The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 353

Chapter 353 Testing Elixirs Using Human Guinea Pigs

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This pair of couples had colluded with one another. In a nutshell, they tried in vain to encroach on the Mountain River Dragon Bow.

If not for Su Yu’s having rescued Zhou Jing in the nick of time, she would have ended up in the snake’s belly.

The funny thing was that, at the moment when she called for help, she already had her eyes fixed on Su Yu’s silver bow. Hence, she lured him into the Yao family with the intention of killing him and snatching his treasure!

How dark must her heart be to hatch such a thought in an instant?

This woman only possessed good looks that captivated everyone. However, her heart was extremely venomous, like snakes and scorpions.

Yao Ling said coldly, “Don’t try to resort to sophistry. My Yao family is a big and rich household. Why would we cast our greedy eyes on the treasures of an unknown person like you? You have committed all kinds of evil and are also extremely thickheaded. Do you really think that our Yao family is a charitable place?”

“Kill them, as a warning to others!”

On Yao Ling’s chest, the charming face of the soft Zhou Jing revealed a vicious and cold laughter.

Whiz, whiz

Ten strong martial artists of Immortal Level Three attacked at once. Frightening energy flooded all sides, surrounding and locking onto Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang firmly, so as to kill both of them.

Su Yu shielded Zi Yunxiang behind him, his cold eyes filled with scornfulness.

Rub, rub, rub

Ten fingers conceived ten long needles of spiritual energy, shot in ten directions following Su Yu’s movements of his fingers.

“Not good! It’s an Immortal Level Three Upper Tier!” Yao Ling was extremely shocked.

Su Yu was so young. Hence, how would Yao Ling expect Su Yu’s cultivation base to be so high?

In their eyes, the fact that Su Yu was able to kill the Earth Dragon Snake was due to his incredible bow, which defied the natural order.

However, what they did not expect was that the scariest thing was not the silver bow. Instead, it was Su Yu himself!

“Immortal Level Three Lower Tiers, retreat quickly!” Yao Ling roared hurriedly, throwing himself into the fight.

However, it was a pity that their reactions were too late.

Clang, clang


Among the ten Immortal Level Threes, there was an Immortal Level Three Upper Tier that managed to block the attack successfully.

As for the other nine Immortal Level Three Lower Tier members of the Yao family, their chests were punctured by the frightening spiritual energy.

In front of an Immortal Level Three Upper Tier, Lower Tiers were barely opponents.

“Thunder Star Finger!”

However, without waiting for Yao Ling to rush over and rescue his men, Su Yu did not stop, and a thread of purple thunder arc appeared on his palm. With a flick of his finger, he killed the last person who was of Immortal Level Three Upper Tier.

In an instant, ten strong martial artists of Immortal Level Three were killed on the spot.

The scene was filled with bodies and bright red blood on the ground. It was extremely bloody and tragic.

Su Yu stood still in the middle of the pools of blood and revealed a smile. With the help of the blood, it made Su Yu’s smile look unusually evil and cruel: “With this kind of ability, you still try in vain to kill others and steal their treasures?”

Zhou Jing’s charming face became frozen like an ice sculpture. Within her beautiful snow-like eyes, her pupils shrank, until they became needles and and were overflowing with fear.

Her lovely body shivered slightly at her position, her small legs trembled continuously.


As she was too anxious, her legs turned soft and she collapsed onto the ground. As she stared at the ground full of bodies, she was so afraid that she became absent-minded.

Yao Ling was extremely furious.

The martial artists of Immortal Level Three were thirty percent of the Yao family’s power. However, they were all killed within a short while!

What caused Yao Ling to be extremely frightened was that the Immortal Level Three Upper Tier martial artist was also killed by the young man in front of him, without even being able to last beyond one move of the young man!

What cultivation base did the other party possess?

Could it be Immortal Level Three Peak?

“It’s your turn now, Young Master Yao and Madame Drop-Dead Gorgeous!” Su Yu had an evil laughter, his murderous intent at its thickest.

Yao Ling’s whole body moved sharply. He stopped attacking immediately, turned his body around, carried Zhou Jing and escaped: “Escape quickly! Get father!”


A Moon White figure stood in front of them, like fragmentary threads.

