The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 360

Chapter 360 Greatest Saint Lady

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The geniuses were all stunned!

No matter how ignorant they were, they could understand that the person backing Su Yu was not Palace Master Liu Li. That was merely the one sided thought they had.

Liu Li’s expression dulled, replying to Su Yu only with his cold looks.

A slight crack appeared on the wine cup he was holding.

The clear wine in the cup spilled out onto the table.

Liu Li was incredibly angry.

Zhou Nianchen’s expression also turned cold, rising as he slammed the table with his palm, “Yin Yu! I really do not know how you managed to live until today! You mocked the only person that could save you, the second deputy palace master, just because of your pathetic pride! After you lost your backing, you did not even humble yourself in front of a person that you cannot stand up against, instead inciting conflict and placing yourself in a more dangerous position!”

“I must say that you being able to live until this day, with an attitude like yours, is due to the adoration heaven has given you!”

The crowd was also confused when they heard these words.

Was the rumoured legendary genius a person with only brawns, and no brains?

Su Yu let out a faint smile as he put down the wine cup, slowly standing up, “Do you have anymore nonsense to say? If you are finished, let us start. I’ll follow your instructions and give you a complete corpse.”

Zhou Nianchen could not help but let out a cold laugh, “This is the first time I have seen someone asking to die so soon!”

“If that is the case, then”

But just as they were preparing to do battle, a group of female figures dressed in red hurried into the space below them.

Their figures were slender, their abilities strong. They were the reputable Patrol Envoys of the Phoenix Fort.

The leader of the Patrol Envoys had a beautiful face and excellent figure. She was still unbelievably beautiful, despite being over thirty.

“Greetings to Leader Mu!”

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh

A group of geniuses was surprised, hurrying over to get a better view.

Even Zhou Nianchen and Liu Li stood at their positions as a show of respect.

Only Su Yu and Zhong Luan remained seated.

What was even more surprising was that Zhong Luan also stood up with a smile and paid his respects with cupped fists.

Su Yu could not understand the situation. By what virtue did Mu Tianfang deserve the respect of so many people?

Even Zhong Luan had to show some respect!

“Take a seat everybody, I have received orders from my teacher to host this banquet, but came a little later because I had something important to attend to. Please understand.” Mu Tianfang cupped her fists in respect.

The crowd responded politely, carefully taking their seats. Their gazes were still locked onto Mu Tianfang, never once leaving her figure.

Jiang Mufei’s face was full of admiration, “That is Mu Tianfang? The rumoured personal disciple of the master of the Phoenix Cabinet?”

The personal disciple of the master of the Phoenix Cabinet? Su Yu was slightly surprised, Mu Tianfang had such a status?

It was no wonder that everyone present had to give her some respect.

She was a person that could learn directly under the master of the Phoenix Cabinet. They had come to the Phoenix Meet with the purpose of matchmaking. If they could leave a good impression, this might spread to the ears of the master of the Phoenix Cabinet and would definitely affect the matchmaking process.

Mu Tianfang was not anxious to sit, but instead scanned the Heaven Seats.

She could not help but crease her brows when she discovered only Liu Li and Zhou Nianchen, “Oh? Palace Master Yin Yu did not come?”

Yin Yu Many of the geniuses froze.

Why did the personal disciple of the Phoenix Cabinet know Yin Yu? And to ask for him the moment she arrived?

Looking at the rows of Patrol Envoys, the hearts of many geniuses thumped. From their aura, it seemed that the Patrol Envoys were executing a mission just now.

Could that be to step forward and capture Yin Yu?

Liu Li lifted his brows, shooting a cold gaze at Su Yu, “How many times to I have to warn you? Causing trouble for me again? Getting more and more serious each time! Say, what heinous crimes did you commit for Leader Mu to personally head down to arrest you?!”

Hearing this, the crowd turned silent.

Palace Master Yin Yu had the guts to anger Mu Tianfang?

Zhou Nianchen gloated. He did not have to attack personally. There was someone to do that for him.

But what made everyone freeze was

Mu Tianfang creased her brows, looking toward Liu Li, “Who are you?”

