The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 359

Chapter 359 Seeing Liu Li Again

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At the Full Moon Stage, no one was talking and it was extremely quiet.

There were only rustling sounds of the wind.

All the geniuses on-site stared at Su Yu and clicked their tongues secretly.

Where did Palace Master Yin Yu get the confidence to say such swift and fierce words?

Looking at their identities, Zhou Nianchen was the Second Son of the Snow Listening Tower. His name was famous across the north continent and he did not fear Su Yu.

However, looking at their abilities, there was a huge gap that was difficult to conquer between the Immortal Level Four Zhou Nianchen and Su Yu.

If Su Yu, who was a mere Immortal Level Three Peak, fought with Zhou Nianchen face to face, he might not be Zhou Nianchen’s opponent.

Hence, where did Su Yu get the confidence to be so arrogant?


At that moment, a blue fragmentary shadow swept past the bright moon in the sky.

A loud and clear chirping noise reverberated across the sky endlessly.

“Blue Illusion Eagle!” Zhou Nianchen’s pupils turned serious, his expression turning slightly unpleasant in an instant.

He fixed his gaze onto Su Yu again and was filled with scorn: “So this is where your confidence came from!”

The geniuses on-site also understood.

“No wonder he is so arrogant and despotic. Because he can rely on Palace Master Liu Li!”

“I’m a bit disappointed. Bullying others by flaunting his powerful connections does not count as being a capability.”

“The name legendary genius is nothing more than this.”

The onlookers sighed secretly.


A figure descended from the sky. Behind him was a vast and mighty bright moon. Below his feet was a silver sky.

The sound of the wind blowing against his clothes could be heard and his long robe was drifting along with the wind. He had an indifferent expression and his hands were clasped behind his back. Under the moonlight, he looked robust.

Looking at him, it was as if he was a war god who carried the bright moon on his back, stepped on the white clouds, and governed the world.

A tyrannical and calm expression enshrouded the Full Moon Stage.

This was Liu Li, the Deputy Palace Master, ranked number two in the north continent’s Sub Palace!

He was a rumored strong martial artist, who stood at the peak and did not fight much.

Zhou Nianchen had a quiet and solemn expression that turned extraordinarily serious. If one observed carefully, the corners of Zhou Nianchen’s eyes were shivering slightly, an anxious expression.

Jiang Mufei lifted her head and stared. The adorable and innocent expression on her delicate small face disappeared, replaced by a serious expression.

“He is very strong!” Jiang Mufei sighed lightly.

People as strong as her could be found everywhere.

Liu Li’s appearance was as if a monarch had arrived, the whole place became deathly still in an instant.

There were only two people with a relaxed expression: Su Yu and Zhong Luan.

Both of them acted as if no one else was present. They drank a toast and ignored Liu Li’s arrival.

“Brother Yin Yu, are you not going to greet your Second Palace Master, Liu Li?” Zhong Luan smiled warmly.

Su Yu drank down the wine completely and laughed indifferently: “No need, he might not even wish for me to come.”

Su Yu was informed of the Bright Moon Banquet by Mu Tianfang, an outsider. Liu Li had never told Su Yu about it at all.

It was obvious that Liu Li did not wish for Su Yu to participate.

Putting it in another way, the fact that Su Yu existed did not even cross his mind.

The conversation between the both of them was not very loud. However, amidst the silence, everyone heard them clearly.

As Liu Li descended slowly, he could not help but take a glance around the area. He then realized that Su Yu was also present and was a bit surprised.

After hearing Su Yu’s words, Liu Li opened his mouth coldly: “If you have the time to participate in this banquet, why not use it to train? If your abilities are inferior to others, you must work a hundred times harder than others. By wasting time here, how can you be worthy of the efforts that the Empire has put in to nurture you?”

With an indifferent expression, Liu Li looked down on Su Yu and talked to him with a chiding tone.

However, Su Yu enjoyed a cup of win leisurely and replied casually,”If that is so, what are you doing here?”

If Su Yu coming were a waste of time, wouldn’t it be the same for Liu Li?

“When did you have the right to compare yourself with me? My abilities allow me to specially divert my attention elsewhere. But for you, you cannot do this yet.” Liu Li descended slowly upon the Heaven Seats, amidst the attention of thousands of people, as he was obliged to do so.

Su Yu shook his head nonchalantly: “Is that so? The strongest Palace Master Shen Kong and the Snow Listening Tower’s First Son are both focusing on their training. However, a person like you, who is inferior to both of them, is resting here. Since you are also wasting your time, how can you be worthy of the efforts the Empire has put in to nurture you?”

The same words were returned to Liu Li.

