The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 355

Chapter 355 Phoenix Woman Feng Xian

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“Inexperienced little kid, you still dare to be impudent in front of me!” Having been lectured by an unknown junior, Mu Tianfang did not know whether she should laugh or be angry.

“All of you stay out of this. I shall take action personally!” Mu Tianfang laughed sardonically.

“Dragon Capturing Hand!”

After shouting in a low voice, Mu Tianfang’s spiritual energy seeped out from her body and covered her arms, causing her arms to become two giant claws that were five Chinese feet long.

Her claws looked tough and powerful, as if she could capture a real dragon with them.

The two giant claws scratched the sky and caused the air to give a trembling sound.

Within a hundred Chinese feet’s vicinity, everything was suppressed with an extremely huge force of the universe. This caused everyone to feel fearful, anxious, and constrained.

Su Yu was secretly surprised. An immortal level cultivation technique of Stage Two Lower Class!

As expected of the leader of the Patrol Envoys, honing an immortal level cultivation technique to Stage Two was something that was difficult to achieve in most people’s life.

With such a great force, even if it were people with the same cultivation base as her, within ten moves, it would be difficult for most of them to escape the fate of being captured.

However, it was a pity that the person she met was Su Yu.

Rub, rub, rub

A mysterious, unusual, and natural artistic ambience surged from Su Yu’s body all of a sudden.

Su Yu, who was obviously in front of her, gave her an illusory feeling, as if he had fused with nature and become a member of the earth, sky, and environment.

Rumble, rumble

Spiritual energy moved crazily in the sky and became an extremely big dark cloud on top of Su Yu’s head.

The sky, which was unmistakably clear, turned dark in an instant.

Purple thunder dragons swam and fluttered about in the cloud, as if they were waiting for the command of a monarch.

“Tribulation of Ice and Thunder!” Su Yu gave a light shout.

Ever since his cold energy rose, the power of Tribulation of Ice and Thunder rose greatly as well.

Inspector Bai He had perished from this move.


The one thousand Chinese feet long purple dragon descended with a whistling noise. Thunderbolt and ice accompanied the purple dragon and turned everything into ice.

Mu Tianfang lifted her head seriously, her eyes filled with surprise: “Divine-grade Divine Decree! There is actually someone who honed his Divine Decree to such a level. This is really unexpected!”

When the purple dragon descended, Mu Tianfang changed from attacking to defending, both her palms heading toward the sky: “Let me capture these two purple dragons of yours alive!”

Against the attack, Mu Tianfang was not afraid. Instead, she was content and faced the attack head-on.


The purple dragon roared furiously, glowing with the light of the thunder, the ice fluttering in the air.

As if a disaster had descended upon the world, Mu Tianfang bit her teeth tightly and faced the attack with all that she had.

She had actually managed to keep that one thousand Chinese foot long purple dragon in check!

After refusing to budge for ten breaths’ time, the one thousand Chinese foot purple dragon was worn down, to the point that it became only a hundred Chinese foot long.

However, Mu Tianfang could no longer hold on, and the purple dragon pierced through her body.



Thunder and ice attacked her body at the same time.

A big portion of her shirtdress had been burnt.

The extremely cold ice covered her aromatic body with a layer of ice on the spot, causing her movements to become stiff and slow.


Without giving her a chance to dodge, Su Yu took advantage of the opportunity and moved toward her. He then pointed a finger on her forehead.

“Stupid woman, I can kill you in the time I need to flick my finger!” Su Yu gave a furious groan. He slowly put down his finger and shattered the ice, which covered her body at the same time.

Having been freed, Mu Tianfang’s whole face was red, as if it were a big red cloth.

Not only was she defeated by an inexperienced little kid, she was also naked in front of everyone!

Although those remaining were women, besides Su Yu, it was still extremely embarrassing for her!

She quickly grabbed a cloak from the Patrol Envoys and covered her delicate body. She then bit her teeth and glared at Su Yu: “You You are brazen! You are shameless! You are vulgar!”

Su Yu could not help but laugh: “Even though you attacked me of your own accord, and your clothes were destroyed by me as a result, you blame me by saying that I am shameless?”

“Ah! This is so infuriating! You still dare to resort to sophistry!” Mu Tianfang was so furious, her whole body trembled.

“Stupid woman!” Su Yu gave an enraged groan: “If you continue to make trouble intentionally, I will burn your clothes!”

