The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 351

Chapter 351 Evil Forest And The Poisonous Miasma

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There were many poisonous beings spread across a fifty miles radius of them. It was as if, amidst every step that they had taken, various sizes of poisonous beings existed.

In particular, the strongest poisonous beings also made Su Yu feel extremely terrified, so he dared not provoke them.

“Be careful, we might enter a special zone by accident.” Su Yu had a serious tone. The vicinity near them was obviously not normal, so they had to be vigilant.

As he was talking, all of a sudden, a purple-black fog rose from the ground deep inside the forest.

“It’s miasma! Moreover, looking at its color, it might be poisonous. Let’s avoid it,” Su Yu said cautiously.

Both of them circled around the miasma from the edge carefully and were about to get away from it.


Clang, clang

Suddenly, sounds of metal clashing reverberated within the miasma. It was accompanied by a screaming female voice that seemed like she was crying for help.

Su Yu raised his eyebrows. However, his crystalline pupils could not check out the situation within the miasma.

Zi Yunxiang said with concern, “Should we rescue her?”

Rationally, they knew they should leave quickly. Emotionally, they felt they should rescue any people in trouble.

Su Yu pondered this for some time, then said, “Wait outside the miasma, while I go in.”

As he was within the vicinity and had the abilities, wouldn’t it be his pleasure to rescue her?

Buzz, buzz

Thick layers of purple thunder arcs surrounded Su Yu’s body, enshrouding him within.

When the poisonous fog which had approached Su Yu touched the virile thunder, it turned into black ashes that descended slowly in a great amount.


After entering the miasma with a flash, Su Yu was able to catch a glimpse of the situation almost immediately.

It was a young, beautiful, and enchanting woman. She was about twenty-five to twenty-six years old and had the abilities of an Immortal Level Three Lower Tier.

She looked sweet and charming. She wore a snow-white fox-skinned long robe covering an enchanting figure which could seduce the souls of the people.

At that very moment, she was dealing with a hundred Chinese foot long giant snake opposite her, while dripping with sweat.

Among the demonic beasts, the giant snake’s body and abilities were not strong. However, the poisonous mist that it released from its mouth was so dangerous, even Su Yu was fearful of it.

The reason why the miasma appeared was due to the giant snake spurting out poisonous mist!

Instinct told Su Yu that, if that poisonous liquid landed on him, even his powerful and strong body would rot on the spot!

Moreover, at that very moment, the beautiful woman breathed in the miasma. Her physical strength depleted gradually, and a thin black color appeared on the space between her eyebrows.

If no one rescued her, it would be difficult for her to last much longer than half a tea’s time.

Su Yu sighed secretly. She was lucky to have met both of them.

Su Yu took out his Mountain River Dragon Bow and chose to kill the giant snake from a distance away.

The cultivation base of the giant snake was not very high, at Immortal Level Two.

Hence, with an arrow, it was killed on the spot.

After its body shook a few times, it stopped struggling and was completely dead.

After confirming that the giant snake was completely dead and would not pounce on him before dying, Su Yu showed himself. He walked in front of the poisonous snake and removed its poisonous bag nimbly.

The beautiful woman became stupefied on the spot. It was obvious that she did not expect the poisonous snake that was about to poison her to death to be killed by an arrow.

After having seen that Su Yu removed the poisonous bag, the beautiful woman smiled gently: “Thank you young knight-errant, for saving me. This is the child of an Earth Dragon Snake. The toxin in the poisonous bag has not reached its strongest state yet.”

Although she looked relaxed, in actuality, her whole body was tense, as if it were an arrow on a bowstring. If Su Yu had any intentions of killing her and snatching her treasures away, she would turn her body and escape straight away.

Earth Dragon Snake? Su Yu did not know.

Su Yu had also taken into consideration the woman’s small movements. However, he did not mind.

In such a situation, even if it were Su Yu, he would also be on guard against the person who killed the poisonous snake, so as to avoid meeting a person who hatched evil thoughts at the sight of money.

Su Yu nodded his head expressionlessly and did not even look at her. He turned his body, flew back in the direction he came from, and said apathetically: “Miss, you should leave while it’s early. You should take care of the toxin within your body quickly.”

After his speech, Su Yu flew swiftly and left.

The woman heaved a sigh of complete relief, as it seemed that Su Yu had no malicious intents.

Her tense nerves started to relax, and the poisonous mist that she held back spread across her body in an instant.