“What? Didn’t you want your silver bow? Didn’t you want to teach a lecherous man like me a lesson?” Su Yu’s back was against them and he sneered deeply.

Yao Ling’s heart shook greatly and gave a light shout in a threatening manner, but cowardly at heart: “I don’t care who you are. I hope you think twice about what you are doing! This is the Yao family of the Phoenix Fort. If you touch even a strain of hair on our bodies, you will be unable to leave the Yao family!”

“Haha, threatening me?” Su Yu turned his head over and laughed grimly: “Unfortunately, what I am unafraid of most is being threatened! Not mentioning a mere Yao family, even if it were people from the Phoenix Cabinet who provoked me, I would kill them as well.”

“Moreover, even if I forgave both of you, would I be able to leave the Yao family alive?” As Su Yu sneered, he walked forward, his face filled with thick, murderous intents.

“I do not seek repayment and rescued you kindly. However, I did not expect myself to get such treatment from both of you! Hence, even death is not regrettable for both of you!”

Yao Ling’s expression changed to one of astonishment: “Wait! That is not what I meant. I have been deceived. My wife is the one who has taken a fancy to your silver bow and deceived me into seizing it.”

Zhou Jing, who was leaning on his chest, was extremely shocked. She then lifted her head and glared at Yao Ling unbelievably: “My husband, you”

Yao Ling lowered his head and berated furiously: “If not for your greediness and insatiableness, would we have offended this young knight-errant? If you are looking for death, don’t implicate the Yao family!”

At once, Zhou Jing’s eyes were filled with grievances and mist: “My husband, are you such a heartless and faithless person? I have only mentioned his silver bow. You are the one who made a unilateral decision to seize it. However, in this critical moment, you sent me out to die. Why are you so heartless?”

Yao Ling said with a low voice: “Each and every one of my words is true!”

As both of them were at a critical moment, they shifted the responsibility onto one another.

Su Yu shook his head jokingly: “Both of you, is there a need to act, that you are pushing the responsibility upon one another to buy time? Even though both of you are stupid, don’t think that other people are as stupid as you.”

Although that fight ended quickly, it attracted the attention of the martial artists in the Yao family.

If Su Yu did not leave quickly, and the Yao family’s real strong martial artists appeared, it would be extremely troublesome.

Both of them looked as if they were a couple faced with imminent disaster and had to fend for themselves. However, in actual fact, they cooperated with one another secretly, with the intentions of buying time and waiting for someone to come to their rescue.

Yao Ling and Zhou Jing’s expressions turned serious at the same time.

Then, they withdrew their anxious expressions gradually. What replaced Zhou Jing’s charming face was a crafty and calm expression: “I admit that I have made a mistake and provoked a strong enemy.”

“I am willing to compensate you. Tell me the price that you want us to pay you. As long as it is something that my Yao family can give you, we will not hesitate to give it to you. Apart from that, after we let you go and let us nothing to do with one another again. Moreover, our only condition is that you cannot harm us!”

Zhou Jing was as if she had changed into another person in an instant.

Compared to that dainty and delicate girl who was at a loss a moment ago, she became a totally different person.

Su Yu was already unable to differentiate which version was the real Zhou Jing.

Extremely flirtatious, calm, and composed, or anxious when something happens?

As for Yao Ling, he kept quiet by the side and gave the impression that he was with Zhou Jing.

Su Yu revealed a mocking smile: “From what I see, I think there is nothing much!”

“I don’t give a damn about the items in your Yao family. I only wish to eradicate the source of trouble and put an end to future trouble.” Su Yu took a step forward.

At that very moment, Zhen Jing was still able to remain composed like usual. Her snow-like eyes were chilly: “You will regret this.”

Su Yu shook his head nonchalantly: “I never regret!”

Su Yu extended one of his fingers over.

Then, Zhen Jing did something that caused everyone to stare at her, tongue-tied. She actually took out a dagger from her robe and stabbed Yao Ling’s chest.

As she turned her wrist, she twisted Yao Ling’s heart into pieces.

“Ah! Beautiful wife, you” Yao Ling stared at Zhou Jing’s back in disbelief.

A wife, who he had gotten along with for three years, actually drew a dagger against him.

Zhou Jing did not turn back. Her whole face was filled with coldness and no sentimental feelings at all: “Yao Ling, I’m sorry. I can only save myself by sacrificing you.”