With Su Yu’s abilities, he could totally do it.

As for the remaining Patrol Envoys, they were not Su Yu’s opponents, and no one could stop Su Yu!

Mu Tianfang was both furious and embarrassed. She then grabbed her cloak, which covered her body tightly subconsciously: “I dare you!”

“In the world, for anything that I have thought of, there is nothing that I don’t dare to do!” Su Yu said apathetically.

Such confident words caused Mu Tianfang to have a kind of illusion. It was as if this young man could really do anything.

She bit her silver teeth and did not dare to rebut against him.

“Finally calmed down?” Su Yu remained calm: “A stupid woman like you can only start talking nicely after being convinced by fists!”

Mu Tianfang was fortunate that she did not spit out blood in her anger. She glared at Su Yu ferociously: “You I”

Su Yu gestured in disapproval: “Alright, since you have calmed down, let us now talk about the matter at hand.”

“I am sure that you know that I am not a criminal suspect.”

Mu Tianfang became silent. Indeed, if Su Yu were the criminal suspect, he would most probably kill all of them, so as to prevent his real face from being exposed.

When she insisted emphatically that Su Yu was the real culprit, she was too assertive and swayed by her emotions.


Su Yu took out his own great seal.

The remaining Patrol Envoys could not help, but turned pale with fright: “Deputy Palace Master? You are a Deputy Palace Master of the Empire of Darkness?”

As for Mu Tianfang, her eyes took a glance: “Yin Yu The rumored new Deputy Palace Master Yin Yu?”

“This is unbelievable! He is actually the rumored young genius, Palace Master Yin Yu!” A Patrol Envoy’s beautiful eyes were filled with adoration.

As for the remaining Patrol Envoys, the eyes of a few of them shone brilliantly: “Silver-haired, silver-faced, and about sixteen to seventeen years of age. It’s really him, Palace Master Yin Yu!”

“Am I dreaming? I’m actually so lucky to have come across the rumored Yin Yu, the north continent’s legendary genius?”

Mu Tianfang glared at Su Yu tenaciously and could not believe her eyes.

Su Yu’s great name had spread across the north continent a long time ago.

In particular, during the fight in the Anyue City, Su Yu fought against a galaxy of talents by himself. With his abilities, he killed different kinds of extremely proud geniuses.

For example, Wei Tianchen of the Snow Listening Tower’ Four Great Sons, the Young Master of the Eight Great Ancient Clans, and finally, he also killed an Inspector of Immortal Level Three Peak!

Such frightening accomplishments had spread throughout the Phoenix Area a long time ago and were known to everyone.

Su Yu rose as high as a comet and ripped open the sky of the north continent, becoming a legend that countless people of the same generation pursued.

At just sixteen years of age, he killed an Immortal Level Three Peak. Such a talent that shocked the north continent would become a legend that was difficult for the future generations to surpass.

With such a talent, countless people had labeled him as the legendary genius!

At that very moment, the Patrol Envoys saw the legend in person. Hence, how could they not be shocked?

In particular, the beautiful eyes of a few women glowed brilliantly. They were excited and young at heart.

Even Mu Tianfang had greater respect for him.

After all, he was the rumored legendary genius of the north continent!

He had already accomplished the feat of defeating an Immortal Level Three Peak.

Mu Tianfang took a deep breath and made a bow shyly and apologetically: “Mister Yin Yu, regarding the misunderstanding just now, please forgive us.”

Her attitude changed by one hundred and eighty degrees.

Their suspicions toward Su Yu also disappeared at that moment.

The reason was simple: When Palace Master Yin Yu was still in the Empire’s Sub Palace, people had already gone missing in the Phoenix Fort.

Hence, this matter was definitely not caused by Yin Yu.

Yin Yu did not mind. Although this woman was rash and impulsive, she was able to acknowledge her mistake and apologize of her own accord. Hence, she was still considered a straightforward person.

“It is just a misunderstanding. No need to take it to heart. Can I ask you, where did the person who reported me go?” Su Yu questioned closely. It was obvious that there was a big problem with the person who reported Su Yu.

Mu Tianfang’s face turned slightly red. She blamed herself and felt ashamed. As she was bent on having her own way, she missed the opportunity because of a delay.