Palace Master Liu Li forced out a smile, “I am Palace Master Liu Li, greetings to Leader Mu”

But without waiting for him to finish his sentence, Mu Tianfang interrupted, “Palace Master Liu Li, I am searching for Yin Yu because I have something to discuss with him. What kind of trouble has he given you? I have not even opened my mouth before you insisted that he committed a heinous crime!”

Mu Tianfang was not fond of Liu Li, “Since you are both members of the Empire of Darkness, shouldn’t you be united against outsiders and take care of him? Why did you scold him in front of everyone, where is he going to show his face now?”

These words made Liu Li’s facial muscles turn rigid, his expression unpleasant.

The crowd stifled their laugh, Liu Li was the truly embarrassed one.

But Mu Tianfang was looking for Yin Yu to discuss something?

What kind of relationship existed between the two?

Glancing at Liu Li, Mu Tianfang waved her hand at Su Yu, “Yin Yu, sit here. With your status and ability, you are qualified to sit at the Heaven Seats!”

Su Yu was a little surprised. Even though this Mu Tianfang was a little dense, she was not a bad person.

“There’s no need. This place is quiet and quaint, why would I need to make myself unhappy by going there?” Su Yu smiled.

Mu Tianfang shot a glance at the sinister Liu Li, as well as Zhou Nianchen, who had an unpleasant expression. She curled her lips before sitting at Su Yu’s table.

“Hehe, you sure are good at making everyone hate you!” Mu Tianfang gloated, recalling the first time she met Su Yu. She had also been driven crazy by Su Yu.

Su Yu raised his shoulder, “Thanks for the praise So did you find the person that reported the incident?”

Mu Tianfang’s expression turned stern, “No, furthermore”

“Furthermore” Su Yu’s eyes shone, “Furthermore, the person that made the report has already been silenced, am I right?”

Mu Tianfang was surprised, observing Su Yu in shock, “Tsk tsk, I wouldn’t be able to tell by your looks, but you are quite smart.”

“He is dead, killed by a finger. There were no traces left behind.” Mu Tianfang was frustrated.

Su Yu secretly let out a sigh. It would be best if this incident could be investigated, but he did not intend to stick his nose into this.

This incident had reached an end here.

“I would definitely investigate this incident and bring the perpetrator to justice.” Mu Tianfang clenched her fist in anger.

Su Yu admired her, but did not think much about her chances.

To be able to make a Phoenix Woman like Zhou Jing willingly serve her and infiltrate the Yao family for three years, this person was not simple indeed.

Mu Tianfang might not have the ability to settle her.

Thinking for a moment, Su Yu secretly carved the words ‘Zhou Jing’ on a pendant, before silently putting it in Mu Tianfang’s sleeve.

Even though she was a little dense, she might get some clue if she connected the dots between how Su Yu was pursuing Zhou Jing before appearing at the bloodied firewood shed.

“No matter, we admire the moon now!” Mu Tianfang lifted a glass of wine, downing its contents in a gulp.

“Guests, wouldn’t it be to boring if there was only scenery to view, how about we add in some interesting events?”

After saying this, Mu Tianfang took out a handkerchief from her robe.

The handkerchief was white and embroidered with two colourful sparrows.

A mysterious fragrance was released by the handkerchief the moment she took it out.

That was the fragrance of a woman.

It was refreshing, like the scent of a white lily. One could not develop any indecent thoughts when they took a whiff of it. They only had an unspeakable admiration.

It was as it the crowd was looking at a white lotus, only able to look upon it from far away.

No one from the crowd developed any indecent thoughts after taking a whiff of such a fragrance.

Zhong Luan was distracted, involuntarily letting out a praise, “What a pure scent. Might I ask, whose body fragrance in this world could harbour such a pure energy?”

Su Yu was surprised, “Divine Decree? And the Divine Grade at that?”

It was under the effects of the invisible Divine Decree that the crowd was feeling such a boundless purity.

Everyone present, except for Su Yu, could not resist the effects of this pure Divine Decree, for he was the only one who wielded the Divine Grade Divine Decree.

In his cultivation journey, this was the first time Su Yu saw someone control the Divine Grade Divine Decree other than himself.

Just who was the owner of the handkerchief?

“This pure aura, could that be” A fiery passion burned deep in Zhou Nianchen’s eyes.

Mu Tianfang had a faint smile, “Looks like this person needs no introduction. You already know who the owner of the handkerchief is.”

