The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 358

Chapter 358 Prepare The Coffin

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The guard was embarrassed, politely ushering them in.

“Brother Yin Yu, the Bright Moon Banquet is split into the heaven, earth, and human sections. Might I ask which seat you are prepared to take?”

Jiang Mufei said without thinking, “The heaven seat, of course, it is the best spot for admiring the moon. It is rumored that you will get illuminated by the essence of the moon there, nourishing the soul. This is an unexpected benefit.”

Su Yu thought for a moment, smiling as he replied, “I’ll take the human seats, I am merely here to silently observe the matches, not stand in front of others and show my face.”

“Hehe, I cannot agree more with your intentions!” His intentions coincided with Su Yu’s. They wanted to lay low.

Entering the second floor, the Full Moon Stage.

Fifty to sixty people from different areas occupied the small Full Moon Stage.

There were ten tables.

One table of heaven seats, with only room enough for five people.

Three tables of heaven seats, each table able to seat five people.

The last of them were human seats, the most inferior.

Su Yu and Zhong Luan silently sat at the human seats.

Su Yu had gained fame too late, not many people recognised him.

Zhong Luan and Jiang Mufei had the fame, but did not show themselves often in the northern continent. Those that recognised them were few and far between.

“Really, why must we sit here?” Jiang Mufei pouted, but her attention was quickly grabbed by Su Yu.

“Hey hey Yin Yu, just how did you cultivate? You are a year younger than me, why are you so powerful?”

Su Yu smiled, in terms of potential, Jiang Mufei was the truly scary one.

Her potential was much higher than Zhong Luan’s, and even than that of many of the deputy palace masters of the Empire of Darkness!

To achieve Immortal Realm Level Three Peak at merely eighteen, how scary was that?

Su Yu was Immortal Realm Level Three Upper Tier at seventeen, but only because he had the Nine Dragon Cauldron, as well as the resources of the Empire of Darkness.

In comparison, Jiang Mufei had used her abilities of an individual to reach such a stage, shocking all who heard about her.

She was the true legendary genius of the northern continent.

If she had time, she would definitely become a legend in the northern continent in the future.

“You are the powerful one.” Su Yu had a warm smile. He always had good impressions of people that were candid and straightforward.

“Then what kind of techniques did you cultivate? I heard that you killed the Immortal Realm Level Two Lu Jun when you were merely Dragon Realm Level Five. That is really fate defying, I really admire you!”

Zhong Luan flicked her forehead, his expression stern: “Troublemaker! Asking about someone else’s technique is taboo. Furthermore, the meet is happening soon. What you did just now was very inappropriate!”

Revealing your techniques would allow enemies to prepare countermeasures. Her questions were indeed a little appropriate.

“I was merely curious, I’ll stop asking.” Jiang Mufei pouted, her cute face laced with injustice.

Su Yu shook his head, “No matter! My techniques are not mysterious, it’s alright for you to know.”

“My main techniques are lightning and ice based, and I have gained insight into the Divine Decree. I also know a little space and time talents, but that’s basically it,” Su Yu summarised.

He had battled with many people. Those who really wanted to get the information could do so rather easily. It was no secret.

Zhong Luan had an apologetic look, “I’m really sorry for letting you witness such a laughable scene. Mufei is a little playful. This time she insisted on coming to spectate the Phoenix Meet, so I had no choice but to bring her here.”

The Phoenix Meet was a matchmaking event between the female fighters of the Phoenix Cabinet and the talented youths from all around the continent.

A young female coming here was a little inappropriate.

“Hehe, who asked Senior Zhong Luan to adore me so much?” Jiang Mufei lifted her chin proudly, snuggling in the embrace of Zhong Luan. She seemed to adore Zhong Luan a lot.

As for Zhong Luan, he looked down on his playful junior, his eyes filled with adoration.

Su Yu smiled, it would seem that they had relations other than being merely senior and junior.

But the two of them were compatible.

At this moment, the evening was ending. A full moon hung in the sky.

The moon admiration had begun. The guests had all arrived.

But strangely, there was no one else besides the Second Son of the Snow Listening Tower Zhou Nianchen in the heaven seats.

