The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 349

Chapter 349 Palace Master Liu Li

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The headquarters was like an ancient, ominous product. It occupied Zhenlong continent forcefully, looking down on all living things.

In comparison, the Four Great Sub Palaces were merely the Empire’s tentacles.

Xia Jingyu actually entered the Empire’s headquarters!

However, when Su Yu recalled her extraordinary level of comprehension, it was within his expectations that she would be chosen.

Looking at it at that very moment, even if she were not chosen to be a Lord, she would still be given an important position in the headquarters.

If Su Yu had the opportunity to go to the headquarters, he would definitely look for her.

“Then, how about your father?” Su Yu asked.

Zi Yunxiang’s whole face was filled with happiness: “Father had appeared in the Phoenix Area half a month ago! It is said that Senior Lin Yunhe was with him!”

Phoenix Area? Su Yu raised his eyebrows. It was such a coincidence. At that very moment, the Phoenix Meet was near at hand and Zi Donglai appeared in the Phoenix Area.

Moreover, Lin Yunhe was with him?

Looking at it, that day, after Zi Donglai had escaped, due to Su Yu’s Contortion of Space transporting him away, he had returned to the Alliance City and joined up with Lin Yunhe.

If that were the case, he should have known that Su Yu had become Palace Master Yin Yu. He should have also known that his own daughter, Zi Yunxiang, was also at Yinyu Area.

Why didn’t he come and meet up with Zi Yunxiang? Moreover, why did he not send over any information?

Could it be that there was a reason why he could not do anything?

What did both of them want to do in the Phoenix Area?

After pondering this for some time, Su Yu smiled: “Yunxiang, three days from now, you will follow me to the Phoenix Area. After I have taken care of my matters, I will help you to find Housemaster Zi.”

Zi Yunxiang shed grateful tears, her eyes filled with excitement.

After being separated from her father for months, she could finally meet her him again.

“Yin Yu, thank you very much. I will definitely repay you for your kindness!” Zi Yunxiang’s beautiful face revealed a sincere gratitude.

Su Yu had given her too much!

Rescuing her, taking care of her, and helping her to find her father. She did not know how to repay him.

“I only hope that you can feel at ease and do not need to keep it in your mind. Now, go take a rest. We will depart in three days.” Su Yu tapped her shoulder and smiled with ease.

Zi Yunxiang smiled peacefully: “You too.”

After she had finished speaking, she saw Su Yu off.

As she looked at that thin figure, a gloomy expression appeared in her bright eyes.

A self-mocking smile appeared on her mouth: “I have met the correct person at the wrong time. Hence, I will be better off like this.”

She had indescribable feelings for Su Yu.

However, she understood that Su Yu had a fiance. As Su Yu already had someone, he could only treat Zi Yunxiang as a friend.

Zi Yunxiang herself also could not tolerate sharing a man with another woman. That was a woman’s basic self-respect, something unrelated to abilities.

Hence, she could only restrain those unfruitful feelings, treating it as a regret in her life.

During the three days.

Apart from training religiously, Su Yu also seized this opportunity to refine the Mountain River Dragon Bow.

As it was a droplet of Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid that Tu Long had bestowed upon him, he naturally had to use it carefully.

During the half month when he was rushing to train, he had already started to refine the Mountain River Dragon Bow. At that very moment, more than half of this Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid, which contained seventy percent of the effects of the original liquid, was already used.

Hence, only a last bit of the Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid was left.

As time passed, the Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid seeped into the silver bow and expelled the blood of the original owner. At the same time, Su Yu allowed his blood to also seep into the silver bow.

The process was difficult and slow.

Finally, on the third day, in the morning.


A loud cry, as if it were dragons singing, could be heard from the flying dragon, which was carved on the silver bow.

The noise felt distant and lasted for a long time. It also contained an indescribable Great Way.

In particular, it contained a rhythm slightly similar to”Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters”.

Su Yu had succeeded in refining one tenth of the silver bow!

Previously, a droplet of diluted Ten Thousand Soldier Liquid only refined a small bit of the silver bow. At that very moment, in addition to Tu Long’s blood, Su Yu had succeeded in refining ten percent of the silver bow!

