The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 356

Chapter 356 Busybody

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“All that is left is the formality that is the official Phoenix Meet.”

What? Su Yu took a step back in disbelief.

To think that there was a sparring session before the meet?

Xianer had already been betrothed to Shen Kong?

Su Yu could not accept this laughable truth.

Hadn’t he traveled a million miles to the Phoenix Cabinet, just to formally take Xianer away?

But the reality was that Su Yu was too late!

“Come to terms with it, the master would not let a female disciple like Feng Xian rebel, much less tolerate someone else taking her away. You are powerless.”

Creak Crack

Su Yu clenched his fists tightly, his bones cracking.

“No! It’s not over! The official Phoenix Meet has not ended yet. Not everything is over.” How could he give up on Xianer so easily?

Since he could not snatch Xianer away, all he could do was beat everybody at the Phoenix Meet in the most dominating fashion, then choose Xianer in front of everybody.

Mu Tianfang shook her head in sympathy, “You live up to your reputation as the legendary genius Yin Yu. Perhaps it was your determination that created your legend. But you truly have no chance at the Phoenix Meet.”

“You truly are strong, but there is a great difference between the abilities of you and the Two Great Sons of the Snow Listening Tower, as well as the second deputy palace master, much less the mysterious Palace Master Shen Kong!”

With a little sympathy, Mu Tianfang retreated. Before she left, she said, “At the zi hour today, there will be a Bright Moon Banquet at the Phoenix Tower. Even though it is called a banquet, in reality, it is a sparring session before the Phoenix Meet.”

“Even though it might not help you very much, you can head there and have a look, if you want to improve your standing.”

Phoenix Tower? Bright Moon Banquet?

Su Yu nodded unthinkingly, “Zi hour, I, Yin Yu, will definitely be there. Thank you for your reminder.”

“Take care of yourself.” Mu Tianfang let out a sigh of sympathy before flying off.

Su Yu looked at the time, immediately returning to the Yao family and meeting up with Zi Yunxiang.

“Yunxiang, search for clues of Housemaster Zi in the city, there is something I need to do alone.” Su Yu could not bring Zi Yunxiang. It would be too dangerous.

Hearing this, Zi Yunxiang’s expression turned slightly dull, but she still showed a smile and obediently nodded.

Su Yu was about to see the fiancee he had not met in a long time, how could she come in between them?

A shred of disappointment surrounded her soul.

But Zi Yunxiang had her own considerations.

She was anxious about finding her father and did not have the time to wait after Su Yu. Now that she could act freely, she could perhaps find her father.

“Protect yourself.” Zi Yunxiang stared deeply at Su Yu. Her intuition told him that the distance between them was not as far as it had been in the past.

Su Yu was touched, smiling in relief. He patted her shoulder, “You too, after everything is done, meet me at the city gate.”

“En!” Zi Yunxiang forced a smile as she left.

Su Yu watched figure disappear into the crowd before he took action, heading to the Bright Moon Banquet.

But at this moment..

“He is there!” Suddenly a fighter with a cautious expression flew out of the Yao family, looking down from the sky. He shouted in surprise upon noticing Su Yu.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh

After that, multiple groups of fighters flew out of the Yao family, surrounding Su Yu tightly.

The weakest of them was Immortal Realm Level Two, the strongest at Immortal Realm Level Three.

There were about forty of them!

These were the fighters left in the Yao family!

They had used such a powerful formation, all with the motive of finding Su Yu!


Suddenly, a horrifying, overbearing bolt of spirit energy took to the skies from deep within the Yao family, piercing through the clouds.

That aura surprised Su Yu. It was an Immortal Realm Level Three Peak!

A plump lady dressed in a long red robe surveyed the surroundings.

Her eyes were swollen, clearly in grief. Deep in her eyes was a glow of immense hatred. A shrill voice escaped her mouth, “Where is he?”

Looking in the direction of the crowd, the red robed lady shot her glare of hatred onto Su Yu.

“It was you who killed my son?” The red robed lady spat out her words. Her voice was like a fierce ghost, piercing and sharp, cold and sinister.

Su Yu surveyed the surroundings, calmly saying, “No!”

The face of the red robed lady contorted in hatred, “You! Are! Lying! The fighters of the clan were all killed by you. How can you not be related to the death of my son! Also my daughter-in-law. Did you abduct her because you lusted after her beauty?”

Su Yu disregarded her uproar, his expression cold, “The fighters were indeed killed by me, but your son’s death had nothing to do with me. I did not touch a single hair of his, even though I would have killed him if he was not already dead. But his death had nothing to do with me!”

The red robed lady laughed in fury, “What a joke! You didn’t kill him, just because you said so? Why don’t you say that my daughter-in-law killed him and fled for her crimes?”

Hearing this, Su Yu had a strange expression, “So you know that it was indeed done by your daughter-in-law?”

To escape, Zhou Jing’s Blood Eagle Technique required someone’s blood. That person was Yao Ling.

“Nonsense!!” The red robed lady let out a furious laugh, “You barged into the Yao family and killed members of the Yao family, and yet, still you try to talk your way out of this?”

