The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 364

Chapter 364 Full Power At The Banquet

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This was the true power of the Devouring Vortex!

A full hundred vortexes. Even a true Immortal Realm Level Four would slip into despair, when faced with a hundred vortexes, much less an Immortal Realm Level Three.

Furthermore, Su Yu was only Immortal Realm Level Three!

With just the power of an individual, how could he stand up against a strike that even Immortal Realm Level Four fighters feared?

Zhong Luan instantly turned serious, “If I was the one facing Zhou Nianchen at full power, the probability of victory is a forty-sixty split.”

But Zhong Luan did not specify who was forty and who was sixty.

Jiang Mufei’s scalp turned numb. There was an absolute difference between Immortal Realm Level Three Peak and Immortal Realm Level Four.

She did not have any opponents amongst the people of the same cultivation level. But against Zhou Nianchen, she might not even be able to defend herself against a casual Devouring Vortex shot out by him.

This was the difference.

But what Su Yu faced was not one vortex, not ten, but a full hundred!

How could he defend himself in such a situation?

“Yin Yu, do not force yourself. It is not disgraceful to admit defeat in such a situation. You still have to attend the official meet in three days, so don’t make your decisions based on your emotion and get injured,” Jiang Mufei reminded him with good intentions.

The onlookers understood, feeling the power of an Immortal Realm Level Four.

Even if Su Yu were to admit defeat now, he would not be faced with any disdain.

No one had the authority to laugh at Su Yu for losing to an Immortal Realm level four.

Liu Li had a look of disdain, but his voice was stern, “Yin Yu! Admitting defeat is throwing it in the face of the Empire of Darkness. Let’s not talk about the Empire not letting you off, I would also not let you off!”

The crowd creased their brows. Was this Palace Master Liu Li trying to force Yin Yu to his death?

Was there such animosity between him and Palace Master Yin Yu?

In the face of crisis, Su Yu did not fluster, but instead, he became even more collected.

While facing the sky full of vortexes, Su Yu had the time to glance at Liu Li, “You talk a lot, can you shut up?”

Mu Tianfang’s heart was filled with disgust, her face not hiding that fact as she stared coldly at Liu Li, “I’ll warn you for the last time, you either battle, or shut up. If you do not wish to comply with either, I’m sorry, the Phoenix Tower does not welcome someone like you!”

Liu Li’s expression did not change, a cold glow hidden deep within his eyes. But he obediently shut his mouth, silently looking at the show.

“You still have the energy to look at someone else? You sure are insolent!” Zhou Nianchen grunted as he pushed his palm out into the air.

In that moment, the sky filled with vortexes, as if receiving an order, raining down on Su Yu like a torrential rain, wishing to tear Su Yu’s body into shreds.

The crowd felt nervous for Su Yu.

There was still time for Su Yu to admit defeat. It would be too late once Zhou Nianchen lost control of the vortexes.

But Su Yu’s expression remained relaxed, his appearance calm.


Silver light flashed, as a silver bow suddenly appeared in his empty hand.

From the point of view of the other people, Su Yu had used his space talents to an impeccable level, thus able to hide such a giant object.

No one knew that Su Yu had a precious Cosmos Mirror in his robes.

“Mountain River Dragon Bow!” Jiang Mufei exclaimed in surprise, her large eyes filled with jealousy and longing.

Zhong Luan also had a look of envy, laughing bitterly, “What a lucky fellow, to be able to get a medium grade divine artifact from Anyue City!”

A palace garrison divine artifact that only superpowers of the northern continent had possession of had appeared in Su Yu’s hands.

The geniuses present all had flames of envy in their eyes.

There were many with rushed breathing and red eyes.

Even Zhou Nianchen’s pupils dilated, licking his lips unthinkingly as he stared at the silver bow.

Only Liu Li was not in the know of this bow, for the events that happened in Anyue City had not reached the Empire of Darkness.

But his intuition told him that this silver bow was not something ordinary.

Creak Creak

Undetected by anyone, Su Yu’s pupils turned into a white crystal.

The hundred unorganised, speedy vortexes were all taken in by Su Yu’s eyes.

He pulled back the bowstring only a little bit, about an inch backward.

With Su Yu’s current refinement level of the bow, he could pull it back at least three inches, but he chose to merely pull it back an inch.

A thumb-sized spirit energy arrow was faintly visible.

The pressuring glow of the arrow shocked everyone.

Liu Li’s calm expression turned slightly serious, “This is”


An earth shaking sound was heard. The arrow of spirit energy pierced through the air, striking one of the spirit energy vortexes.


The spirit energy vortexed that devoured all was quickly pierced through by the spirit arrow.

The vortex was instantly destroyed.

The arrow of spirit energy also vanished.

An arrow had destroyed a vortex!

The power of this arrow was shocking.

Compared to the Tribulation of Ice and Thunder, it would seem that this arrow was more powerful!

But there were still ninety nine vortexes!


While the crowd was still in shock, another air crackling sound was heard.


A Devouring Vortex dissipated.

Looking over, they realised that Su Yu had pulled the bowstring back a second time, without hesitation, after releasing the first arrow, shooting out a second arrow.

With a light tug of his finger, he gathered an arrow of spirit energy, then relaxed his finger, then repeated it again.

He cycled continuously, from shooting the arrow to pulling back the bowstring, with no pause in between.

In a short amount of time, he had shot out ten arrows of spirit energy!

It would only be shocking if the crowd had only seen how fast Su Yu was shooting out the arrows. But what made them truly bewildered, was how masterful Su Yu’s arrow techniques were!

Su Yu had only taken a quick glance before releasing the arrow, yet every arrow had precisely pierced through a Devouring Vortex!

No matter what angle the vortex attacked from, what speed it traveled at, how intense the rotation, it was as if it was near effortless for Su Yu to strike them.

The crowd was immensely shocked by Su Yu’s alarming arrow techniques.

Just as they were recovering from their surprise, Su Yu had already shot out forty consecutive shots, destroying forty vortexes.

Zhou Nianchen’s expression changed from being that of one who was confident of victory to a more serious one, grunting in disbelief, “Is Is this the arrow technique of a human?”

“No! I cannot let him continue shooting!” Zhou Nianchen consolidated his thoughts, grunting, “Overlapping Vortexes!”

In that moment, the vortexes that were dancing in the sky started to overlap with one another.

Once they overlapped, they fused into one, its power now doubling. The arrows of spirit energy were unable to pierce through this.

“Time Manipulation!”

“Seal of Time!”

A strange glow spread from Su Yu’s eyes.

When he was under the effects of time manipulation, time flowed three times faster.

Under the effects of the Seal of Time, the purple dragon circled around the vortex in the sky, causing it to be sealed in the ravines of time. The cortex stopped merging.

This all happened in just a second!

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh

The continuous sounds of released arrows exploded within a second.

The sound of merging arrows at a point turned into an earth shaking roar.

The Phoenix Tower was shaking, letting out several creaks.

In the sounds of the arrows was an untamed glow of the arrows, piercing through the clouds as it pierced toward the sky.

A good half of the Phoenix Tower was shaking, due to the sound. In that moment, there were surprised looks all around.

The ears of the every living creature within a one mile radius were in pain. Those that were close to the battle even felt pain on their very skin.

It was as if the sound was made up of multiple smaller arrows, piercing into their bodies through each pore.