The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 363

Chapter 363 A Difficult Battle

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“Yin Yu!” At that moment, Liu Li gave orders indifferently: “You are now representing the Empire of Darkness. Although it is impossible for you to win at your level, you cannot admit defeat so easily!”

“Even if you lose, you must lose after giving your all. Losing without striking a blow is the same as tarnishing the Empire of Darkness’ reputation!”

“You can fight boldly with ease. After which, I will naturally take part in the battle personally and get the Empire of Darkness’ glory back.”

Everyone frowned slightly. Su Yu’s abilities were indeed much lower than Zhou Nianchen’s.

However, even though they had not fought yet, Liu Li believed that Su Yu would lose miserably and so pledged in all sincerity that he would take back the glory of the Empire of Darkness that Su Yu lost.

With such actions, wouldn’t it cause Su Yu’s fighting intentions to waver?

Mu Tianfang stared at Liu Li and had an extremely unpleasant expression: “In Bright Moon Banquet, during the duels, everyone only has two choices. Either go up to have a duel or keep your mouth shut! Which choice did you pick?”

Liu Li had an apathetic expression: “I will fight sooner or later. Now, I am merely giving Su Yu a chance to practice his skills.”

After shooting a glance at him, Mu Tianfang declared on the spot, “Let the duel begin!”

Whiz, whiz

Both of them flew to the middle of the Full Moon Stage.

One of them was an Immortal Level Four, while the other was an Immortal Level three.

Both of them released their spiritual energy at the same time.


In a split second, all the guests on-site gasped.

Under that terrifying spiritual energy, their chests felt tight and they felt extremely uneasy. It was also very difficult for them to breathe, as if the air had stagnated.

Of course, this was caused by Zhou Nianchen’s aura.

Compared to the aura that Zhou Nianchen gave off, Su Yu’s aura was negligible.

Both of them were like a child and an adult. Their spiritual energy alone had a very big gap that was difficult to conquer.

With such a huge gap, the audience found it difficult to believe that the fight between both of them would have any suspense.

“Do you need me to give you the first move?” Zhou Nianchen crossed his arms and revealed a joking smile.

Su Yu shook his head lightly, expressionlessly: “No need.”

Zhou Nianchen sneered: “In front of your life, you still consider your self-esteem to be the most important, like before. I am indeed correct to say that you are stupid!”

In Zhou Nianchen’s eyes, Su Yu refused to be insulted and rejected Zhou Nianchen’s kindness of letting Su Yu make the first move.

“You are wrong. Letting your opponent have the first move will only make you die faster.” Su Yu had a calm expression that was indifferent to fame or gain. “If you do not wish to die mysteriously, you had better treat this fight seriously.”

“Haha Only the cruel reality can make an arrogant person like you come to your senses.” Zhou Nianchen shook his head scornfully.

“If that is the case, I shall send you to the afterlife!”

“Devouring Vortex!!”

As Zhou Nianchen gave a light shout, he lifted up his fingertips casually and aimed toward Su Yu from a distance away.

A spiritual vortex the size of a thumb appeared in front of Zhou Nianchen’s fingertips.


With a flick of his finger, the small spiritual vortex headed toward Su Yu with a normal speed.

Thump, thump, thump

In the skies of the Full Moon Stage, a series of noises erupted abruptly, like a firecracker.

These was noises created from the spiritual energies moving vigorously and rubbing against one another.

If one focused his attention and observed, he would realize that, within a mile’s vicinity, the spiritual energy throbbed like never before, all of it headed toward the small vortex. This spiritual energy was then swallowed deep into the vortex.

After swallowing a lump of spiritual energy, the vortex’s power doubled.

In the blink of an eye, from the size of a thumb, it became as big as the thickness of an arm.

Lumps of shocking, sucking energy were emitted from the vortex.

It was as if it wanted to swallow the human flesh as well.

Although the small vortex looked harmless to humans and animals, it possessed an incredible amount of energy.

“Defending is merely a use of the Devouring Vortex that I have thought of. Its true power lies in attacking!” Zhou Nianchen stood with his arms crossed and looked at Su Yu, who was gradually closing in on him calmly.

Zhong Luan had a grave expression: “The power that the vortex contains is similar to the power of Mufei’s Peach Blossom Raid. It is almost impossible for an Immortal Level Three to handle such power!”

However, what was unexpected was that Su Yu had a dull expression.

He lifted his finger slowly and pointed it toward the sky.

A dimly discernible, vast and mighty voice could be heard: “Ice and thunder of the universe, heed my call and descend!”