“That’s right, this handkerchief is among the personal belongings of the number one Phoenix Woman, Feng Xian!”

Hearing this, the crowd had strange expressions.

Many of them feigned composure, but they could not shift their gazes away from the handkerchief.

Their eyes burned with thirst and admiration.

Jiang Mufei smiled as she surveyed the surroundings, noticing that Zhong Luan was also smittenly looking at the handkerchief. She could not help but have an unhappy expression, pouting her lips as she grunted, “That woman is more promiscuous than a fox spirit. What greatest Saint Lady of the northern continent, never before seen, I think she is just a fox spirit.”

Zhong Luan shook his head with a smile, “Mufei, it is dishonourable to slander someone like that! This woman Feng Xian is indeed pure as ice. Her purity is unparalleled.”

“It is rumoured that when she came out of her meditation, a lucky beast descended from the heavens, apparently, the only immortal Unicorn appeared to be her ride.”

“The Unicorn was born in the heavens and is the spiritual beast with the most spiritual qualities. There is only one in the Zhenlong Continent! It only likes to stay around pure objects. This is the first time in history that the Unicorn had came close to a human. That is proof that Feng Xian’s purity is unparalleled.”

Was there such a rumor? Su Yu was shocked. In just a year, the bubbly and cute genie that was Xianer had transformed into a noble and pure Saint Lady?

Thinking about this, Su Yu was even more deep in anticipation of his reunion with Xianer. He wanted to witness her transformation.

“I was merely jesting.” Jiang Mufei pouted in injustice. “But she might overestimate her status. Did she want to use just her handkerchief as the reward for the spar? If all the men promised to spar just because of this, they might be too useless”

“Leader Mu, may I ask if that is the reward for the spar? If it is, I am willing to be the first one to volunteer for the spar!”

Mu Tianfang nodded with a faint smile, “Of course!”

Hearing this, the other youths grew excited.

“Tsk! Li Shulin, when did you have the right to take the first spot? You cannot even last twenty rounds in my hands! This handkerchief belongs to me, Gui Hedeng!”

“Wait! You Immortal Realm Level Three Lower Tier side characters should not pine for the handkerchief of Feng Xian!” An Immortal Realm Level Three Upper Tier fighter left his seat, arriving at the center of the banquet.

“Zhang Ziling, what are you arrogant about? This is not a place for you to cause trouble! A person like Miss Feng Xian cannot be violated by someone like you! Look at me!” Another Immortal Realm Level Three Upper Tier fighter leapt to the center of the stage.

In the blink of an eye, the entire Full Moon Stage was bustling with activity…all for the handkerchief of Feng Xian.

“You You bunch of useless men, how infuriating!” Jiang Mufei clenched her teeth in anger, rising as she slammed her fist on the table.

“Get down all of you! No one other than me can get that handkerchief!”

The crowd turned silent when Jiang Mufei showed herself.

A woman like her had also came to fight for Feng Xian’s handkerchief, shocking everybody present.

But what made all of them gasp was Jiang Mufei’s abilities. She was the second Heavenly King of the Shentian Manor! Who dared underestimate her abilities?

Zhang Ziling and the other person returned to their tables, their faces filled with injustice.

They would not be able to last more than a few moves under a lass like Jiang Mufei.

Proudly lifting her head, Jiang Mufei’s gaze flickered. She was looking toward Su Yu with a faint smile, “Brother Yin Yu, do you want Miss Feng Xian’s handkerchief?”

Su Yu did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Her first opponent was him.

She had nagged for a spar with Su Yu just now, to think that she had found her chance so soon.

Without mincing his words, Su Yu rose readily, “Alright! I’ll accept the challenge, I do not wish for another man to sully Xianer’s possession.”

Even though it was merely a handkerchief, he would be uncomfortable if some other man obtained it.

This was especially so for vulgar people. It was better to stop them from committing a disgusting act like lusting for her after obtaining her handkerchief.

Zhong Luan put down the teacup in his hand, his expression stern, “Fine, I also wish to observe the true power of the legendary genius.”

In that moment, they were in the center of the spotlight, many excited for their battle.

To be able to personally witness the abilities of the elusive legendary genius of the northern continent was cause for excitement indeed.