Previously, he could only pull one inch of the bowstring. But now, he could pull three inches!

A spiritual arrow that was as long as a finger was ready to be shot.

Although the spiritual arrow was transparent, like before, and had not turned into a substance, it had a form and was no longer comparable to the spiritual arrow that was of the size of a thumb’s fingernail.

Its power had risen by three times!

Refining the silver bow before the Phoenix Meet was the best thing to do.

In a mass meeting, where strong martial artists gathered, Su Yu thought that having an extra ability would mean having more hope of being victorious!

“Yin Yu, have you woken up?” It was Zi Yunxiang, waiting outside the door impatiently.

Su Yu opened the door: “Yes, let’s depart!”

At the moment where both of them were about to depart, a sharp chirping noise could be heard high up in the sky.

The chirping noise reverberated across the whole world and was extremely ear-piercing.

The spiritual energy of all the martial artists in the city shook and their blood rolled about.

Some martial artists with low cultivation bases were shook by the chirping noise, to the point that they fainted on the spot instantly.

The seven apertures of the human heads of a number of strong martial artists started to bleed. They had an astonished expression and found it difficult to control the unusual movements of their bodies.

Only strong martial artists of Immortal Realm could withstand the noise.

The sound wave spread across the area and reached the Yinyu Manor quickly.

Su Yu had a slightly cold expression. He rushed out of the stone door and swung his robe to protect Zi Yunxiang.


The strong sound wave shook Su Yu’s sleeve, to the point that it made a sound. Moreover, the strong sound wave also lifted the ruins in the Manor about a hundred Chinese feet high.

In no time, the sky was filled with crushed stone and dust that could cover the sun.


Within the endless dust, a big black shadow appeared in the skies of Yinyu Manor. It lingered in the sky, and the sharp chirping noise continued.

The people within the Manor had bad headaches, to the point that their heads were about to crack. The weather’s vital energy churned about and caused noticeable injuries.

“Get out!”

Su Yu opened his mouth and muttered a word.

A great force of”Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters”took the form of a vast and mighty sound wave. It headed toward the sky and sent the dust that filled the sky, flying. The sound wave, which came continuously, was cancelled out as well.

Everyone then felt slightly better. They quickly looked for bunkers to protect their bodies.

When everyone raised their heads to take a look, after the dust dispersed, the culprit appeared in front of everyone.

It was a blue eagle, a hundred Chinese feet big.

Its light blue feathers glittered in the sky and were dazzling. Its sharp and cold eyes looked down on everyone scornfully.

The aura of an Immortal Level Three Lower Tier caused most of the human martial artists to have the jitters.

“Blue Illusion Eagle! It’s the second Deputy Palace Master’s Blue Illusion Eagle!”

“Oh god, is that the rumored blue eagle? It is rumored that it’s a blue eagle which possesses a weak immortal bloodline. Every day, it can travel millions of miles. Its speed exceeds that of an Immortal Level Three, and it is also greater than that of a normal strong martial artist of Immortal Level Four!”

“Since it has appeared, doesn’t this mean that the second Deputy Palace Master, Liu Li, has shown himself as well?”

The second Deputy Palace Master, Palace Master Liu Li!

A Deputy Palace Master whose abilities are only inferior to Shen Kong!

It was said that, apart from Shen Kong, he had not fought with the other Deputy Palace Masters for many years.

As for the reason, he felt that it was beneath his dignity to fight with them.

Xiao Guang, who was ranked number three, was included in those Deputy Palace Masters as well. Even though their ranks differed by one, their abilities were like Heaven and Earth, completely in two different realms.

Xiao Guang could not even withstand one of Liu Li’s glance, let alone fight with him face to face!

From the beginning to the end, Liu Li only had one opponent, and he was Shen Kong!

He had said such words before and during occasions with many people.

Looking at the north continent’s Sub Palace, the only person who could fight with him was Shen Kong alone.

It was rumored that he had fought with Shen Kong many times. There was also a high possibility of him replacing Shen Kong, becoming the new generation of the chief Deputy Palace Master.

Su Yu’s gaze turned serious. However, he ignored the blue eagle, his gaze landing on that tall figure on the beast’s back.