Rumble, rumble

The majestic Divine Decree enshrouded one mile of the area, with Su Yu as its core. It was as if the natural thunderbolt and ice at that area were controlled by Su Yu.

In no time, a dark cloud filled the sky and it was snowing heavily.

A purple thunder dragon roared within the cloud.

Following Su Yu’s command, a thunder ice dragon, created by the fusion of thunder and ice and accompanied by a destructive force, descended with a furious roar.

The thunder dragon collided with the vortex.


Without any sounds or reactions, the thunder dragon was completely twisted into pieces.

Zhou Nianchen shook his head jokingly: “The rumored divine-grade Divine Decree? Its power is nothing more than this.”


However, at that moment, three purple dragons appeared from the dark cloud at the same time!

The vortex descended with a whistling sound and ripped open the sky with a roar.

Three thunder ice dragons caused the vortex to finally vibrate.


The spiritual vortex showed signs of stagnating and dispersing. Thick cold energy and thunder arcs surrounded the vortex.

However, the three thunder ice dragons were devoured easily.

Zhou Nianchen’s smile turned serious for some time. After which, his expression returned back to being calm: “Nothing more than this.”

However, after he had finished speaking, furious roars of five thunder ice dragons could be heard from within the cloud.

Five thunder dragons, as wide as a bucket, descended shockingly!


Sounds of annihilation resounded throughout the Full Moon Stage.

For the first time, both of them were on par with each other!

The remaining thunder arcs and cold energy, as well as the dispersed circling spiritual energy, scattered in all directions of the Full Moon Stage.


Painful cries could be heard, one after another, from the crowd. The fierce wind lifted up a number of tables, as well as the people who were on the tables. Together, the people and tables were blown into the sky.

The bodies of the people were either charred black by the thunder arcs, turned into ice, or scraped by the circling spiritual energy.

Apart from the tables of Zhong Luan and Liu Li, no one was left unscathed.

The fight between the both of them was very close to that of a fight between two Immortal Level Fours. Hence, it affected a large area.

Su Yu also staggered and retreated a few steps. The blood within his chest surged and he suffered some light injuries.

His clothes and silver hair were a mess.

It was not easy to block the attack.

However, everyone was extremely shocked.

Yin Yu was actually on par with Zhou Nianchen?

Mu Tianfang’s heart felt cold: “His abilities are even more frightening than what the rumors said!”

At some point in time, Jiang Mufei hid her adorable expression. It was replaced with a serious and unbelievable expression: “He is really so powerful?”

That move, Devouring Vortex, was more superior than Peach Blossom Rain, and Jiang Mufei had no guarantee that she could take on the attack.

However, Su Yu managed to do it!

If she fought with him previously, the results would have been clear a long time ago!

No wonder Zhong Luan recognized Su Yu. Jiang Mufei finally understood.

Verbally, she said that Zhong Luan would not misjudge someone. However, within her heart, she had something that she was proud of. As such, she chose Su Yu as her first opponent!

She had wanted to win back the title of the legendary genius, which belonged to her, from Su Yu’s hands.

However, the gap between her and Su Yu was shocking!

Zhong Luan revealed a pleasantly warm smile, as well as an expression as though everything was within his expectations.

A deep part of Liu Li’s cold eyes shook, a rare phenomenon and a sign of being surprised.

Su Yu’s abilities were not bad as he had expected.

Zhou Nianchen himself was also slightly stupefied: “Divine-grade Divine Decree? You?”

There were not many people who comprehended their Divine Decree to such a high level in the north continent. There was only one known person who had comprehended her Divine Decree to a very high level, she was the north continent’s number one goddess, Feng Xian.

Palace Master Yin Yu, who was before him, had also managed to comprehend his Divine Decree to divine-grade!

Moreover, it was extremely powerful, and normal Immortal Level Three Peaks would be unable to withstand the attack.

Zhou Nianchen sighed lightly, casting his astonishment aside and revealing a ridiculing smile. He then clapped his hands and sneered: “Not bad, not bad. You actually managed to block my casual attack. Still considered passable.”

No one suspected those words.

That attack a moment ago was just an attack that was close to an Immortal Level Four.

It was clear that he did not use his full strength!

“Why not eat one more attack of mine.” Zhou Nianchen’s eyes had a stern expression: “This time around, I shall use my full strength!”

“Devouring Vortex!” Zhou Nianchen created small vortexes again.

However, this time around, he did not create just one.

Not ten, either!

Instead, it was a hundred!

A total of a hundred vortexes, all close to an attack of an Immortal Level Four!