The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 354

Chapter 354 Foolish Woman

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“Do not do such a stupid thing a second time, otherwise, you know the consequences!” the masked woman said with a raspy voice.

Zhou Jing knelt, “Yes, master.”

“En, how is your mission getting along?” the masked woman coldly said.

“I have successfully obtained the Yao family’s treasured recipe for the ancient elixir. I had wished to gather enough ingredients and hand them over to you together. But along the way, I came across the youth using the silver bow. The silver bow packed an extreme power, as it is not an ordinary divine artifact.”

“I had wished to take that as an offering to you, but instead, I brought trouble upon myself.”

The masked woman coldly shook her head, “It’s enough that you had such an intention. Remember to act more cautiously next time. The Phoenix Cabinet is recruiting, and many powerful fighters have gathered here. There are many strange talents. You cannot judge a person by their looks and overlook them because they are young.”

“Seeing as how you have completed your mission, I will not pursue this matter any further. You can go cultivate.”

Zhou Jing was elated, letting out a smile of freedom, “I can finally leave the Yao family.”

Back then, she sacrificed herself, marrying into the Yao family to obtain the recipe for an ancient elixir to carry out her master’s orders.

She had spent three years facing a person she did not like, acting cautiously all the time in order to obtain the trust of the members of the Yao family, before reaching this stage of her plan.

Now she had finally completed the mission.

After Zhou Jing went back, the masked woman turned around to look at Zhou Jing’s back, saying, “You have served your purpose, Zhou Jing, and have accomplished your mission. It is time to find somewhere you belong to.”


Su Yu descended at the location of the black door of the yard.

Surveying the surroundings, there were no longer any signs of Zhou Jing and her mysterious master.

“There is a problem with this place.” Su Yu looked in all directions. This place was strangely silent, without even the chirps of insects.

At this moment, a breeze blew past.

Su Yu’s pupils dilated, as he suddenly turned his head to look at the firewood shed.

Carefully making his way over, he opened the door slightly, peeking within.


Even Su Yu could not help but gasp.

Within the small firewood shed were twenty human skeletons!

Nine of them were chained securely to the wall, their bodies releasing a horrible odor of decomposed flesh!

But they were not dead, still having breath in their mouths.

Each of them had a pained expression and were reduced to skin and bones. Clusters of flies circled them, preparing themselves for a feast.

What made Su Yu gasp was that all of them, including the skeletons, were missing a body part!

There was a large water tank in the cabinets located on the two sides of the firewood shed. Within it were the missing body parts of the people!

They were being tortured to death by someone else. Their organs were sliced off of them whilst they were still alive!

Was a human responsible for such a merciless act?

Observing closely, the shed was filled with elixirs that had not been processed.

“They are conducting human experiments with elixirs?” Su Yu felt a chill on his back.

Just who was Zhou Jing’s master, and what was her motive? To commit such an inhuman act!

“Save me” Of the nine of them, one of them still had a little bit of sense, weakly opening his mouth upon noticing someone was outside.


Su Yu kicked the door open, entering in a hurry. He wanted to destroy the chain and help him down.

His stomach had been sliced open, his organs emptied. He was merely hanging on his last breaths.

But just as Su Yu was about to save him, he lightly shook his head, “No, don’t put me down Kill me Killing me is saving me”

What kind of pain was he going through, to ask for death?

A living hell!

To have your organs taken from you while you were still alive. To suffer such an extreme punishment, yet not being able to die.

His only hope was death!

Su Yu was appalled, his palm trembling.

Too cruel! Too merciless!

He had killed many people, but never had he tortured someone until they died!

“Who did this?” Su Yu had a low voice.

The other party weakly opened his mouth, “It’s Feng”


After saying this, he opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of black blood.

At the same time, the other eight people convulsed, foaming from the mouth.

Their bodies rotted from within, at a speed visible to the human eye!

“Ah! Quick, kill me!” That person was like a frenzied beast, letting out a pathetic roar of pain. It seemed that he was undergoing a punishment straight from hell!

Su Yu slowly closed his eyes!

Too cruel!

They would not even leave them with the last bit of life force.

Before that ‘master’ came, she had fed them poison that would cause them to explode.


Su Yu closed his eyes, his fingertips releasing lightning, turning them into dust.

It was the most merciful thing, giving them a swift death.

When it was done, Su Yu found it hard to calm himself down.

Who was Feng? Was he human?

Where was he now?

He took a deep bow to the bodies in the shed, before exiting slowly.

When he met Feng in the future, he would exact heaven’s will and provide some closure for these dead fighters.

