The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 352

Chapter 352 Repaying Kindness With Animosity

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“Hero, you have such a righteous spirit. I would think that you would not care about my ordinary treasures. Seeing that it’s your first time here, the Phoenix Fort should be foreign to you. If you need any information, the Yao family can help you find that out. I would think that the combined efforts of the Yao family would be much more effective than if you were to do it yourself.”

If she had really promised some elixirs or techniques, Su Yu would really not be interested.

But he was desperate for information, especially information about Xianer.

“If that is the case, I would have to trouble you.” Su Yu did not reject her offer.

Zhou Jing flashed a smile, “Thank you for gracing our humble abode, please follow me.”

Under her lead, they made their ways toward the main hall of the Yao family.

Along the way, Su Yu sensed the presence of about ten Immortal Realm Level Three fighters.

With their abilities, only Han Jianglin would be able to match this family in the Hundred Territories Alliance.

“Please wait here while I change. I’ll be back soon.” Zhou Jing excused herself after ordering someone to bring them tea.

Staring at her slender back figure, Zi Yunxiang was a little jealous: “She really is a perfect woman. Her appearance, personality, figure and cultivation level are all top notch. I had long heard that there was a woman in the Yao family with looks that can topple cities. Could that be Zhou Jing?”

Topple cities? Every laugh and action of this woman had the power to captivate the soul. To say that she can topple cities with her looks is not an over exaggeration.

In the middle of their conversation, suddenly, a stern man walked out from the rear hall.

He was about twenty seven years old, his frame short and plump. He had dark skin and beady eyes.

He looked comical, but had a sinister aura, giving off the impression that he was a dangerous man.

“It was you who saved my wife?” The short, plump man spoke, his voice high and sharp, like a eunuch’s.

Su Yu raised his brows. What was going on? Doubt?

But Su Yu suppressed his unhappiness, seeing that this man was Zhou Jing’s husband.

“Yes, your wife got into trouble with a young Earth Dragon Snake in the poisonous miasma. We happened to pass by and saved her,” Su Yu spoke the truth.

The short, plump man squinted, observing Su Yu: “Earth Dragon Snake, you? Do you know that even a young Earth Dragon Snake is enough to kill an Immortal Realm Level Three fighter? But you could kill it easily and have saved my wife from its mouth?”

En? Su Yu slowly stood up. Even though he was only sixteen, he was much taller than the other party. He looked down on him, his expression cold: “Are you suspecting that I intentionally saved your wife and glorified my contributions because I lust for rewards from the Yao family?”

The short, plump man had a sinister smile as he responded, “Glorify your contributions? If that was your only intention, I would not mind just giving you some reward!”

Su Yu was confused, “Oh? Please go on. I do not understand what you mean.”

“Do I need to say anymore? It was obviously you who set the trap and caused my wife to fall into that trap. You took the opportunity to act and attain her trust, so as to enter the Yao family and take our ancient elixirs!” The short, plump man had a cold smile: “This trick has already been outdated, since several hundred years ago. To think that there would be someone who would use it in this day and age, how insolent!”

Hearing this, Su Yu froze.

After he came to his senses, he rose, shaking his head as he laughed, “I surely did not expect that I would become the villain after saving someone! If I knew that was going to be the case, why did I have to waste that effort?”

“Hmph! You need not try to defend yourself. We are both clear about what you did!” The short, plump man let out a cold grunt.

Su Yu shook his head, but did not speak. There was no way to communicate with a person like him.

“Yunxiang, let us go. We are being made the villains here. If I knew that this was going to happen, why would I have saved her?” Su Yu grabbed Zi Yunxiang as he turned to leave.

“Wait!” The short, plump man stopped them.

Su Yu stood his ground, not turning his head. The words he spoke were unnaturally calm, “Why, you wish to kill me just because of your suspicion? If this spread, what would happen to the reputation of the Yao family?”

The short, plump man grunted, “I do not need to go to that extent. I have seen many people like you. The Yao family can’t be bothered to deal with you! But you borrowed the bow of the Yao family, shouldn’t you return it?”

Bow? Su Yu squinted, “You are saying that I borrowed the Yao family’s bow?”

The short, plump man clapped his hands, “Drop-dead Gorgeous, why don’t you come out and tell us what happened in the forest?”

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh

Along with a stern Zhou Jing, ten other Immortal Realm Level Three fighters came out of the rear hall.

They surrounded Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang.

Su Yu surveyed the surroundings, his gaze finally dropping onto Zhou Jing.

Her beautiful appearance now felt incredibly foreign.

“Sir, please return the bow. Do not do something so tasteless and shameful. I would look down on you.” Zhou Jing’s tone was calm and expressionless.

Su Yu casually put his arms behind his back, letting out a faint smile. “Why don’t you say personally what happened in the forest?”

The short, plump man let out a cold grunt, “You truly are shameless. You wouldn’t even admit to your wrongdoings, even if you were on death’s door! Drop-dead Gorgeous, tell everyone here what happened in the forest!”

Zhou Jing nodded, slowly narrating, “Half a day ago, I was out gathering herbs. On the way there, I heard a cry for help and went to investigate.”

“I saw a youth, this sir in front of me, getting into trouble with a Earth Dragon Snake, and in grave peril. At the most critical moment, I handed the silver bow that I always have with me to this youth to use as a weapon. That was how he managed to successfully escape! What I did not expect, was that this sir had ill intentions and, upon seeing the bow, tried to keep it for himself!”

“Also he started having lustful thoughts and tried to violate me!” When she reached this point of the story, Zhou Jing started to cry, as if she had suffered a great injustice. Her expression was extremely pitiful.

“I was intelligent enough, lying to him and saying that I would help him steal elixirs from the Yao family. Only by doing so could I have protected my purity and not been violated by him!”

Saying this, Zhou Jing cried, as she pushed herself into the embrace of the short, plump man, pleading, “Yao Ling, exact justice for me!”

These words were infuriating.

The members of the Yao family were infuriated. Zi Yunxiang even more so!

The members of the Yao family were infuriated because Su Yu had stolen the silver bow from his benefactor, and even tried to violate her!

Zi Yunxiang, on the other hand, was infuriated by Zhou Jing’s seamless acting. She had completely flipped the truth.

She finally understood that Zhou Jing had seen Su Yu’s powerful weapon when he saved her, and had tried her hardest to get Su Yu into the Yao family.

Who was the truly shameless person here?


Yao Ling slammed his chubby hand onto the table in front of him, reducing it to dust.

His expression was sinister and furious: “You! Insolence! You took the item of the Yao family, and even tried to violate my wife!”

“Don’t even think about leaving the Yao family today!”

“Guards, kill them! There are no limits here!”

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh

Groups of Yao family fighters used their killing techniques in a fury, not holding back.

Su Yu laughed, his laughter shaking the roof of the house: “Hahaha Interesting. I have seen many try to kill me and take my treasures. But this is the first time I have seen someone plotting against me the very second after I saved their lives!”

“Interesting, very interesting! Then I would think that it would be extremely interesting if I killed all of you!”