The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 350

Chapter 350 Extreme Arrogance

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That was a young man, about twenty five years old. His cultivation level was at a terrifying Immortal Realm Level Four!

Su Yu had personally witnessed the power of an Immortal Realm Level Four figure.

During the beast tide at the Forest of Darkness, the frost bird demonic beast king shook the earth with merely a breath, destroying everything within a hundred mile radius.

Su Yu could remember everything about that terrifying scene.

It could be said that above Immortal Realm Level Four was a whole new level for a martial artist.

That was a level close to god.

Every action they made would have an immense power, much more powerful when compared to an Immortal Realm Level Three.

Was that the second deputy palace master, Liu Li?

“It really is Palace Master Liu Li!” a group of guards exclaimed in shock. They gasped, their eyes filled with respect.

It was clearly Liu Li’s mount that had injured them, but they did not dare have grievances. No, they could not even develop hatred in their hearts.

When Feng Qing, Xue Yao, and Xiao Guang attacked them, they were angry, but did not dare say anything.

But now, they did not even dare be angry!

“Is Xiao Guang here?” Liu Li placed his hands on the two swords at his waist, his stance elegant.

His handsome features were accentuated as he stood, bathed in the sunlight.

But his expression was lifeless, without joy or sorrow.

Su Yu could feel an arrogance from that expressionless face.

Everyone was dead silent, no one replying.

“I am asking you a question, Yin Yu!” Liu Li lowered his gaze, looking down on Su Yu as he said calmly.

Su Yu calmly said, “Oh, so you were speaking to me?”

He did not look at him when he was asking the question.

“Yes! I was speaking to you, answer!” Liu Li simply said, but it felt like an order.

“Why must I answer you?” Su Yu shook his head as he laughed.

Liu Li’s gaze was still expressionless, without any ripples: “I do not have much time and don’t want you to waste it. I’ll ask you for the last time, is he dead or alive?”

He probably felt that conversing with Su Yu was a waste of his time.

“Since you do not wish to waste your time with me, then why do you ask me? Do you think that I have to reply to you?” Su Yu laughed.

Liu Li shook his head, never looking at Su Yu again: “You lost a chance.”

“A chance for me to give you pointers!”

Who among the other deputy palace masters didn’t show respect to Liu Li?

But Liu Li had never once paid any heed to them, always wearing his proud expression.

It was difficult to even catch a glimpse of him, much less talk to him.

Furthermore, to spar with him and get his pointers?

One would think that even Xiao Guang, who was ranked third, would also wish to spar with him and obtain some pointers.

Hearing this, Su Yu felt like laughing. There were perhaps some people that sucked up to him, in hopes of getting some pointers after they got on his good side.

But with everyone admiring and pleading with him, he might have become a little too self-centered.

“Give that to someone else, I do not need it.” Su Yu shook his head.

Liu Li shot a cold glance at him: “You would only have this thought, because you are in a well. You will never see the true martial path.”

After saying this, Liu Li commanded his blue eagle to fly into the horizon.

“Let’s go, Xiao Guang is dead. He is not worthy of pity if he dies in a battle between weaklings.”

In his eyes, the battle between Su Yu and Xiao Guang was a but a meaningless battle between weaklings!

This person’s arrogance was shocking.

Finally, Liu Li turned to look at Su Yu, saying, “Set off, we meet at the Phoenix Cabinet. Do not give me any trouble. I do not have time to tend to your meaningless actions.”

Su Yu could not help but laugh. Liu Li had thought that Su Yu would turn to him for help after he got into trouble at the Phoenix Cabinet!

“Let’s go!” Liu Li whispered to the blue eagle, preparing to leave.

“Wait!” Su Yu let out a cold grunt, “You have settled your matters, but I have not settled mine!”

Liu Li did not even turn his head, “Speak, you have three seconds.”

Su Yu surveyed the surroundings, coldly saying, “Do you not wish to say something to the people you have injured?”

He had controlled the blue eagle and descended onto Yinyu City, injuring many people in the process. No matter what, this was Liu Li’s fault.

“Is there anything else?” Liu Li calmly said.

Su Yu coldly said, “Speak, how do you want to settle this?”

Liu Li commanded the blue eagle to take to the skies, calmly replying, “If there is nothing else, I am leaving. As for what you said, it is merely a remnant of my mount’s wild instincts. Only injuring, and not killing, has revealed that it is already very controlled. You should be thankful that it did not kill any of your people.”

“Alright, I’ll see you at the Phoenix Cabinet. Remember, don’t give me any trouble!”

Saying this, the blue eagle turned into a blue afterimage, piercing through the horizon as it disappeared.

Its speed was well above Immortal Realm Level Four.

Su Yu utilised his crystalline pupils, but could only capture a shred of its afterimage in the fifty mile radius. It was clear that Su Yu could not catch up to its speed.

“Liu Li!” Su Yu was angry.

According to Liu Li, his mount not killing anybody was already a sign of mercy. Su Yu should be thankful that it only injured several people!

Zi Yunxiang was furious, “What arrogance! Why didn’t he say that we should thank his mount for not killing anybody?”

Su Yu looked at the direction the blue eagle flew toward, calmly saying, “We shall return the favor at the Phoenix Meet. We can only teach a person like that with our fists. Any reasoning would be wasted on him.”

“Time is of the essence, let’s set off.” Su Yu grabbed Zi Yunxiang as they took to the skies.

Half a month later.

They had traversed a million miles to reach the Phoenix Area.

This place was at the central region of the northern continent. It was summer all year round, its weather humid. It was surrounded by mountains.

It was common to see fog draping over the mountains, as if a celestial sight.

They were rich in resources and abundant with living creatures.

“The Phoenix Area is an area of the northern continent that is blessed by nature. The Hundred Territories Alliance cannot compare to this.” Zi Yunxiang was awestruck.

Su Yu nodded, agreeing, “Indeed! But it is too humid here. This would result in miasmas around the mountainous area. Venomous creatures might live in them and release poisonous vapors. These poisons might spread into the air through the water vapors, resulting in harmful miasmas.”

Saying this, Su Yu pointed at the forests beneath them. A finger-sized black bug was wriggling on a tree.

“Heavenly Poison Bug!” Zi Yunxiang was shocked. “This bug can poison and kill even Immortal Realm Level One fighters, its value is sky high in the Hundred Territories Alliance, comparable to a complete legacy level technique!”

Unexpectedly, Su Yu shook his head, saying, “There is not only one, look closely!”

Zi Yunxiang looked over, realising that the black soil under the tree was also wriggling.

Upon closer observation, that was not black soil. Instead it was a dense pack of Heavenly Poison Bugs!

It covered a radius of a hundred meters, numbering more than ten thousand bugs!

“Sssss If this many Heavenly Poison Bugs appearing at the Hundred Territories Alliance, it would be a calamity. No one other than the Alliance City can face this force!”

But this horde of poisonous bugs could quite readily be found in the Phoenix Area.

Su Yu creased his brows. Even if the Phoenix Area was unique, it was clearly not normal for so many poisonous things to gather at one spot.

Activating his crystalline pupils, Su Yu secretly observed everything that was happening within a fifty mile radius.

After his observations, his expression turned a little serious.