“Blood Wings!”

When she pulled out the dagger, Yao Ling’s blood splashed out at once, so much that it could cover the sky.

A portion of the blood turned into a pair of blood-red wings, thirty Chinese feet long, on Zhou Jing’s back.

When she flapped her wings, she created an extremely fierce and frightening strong wind that allowed her to fly miles away in an instant!

Her speed was comparable to that of an Immortal Level Four, just below the blue eagle!

Su Yu’s cold eyes flashed: “Humph! You wish to escape?”

His right eye glowed with a purple light and created a lump of space energy which enshrouded Zhou Jing, who had escaped ten miles away in order to be transported back.

Zhou Jing’s calm expression changed for the first time: “Innate space talent?”

She then revealed an anxious expression: “What are you trying to do?”

“Of course, I want to send you to the afterlife!” Su Yu’s murderous intent was at its thickest.

This woman was as venomous as snakes and scorpions!

Not mentioning the fact that she did not take into account her gratitude to Su Yu for saving her, tried in vain to seize Su Yu’s silver bow, and plotted a frame-up, she also sacrificed her husband, who had shared a bed with her for three years, without the slightest bit of hesitation!

Against such a heartless woman, Su Yu only felt coldness, from the bottom of his heart.

This person could not be left alive!

However, just as she was about to be transported back, all of a sudden, an extremely powerful spiritual energy came from somewhere far away and threw the space transportation into disorder.

After she had been freed from the binding, she exhibited her Blood Wings and escaped immediately.

Su Yu was filled with extreme hatred and pursued her quickly. However, that Blood Wings was a secret technique to save her life. After chasing her for some time, Su Yu was unable to catch up to her.

His cold eyes looked around the surroundings, glowing with coldness: “Who took action secretly and saved Zhou Jing?”

It was as if that person was in the vicinity a long time ago, and she did not reveal herself.

What was her motive for being close to the Yao family?

“Even though I cannot catch up to you, it is not difficult to find you!” Su Yu refused to give up. He revolved his crystalline pupils and could see everything within fifty miles of him clearly.

Although Zhou Jing was fast, Su Yu could still see her clearly.

After half a cup of tea’s time.

Zhou Jing entered a random place in the Phoenix Fort where there was no one.

She carefully descended upon an alley, then opened her mouth, coughed vigorously, and coughed out a few mouthful of blood.

Her phoenix eyes glowed with coldness as she pushed open a pitch-black big door at the end of the alley.


The giant door opened. There was a big courtyard that was deathly still. Everywhere within the courtyard was silent,even though there were supposed to be birds singing and flowers giving forth fragrance. Moreover, in the courtyard, there were not even sounds of insects.

It was as if the courtyard was in a state where everything was hopeless and deathly still.

“Greetings to Master.” Zhou Jing knelt down, one knee on the ground, with reverence and awe.

Within the courtyard, a hoarse voice of a woman could be heard: “You’re injured.”

Zhou Jing had endured her extreme pain and exhibited Blood Wings, her secret technique. Hence, it was no surprise that her body was injured.

“Master, I’m alright! I have provoked a strong young man by accident and caused trouble for myself. Hence, I had no choice but to kill Yao Ling, so now I’m afraid that I can no longer stay in the Yao family,” Zhou Jing said, while enduring her extreme pain.

That hoarse voice was dimly discernible, and it was unknown which part of the courtyard it came from.

“You have caused more than just trouble for yourself. You have also nearly caused me to be exposed!”


A lump of spiritual energy was shot out quickly from the courtyard, headed in the direction of Su Yu.

Su Yu was using his full strength to observe Zhou Jing and the courtyard.

A fierce lump of spiritual energy of an Immortal Level Four that was shot out from the courtyard abruptly caused Su Yu’s expression to change slightly, and he dodged the spiritual energy hurriedly.

After he had dodged the attack, he revolved his crystalline pupils again. However, Zhou Jing had already disappeared without a trace.

In a random secret room of the Phoenix Fort, there was a woman who wore a black and long skirt. She wore a black mask and was playing with a small handleless cup on her palm. Within the cup, there were countless poisonous insects which were killing and swallowing one another.

Layers of purple smoke caused the woman to look mysterious and evil.