The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 361

Chapter 361 Concealing Abilities

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“Wait!” Mu Tianfang kept the handkerchief properly, her beautiful eyes filled with murderous intentions: “Peach Blossom Rain Jiang Mufei, it is rumored that you were literate from the moment you were born. You embarked on the Martial Path at the age of three, made a breakthrough to Holy King at the age of nine, and made a breakthrough to Dragon Realm at the age of fourteen. Then, at eighteen years of age, you achieved Immortal Level Three Peak.”

“Your whole life has been a legend! Moreover, it was rumored that the position of the Empire of Darkness’ Sub Palace’s Tenth Deputy Palace Master was left for you, but you rejected it.”

“When I was a young lady, I kept on hearing your name and longed to meet you. However, it is a pity that we never had the pleasure of meeting each other. Today, can you give me some respect by giving me a chance to duel with you?”

The geniuses on-site did not have any strange expressions. Their gazes toward Jiang Mufei were filled with even more respect.

She was indeed a legendary woman.

Such a young age, such talents, and such beauty!

Su Yu was secretly shocked!

She became a Holy King at the age of nine? When Su Yu was nine years old, he was only at Level One of the Martial Path.

Comparing talents, Jiang Mufei’s were more superior than Hua Zhilan’s.

In the north continent, she was really worthy of being known as the girl favored by the gods.

At the speed that she was rising, she would definitely become the extremely powerful and arrogant Heaven Master in the future.

Jiang Mufei blinked her big eyes beautifully: “Haha, isn’t it the legendary genius Yin Yu? Moreover, apart from that, your Phoenix Cabinet’s First Phoenix Woman Feng Xian is the real girl that is favored by the gods. Compared to her, what am I?”

Although she made modest remarks, there was some jealousy within her remarks.

If not for Su Yu, she would be the legendary genius.

If not for Feng Xian, she would be the girl favored by the gods.

However, as both of them were above her, she became less glorious.

“If Sister Mu wants to duel with me, you must first go through Brother Yin Yu. After all, he was the first person to accept the challenge.” Jiang Mufei smiled. Her whole face was innocent and adorable.

Mu Tianfang cupped her fists in front of Su Yu: “Palace Master Yin Yu, can you let me take on this fight?”

Su Yu approved: “Of course, no problem. Leader Mu can go first.”

After confirming that both of them would duel with each other, the geniuses on-site only got more excited.

One of them was a gifted goddess, while the other was an experienced Phoenix Woman. One of them was delicate, pretty, and refined, while the other was pure, fine, and lovable.

Between two women who were elegant, intelligent, moving, and extraordinarily beautiful, who was better than the other?

Standing at the middle of the Full Moon Stage, both of them looked at each other for some time.

“Little Sister Jiang, I will not be like a man who shows you pity and tender love. Be careful!” Mu Tianfang’s fighting intentions erupted.

“Dragon Capturing Hand!” Both her arms were covered with spiritual energy and changed into giant claws that were five Chinese feet long. Her giant claws had the power to capture dragons and flood dragons.

A piercingly cold, great force of the universe surged in all quarters.

Jiang Mufei’s smile was like flowers. Her small dimples on both sides of her cheeks were adorable and relaxed.

“Haha, an immortal level cultivation technique of Stage Two. Impressive.”

“However, Sister Mu should also be careful.” Jiang Mufei extended her small hands, smiling.

The center of her palm gathered a lump of pink spiritual energy, which became a lifelike peach blossom tree quickly.

Pink petals filled the tree and it was extremely lifelike.


Jiang Mufei pouted and blew some air toward the center of her palm beautifully.

At once, the peach blossom tree swayed with a rustling sound. Peach blossoms flew all over, like feathers, enshrouding the sky of the Full Moon Stage.

When they descended slowly, it looked like a splendid peach blossom rain.

That was the origin of Peach Blossom Rain Jiang Mufei.

Those peach blossoms were not merely beautiful.

Mu Tianfang was as if she were facing a formidable foe. When she attacked, she did not forget to revolve additional spiritual energy to protect her body, and she was extremely careful about the peach blossom rain that filled the sky.

