The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Fighting Back the Prince with His Fists

The first and third princes silently sized up Su Yu. They wanted to see for themselves how exceptional the son-in-law chosen by the Duke of Xianyu was.

Su Yu let out a laugh and smiled. "Turns out it is the arrival of the three princes. I am Su Yu, the fiance of Xianer. Pardon me for not being a proper host."

He was not intimidated by the eagerness of the second prince; he maintained his dignified demeanor.

The three princes glanced at each other for a moment, all wanted to inquire further. Where did the Duke of Xianyu find such a desirable person, with no traces of being a commoner?

The second prince squinted his already narrow eyes, sighing, "Xianer grew up with me and is used to being pampered. I worry that she'll be bullied after she gets married."

Su Yu understood what the second prince meant. He was not tempted by the treasures the three princes had gifted him.

With a laugh, Su Yu made his way to Xianer. She was meddling with the Nine-Beaded Chain Lock. She was concentrating hard and got great joy from it.

"Xianer, open your mouth." Su Yu tapped her forehead.

"For what? Don't disturb me." Xianer was in deep concentration. She pouted her lips, obviously displeased, but subconsciously opened her petite mouth anyway.

Su Yu flicked his fingers, pushing a ball of fiery red liquid into her mouth.

Xianer tasted it; it was warm and sweet. When it slid down her throat and was ingested, her entire body felt comfortable beyond words.

Her eyebrows twitched. She put down the Nine-Beaded Chain Lock and abruptly lifted her head, her face full of surprise.

"What was that? It was delicious! I want more." Xianer threw the Nine-Beaded Chain Lock to a servant, then turned to pull on Su Yu's sleeves. Her jet black eyes darted towards Su Yu, visibly impatient.

She was like a hungry cat, anxiously searching for traces of food from her master.

"Open up," Su Yu smiled.

Xianer immediately opened her mouth wide, forming a large circle, her eyes expectantly waiting for the food. With a flick of his finger, another drop flew into Xianer's mouth. Xianer tasted it, the comfortable feeling seizing her once again.

"I want more! I want more!" Xianer was addicted. She was tugging on Su Yu's arms, shaking, and acting like a spoiled child.

Su Yu had no choice, he flicked three droplets out of his hands.

After Xianer consumed the droplets, she closed her eyes, satisfied, and thoroughly immersed herself in the moment.

Suddenly, a small current of air started to spiral, enveloping Xianer's body.

"This is a sign of someone breaking into Level Three of the Martial Path!" the second prince was shocked.

The first prince and the third prince shared a look of surprise. Their eyes showed a shred of disbelief. They both turned to look atSu Yu, their gaze more respectful.

"To think that Mister Su, you have obtained the fabled Jade Fire Marrow!" The third prince smiled.

The first prince nodded slightly. The Jade Fire Marrow was something even the royal family did not have, for it had never appeared once in the past century.

The young princess regained her composure, realizing that she had broken through to Level Three of the Martial Path. Surprised, she started shouting, "Haha, I have broken through! Su Yu, do you have more? I want more. I want to break through to Level Nine and go father! Hmph, that'll teach him to belittle me."

Su Yu rubbed her forehead, then shook his head, "Do not be hasty. Training requires a steady progression. You have to learn how to walk before you can run. Consolidate your current progress before striving for the next level."

The young princess was not repulsed by Su Yu's physical intimacy, but instead felt comfortable having her forehead rubbed. She involuntarily closed her eyes, hugging Su Yu. She let him have his way, similar to a small cat that was being pet by her master.

Su Yu's body was also feeling the effects of the Jade Fire Marrow. When he touched the young princess, it would trigger the effect of the Jade Fire Marrow in the princess's body, making her feel comfortable.

Looking at the intimacy shared by the two, the second prince burned with jealousy.

"Haha, The Duke of Xianyu is of respectable status in the empire. I would think that the son-in-law he favors is of exceptional cultivation. Mister Su, would you like to have a sparring session with me?" The second prince had a smile on his face.

The second prince was at Level Four Peak of the Martial Path. He, at a glance, figured that Su Yu was at Level Four Upper Tier of the Martial Path, and was not his match.

The first and third princes were curious. In the Shenyue continent, influence and status were not of big importance. What was most important was the individual's power.

The Duke of Xianyu held a high position and had impeccable judgement. The son-in-law he favored should have considerable power.

Su Yu looked up and shook his head. "You are okay, but not a match for me."

The second prince laughed angrily. He was being underestimated by a Level Four Upper Tier.

He was part of the royal family. He had been trained by famous teachers, and in turn had trained some of the best. He was far superior compared to normal people.

Su Yu was brazen. "I am now even more curious due to your confidence. I wonder what kind of son-in-law the Duke of Xianyu had chosen!"

"Palm of the Falling Leaves!"

The second prince was struck with animosity, both hands likened to falling leaves, confusing the eye. A warm heat enveloped his hands, making them painful to touch.

