guang heaved a sigh of relief.

The hearts of the people of the Yinyu Manor felt slightly cold. Why did it come to this?

Didn’t Palace Master Yin Yu shield their shortcomings all along? Could it be that Palace Master Xiao Guang, who was now in front of him, was someone who he was unwilling to offend?

However, without giving Palace Master Xiao Guang an opportunity to reveal a relieved expression, Su Yu’s tone turned cold.

“However, even if my people offended you, so what? If you say that hearing their words is as good as injuring you, you had better bear with it! Moreover, you have injured them, destroyed my mansion, and taken my people as your hostages. Humph, no one can help you!”

How was it possible for him to believe Palace Master Xiao Guang?

Su Yu knew Zi Yunxiang’s character better than anyone else and was absolutely sure that she would not be arrogant and despotic.

As for the remaining people, who would have the guts to be impudent toward the third Deputy Palace Master?

At that very moment, he who was the guilty party filed the suit and also vilified his people by saying that they disrespected him!

A hundred and eighty degree change in the situation had caused Palace Master Xiao Guang’s expression to become serious at once. His expression also looked unpleasant: “Yin Yu, do you really want to make me your enemy?”

Su Yu had a nonchalant expression: “Make you my enemy? Do you think that you have the right to become my enemy?”

Not mentioning merely seeing an Immortal Level Three Upper Tier in action, Su Yu had even killed a few of them, personally.

However, it was hilarious that Palace Master Xiao Guang thought that Su Yu had never seen how strong an Immortal Level Three was.

“Yin Yu! Don’t be arrogant! Once I get serious, it will be too late for you to regret!” Palace Master Xiao Guang was secretly furious. Even though he feared Su Yu, he did not think that the gap between their abilities was huge.

Such an undisguised contempt had caused Palace Master Xiao Guang’s honor to be affected. Hence, how could he not agree?

“Arrogant? Compared to being arrogant, I have not sank to a level of destroying another person’s mansion, killing his guards, and taking his men as my hostages!” Su Yu walked over quickly. Although he looked slow, he was actually moving quickly.

“Then get serious. I wish to see how you would make me regret it!” Su Yu mocked disdainfully.

The blue veins on Palace Master Xiao Guang’s forehead twitched, his expression turning completely unpleasant: “Yin Yu, you are the one who forced me!”

“Six Illusions!”

He exhibited his special skill again, attacking with his full power.

He did not dare to underestimate Su Yu again.

Layers upon layers of illusions headed for Su Yu.

Piercingly cold, strong wind with a matchless power, accompanied by a great force of the universe, engulfed everything.

The group of guards retreated hurriedly to avoid being drawn into such an inhuman battle.

Su Yu had a calm expression, both his hands remaining clasped behind his back.

“Show me your moves! I want to see how strong are your cultivation techniques!”

Su Yu extended his hand and merely gathered spiritual energy. He shook his head slightly: “Is there a need for me to use my cultivation techniques to deal with you? You are too full of yourself!”

Rumble, bang

Su Yu’s palm looked normal. However, this palm caused Palace Master Xiao Guang to retreat by ten steps!

One of them used his cultivation technique, while the other merely used his spiritual energy. Even though they had the same cultivation base, the effects were extremely surprising!

Palace Master Xiao Guang gasped secretly. Su Yu’s main body only had a cultivation base of Immortal Level Three Upper Tier!

Moreover, he was extremely close to Peak!

Palace Master Xiao Guang felt afraid and uneasy!

A thread of humiliation flashed past his eyes. Palace Master Xiao Guang then suppressed the humiliation forcefully. Taking advantage of the opportunity, where he was forced to retreat, he turned around and flew away.

A pair of tiger-like eyes fixed onto Su Yu, and Palace Master Xiao Guang retreated with his fists cupped: “Palace Master Yin Yu has a well-deserved reputation and I readily acknowledge my inferiority! We will call it a day here, and I shall take my leave!”

“Who told you that this is a duel?” The murderous intents on Su Yu’s face only increased: “I have said it before. Since you wish to die, I shall grant you your wish!”