Su Yu lifted his shoulders, “I did not barge into the family. Your daughter-in-law let me in. I saved her from a Earth Dragon Snake in the forest, and was brought back to the Yao family, as she said that she wanted to repay me.”

“But unexpectedly, she colluded with your son, Yao Ling, to frame me for stealing her bow, then sent the fighters of the Yao family against me. I had to retaliate in such a situation! As for your daughter-in-law, she saw how powerful I was and killed your son in order to escape, using his blood to activate her Blood Eagle Technique.”

“This was what happened. You would naturally be clear if your daughter-in-law had a silver bow or not. Also, I would like to remind you to investigate if the Yao family is missing something. Would such a beautiful lady marry your son without any grievances?”

His words caused the expression of the red robed lady to change.

How could she have missed the credibility in Su Yu’s voice?

Especially the fact that Zhou Jing had married her son. She was a little suspicious.

The people of the Phoenix Area had always sought to obtain the recipe for an ancient elixir of the Yao family.

She always had her guard up when dealing with Zhou Jing, but even then, there were inevitable slips over these three years.

But these thoughts merely flashed past her mind. She once again placed her glare of hatred onto Su Yu, “Whatever you say is useless! Everyone witnessed you going on a killing spree in the Yao family, you cannot deny this!”

Su Yu sighed, not bothering to argue.

“People would only believe what they choose to believe. You are determined to kill me to display your authority, but are also cautious about Zhou Jing’s background. So the truth does not matter to you. What is more important is that you kill the one causing trouble to maintain the authority figure the Yao family, isn’t it?”

Su Yu believed that the other party had already understood the truth. Unfortunately, for the reputation of the Yao family, they had to kill the troublemaker to silence the crowd.

“If that is the case, I can only say that you found the wrong person!” Su Yu’s eyes filled with killing intent.

But at this moment, a blue afterimage descended, fast as lightning.

The cold demonic beast aura, the blinding speed, the shrill chirp, wasn’t this the fantasy blue bird of Palace Master Liu Li?

Indeed, a muscular man stood on the blue bird with his hands behind his back.

His eyes were cold and unfeeling, looking down on all of them, “Yin Yu, did you forget what I warned you about? Do not give me unnecessary trouble.”

The red robed lady’s pupils dilated, and she began losing her voice in shock, “Palace Palace Master Liu Li!”

Her eyes were filled with fear. The absolute power of an Immortal Realm Level Four was enough to eradicate the entire Yao family.

“Wait! Then you are Palace Master Yin Yu?” The red robed lady finally realised the identity of the silver haired youth before her!

Liu Li looked coldly at Su Yu, “I’m asking you a question, answer!”

Su Yu did not look at him directly, disregarding his words, only coldly looking at the red robed lady, “Say it, what do you want to do? I, Yin Yu, would play on with you!”

There was a visible struggle written on the red robed lady’s face. If Su Yu was an ordinary youth, she would naturally have to kill him to establish her authority.

But Su Yu was a legendary genius of the northern continent!

How would she dare to kill someone like that?

Especially because it was highly probable that Yao Ling had not been killed by him.

“So you are Palace Master Yin Yu, I will investigate this thoroughly” The red robed lady made a compromise, resolving the issue.

But at this moment, Liu Li coldly opened his mouth, “Madam Yao, I apologise for not reining in the deputy palace masters under me, resulting in the loss of your son Yao Ling.”

Liu Li adopted a cold tone toward Su Yu, but was respectful toward the Yao family.

But what was even more infuriating was…

Madam Yao had admitted herself that this matter required investigation, and that this incident would be dropped.

But Liu Li had interfered, claiming that Su Yu was responsible for Yao Ling’s death, even saying that he had not taught Su Yu well enough!

Was Liu Li taking the side of the Empire of Darkness or the Yao family?

“Madam Yao, please give me some face and let Yin Yu kowtow in apology. As for the exact compensation, let him settle that with you in the future. From now on, I will teach him sternly, let’s drop the matter here, okay?”

Madame Yao froze, her expression strange.

She had given up on pursuing the matter, but this Palace Master Liu Li was taking her side and punishing Su Yu?

Hearing this, Su Yu could find no words to describe what he was feeling.

Madame Yao had given up on pursuing the matter, but Palace Master Liu Li was exacting justice for her! To ask to punish Su Yu, who was also a deputy palace master!

He even glorified this, saying that it was due to his reputation!

Su Yu could have been freed from responsibility, but now he needed to kowtow in apology and compensate to the face of Liu Li!

This was ridiculous!

“Hehe, Madame Yao, would you dare to accept my apology?” Su Yu said, his hands behind him, his lips forming a cold smile.

Madame Yao was trembling. Even though Su Yu’s reputation at the Anyue City had not spread to the further away sub palace of the Empire of Darkness, it had long spread to the Phoenix Tower.

This legendary genius had killed Immortal Realm Level Three Peak fighters, how did she dare offend him?

“No need, no need” Madame Yao said in embarrassment.

“En?” Liu Li grunted, his eyes shifting to look at Su Yu, coldly saying, “Yin Yu, what kind of attitude is this? It is due to my showing face that this incident can be resolved. How could you disregard my goodwill with this attitude?”

Su Yu finally looked at him for the first time, his expression calm, “Can you scram? As far as you can!”