It was similar to Tempest since they were both medium level cultivation techniques. Once it was cultivated to a certain level, the user could influence their surroundings.

Su Yu let go of Xianer, calmly taking a stride forward.


Cold wind gathered around his leg, bringing forth a flurry of ice and snow. It was as though Su Yu's legs had opened the gates to a world of ice and snow. The unbearable cold and dazzling snow had an immense power.

Palm and leg collided. The second prince could not match Su Yu's power and was kicked in the face. His face instantly gathered a sheet of frost, causing unbearable pain.

"Ah! You dare to injure me! Capture him!" The second prince was livid. He was a noble prince. To be kicked in the face was humiliating indeed. Furthermore, he was losing face in front of Xianer.

The guard serving the second prince was a green robed youth, and was at Level Five Lower Tier of the Martial Path. He followed his orders and attacked.

"Current Breaking Kick!" The shadows of his leg overlapped, a great pressure was released with every stroke of the technique. A pale yellow glow enveloped his leg.

Su Yu felt the pressure come over him.This person's ability was quite a bit stronger than Shao Li.

Su Yu retaliated, "Tempest!"


Both of them took three steps back. The first and third princes narrowed their eyes. A Level Four Upper Tier was holding his own against a Level Five Lower Tier! It was rightful that the second prince had lost!

The second prince, with frost still on his face, shouted, "There is no need to hold back!"

The green robed guard shot a cold glare towards Su Yu. "I only used half my power just now. Admit defeat, or you will suffer."

The vital energy in his body continued to rise, filling up his entire body. Incorporating vital energy into his techniques would double their power. In terms of the amount of vital energy, Su Yu could not compare to him, but Su Yu had a trick up his sleeve.

The green robed guard's power had reached its peak. He unleashed his most powerful strike. "Current Breaking Kick!"

The air crackled under the enormous pressure of the technique. How was this only double the power of the previous kick?

Su Yu was calm. He did not back down. "Purple Star Thunderbolt!"

Su Yu let out a breath, his hands erupting into streaks of purple lightning. A scorched smell spread into the surroundings. He punched with both fists, as if they were two purple dragons, spiralling with energy, howling into the winds.

The air was trembling. The air currents were spiralling around Su Yu. His powerful aura sent debris flying, creating a vortex of dirt and debri.

The hearts of the three princes, as well as the young princess, were thumping wildly. The scene before them gave them goosebumps.

"What level technique is this? Advanced?" The second prince's expression was grave and cautious.

The first prince's eyes sparkled, deadly intent rising within him. The third prince, however, was startled, "What what level is that technique?"

They were the princes of the empire, and had seen many strong people. They were knowledgeable about the various techniques out there, but they could not distinguish the level of that technique.

In terms of power, it was far above medium level techniques. In fact, it was even more powerful than some of the rarest advanced level techniques there was.

Was this a legendary saint level technique? The rumours said that saint level techniques required ungodly levels of insight! The royal family kept a manual for the saint level technique, but the three princes were unable to cultivate it. They could not even understand what was written in the book!

They had trouble even with advanced level techniques, even more so with the mysterious saint level techniques! To think that the son-in law of the Duke of Xianyu was a demon level genius that could gain insight into saint-level techniques!

The three princes were in awe. They guessed that the son-in-law of the duke would be exceptional in terms of the Martial Paths, but they never would have guessed that he could understand saint level techniques!

On the battlefield, there was a collision between leg and fist. The green robed guard, a Level Five of the Martial Path, was sent flying by a full power strike from Su Yu.

His legs broke and the cloth surrounding the area of impact was turned to ash by the purple lightning, causing deep burns. He howled in pain as he flew backwards, smashing into a water vat in the yard, slipping into a coma after throwing up blood.

All the princes' servants gasped. The saint level technique was scary indeed. A Level Four Upper Tier severely injured a powerful Level Five with one stroke. The son-in-law that the Duke of Xianyu found had terrifying potential.

"Haha, my Su Yu is the most powerful." The young princess clapped, laughing at the misfortunes of the princes. She could not stop laughing, making a face at the second prince.

The second prince was as surprised as he was angry, deadly intent growing in his heart. A genius who could understand saint level techniques! They could not let him grow more!

"Brother, lend me your guard. Capture this man!"

Behind the first prince stood an unassuming green robed guard. He looked ordinary and indiscerinable in the crowd, but his level of cultivation was terrifying. He was a Level Six of the Martial Path.

The young princess wrinkled her nose, flailing her fists, "Hmph! Do you want to bully him, second prince?"

The first prince creased his brows slightly, stealing a glance at the second prince. Stupid!

The contest just now could be excused as a spar. But how would the duke react if they sent a Level Six to fight him?

A majestic figure strode in from the yard. His suave face inspired awe and his gaze was cold. It was the Duke of Xianyu!

He calmly glanced at the three princes and said, "You three princes are guests from afar. But to attempt to capture my daughter's fiance, what is the meaning of this?"