He occupied the entire table by himself, sticking out like a sore thumb.

He also felt a little unnatural, looking in all directions.

Suddenly, he seemed to have noticed someone, locking his gaze onto Su Yu’s table.

Slowly rising, he cupped his hands as a show of respect toward Zhong Luan: “To think that it is the Sword Demon Zhong Luan. With your status, how could you sit at such a lowly seat? Quick, come to the heaven seats!”

Suddenly, he also noticed Jiang Mufei, his eyes sparkling, “Could this be the Peach Blossom Rain Jiang Mufei? You followed your senior into the human seats? Come to the heaven seats. The exchange of experiences here is richer and more precious. It would be beneficial for you.”

“What? It is the Sword Demon and Peach Blossom Rain of the Shentian Manor!”

In that moment, the guests were shocked, all shooting their gazes at the most ordinary looking human seats.

The guests who were at the same table as them suddenly turned stern and respectful.

Suddenly, someone recognised Su Yu, “Wait! The silver haired youth beside the Sword Demon, could that be the legendary genius of the northern continent, Yin Yu!”

“What? It’s him? He is also attending the Phoenix Meet!”

“It is hard to imagine that the rumours are real. He is only sixteen to seventeen years old!”

The crowd broke into a commotion.

There were intense discussions. Su Yu’s name had masked over Zhong Luan’s and Jiang Mufei’s.

The reason was not because Su Yu was stronger than them, but because Su Yu was a newly inducted genius. Coupled with the fact that he made a name for himself at Anyue City, he naturally would garner the attention of the people.

“So you are Yin Yu!” A cold voice came from the heaven seats.

It was Zhou Nianchen. His gaze was sharp as blades, his killing intent deep, “Were Junior Tianchen and Junior Xueyi killed by you, as the rumours say?”

The cold question was like a sharp arrow, piercing through the crowd toward Su Yu.

In that moment, the commotion of the crowd died down.

Their expressions changed, their mouths sealed shut.

According to the rumours, it was indeed Palace Master Yin Yu that had killed the two sons of the Snow Listening Tower.

Their deaths had helped create Yin Yu’s reputation.

“Yes!” Su Yu casually poured himself a cup of wine, never once looking at Zhou Nianchen.

His casual attitude was insolence and insanity in the eyes of an outsider.

“Have you ever regretted it? Killing the members of the Snow Listening Tower, the outcome”

Su Yu did not wait for him to finish speaking, slowly answering, “Why would I regret it, since they deserved to be killed?”

Zhou Nianchen could not find words. His aura had not affected Su Yu in the slightest.

His facial muscles twitching, Zhou Nianchen let out a cold grunt, “My two juniors had died without reason at your hands. Since you have no regrets in killing them, do not blame me for being merciless.”

But Su Yu’s expression remained calm, as he continued sipping his wine and said calmly, “Stop, at least wait another hour before you attack.”

“You are afraid?” Zhou Nianchen’s tone was cold.

Su Yu shook his head, “No.”

“Then what? You wish to live for another hour?” Zhou Nianchen creased his brows.

Su Yu calmly said, “I am giving you an hour to prepare a coffin for yourself.”


The people on the Full Moon Tower gasped.

Arrogance! Unparalleled arrogance!

To tell Zhou Nianchen, who was Immortal Realm Level Four, to prepare a coffin!

What overbearing arrogance was that?

Zhou Nianchen froze for a moment, before his expression turned sinister. Finally, he laughed. His laugh was long and sinister, “Hehehehe There were many people like you in the past, being arrogant in front of me. But there are no more people like that now, for they have all died.”

“I’ll let you choose, do you want a full corpse, or to have your limbs separated into different places?”

Su Yu held his wine cup, his lips forming a slight smile, “Dismemberment seems too cruel, I think I’ll have a full corpse. It’s more presentable.”

Zhou Nianchen walked away from his seat, his aura as an Immortal Realm Level Four blanketing the entire area like a tsunami.

His face wore an ice cold smile, “As per your wish, I’ll leave you with a full corpse.”

Su Yu put down his wine cup. The smile on his face showed signs of an ice cold intent, “You are misunderstood, I was making the choice for you.”