After giving a painful groan, she collapsed onto the ground, covering her chest and struggling in pain.

Su Yu turned back and could not help but sigh. He flew back, carried her, and left the miasma.

After he joined up with Zi Yunxiang, he brought the woman out of the poisonous beings’ area and came to a peaceful and bright place.

He inserted a small amount of spiritual energy into her body and expelled a small portion of the toxin, so that she would regain consciousness.

“Thank you young knight-errant, for rescuing me.” The woman woke up with a start. After observing that her body was safe, she made a bow, revealing a row of white teeth as she smiled.

That smile was like red flowers in a field, beautiful and attractive. This caused the hearts of the people to skip a beat.

What a bewitching woman!

Every move and action of hers was charming.

In comparison, it was obvious that Zi Yunxiang had not ripened yet.

With crystal clear eyes, Su Yu turned sideways and said indifferently: “Since you’re alright, we shall take our leave! Zi Yunxiang, let’s go.”

“Young knight-errant, please wait a moment! I am Zhou Jing, and my family lives in the Phoenix Fort. My husband’s family is the Phoenix Fort’s Yao family. It is an old family that practices the manufacturing of medicine. If it is fine with both of you, could both you visit my husband’s family, as guests? Take it as my gratitude for saving me.”

Yao family? Zi Yunxiang’s heart shook slightly and she said speechlessly: “Yao family? Could it be the Yao family of the Phoenix Fort’s Eight Great Families?”

As Zi Yunxiang spoke, she passed on a message to Su Yu secretly: “Yin Yu, you have rescued a very important person! The Yao family is proficient in alchemy, and it is said that they can manufacture a kind of ancient elixir! Many strong martial artists have begged for it, but never got it in the end. Even Han Jianglin has begged for the elixir before and was rejected!”

“If what she is saying is true, and she is really the wife of the Yao family, you might be able to get a huge reward.”

Su Yu did not even think and shook his head slightly: “It’s fine! I rescued her not because I have cast my greedy eyes on rewards. Moreover, I might get something else than a reward for rescuing her”

As he spoke, it was as if there was a profound meaning in his words.

Zi Yunxiang also understood and sighed sympathetically.

How would she not understand that, in this world, doing good might not result in good rewards?

Seeing that Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang were about to leave, Zhou Jing sighed bitterly: “I have not thought about the matter carefully and made things difficult for young knight-errant! However, can I earnestly request young knight-errant to lend me a helping hand again? In the fight just now, my internal organs were injured. If young knight-errant is going toward the same direction, I wish that you could escort me back into the city.”

“When the time comes, I will reward you generously!”

Eh? Su Yu frowned slightly. After thinking for some time, he nodded his head unwillingly: “Stay quiet throughout the whole journey and do not question too much.”

When you help someone, help her to the end. As sending her back was on the way, as long as she did not cause any troubles, it should be alright.

“Thank you young knight-errant. I will keep your instructions in mind.” Zhou Jing smiled beautifully, bowed down, and gave a salute. Her behavior was dignified and courteous.

As expected of the Young Master of a big family, the way his wife spoke and his wife’s qualities were totally different from a normal person.

Nothing was said during the journey.

After half a day, the group of them finally arrived at the Phoenix Fort.

The Phoenix Cabinet was at the heart of the Phoenix Fort.

Su Yu then sent Zhou Jing all the way to the Yao family of the Phoenix Fort.

The Yao family was situated magnificently at one side of the Phoenix Fort. The buildings were magnanimous and looked impressive. The security was strict and the dignified air of a big family could be felt.

“All right, we will send you up unto this point. No need to thank us, we will take our leave now.” After sending her to the entrance, Su Yu shortened his words of farewell.

Zhou Jing said hurriedly, “Young knight-errant, please wait a moment!”

Eh? Su Yu turned his head back and was a bit impatient: “Do you still have something for me?”

She stroked her beautiful hair hanging by her ears. Her unintentional action looked extremely flirtatious. The minds of the passersby and the entrance guards of the Yao family turned blank when they saw what happened.

Even Su Yu hatched a thought of pressing her onto the ground and trampling on her again.

“Young knight-errant, may I be so bold as to invite you to the house to take a rest for a short while? Young knight-errant finds pleasure in helping others and does not wish for them to repay you. I cannot sink down to a level where other people sneer at me because I don’t know how to repay someone for his kindness.”