“Orders to the Patrol Envoys. Track down and arrest the informer. Spread the word to the whole Phoenix Fort! There must not be any mistakes!”

Rustle, rustle, rustle

A group of Patrol Envoys followed the orders immediately and left. It was never too late to remedy the situation.

“Regarding whatever happened today, pardon me if I had offended you. Anyway, I shall take my leave now.” Mu Tianfang felt ashamed to face Su Yu. She cupped her fists and bid farewell.

“Wait!” Su Yu shouted to stop her. He then said seriously, “Can I ask, Leader Mu, if you know the background of Zhou Jing, the Madame Drop-Dead Gorgeous?”

Zhou Jing’s Master was the real culprit.

Mu Tianfang was extremely surprised: “She was originally a female disciple of my Phoenix Cabinet. She was one of the former Ten Great Phoenix Women. Her looks and qualities were excellent and her talents were greater than average. Later on, she quit the Phoenix Cabinet and got married to the Yao family’s Young Master, Yao Ling. Why do you ask about her? Could it be that, even though Palace Master Yin Yu is so far away at the Sub Palace, you have also heard the name Madame Drop-Dead Gorgeous?”

The so-called Phoenix Women were female disciples with superb talents, looks, and qualities. Their ranks were similar to that of the Ten Great Deputy Palace Masters.

Su Yu shook his head: “No, I am just inquiring.”

Zhou Jing actually came from the Phoenix Cabinet! Su Yu was shocked!

She joined the Yao family for a reason. What motive did she have?

After pondering this for some time, Su Yu did not reveal the relationship between Zhou Jing and the culprit behind the disappearance cases.

The reason was that Zhou Jing’s identity was a bit special. If he said that Zhou Jing was related to the disappearance cases without any proof, it would be difficult for the Phoenix Cabinet to believe him.

“Thank you for telling me. Also, I wish to ask about another person.” Su Yu was filled with anticipation and eagerness: “Can I ask, how is Xianer doing at the Phoenix Cabinet?”

Mu Tianfang looked Su Yu up and down suspiciously: “Xianer? The Cabinet’s Master’s personal disciple, the First Phoenix Woman of the Phoenix Cabinet, Feng Xian? You mentioned her name so intimately, how are you related to her?”

The First Phoenix Woman, Feng Xian? Su Yu was stunned for a moment. In just one year, Xianer improved at such an incredible speed and became the First Phoenix Woman?

However, Su Yu understood immediately. That mysterious Phoenix of Death’s body also caused Yun Yazi to be envious, and it was definitely not a small thing.

Although it was a bit exaggerated that she became the First Phoenix Woman, it was not impossible.

After confirming that Feng Xian was Qin Xianer, Su Yu finally heaved a sigh of relief and did not hide anything: “She is my fiance.”

“Oh, so she is your fiance” Mu Tianfang nodded her head subconsciously. After which, her whole body shook and her eyes opened as big as a copper bell. Her voice then became three times higher and was so sharp that she lost it: “What? You She is your fiance?”

Su Yu shrugged his shoulders: “Why, can’t I be her fiance?”

Mu Tianfang opened her mouth and eyes wide. She regained her senses after a long time and withdrew her unusual expression hurriedly. She then glared at Su Yu astonishingly: “No, this is just too unexpected! The pure, noble, holy and magnanimous Feng Xian actually had a fiance? This is really unheard of!”

Xianer had already become someone who was portrayed as holy, pure, and magnanimous? Su Yu could not help but smile.

That lively and adorable little girl actually had such an image at that very moment.

Everything was fine, after confirming that she was safe.

However, after Mu Tianfang was shocked, she could not help but say hesitantly: “She is really your fiance? If that is really the case, then you are too late.”

“What do you mean?” Su Yu’s heart sank slightly and he had a bad premonition.

Mu Tianfang hesitated for some time, her face filled with sympathy: “Three days ago, the Cabinet’s Master held a small-scale matchmaking session for Feng Xian in advance, a matchmaking session held specially for her.”

“There were only a few outstanding young men who participated. They were the Two Great Sons of the Snow Listening Tower and the Two Great Deputy Palace Masters of the Empire of Darkness’ Sub Palace. They competed against one another with their martial arts, as they were all people who admired Feng Xian. In the end, your Empire’s Palace Master Shen Kong’s abilities were superior and the Cabinet’s Master approved of their marriage on the spot.”