The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 348

Chapter 348 Gathering Powerful Fighters

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Sparringwhat a joke!

If Su Yu was really weaker than him, if Su Yu was really as cowardly as he thought, if Su Yu really could not last a single blow…

Would Palace Master Xiao Guang really take this as a spar?

He had realized now that Su Yu was more powerful than he had expected and chose to escape.

Hearing this, Palace Master Xiao Guang finally understood that Su Yu’s killing intents were not merely attributed to “tantrums”, as he had thought they were.

Recalling those words, he had finally felt the ice cold intent in themthe chills of death!

“Wait! I merely came, with good intentions to discuss the Phoenix Meet that is going to happen in three days with you. Just now, I had some misunderstandings with your people. I injured your people and destroyed your manor by accident. Why must you issue death threats?”

Up until now, he had shown no signs of regret, still attempting to defend himself.

Su Yu’s robes danced, and his figure turning into a streak of light, vanishing from where he stood.

When he appeared again, a purple glow shone on his face, making him look like the ruler of the heavens. A bolt of lightning flickered, destroying everything in its path, including Palace Master Xiao Guang. His body was blasted several hundred meters back, forming a beautiful arc in the air.

A burnt stench, as well as the sizzle of the remnants of the lightning, filled the Yinyu Manor.

That was the smell of burnt flesh!

Looking over, under the hole, was a charred, bloody body on the verge of death. There was only one last breath left in him.

The members of the Yinyu Manor gasped.

They were both Immortal Realm Level Three Peak, but Palace Master Xiao Guang could not hold up against an attack from Palace Master Yin Yu.

Su Yu walked toward the edge of the pit, calmly saying, “Since it was due to a misunderstanding that you destroyed my manor and killed my people, then me killing you will also be considered a misunderstanding!”

Buzz Buzz

Lightning gathered once again at his fingertips, and his expression was cold and merciless.

“Speak, who asked you to do this? What was the motive? After you just finished speaking, I’ll send you on your way.” Su Yu’s expression was cold.

Unless Palace Master Xiao Guang was a lunatic, it would be hard to imagine an ordinary person destroying someone else’s manor, killing someone else’s men, and abducting someone else’s woman without any reason.

Even though Palace Master Xiao Guang was a little arrogant, to destroy someone else’s manor without reason was a little too insane.

If his personality was indeed so, why were the other deputy palace masters, who had weaker abilities, safe, but Su Yu had to receive such treatment?

Clearly, this was an intentional action by Palace Master Xiao Guang.

But Su Yu had never met him, and there was no animosity between them. This means that someone who had animosity with Su Yu had asked him to deliberately destroy his property.

As for the motive, no one knew what it could be.

Palace Master Xiao Guang, his body charred and bloodied, gradually lost consciousness due to the intense pain.

In this state, he was experiencing a living hell.

“It’s the first deputy palace master! He was the one who instigated this!” Palace Master Xiao Guang made the rational conclusion.

The first deputy palace master was Palace Master Shen Kong!

The Shenkong Area neighbored the Yinyu Area.

Between the two areas was the territory of the Black Water Pirates.

Other than this, there were no dealings between the two of them. Su Yu had never even seen him.

Su Yu thought for a while to see if he had offended Palace Master Shen Kong in any way since his induction.

But after a brief moment of deliberation, he shook his head definitively.

He had never once offended Palace Master Shen Kong.

He did not understand why the other party would encourage Palace Master Xiao Guang to do such things.

“Motive?” Su Yu’s eyes were filled with killing intent.

Palace Master Xiao Guang found it hard to speak. “The motive was to display his authority.”

Su Yu laughed. His laugh was cold. “Why did he not come personally? Instead he sent someone like you?”

“Because you are not worthy of him attacking. Sending me was enough.”

Su Yu understood.

A person he had never met wanted to show his authority but did not care to attack personally, so sent a weaker fighter.

Was the reason this simple? Just to display his authority? So he killed his men and destroyed his manor?

What a display of authority!

Su Yu looked up at the sky, letting out a sigh. “Why is there always people who do not know any better and come here asking for death?”

First it was Feng Qing, then Xue Yao, then Zang Jian. Now it was the so-called first deputy palace master!

“It looks like I have not killed enough people. I have not struck mercilessly and fast enough!” Su Yu shot out a fierce glare. “Since that is the case, I am going to kill until the heavens flip over! I’ll kill for everyone to see!”

He was lucky today, returning just in time to save Zi Yunxiang and exact justice for the fallen guards.

The next time, he might not be so lucky. He did not want something like this to happen twice. There was a need for him to act mercilessly, even as a warning to everyone else.

“Alright, you may rest in peace.”


Su Yu flicked his finger, sending the final bolt of spirit energy into the deep pit.

Palace Master Xiao Guang was killed.

From today onward, the name of another deputy palace master had been erased!

“Give the family members of the fallen guards priority, reward the injured guards. Do not cause them to shed tears after they have shed their blood.” Su Yu walked forward, examining the three guards.

Two of them had crippled half their bodies and could not be cured, unless they found the Flesh Regeneration Elixir. But Su Yu had used the last two elixirs. There were no more left in this world.

They were severely injured because of Su Yu, so he had to take responsibility for them.

The guards helped them out and started to restore the Yinyu Manor.

“Elder Fan, go rest. Thank you for blocking him just now.” Su Yu helped Elder Fan out of the rubble.

What shocked Su Yu was that even with Palace Master Xiao Guang’s abilities, Fan Haisheng, who was only at the Dragon Realm, only sustained light injuries.

Was the attack much less powerful than it had seemed?

“Palace Master, you need not worry; you should go look after Miss Zi. During the half a month, when you did not return, she was worrying for you day and night.” Fan Haisheng waved his hand, letting out a smile of relief as he left.

Looking at the figure of his back, Su Yu had the impression he had when he first saw him.

The first time he saw him, Su Yu had an eerie feeling that he had seen Yun Yazi before. But he couldn’t place it, as he had a mysterious air about him.

But when he observed more closely, his aura seemed normal enough.

“This Fan Haisheng” Deep in Su Yu’s eyes was a perplexed glow.

His gaze flickering, Su Yu knelt beside Zi Yunxiang and examined her in a hurry.

“I am fine. Luckily, you returned in the nick of time.” Zi Yunxiang’s face was red, her expression shy.

Su Yu nodded. “It’s good that you are fine. I have troubled you for the past half a month, even when I was not around.”

“That is expected of me” Zi Yunxiang’s voice was gentle.

Suddenly, Zi Yunxiang seemed to have thought of something, saying in a hurry, “That’s right! There is a piece of good news today!”

“There is news of both Miss Xia Jingyu and my father!”

Su Yu’s expression was one of shock. The very first thing he did when he came to the Yinyu Area was to send people to gather information. Was there finally information of them, after all these months?

This was undoubtedly the best news he had heard recently.

“Where are they, tell me quick!” Su Yu said anxiously.

Zi Yunxiang’s expression was one of joy. “Miss Xia Jingyu is most probably in the main palace of the Empire of Darkness! According to the information, Miss Xia had been recommended to enter the main palace of the empire to attend the selection process for the seventh Lord of Darkness due to her ungodly talents. It’s likely that she is still there.”

Main palace? Su Yu was shocked.

That was the core of the Empire of Darkness. It was the center of the Zhenlong Continent where talents and powerful fighters gathered.