If it was hard to come into contact with this person, Su Yu would naturally not put in the effort and would intentionally look for Feng to fight for their grievances.

This was the only promise Su Yu could make to these strangers.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh

Suddenly, a large amount of air crackling sounds could be heard.

Su Yu creased his brows, a little frustrated, “I ultimately still fell into the trap!”

“But, Zhou Jing, you cannot run from me!” Su Yu had an ice cold glow in his eyes.

“We are the Patrol Envoys of the Phoenix Cabinet, come out, whoever is inside!” A cold, female voice came from outside the shed.

Su Yu walked out of the firewood shed, his expression calm as he stared at the Patrol Envoys.

They were all young woman wearing fiery red armor.

Their cultivation levels were about Immortal Realm Level Two. But the beautiful lady leader had a cultivation level of Immortal Realm Level Three Peak!

Even though she was already over thirty years old, it would not be hard to imagine her as an exceptional disciple of the Phoenix Cabinet when she was younger!

Her appearance was pristine and elegant, her body extremely thin.

But her expression had a cold, harsh glow, warning people against approaching her.

“What are you doing here? This yard has long been classified as forbidden ground. Entry is forbidden!” The cold girl stared at Su Yu with a fierce gaze.

Su Yu stepped aside without any expression, his heart heavy, “Have a look for yourself.”

En? The leader raised her beautiful brows. She grabbed the long sword on her waist as she stepped into the firewood shed.

She came out a while later.

Her beautiful face was like an angry lion. There was a boundless rage under her skin.

“Capture him!” She pointed at Su Yu without saying anything else!

Su Yu raised his brows, “Are you being too opinionated here? Capturing me, without asking for any reason?”

“I have come in pursuit of an enemy and discovered this place by accident. The perpetrator is someone else!” Su Yu explained.

Unexpectedly, the beautiful Patrol Envoy seemed to have been agitated by something. Her eyes were filled with furious flames. She seemed to want to bite Su Yu until he died: “You still wish to deny this?”

“We have received reports of missing members from the Phoenix Fort being linked to a white-robed youth. That’s why we came to investigate this area! Now that the evidence is there, you still wish to deny it?”

The beautiful lady was extremely spiteful, her killing intent swelling as she scolded, “Are you still human? To be able to commit such a cruel and merciless act?”

“I, Mu Tianfang, announce in the name of the Phoenix Cabinet, that I will execute this beast on the spot!”

Su Yu was a little frustrated, “Miss Mu, I think that you should investigate who the informant was.”

“If I was the one who did this, might I ask why none of you have realised my existence over all this time? This would mean that I was very cautious. And if so, why would I be caught here, with all the evidence pointing against me?”

Mu Tianfang had a look of disgust, demanding, “You mean that we were incompetent for failing to capture you in the past?”

Su Yu calmly said, “Yes, incompetent! You had no clues about multiple people being harmed. If not for the fact that I found this place accidentally, there would still be countless people who would be losing their lives here.”

Mu Tianfang spat out the words, turning red in fury, “You! Shameless! It is not too late, now that we have captured you!”

“You need not defend yourself, I’ll ask you a question, how did the nine corpses die?” Mu Tianfang coldly said.

Su Yu froze for a moment, sighing in frustration, “Their lives were ended with my lightning based technique.”

“Hehe, do you feel very wronged?” Mu Tianfang let out a cold laugh.

“You, an upright man, dare to commit the act, but do not dare to admit to your doings? You do not dare confess, after you committed such a perverted act?” Mu Tianfang was being overbearing.

Su Yu creased his brows, what a dense woman!

“I’ll say it for the last time, please investigate quickly. The person who reported this might be the true murderer!” Su Yu repeated himself.

He also wanted to know if the Patrol Envoys were able find out who the owner of this property was.

“You need not look for him anymore, he has been released by me. Don’t even think about finding out his ability and exacting revenge on him.” Mu Tianfang let out a cold laugh: “To be so unrepentant, even at death’s door. There is no cure for a beast like you!”

“I’ll give you a last chance, submit and follow me back to receive your punishment!”

She released the person? Su Yu was furious.

“Dense woman! Find him immediately!’ Su Yu was furious.

Mu Tianfang was shocked by the sudden uproar, her expression one of shame and anger. “You cursed thing, a person like you is no longer worthy of receiving even a trial from the Phoenix Cabinet. I’ll personally kill a beast like you!”

Su Yu was livid. This person’s stupidity could not be cured!

Harboring a flame of fury, Su Yu’s figure flickered, striking before the opponent as he bellowed, “Dense woman, I’ll see what your brains are made of!”