“The real strong martial artists will only fight with martial artists stronger than them. As for people like you, who find fault with someone who is inferior to you in order to look for a sense of achievement, you are even more inferior to me.” Su Yu had hit the nail on the head.

Liu Li had an apathetic expression and looked at Su Yu as if Su Yu were a stranger: “At the very least, I am stronger than you and have the right to educate you. This alone is enough.”

Su Yu laughed: “You merely think that you are stronger than me. That’s it.”

“You can continue to live in your imaginary world. The cruel reality will teach you a lesson with blood.” Liu Li shook his head indifferently and drank a toast by himself.

Su Yu laughed and did not respond.

Although Liu Li looked as if he considered everything beneath his notice, in actual fact, he paid attention to his vanity.

In front of outsiders, he loved to show that he was a person with a high position.

Outside the Yao family, he acted on his own to uphold justice.

At their current location, he considered himself in the right and taught Su Yu a lesson.

Moreover, undoubtedly, he arrived at the Bright Moon Banquet earlier than Su Yu. However, he waited for the last moment, when everyone had taken their seats and were enjoying the beautiful full moon, to make his appearance.

It was as if he were the main attraction of the Bright Moon Banquet.

“So phony!” Jiang Mufei’s jade-like nose wrinkled,her small mouth giving a hum.

Zhong Luan looked at Liu Li deeply and smiled: “There are a hundred kinds of human beings, such as human beings who treated vanity importantly, as well as human beings who are phony. All of them have their own kind of lifestyle. Hence, is there a need for us to take offence?”

“However, it is really difficult to compliment him with regards to the way he looks at things. It is really a bit stupid of him to look down on Brother Yin Yu,” Zhong Luan said indifferently.

Eh? Jiang Mufei opened her eyes big with suspicion, getting closer to Su Yu’s face: “You are stronger than him? Senior Zhong Luan has a good eye for character and has never been wrong!”

Su Yu was embarrassed: “Brother Zhong Luan, I wish I deserved your compliment. I am merely a slow progressing junior of Immortal Level Three.”

“I don’t care. I want to fight with you later and see how strong you are.” Jiang Mufei’s beautiful eyes were burning with fighting intentions.

At the Heaven Seats.

Zhou Nianchen’s gaze flashed slightly: “Palace Master Liu Li, your Tenth Palace Master has killed two of my juniors in Anyue City and I wish to settle the score with him here. Is that fine with you?”

Liu Li was slightly stunned. Su Yu killed two of the sons in Anyue City?

The incident in Anyue City had not spread to the Sub Palace in time, so Liu Li knew nothing about it.

However, Wei Tianchen and Zhang Xueyi were merely an Immortal Level Three Upper Tier and an Immortal Level Three Lower Tier, respectively. Hence, there was no cause for anxiety.

At that moment, the geniuses on-site regained their high spirits and understood the situation.

It seemed like the relationship between Yin Yi and Liu Lu was not good. Moreover, the fact that Yin Yu relied on Palace Master Liu Li to bully other people was about to be exposed.

Liu Li, who attracted the attention of others, shot a swift and fierce glance toward Su Yu abruptly: “I have already warned you twice to not cause trouble for me! However, you disregard my warnings again and again. Did you really turn a deaf ear to my warnings?”

Without waiting for Su Yu respond, Liu Li continue berating: “Moreover, this time around, you actually caused trouble by getting into a conflict with someone, using my reputation? You are really beyond redemption!”

“This time around, I am not going to concern myself with you. You shall settle the trouble that you created by yourself!” Liu Li stroked his robe and was slightly furious.

Everyone was silent.

However, people sneered secretly and rose, one after another.

“Yin Yu was too full of himself and was outsmarted. He tried in vain to use Liu Li’s reputation to bully others. However, he probably didn’t expect to land himself in such a difficult situation.”

“This is also quite amusing. Let’s see how Yin Yu is going to end things. Just now, he kept on talking about fighting and killing. Now that he no longer has the support of Palace Master Liu Li, let’s see whether he still has the confidence to do so”

To one’s surprise, Su Yu was surprisingly calm and wore a mocking smile: “I like to cause trouble, is that a problem for you? Have you forgotten my advice to you? Don’t make too much of yourself! No one told you to be meddlesome!”

Those words caused many geniuses to stare at Su Yu, tongue-tied.

Yin Yu was so disrespectful to Liu Li, the person he relied on?

After his speech, Su Yu looked toward Zhou Nianchen: “You as well! Your way of doing things is so fussy, and you are so indecisive! For the score between the both of us, you need to ask for the advice of an outsider who is totally unrelated, then get his approval before taking action. How cowardly is that? Do you really have the courage to get justice for your dead juniors?”