When the peach blossoms landed on the layer of spiritual energy on Mu Tianfang’s body, all of them were repelled. The peach blossoms merely left small marks on the layer of spiritual energy.

Jiang Mufei revealed a lovable but cunning smile: “Sister Mu, you won’t be able to block my attack like this.”

“Peach Blossom Rain!” Jiang Mufei clenched her fists.

At once, the whirling peach blossom petals were like a heavy rain that changed into pink rain arrows and headed toward Mu Tianfang.

Not good!

Mu Tianfang’s expression became extremely serious. She then changed from attacking to defending.

She revolved all her spiritual energy around her body to block the heavy peach blossom rain.

However, what caused everyone to be shocked was that the peach blossom rain actually ignored the layer of protective spiritual energy and landed on Mu Tianfang’s body easily.

One peach blossom, two peach blossoms, three peach blossoms

Endless raindrops enshrouded Mu Tianfang’s body completely.

Every time she was hit by the peach blossom rain, a peach blossom mark would be left behind on her body.

In three breaths’ time, Mu Tianfang’s whole body was covered by numerous peach blossom marks.

Looking at it, one could see that Mu Tianfang was covered by peach blossom marks all over.

“Haha, shake your buttocks.” Jiang Mufei pointed her small finger toward the sky and moved in a certain motion.

At once, the peach blossom marks on Mu Tianfang’s body emitted pink light.

As for Mu Tianfang’s herself, her body moved involuntarily. She shook her body and, in front of a big crowd, she was about to shake her buttocks!

“Stop! I admit defeat!” Mu Tianfang said hurriedly.

Jiang Mufei smiled menacingly and made a sound by snapping her fingers. The peach blossom marks on Mu Tianfang’s body then changed into spiritual energy and returned to Jiang Mufei.

Mu Tianfang’s whole face blushed. She then said furiously and ferociously: “Bad little girl!”

Everyone stared at the scene, tongue-tied.

Most people had heard of the name Peach Blossom Rain. However, they had never seen it for themselves.

Now they finally understood how frightening the name was.

It was actually a “symbol” type immortal level cultivation technique that was extremely twisted.

When peach blossom marks were stuck onto the body of a person, his body could be controlled forcefully!

Even though both of them were Immortal Level Three Peaks, Mu Tianfang was not Jiang Mufei’s opponent!

How frightening was the gap between them?

Su Yu was secretly surprised as well. What a strange cultivation technique.

If Su Yu were careless, he might be controlled as well, and lose as a result.

“Thank you Sister Mu, for letting me win.” Jiang Mufei raised her head proudly.

Mu Tianfang revealed a dissatisfied and helpless expression. She then returned to her seat, embarrassed.

She had thought that with her many years of experience, she had a good chance of being victorious. However, when she fought with Jiang Mufei for real, she was unable to block even one of her moves.

This had indeed caused her to be slightly embarrassed.

“It’s your turn now. Humph. Don’t let me find out that you showed her pity and tender love!” Mu Tianfang warned furiously. That day, Su Yu treated her ruthlessly and heartlessly.

Su Yu could not help but laugh. He then stood up and got ready to fight.

However, at that moment, an extremely strange voice could be heard from the Heaven Seats: “As was expected of a martial artist, who came from a place like the Hundred Territories Alliance, it is really very difficult to compliment the standards of the Hundred Territories Alliance. However, in a situation where there is a shortage of resources, you can still give such a performance. This is really deserving of some praise.”

Eh? Zhong Luan remained composed, as if he did not hear what was said. His expression was gentle, like before.

Jiang Mufei was a straightforward person and answered back sarcastically at once: “If the Snow Listening Tower’s Four Great Sons are so good, why did our Hundred Territories Alliance’s Yin Yu manage to kill two of them in one go?”

“Our Hundred Territories Alliance is merely short of resources. If we were like your Snow Listening Tower, which occupied the place with the most resources in the north continent, the Four Great Sons might not have a place to establish themselves since a long time ago.”

Her words were true and reasonable.

The expression of Zhou Nianchen, who was filled with biting sarcasm, turned gloomy at once: “Little girl, your mouth is not to be used to spout nonsense. Be careful, a loose tongue spells trouble!”

As Jiang Mufei was a straightforward person, how could she tolerate being bullied by someone else?